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EVENTS: “DIRTY WARS,” MISS GAY ROCHESTER PAGEANT 19 FILM: “ENDER’S GAME” 28 CLASSICAL: EARLY MUSIC IN ROCHESTER 18 URBAN JOURNAL: GREECE AND THE SUPREMES 3 CROSSWORD, NEWS OF THE WEIRD 39 JOSHUA POWELL • VANCE GILBERT NOVEMBER 6-12, 2013 Free • • YOUNG GALAXY • PRESBYTERIAN CHANCEL CHOIR Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • Vol 43 No 9 • • ALICIA AULT • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 12 News. Music. Life. They taught me how to not kill myself with a chainsaw.” INTERVIEW, PAGE 14 Penfield may privatize plowing. NEWS, PAGE 4 Schools as career zones. EDUCATION, PAGE 6 Salad days: Shakespeare Players’ “Julius Caesar.” THEATER REVIEW, PAGE 24 Poland springs: 2013 Polish Film Festival. PREVIEW, PAGE 29 DEVELOPMENT | BY JEREMY MOULE | PAGE 8 | PHOTO BY MARK CHAMBERLIN Reigning in rural sprawl Lima is at a crossroads. The village got its start as a stop on a welltraveled cross-state road, a section of which is the modern Routes 5 and 20. A village landmark from the era, the American Hotel, still sits at the corner of that corridor and what’s now Route 15A. The hotel and the brick storefronts that surround it represent the Lima that residents and officials say they want to protect. But just north of the village on Route 15A is a Dollar General. The store’s block walls, nondescript roof trim, and parking lot frontage stand in stark contrast to the architecture and feel of downtown. It doesn’t fit with the town’s 10,000-plus acres of active farmland, either. Over the past five years, the town and village have changed the way they approach planning to protect the village downtown and the town’s large amounts of high-quality farmland.

November 6-12, 2013 - City Newspaper

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