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EVENTS: BLUE MAN GROUP, FALL BACK COMEDY FEST 22 FILM: “CLOUD ATLAS,” “YOU’VE BEEN TRUMPED” 28 ENDORSEMENT: BARACK OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT 3 NEWS OF THE WEIRD, CROSSWORD 39 DEANNA WITKOWSKI TRIO • FUN. • tHE SWEETBACK SISTERS OCTOBER 31 - NOVEMBER 6, 2012 Free • • ZZ TOP • MARIA GILLARD Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • • THE SOFT MOON Vol 42 No 8 • • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 16 News. Music. Life. Add bacon to anything for $1.95. Seriously.” RESTAURANT REVIEW, PAGE 11 Changes for Party in the Park? NEWS, PAGE 4 Fracking’s insurance issues. NEWS, PAGE 5 Religious fervor: Geva’s “Freud’s Last Session.” THEATER REVIEW, PAGE 22 What lies beneath: “Watermark” at UR. ART REVIEW, PAGE 24 COVER STORY | BY WILLIE CLARK | PAGE 12 | PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY MATT DETURCK Rochester’s paranormal activity From Casper the friendly ghost, to movies like “Paranormal Activity,” and even closer to home with the Fox sisters, people have always been intrigued with the mysteries of the afterlife. The “seen” of it — dead bodies, tombstones in the ground — hasn’t always been enough. It’s something that religions and theorists of the world have debated forever. What happens next? Whatever you believe, there’s a chance that you’ve had something seemingly inexplicable happen in your life — a flicker of a light, a noise in the night, or something else that raised the hairs on the back of your neck. But this isn’t a real-life version of “Ghostbusters.” There are no vacuum cleaners sucking up spirits, or invisible forces hurling lamps across a room. These groups are dedicated to investigating the truth behind the paranormal, and they operate with a healthy sense of skepticism. This isn’t about the spooky and scary, but a look into the very real and very normal lives of some of Rochester’s own paranormal investigators.

October 31 - November 6, 2012 - City Newspaper

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