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Winter 2013 Grateful Patient Story: Mandy Gilley S ometimes you might not know if your medical need requires emergency room care or urgent care. The decision can be difficult enough when you are making the choice for yourself, but it is even more stressful when you are caring for a loved one. A mother of two “little princesses,” Mandy Gilley of Victoria found herself in just this type of situation. Gilley, who has a background in pediatrics, recently moved to Minnesota from North Carolina where she had worked as a medical assistant. When her 3-yearold complained of stomach pain and cried when she used the bathroom, Gilley thought “I better be safe than sorry,” and brought her daughter to Ridgeview’s 24/7 Emergency & Urgent Care at Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska. Fred DeMeuse, the certified physician assistant on site who examined Gilley’s daughter Jo, was “very thoughtful, did not make me feel rushed and put my mind at ease,” Gilley said. “He informed me and my daughter of what he was doing throughout the examination. She just smiled and giggled … and told me that she liked ‘that doctor.’ It was very reassuring to know that my child felt comfortable with a health care provider she had never met.” Two Twelve Medical Center’s 24-hour emergency department and urgent care offers the convenience of both levels of care in one location—providing patients with appropriate care close to home. No appointments are necessary, and, when patients arrive, medical personnel help patients determine which level of care is appropriate for their needs—Urgent Care or the Emergency Department. A health care destination, Two Twelve Medical Center offers comprehensive family and specialty care, advanced diagnostics, access to leading physicians and clinics, and more—easily accessible to consumers in the west-metro region. While her daughter’s symptoms were due to being lactose intolerant, “it was amazing to have such compassion shown for something so small,” said Gilley. For more information on Two Twelve Medical Center, please visit us at or call 952-361-2447.

2013 Winter Focus

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