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EVENTS: HOLIDAY BAZAAR, WARREN MILLER’S “FLOW STATE” 18 THEATER: “SISTER’S CHRISTMAS CATECHISM” @ GEVA 18 FILM: “SKYFALL,” POLISH FILM FESTIVAL 24 URBAN JOURNAL: THE NEXT FOUR YEARS 3 CROSSWORD, NEWS OF THE WEIRD 35 THE QUADRATIC TRIO • CORDANCIA NOVEMBER 14-20, 2012 Free • • OCUPANTHER • GREG KLYMA • JEFF TYZIK Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 12 Vol 42 No 10 • News. Music. Life. We’d like the school district to stop trying new ideas on us.” FEEDBACK, PAGE 2 Rochester wants more homeowners. NEWS, PAGE 4 Prez election boosts local pols. NEWS, PAGE 5 Love and advocacy for Lake Ontario. NEWS, PAGE 6 Lights, treats, presents: Holiday Guide 2012. INSIDE FEATURE | BY DAYNA PAPALEO | PAGE 9 | PHOTO BY MATT DETURCK Food trucks seek their space Though chuck wagons are by no means a new way of grubbing up, sometime in 2008 the modern breed of food trucks rolling around New York and Los Angeles began garnering oodles of attention thanks to inspired menus and a canny mastery of social networking that enabled them to attract ravenous throngs with a mere tweet. Then the media chimed in with reality-TV shows and breathless articles about innovative chefs creating their own opportunities outside the restaurant realm. After the phenomenal success of this year’s two Food Truck Rodeos at the Rochester Public Market — the October installment boasted the participation of more than a dozen of these wheeled meal dealies — at this point it’s fair to say Rochester officially has a scene. The popularity of local food trucks is no longer in question. The major issue now, for both food-truck owners and City of Rochester officials, is defining locations where the trucks can do business.

November 14-20, 2012 - City Newspaper

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