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AI Monthly January 2013 AI MONTHLY KEEPING YOU UP TO DATE WITH EVERYTHING AI Edition 1 January 2013 DOUBLE DUO FROM UNITED TRAFFIC TEAM United Traffic Team has been busy in the modelling department recently , it is believed that both their Boeing 787 Dreamliner and BAE Avro RJ-100 are close to being released. The UTT BAE Avro RJ -100 model has been in the hands of the painters (Philippe, Jürgen, Nils, Maksim and Robert) since the end of December. The majority of the BAE 146-300’s and Avro RJ-100 in operation have been painted by the team. The model is by Alex ander Emelyanov (aka DUST). Hopefully this model will be available for downlo ad over the coming weeks. Maksim is just completing the final few LODs. Meanwhile the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been eagerly awaited for some time now. Screenshots were first posted in the UTT forum on 6 September 2012. In mid-December a post by Alexander on the UTT 787 progress thread suggested that the model may never see release due to a lack of willingness from the UTT painting team. However it would appear that all is back on track an d it is in its final stages of developme nt and testing, as we have now seen previews of JAL and LOT paints. 1 Pictures: All taken from United Traffic Team ©

AI Monthly - January 2013 - Edition 1

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