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UCCS College of Business T HE B ACK T HE ALUMNI NE W SLETT ER OF T HE V o l um e 3 , I s s ue 3 9 D e c e m be r , 2 0 1 1 PG A G OLF M ANAGEME NT P ROGRA M L E T T E R F RO M T H E D I R E C T O R By Ed Kelbel, PGA Director, UCCS PGA Golf Management Program December 2011 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Director’s Letter 1 Academic News 1 how Me the Money 4 PGMSS News 2 Graduating Senior 5 Hello UCCS PGA Golf Management Alumni, I hope that all of you are having a successful conclusion to the 2011 golf season. It has been exciting to see you all progress through the ranks of the golf industry over the past few years! We wish you continued success on your career journey and remember to enjoy it all along the way. We will add (or have recently added since July) 25 more graduates from our program in midDecember. Since we last contacted you in July, our program has begun a brand new PGA/PGM 2.0 Educational Jones Cup Team Pictured left to right: Russell Einspahr, Zach Brehm, Earl Gerlach, Eric Emmel, Travis Gruenenwald and Director Ed Kelbel Curriculum that is web based allowing for instant changes of outdated material which is nearly impossible with the paper based system it replaced. There is a new Qualifying Level that covers Intro to PGA Golf Management, Rules of Golf, and the PGA Constitution that is taught to the first year students right away in the fall. I am very happy to announce that 35 out of 36 students (98%) passed this exam the first time! Cont. on page 3 The score card • 89--alumni ACADEMIC NEWS • 86--students • 13--2011 graduates • 36--Fall 2011 freshmen By Dr. Paul Miller Academic Advisor What an amazing year we’re having with regard to admissions for both the PGA Golf Management Program and the university! With regard to UCCS, we’ve been told that applications are coming in at 400% over the expected rate. That’s not a typo – four times as many have come in compared to what the admissions office normally has at this time of year. Cont. on page 2

The Back Nine Winter 2011

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