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AI Monthly February 2013 AI MONTHLY KEEPING YOU UP TO DATE WITH EVERYTHING AI Edition 2 February 2013 EXCLUSIVE FAIB ANNOUNCES AIRBUS A32X MODEL The next family of aircraft by FAIB (Erez Werber) are already taking shape. A FSX native Airbus A320 family will be coming your way soon. Erez initially revealed the first screenshots to the beta tem on 20 January. It was clear however that he had been working on the model for some time before that, as the fuselage and wings were already modelled. Just one day later, the IAE engines and domes appeared on the A321! We can’t bring you a specific release date, as some issues may arise in beta testing which may take time to fix. There may also be bugs in the paintkit which will need to be ironed out before the model is released to the public. Erez has estimated a possible release to beta for some time during March. The list for paints has already been compiled and is slowly being filled with painters. A full question and answer session with Erez, can be read on page 8 Erez is working hard on producing the first of the paintkits. Again, he has started the A321, making the job easier to complete as it is always easier to scale down rather than up. FAIB A231 CFM engines FAIB A321 IAE engines 1

AI Monthly - February 2013 - Edition 2

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