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THE SPORT OF ROWING To the readers of John B. Kelly III John B. Kelly, Sr. 6’2” 190 cm 190 lb. 86 kg 1920 Olympic Singles Champion 1920, 1924 Olympic Doubles Champion 0°, +30° to -40°, 0-9, 0-10, 0-10 Concurrent Schubschlag Classical Technique with special emphasis on acceleration for as long as possible. With this latest posting, I am continuing by popular demand my warm relationship with row2k that goes back to 2006. You will find other recent excerpts of my upcoming comprehensive history of rowing at of Great Britain and, the website of the Ital- ian National Association of Rowing Coaches. There are links to all the sites worldwide featuring my book at my own website,, and I encourage you to visit them all. Details about me and

Volume IV: The Next Generation of U.S. Scullers

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