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RONNIE NYOGETSU • JULY 3-9, 2013 Free JOHN VALENTI • • CAMMY ENAHARO • PAUL HOFMANN Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • EVENTS: FOURTH OF JULY EVENTS, MOVIES IN THE PARK 19 FILM: “WHITE HOUSE DOWN,” “THE HEAT” 26 CHOW HOUND: ROSIE’S HOT BUNS, JUST JUICE 4 LIFE 9 URBAN JOURNAL: RIGHTS AND THE SUPREME COURT 3 CROSSWORD 35 • MEGADEATH Vol 42 No 43 • • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 12 News. Music. Life. It’s dynamic, energetic, muscular, and has lots of bass.” CLASSICAL, PAGE 18 Josh Fox on “Gasland Part II.” INTERVIEW, PAGE 6 Brighton eyeing big purchase? DEVELOPMENT, PAGE 5 Chess kids. EDUCATION, PAGE 4 Gender bending at the Eastman House. ART, PAGE 22 FEATURE | BY KATHY LALUK | PAGE 10 | PHOTO BY MIKE HANLON Disc jockeys: Ultimate Frisbee in Rochester Ultimate Frisbee — typically just called “Ultimate” — is a fast-paced, football-like sport that substitutes flying discs for that pigskin missile. There is no shortage of Ultimate players in the Rochester area. The Greater Rochester Area Disc Association estimates that there are as many as 4,000 regular players of the sport locally. From casual, less-organized match-ups among friends (and strangers) on nice days in Ellison and other area parks, to organized league play on weekends throughout the spring and summer, to Rochester’s first professional team, the local Ultimate scene is thriving. The game has evolved from its low-key beginnings on college campuses. It’s still got the same laid-back vibe, but it’s no longer just for frat boys or hippies looking for a break from football practice and hacky-sack. “Anyone can play,” says Tanya Beiswenger of Greater Rochester Area Disc Association’s Spring Fling league. “Literally, anyone.” (Pictured: Eric "Ginger" Dixon of the Rochester Dragons professional Ultimate team.)

July 3-10, 2013 - City Newspaper

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