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EVENTS: SCHOOL BREAK ACTIVITIES, KWANZAA EVENTS 17 FILM: “THE GUILT TRIP” 23 ART REVIEW: “LOST INFINITY” @ AVOM 16 GUEST COMMENTARY: GUNS AND OBAMA’S AGENDA 3 CROSSWORD 31 MR. BONELESS • KATE LEE • moon zombies • BAROQUE ORGAN CONCERT • THE ABSOLUTES • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 10 DECEMBER 26, 2012 - JANUARY 1, 2013 Free • Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • Vol 42 No 16 • News. Music. Life. Next time it will be your f**king face.” NEWS, PAGE 5 Albion’s new landfill fight. NEWS, PAGE 6 Better eating in the RCSD. NEWS, PAGE 4 What are you doing New Year’s Eve? EVENTS GUIDE, PAGE 18 Get Grella’s flick picks for 2012. MOVIES, PAGE 22 FEATURE | BY FRANK DE BLASE | PAGE 12 | PHOTO PROVIDED Rubblebucket’s un-quiet riot There’s no pure rock ’n’ roll anymore. But it could be argued that there never was any in the first place; that the genre was the bastard offspring of mismatched parents looking for kicks in the backseat of America. If you insist on seeking out some semblance of purity, you have to look to bands that adhere to rock’s attitude and non-conformity. Modern bands that may not immediately fit your definition of “rock,” but which sprang and continue to spring from the loins of the music’s seminal rebellion. Brooklyn-based Rubblebucket is a frenzied eight-piece rock ’n’ roll phenomenon, and a perfect example of what I’m going on about. Its influences are diverse, its lineage is deep, and its sound is epic. The band’s polyrhythmic world-beat thunder and wailing wall of soulful brass is countered by elements of New Wave, synth-pop, and funk. It’s all topped off with a vibrant vocal quirk and an element of unconventional indie-pop sweet and sour, resulting in a band of remarkably impure purity and a uniquely indefinable sound.

December 26, 2012 - January 1, 2013 - City Newspaper

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