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EVENTS: ASTRONOMICON, WINTERCRAFT 23 FILM: “12 YEARS A SLAVE,” “THOR: THE DARK WORLD” 32 URBAN JOURNAL: LOVELY WARREN’S NEXT CAMPAIGN 3 CROSSWORD, NEWS OF THE WEIRD 43 EDDIE SPAGHETTI • LITTLE BIG LEAGUE NOVEMBER 13-19, 2013 Free • • STEPHEN KELLOGG • 1032K • HERZOG Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 14 Vol 43 No 10 • News. Music. Life. My God, gambling is the medicine that will cure all our economic ills!” FEEDBACK, PAGE 2 LDC’s: the scandal (almost) everyone saw coming. GOVERNMENT, PAGE 4 Elections fallout: What happens next? POLITICS, PAGE 6 A different kind of Turkey dinner. RESTAURANT REVIEW, PAGE 9 Out of context at Visual Studies Workshop. ART REVIEW, PAGE 22 FEATURE | BY NICOLE MILANO | PAGE 10 | PHOTO BY LARISSA COE Mount Hope Cemetery: a buried treasure Mount Hope Cemetery, dedicated in 1838, holds in its 196 acres more stories and mythology than many of us in the Flower City would guess. Over the past 175 years, the cemetery has become the final resting place for a variety of interesting people, and continues to serve as public burial grounds today — it is still owned and operated by the City of Rochester. Many know Mount Hope as the final resting place for notable Rochesterians like Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, and others. But countless other interesting facts and legends surround the burial grounds at Mount Hope. In celebration of the cemetery’s 175th anniversary, which took place in October, members of the nonprofit group Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery shared some of these lesserknown points with City. Read on to find some of the most interesting things you may not know about Mount Hope Cemetery.

November 13-19, 2013 - City Newspaper

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