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JABAL LWEIBDEH The slopes overlooking Downtown are home to some of Amman's most exciting artists Darat Al-Funun is a workshop and gallery as well as offering some of the best views of Amman ‫ هي‬،‫دارة الفنون‬ ‫صالة عرض ومكان‬ ‫إلقامة ورش العمل‬ ‫ الى جانب‬،‫الفنية ايضا‬ ‫اطاللتها على اجمل‬ ‫مشاهد عمان‬ Toq an Al-B aou Al -Imam Ahmad Bin Han b St neya Al-S haria Abd oS tree t Stre Stre et et 8 7 4 a Paris Square Bu6 tch ers ’ St Luzmila Hospital 5 lS qra a jm Al-M llah St Nad rin ce 3 P Mo ham med St t hS iya ull -K Ab du Riy l Mu adh nem St Third Circle 200m 1 t Wadi Sa Khay Sharia Mosque him yam S Jo Bedu Mo ham med t i St Ibra ahaw National Gallery Park Al-Z Hosn2 i Fare ez Al The modern stone villas built into the hillside of the Lweibdeh district are small and tasteful, with none of the kitschy additions that mar much of the contemporary architecture in other parts of Amman. Breaks of pine trees offer the dwellings natural shade from the summer sun and scent the air with a delicious woody smell in the rainy winters. The neighbourhood’s little corner shops, family-run patisseries and earthy vegetable stores belong to a time before supermarkets and chain stores. There is a feel of authenticity about Lweibdeh: no frills, no props, no Ammani teenagers playing it cool. The laid-back nature of this part of town has traditionally led to it being favoured by artists and the galleries that represent them. It's not a bohemian art scene, though, but one of good taste and high culture. One of the art centres here, Darat AlFunun [1] (down the hill from the Luzmila Hospital, +962 6 464 3251), or the “little house of the arts”, is perhaps the most beautiful spot in all of Amman. It’s actually three houses, all dating from the 1920s and set in beautiful gardens, at the bottom of which are the remains of a small sixth-century Byzantine church that the centre uses for open-air movie screenings and exhibitions. The house café, set amidst evergreen trees with sweeping views of the surrounding hillsides, is a fine spot for afternoon tea. While Darat Al-Funun and the nearby Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts [2] (Hosni Fareez St, +962 6 463 0128), the country’s premier showcase for contemporary Arab and Islamic art with a 2,000-strong collection of works, represent the artistic elite, Lweibdeh is also home to many smaller, more experimental art venues. Notable among these is Makan [3] Second Circle The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts houses the country’s biggest public art collection ‫يمتلك المتحف‬ ‫الوطني للفنون‬ ‫الجميلة في عمان‬ ‫اكبر مجموعة من‬ ‫االعمال الفنية في‬ ‫االردن كافة‬ Shaaban Street 9th ‫منذ الخمسينات والستينات من القرن‬ ‫ ويتفرع عن الدوار شارع يعرف هنا‬.‫الماضي‬ ‫ وهو يعبق دائما برائحة‬،‫بشارع اللحامين‬ ،‫الكفتة المشوية الشهية التي تثير اللعاب‬ ‫ويوجد في الشارع أيضا مطعم أبو مراد‬ ‫] الذي يقدم السندويتشات اللذيذة من‬6[ .‫اللحم المفروم‬ ‫وال يبخل جبل اللويبدة كذلك على عشاق‬ ]7[ ‫ فيوجد فيه محل فيروز‬،‫الحلويات‬ ‫ وهو واحد من أقدم‬،)‫(شارع كلية الشريعة‬ ،‫محالت الحلويات في العاصمة االردنية‬ ‫ويقدم أفضل المعجنات والحلويات على‬ ‫ أما من يريد أن يتذوق ألذ وأفخم‬.‫اإلطالق‬ ]8[ ‫ فلديه مقهى شوكوهوليك‬،‫شوكوال‬ ‫ وهو مقهى جديد‬،)‫(شارع كلية الشريعة‬ ‫يقدم مجموعة متنوعة من المشروبات‬ ‫ إلى جانب‬،‫تحتوي جميعها على الشوكوال‬ .‫تقديمه الشيشة طبعا‬ 82 GULFLIFE Another day, another hill… looking out from Lweibdeh, across Downtown to Achrafieh .‫ تلة اخرى‬،‫يوم اخر‬ ‫نظرة من جبل اللويبدة‬ ‫عبر وسط البلد الى‬ ‫االشرفية‬

Weibdeh Travel Guide. Amman, Jordan

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