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EVENTS: FLOWER CITY CHALLENGE, ROC THE RUNWAY 21 FILM: “OBLIVION,” ROCHESTER INT’L FILM FEST 28 CHOW HOUND: SHEMA SUSHI, ERIE GRILL 11 URBAN JOURNAL: VIOLENCE ON THE MIND 3 CROSSWORD 39 CHINA CRISIS • INSANE CLOWN POSSE • BUZZO • RPO POPS • THERE IS NO MOUNTAIN • LAZLO HOLLYFIELD • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 12 APRIL 24-30, 2013 Free • Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • Vol 42 No 33 • News. Music. Life. Do I want to stage a big opera? Hell, yes!” CLASSICAL PREVIEW, PAGE 20 Turned off to teaching. EDUCATION, PAGE 6 Child care subsidy stays. NEWS, PAGE 5 Eastman’s new plan. NEWS, PAGE 5 Unearthing the MAG’s buried treasures. ART REVIEW, PAGE 24 City’s 4th Annual Best Busker Contest is almost here! DETAILS, PAGE 17 MUSIC FEATURE | BY WILLIE CLARK | PAGE 14 | PHOTO BY CAESAR SEBASTIAN Bassnectar: a spasm of madness Bassnectar may not be a household name, but for electronic-music fans, he’s a musical maelstrom. He’s a painter whose canvas is musical waves and ambient beats. He’s half metal, half underground-style aficionado, collector, and librarian, and all-around electronic-music guru. And when that bass drops, watch out. The fans lap it up. While electronic dance music (often referred to simply as EDM) and dubstep have exploded across America in recent years, Bassnectar is quick to point out that he’s been performing on his own merits — and playing to large crowds — for longer than that. He has worked with the likes of Perry Farrell, Gogol Bordello, RJD2, and Ellie Goulding. Bassnectar packed 4000 fans into the Main Street Armory when he played here last year. He returns to the venue on April 27 as part of his spring tour. Will you be in the audience this time?

April 24-30 - City Newspaper

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