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EVENTS: HOLIDAY KICK-OFFS, “NO DANCING ALLOWED” 19 CLASSICAL: HOLIDAY MUSIC PREVIEW 16 RESTAURANT REVIEW: VICTOIRE 9 ART REVIEW: “ART OF THE BOOK” 24 FILM: “RED DAWN,” “LIFE OF PI” 30 URBAN JOURNAL: THINKING BIG 3 CROSSWORD, NEWS OF THE WEIRD 39 lindsay lou AND THE FLATBELLYS • jean grae NOVEMBER 28 - DECEMBER 4, 2012 Free • • state radio • popa chubby • borgore Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 10 Vol 42 No 12 • News. Music. Life. The American people need to take charge of their future.” FEEDBACK, PAGE 2 Lacrosse and the Iroquois identity. NEWS, PAGE 4 Rodent holds cancer clues. NEWS, PAGE 5 Medley Centre and RBTL: Do we dare to believe? NEWS, PAGE 6 Lighting strikes twice: Garth Fagan and Wynton Marsalis reunite. DANCE, PAGE 18 PROFILE | STORY AND PHOTO BY FRANK DE BLASE | PAGE 12 The Pickpockets busk a move The Pickpockets is a beautifully rag-tag busker outfit straight out of Tin Pan Alley, boasting a faded sepia romanticism and nostalgic charm. The instrumentation is stark yet achingly beautiful. It’s the blues of hobos riding the rails, the sound of dwindling optimism and migration found in the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression. Though it might seem somewhat out of place and out of time, this 21st century Rochester outfit sees a connection. “I think we kind of sympathize with that era with our own financial endeavors,” says drummer John Lake. That’s probably why they became pickpockets in the first place. The band calls what it does “Speakeasy Top 40,” and blames its antiquity and affinity for vintage on its instruments. “It kind of happened naturally,” says violinist/ guitarist Phillip Herford. “Playing in the street with an accordion and a violin, that sound is going to kind of take control.” “It’s what the instruments do naturally,” Lake adds.

November 28 - December 4, 2012 - City Newspaper

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