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the richmond Futsal for all, Page 14 REVIEW ESTABLISHED 1932 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2012 20 PAGES Second local charged in riot Suspicious fire guts house Martin van den Hemel photo This empty twostorey house at 9780 Alberta Rd. was gutted by fire Thursday night. Fire crews were called to the scene around 9:30 p.m. and were greeted by flames shooting through the upper floors of the house. There were no injuries. City spokesperson Ted Townsend said investigators are looking into the cause of the blaze, but are treating it as suspicious at this point. City powerless in pipeline proposal, says expert FREE Pickups Bottle Depot (Full Refunds Paid) TV’s, Computers Home & Auto AV Gear Scrap Metal Waste Paper 604-276-8270 13300 Vulcan Way, Richmond Staff Reporter Just how much power does the City of Richmond have to bar a proposal to build a jet fuel pipeline under the middle of the city? According to a University of B.C. law professor, the city doesn’t have a leg to stand on even if the pipeline was built directly beneath city-owned land. Anthony F. Sheppard, a real property law professor at UBC’s law department, said as long as the pipeline doesn’t impact a property owner’s “reasonable use and enjoyment” of the land, there’s nothing barring the pipeline’s underground construction. A person who owns a piece of property in theory also owns the airspace directly above it, as well as the ground below it. But that landowner’s real property rights only extend as far as the reasonable use and enjoyment of that land, he said. So as far as the pipeline running beneath city-owned rights of way, those “reasonable uses” might only extend as far as a few feet deep, in order to lay sewer, water and electrical lines, as well as what’s necessary to support the road bed. Similarly, while many local property Buy one Classic Breakfast and a regular sized coffee at the regular price & get a second Classic Breakfast for FREE. Breakfast served until 11 am. FREE! FREE! Available at locations below. Price plus tax. Not valid with any other promotional offer. ff No cashh value. l Valid lid untilil Feb. b 5, 2012. BRIDGEPORT ROAD 3080 St. Edwards Dr. NEWS@RICHMONDREVIEW.COM SEAFAIR CENTRE No. 1 Road & Francis OFFICE: 604-247-3700 VANCOUVER INTL AIRPORT (2 locations) DELIVERY: 604-247-3710 by Martin van den Hemel Staff Reporter owners may not like airplanes flying directly overhead, as long as the planes don’t buzz their rooftops, that’s permissible. But Sheppard noted he’s not an expert in constitutional law, and there may be other avenues to explore along those lines. Meanwhile, VAPOR, the local group opposing the pipeline plan, expressed its disappointment with the recentlyannounced preferred Highway 99 route by the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation. “All the other highly unacceptable aspects of their proposal such as the frequent oil tanker traffic to an offloading terminal and storage in a tank farm which poses a great risk to the Fraser River and its estuary, the large populations of fish and wildlife and property and public safety has been left unmodified,” said Carol Day, chair of Vancouver Airport Pipeline Opposition for Richmond., in a news release. See Page 5 Richmond’s Camille Cacnio has become the latest local resident charged in connection with the June 2011 Stanley Cup riot. Vancouver police announced Monday that the Crown has approved two charges against Cacnio, 21: participating in a riot, and breaking and entering. The Crown has now approved 77 charges against 30 rioters. A scholarship winner in 2007 while she attended J.N. Burnett Secondary, Cacnio posted an apology online after the riot, admitting that she’s the young woman pictured at the 1:33 mark of a YouTube video ( CacnioRiot). In the video she’s seen leaving Black and Lee Tuxedos, a store which she admitted stealing two pairs of pants from. She explained that she was caught up in “mob mentality,” was seeking an “adrenaline rush” and suggested her judgment was impaired by alcohol. See Page 3 TWO CAN DINE FOR CLASSIC BREAKFAST i$ :7UDGH0DUNV/LPLWHG3DUWQHUVKLS Bottle Drives by Martin van den Hemel i$ :7UDGH0DUNV/LPLWHG3DUWQHUVKLS New plan is best option, according to independent analysis completed for airlines 21-year-old scholarship winner facing two charges Enjoy 2 Teen Burgers®, 2 regular fries and 2 regular A&W Root Beers® all for the great price of $10.99 $10.99 Available at locations below. Price plus tax. Not valid with any other promotional offer. No cash value. Valid until Feb. 5, 2012. BRIDGEPORT ROAD 3080 St. Edwards Dr. SEAFAIR CENTRE No. 1 Road & Francis CLASSIFIED: 604-575-5555 VANCOUVER INTL AIRPORT (2 locations) NEWSROOM: 604-247-3730

Jan. 11, 2012 Edition

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