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EVENTS: NATIVE AMERICAN DANCE & MUSIC, GROWING UP GANDHI 21 FILM: “THE WAY, WAY BACK” 27 RESTAURANT REVIEW: ESPADA BRAZILIAN STEAK 11 URBAN JOURNAL: EMBRACING CHARTER SCHOOLS 3 CROSSWORD 35 ANAMANAGUCHI • INDIANS • MARK KELLOGG • OFFICER FRIENDLY • TINA AND HER PONY • NIKKI HILL • JEFF RIALES • AND MORE MUSIC, PG 12 JULY 24-30, 2013 Free • Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • Vol 42 No 46 • News. Music. Life. I just want to sound like me. A damned good me.” MUSIC INTERVIEW, PAGE 14 Cable calamity in the making? MEDIA, PAGE 7 East Main Street revival. DEVELOPMENT, PAGE 5 Sing, sing, sing: Finger Lakes Choral Festival. CLASSICAL, PAGE 20 Recently remodeled: Blackfriars’ “Rent.” THEATER REVIEW, PAGE 22 INTERVIEW | BY TIM LOUIS MACALUSO | PAGE 8 | PHOTO BY MIKE HANLON Tim Mains: ‘I was the gay teacher’ Tim Mains was still new to teaching when he came out of the closet at a time, the 1970’s, when doing so posed risks to employment in many careers. The experience was gut-wrenching, he says, due to the relentless name-calling — gay slurs hurled at him almost daily for the better part of a school year. But he says he learned that being out and visible can be a catalyst for changing attitudes. In 1985, Mains became the first openly gay man in New York State to win election to public office. He served on City Council for 20 years. Educator, politician, and role model for Rochester’s LGBT community, Mains leaves Rochester shortly to start his new job as superintendent of the Jamestown school system. In a recent interview, Mains talked about the challenges for city schools, his support of Superintendent Bolgen Vargas’s expanded learning efforts, and his experiences as a gay rights activist.

July 24-30, 2013 - City Newspaper

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