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Realtor says demand for proposed waterfront condos in Steveston would be ‘huge’ / News, Page 5 the richmond REVIEW ESTABLISHED 1932 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2010 Scoliosis, now pilates Page 3 28 PAGES Bunnies make pit stop in Steveston Rabbits spared from death, but donations needed for local vet by Christine Lyon Staff Reporter Bunnies saved Joseph Martinez’s life and now he’s saving theirs. The son of poor Italian immigrants, Martinez and his three sisters grew up on a farm in the middle of Israel’s Negev desert and subsisted largely on the rabbits they raised. “Thanks to bunnies, we survived, so I owe a lot to bunnies,” he said. “Basically, bunnies saved our lives.” The Steveston veterinarian will spend most of this Labour Day weekend spaying and neutering 40 bunnies from the University of Victoria before they are shipped to the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in eastern Texas. “Bunnies are my forté,” said Martinez, who made the switch to vegetarianism at age 10 and decided to dedicate his life to animals, later studying to be an animal doctor in Italy. UVic has long had an overpopulation of feral rabbits on campus. The university euthanized 104 of them last May, prompting animal rights groups to fight against a largescale cull. The Ministry of Environment recently granted a permit to one group, allowing them to transport up to 1,000 rabbits off campus. Because the ministry classifies rabbits as wildlife, not pets, the animals cannot normally be given over to a rescuer. On Thursday Sorelle Saidman and Laura-Leah Shaw of the ad hoc organization TRACS for Texas-bound Bunnies, were busy unloading 40 floppy-eared critters from the back of a pickup truck. See Page 3 BOTTLE DEPOT Christine Lyon photo At his Steveston clinic Thursday, Joseph Martinez demonstrates how he would give a bunny oxygen through a special mask. TONY LING Real Estate Services FREE HOME EVALUATION Find out what other homes in your area are selling for • Free list of Available and Sold Homes with full details and pictures • Detached Homes • Townhomes • Condos • Duplexes 1R5G %OXQGHOO Your home sold at Your price in less than 63 days or I will pay you $1,000 1H[WWR/LTXRU6WRUH 604-671-7897 23(1'$<6 :HDOVRGRERWWOHGULYHV Call Now! 604-649-0108 • NEWS@RICHMONDREVIEW.COM OFFICE: 604-247-3700 DELIVERY: 604-247-3710 CLASSIFIED: 604-575-5555 NEWSROOM: 604-247-3730

Sept. 4, 2010 The Richmond Review

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