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fantasia THE MAN. THE MYTH. THE LEGEND. TV SHOWS Verdi emerged a ground-breaking figure in fashion as co-creator and co-host of Full Frontal Fashion. The show was the first of Verdi emerged a to ground-breaking figureof runway its kind air complete coverage in fashion as into co-creator co-host Americanand living rooms.of Full ment Television’s voice of fash- hugh jackman He is also a highly sought-after on-cameraion, providing coverage and interior design and fashion expert, appear-commentary for the red carpet. ing on network heavy hitters such as The View, 20/20, The Today Show, The MarthaAs the original host of Robert is a memFashion Police, Verdi was Stewart Show and CNN Headline News. berEntertainment of the judge’sTeleviE! panel on the TV voice of fashion, Regarded as a key fashion critic and per-sion’s Land network’s providing coverage and sonality, Verdi has taken to the big screenmodeling-based recommentary for the red with cameo appearances in The Devil Wears carpet. Prada and The September Issue. anna ortiz kristin wiig Frontal Fashion. The Robert is one of the most highly recogniz-show was the first of able faces in the world of fashion and designits kind to air complete today as he continues to change the waycoverage As co-host of of Surprise runway America sees fashion through his televisionainto by Design, Verdi became American living career. Verdi was E! Entertainment Televi-a highly sought-after sion’s voice of fashion covering the red car-interior design expert. pet as the original host of Fashion Police. MostThe show was the DisAs co-host of Surprise recently, he’s been a judge on TV Land’s by Design, Verdi beseries She’s Got The Look and now has his came a highly soughtown TV docu-series The Robert Verdi ShowAs the original host of Fashion after interior design Starring Robert Verdi on the Logo channel. Police, Verdi was E! Entertainexpert. The show the Logo’s breakout series, The Robert Ver- CELEBTV HOST di Show Starring Robert Verdi is a witty Robert’s influence further extends to print,Served as a judge on and hilarious TV docu-series followwhere he’s been featured in The New YorkTV Land’s modeling ing Robert and his staff. Times Style Section, The New York Post andreality series She’s Got The New Yorker. His style commentaryThe Look.. The show appears in InStyle, OK! Magazine, Life&Style,has just been renewed US Weekly, Inside TV and The Daily.

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