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EVENTS: GIVE TO LIVE,BEARD & MOUSTACHE CHAMPIONSHIPS 21 DINING: AVVINO, TASTE OF THE TOWN, LOCAL CRONUTS 11 FILM: “ELYSIUM,” “THE ACT OF KILLING” 28 URBAN JOURNAL: TEST SCORE RAGE 3 CROSSWORD, NEWS OF THE WEIRD 39 GATEWAYS MUSIC FESTIVAL • BRIAN WHEAT • BILLY MACK COLLECTOR • DROPKICK MURPHYS • FIDDLER'S FEST • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 12 AUGUST 14-20, 2013 Free • Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • Vol 42 No 49 • News. Music. Life. Imagine a 90-pound Dimebag Darrell in a little black dress.” MUSIC FEATURE, PAGE 14 Plastics plague Ontario, too. ENVIRONMENT, PAGE 5 Unlocking the readers within. EDUCATION, PAGE 6 RoCo is taking it to the streets. ART REVIEW, PAGE 20 Vote NOW in the Best of Rochester 2013 Primary Ballot. DETAILS, PAGE 27 TECHNOLOGY | BY JEREMY MOULE | PAGE 8 | ILLUSTRATION BY MATT DETURCK The speed wars When Time Warner Cable recently announced that it is raising cable internet rates, customer complaints were inevitable. But Time Warner officials say that the increase is needed to pay for system upgrades that will help meet consumers’ growing data needs, due in large part to use of streaming digital video and online video gaming. But many critics are also looking to places like Kansas City, where Google is installing a super-fast fiber optic network. There, Time Warner is boosting its speeds to compete. Locally, and in many places across the country, such competition is lacking. Critics say that all too often, companies don’t have incentive to offer higher speeds and better prices. How can communities and companies best meet the growing need for broadband speed? And what revolutions await when innovators have access to all the speed they want?

August 14-20, 2013 - City Newspaper

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