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1/6/12 Celebrity wealth managers - Sacramento Business Journal This was printed from Sacramento Business Journal Wealth Management Celebrit wealth managers Financial advisers hit the airwaves as a means to promote their business, educate the public Premium content from Sacramento Business Journal b Robert Celaschi, Correspondent Date: Friday, January 6, 2012, 3:00am PST - Last Modified: Friday, January 6, 2012, 10:29am PST Related: Media & Marketing, Entertainment, Accounting & Consulting A microphone and expertise in money management can be a powerful combination. For former accountant Tom Sullivan, it launched a national media career. For other finance gurus, broadcasting is only a part-time gig, but one with big marketing dividends. The shows also pay off for Sacramento-area radio and television broadcasters. “For us it s an alternative to everything else that is on the air, and allows us to present more locally produced financial programming,” said Jeff Holden, general manager at News Talk KFBK-AM 1530. National finance shows are out there, but local shows allow more listener participation. The number of callers shot up dramatically after Dec. 1, when KFBK began simulcasting on the FM dial. Research had showed that about two-thirds of radio listeners don t even try the AM dial anymore. Holden said on the first weekend of simulcasting, he was contacted by call screeners who weren t able to handle the volume. “Some of the show hosts didn t know what to do,” Holden said. “It was really an eye opener.” Here s how some of the prominent moneymen on the Sacramento airwaves juggle their dual careers. /celebrity-wealth-managers.html 1/5

Celebrity wealth managers

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