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COMMUNICATOR NEWSLETTER (209) 599-7519 Fax 1-888-556-4944 Septemeber 2012 Welcome Ripon Chamber of Commerce’s New Executive Director - Rebecca Naranjo A message from Rebecca Naranjo Inside this issue: 2 Service Clubs / Membership Renewal President’s Message 3 Announcements 4 It is an honor to be working for the Ripon Chamber Commerce as Executive Director. President’s Circle / 5 First I would like to thank the board of directors, as well as Sam Carhart and Bonnie Nutt Director’s Corner for being extremely welcoming, demonstrating to me first-hand the great things that 6 New Member chamber has done and looks forward to accomplishing. Just to give you a little background about myself, I am married to a wonderful man, 7-8 Advertising Mike Naranjo, and have two fun-loving children, Kaylee and Kyle. I tell everyone one of Dates of Interest: the best decisions my husband and I have made was moving to Ripon. It is a city with a September positive and vibrant spirit. Color the Skies 1&2 I attended Stanislaus State University and received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communications. Growing up I had a fear of public speaking. Once I 14 Chamber Coffee completed one year of college I decided on my major, “Organizational Communications.” Les Schwab Tire I believe in facing your fears, overcoming them, and growing. Through my motivation, 7:45am hard work, and education I definitely faced this fear. I still get a little nervous, but before 20 CEA Presentation I didn’t have a voice. So now I like to say I found it! It wasn’t just me that accomplished 9:00am this goal. It was a team. I made an important decision towards a positive change in my life. Once I did that I received incredible support. That is what I feel makes the Ripon 27 Chamber Mixer All About the Girls Chamber of Commerce successful. It is a team working toward common goals. I 4:30pm welcome new ideas, creative ways to help one another, and I encourage each one of you to share your ideas with me. October My commitment to you as Executive Director is to do my best to (a) provide all Meet the Candidates 4 businesses the opportunity to grow, (b) consistently have the chamber provide value, (c) Night increase member-business exposure, and (d) continue to have successful events that create valuable marketing opportunities. I am happy to be a part of this wonderful organization 6 Emergency Vehicle Show and team. I look forward to meeting you. Rebecca Naranjo Executive Director Ripon Chamber of Commerce 11 Silverado Open House 5:30pm 20 MAIN STREET DAY Ripon Chamber of Commerce 929 West Main Street P.O. Box 327, Ripon, CA 95366 PRESORT STD AUTO U.S. POSTAGE PAID RIPON, CA


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