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Newsletter of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism Autumn 2011 In this issue: • Ordinary Egyptians by Ziad We are happy to present the Autumn 2011 issue of The Ruritanian. Fahmy (members only) In this issue you will find information on the ASEN seminar • Upcoming books (members only) series, as well as a list of upcoming conferences including the • Upcoming conferences 2012 ASEN conference, “Nationalism, Ethnicity and Boundaries.” • Conference report: Crossing Members will also read an article on the ETA ceasefire by Jeff Perspectives Miley and about our featured book, Ordinary Egyptians by • Nationalism in the News: The Ziad Fahmy. We are excited about the range of topics we will Defeat of ETA and the Prospects for be covering in the coming year. As always, please let us know Basque Secessionism (members only) nd if you have any conferences or upcoming books of interest, or • ASEN 22 annual conference: Nationalism, Ethnicity and any comments or suggestions about the newsletter in general. Boundaries –The Newsletter Team • ASEN seminar series Amanda Munilla, Editor • Nations and Nationalism Aameer Patel, Zara Rabinovitch, Anastasia Voronkova and Aisling Wootten, Associate Editors Announcements Dear members and friends of ASEN, ASEN Events ASEN (group) ASENevents (channel) This newsletter contains the contributions from writers who are experts in their fields but whose views do not necessarily represent those of ASEN. Autumn 2011 ASEN, LSE, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE asen.newsletter 1

The Ruritanian, Autumn 2011

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