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fo r th e b u s i n e s s of r e t a ili n g j ewe ll e r y s i n c e 1879 SEPTEMBER/ OCTOBER 2011 SCAN ME TO GO TO OUR WEBSITE 2012 BUYERS’ GUIDE More Than 2,000 Listings READER’S CHOICE COVER! PUBLICATIONS MAIL 40678000 | 60 BLOOR STREET WEST SUITE 1106, TORONTO ON, M4W 3B8 | $25 53% of voters! WILD, WILD HOLIDAYS Exotic jewellery makes the wish list this year House of Style Paola and Marco Miserendino of Bijouterie Italienne, Montreal, Que. PLUS: GOLD RUSH PART 1 ALL THE LATEST NEWS, TRENDS & EVENTS 001.CJ_Cover 04.indd 1 8/29/11 12:11:28 PM

Canadian Jeweller - September / October 2011 Issue

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