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50 % O FF Local fighter to fight for troops› p17 WINDSOR & ESSEX COUNTY’S #1 REAL ESTATE COMPANY Based on Annual MLS® unit sales as reported by All Amherst Apperal! WECREB for the Windsor - Essex Area Patricia Vandenbrink SALES REPRESENTATIVE During the month of March. While supplies last! Fashions for Men & Women 56 Richmond St, 736-4843 Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Gas prices reach all time high Gasoline prices spiked to $1.20 per litre in many Canadian cities over the weekend. Prices are up 10 cents per litre in just a few days. Apart from the shortlived price bubble of 2008, gasoline prices are now the highest level in Canadian history. Amherstburg speaks out: “It’s silly, I got a full tank for $70. This is not necessary because this gas was bought six months ago” Bryan G. “How are Canadians supposed to get ahead in the work force when we’re paying these gas prices,” Jenn P. RTT PHOTO BY MICHELLE WHITE AMHERSTBURG Working For You Spring LEN SCHIEFER Owner Clean Up Commercial & Residential See Back Page for Weekly Town Happenings! 736-6022 CELL 562-6424 “Everyone is getting it. It’s not even much savings going to the states,” Greg S. Hot Colour! 35 TRI GRAPHICS 8 x 11 COLOUR COPY 1/2 249 George St., Amherstburg, On N9V 2E8 Ph. 519-736-3187 Fax 519-736-1447 By Karen Fallon Amherstburg’s Fire Chief, Randy Sinasac, introduced James Ouellette as his secondin-command, to council at the meeting held February 22. After an “exhausting search” says Sinasac, the decision was made to hire from within the department. Ouellette, he added, brings “40 plus years” of experience to the position. The new Deputy Fire Chief says he has developed a lot of love and passion for the job. “It is that same passion that will drive me to be See DEPUTY on Page 2 Put my experience and knowledge to work for you! Low Low Prices • Letterhead • Brochures • Business Cards • Posters New deputy fire chief introduced to council ¢ Free Market Evaluation of Your Home John D’Alimonte Sales Representative 519-736-1766

Amherstburg River Town Times March 2, 2011

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