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prevention power of PR E V EN TION • R ESE A RCH • INNOVAT ION SUMMER 2014 Healthy choices for at-risk patients Cancer Prevention Program services include education, wellness and community outreach E B Y M E G H A N N F I N N S E P U LV E D A ducation may be the key to prevent cancer. The team of experts at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert’s Cancer Prevention Program encourages lifestyle strategies by offering nutritional counseling and stress reducing techniques, in combination with genetic testing and recommendations for people with low to high risk of developing cancer. The American Cancer Society reports that nearly half of all cancer deaths could be prevented by making healthy choices that include not smoking, staying at a healthy weight, eating right, keeping active, and getting recommended screening tests. SCREENING EVALUATIONS The first step in the fight to prevent cancer? Determine the risk. “We try to evaluate patients who are considered at high risk for cancer based on genetics,” says Santosh Rao, M.D., medical and integrative oncologist, Banner MD Anderson. Patients of the Cancer Prevention Program are also evaluated by a team of medical professionals consisting of an exercise physiologist, registered dietitian, integrative social worker and psychologist. The program is funded, in part, through philanthropic donations and grants. PREVENTION | 2    INSIDE 4 Cancer prevention starts with what you eat Cox founder leaves legacy of public service, giving back 6 ‘Miracle’ patient beats the odds 7

Banner MD Anderson Power of Prevention - Summer 2014

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