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EVENTS: SKATE WITH SANTA, “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” 21 FILM: “PHILOMENA,” “THE HOBBIT” 28 URBAN JOURNAL: DIVIDED NATION 3 CROSSWORD 43 IRONDEQUOIT CHORALE • RPO HOLIDAY POPS • JD WILKES • ABOMINABLE SNOWBAND • JUG BAND CHRISTMAS • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 10 DECEMBER 18-24, 2013 Free • Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • Vol 42 No 15 • News. Music. Life. It seems that the city knows what it wants to be but doesn’t know how to do it.” FEEDBACK, PAGE 2 Rochester pride on your hide. CULTURE, PAGE 6 Rochester schools’ big budget gap. FINANCES, PAGE 4 Third time’s a charm for Aunt Rosie’s? CHOW HOUND, PAGE 9 The smell of success? Screen Plays’ “Parfumerie.” THEATER REVIEW, PAGE 20 MUSIC FEATURE | BY FRANK DE BLASE | PAGE 12 | ILLUSTRATION BY DOUG MACDONALD The A/V club: musicians as artists It’s short-sighted to think of an artist as confined to a single medium. Yes, in most cases, a creator shines in one area. But it is fascinating to view — or hear — an artist apply traits of one medium to another. The term “artist” is typically reserved for those who work in the visible or tangible realm. That’s not to say musicians aren’t artists, or that they’re confined to just music. Many are not, and it can be fascinating to enjoy visual art from their musical perspective. For this feature we talked to five Rochester musician-artists and had them dissect the origins of their creative expressions. Which came first? Which is paramount? If forced to choose, which direction would they go? Read on for their answers. (Pictured: Rock ‘n’ Roll Social Club member Doug Mac “inside” one of his cartoon creations.)

December 18-24, 2013 - City Newspaper

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