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AI Monthly AI MONTHLY June 2013 KEEPING YOU UP TO DATE WITH EVERYTHING AI Edition 5 June 2013 “AIRBUS ROLL OUT LIVERIES, YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS” There comes a certain time during the beta testing stages of a new ai model when you know that its release is imminent This stage referred to above of course is when the aircraft is painted into its manufacturer’s house colours. The house colours were previewed in the AlphaIndia Group forums this week and after contacting Erez about the progress of his model he said; [I've painted the] Airbus roll out liveries, [so] you know what this means” As with the Boeing 737 series (and also TFS models), Erez has elected to paint the aircraft in the house livery that the aircraft wore when they were first manufactured. Of course now, Airbus has the newer house colours but these will not feature in the model’s release. If you’d like to read more about the FAIB A32X models you can turn to page 5 or alternatively browse the many AI forums in existence. Also on page 5 you will find a list of airlines that have currently been painted on the new model. 1

AI Monthly - June 2013 - Edition 6

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