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AI Monthly AI MONTHLY July 2013 KEEPING YOU UP TO DATE WITH EVERYTHING AI Edition 7 July 2013 FAIB AIRBUS A32X MODEL RELEASED! We have been following the progress of FSX AI Bureau’s new FSX native model for several months now. On July 19th the wait was over and Erez Werber released the family of models. There were many airlines painted in the beta stage of the model but not all of these textures have been released yet. The places to find the ones which have been released are flyingcarpet75, Juergen Baumbusch, kaese2002 and FAIB. To see which airlines have been released you will need to read the repainters section below. The paintkit is not yet available, however Erez intends to release it within a matter of weeks after the model, so expect its release imminently. If you have any issues with the models then support can be received directly from the FAIB forums, where Erez or one of the beta team will help you with your enquiry. FSX USERS IN THE MAJORITY? Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (commonly referred to as FS9) users have been in the majority ever since Microsoft Flight Simulator X (commonly referred to as FSX) was released. Previously AI models were a drain on FPS when used in FSX, as they were FS9 native. However in 2012 Erez Werber set up a new AI modelling group called FSX AI Bureau (FAIB for short). His primary aim was to create FSX native models. After the NG’s release in November, Erez began work on the Airbus counterparts – the Airbus A32X, with them entering beta in mid-April. Now we have seen two of the largest families of aircraft released in a FSX native format – will that prompt a mass of loyal FS9 users to make the switch? Perhaps it may take another family of models from Erez to persuade some or perhaps when/if UTT convert their recent models to an FSX native format? Erez begun with the most popular family of aircraft – Boeing 737 series and began at the 737-200. Slowly Erez worked his way through the other variants releasing in two stages – classics and Next Generation (NG). 1

AI Monthly - July 2013

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