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LEAH MOORE & JOHN REPPION Leah Moore & John Reppion are a husband and wife writing team based in Liverpool, UK. As well as writing Raise the D ead Volum e 1 and plotting Volum e 2 , they have also created the original mystery series The Trial of Sherlock H olm es, and adapted Bram Stoker's D racula and Lewis Carroll's A lice books for Dynamite Entertainment. RAISE THE DEAD 2 "The action scenes are great. There's never a dull moment, and there's just a right amount of gore. The book has a great tone to it..." – ™ A nightmare pandemic that reanimates the corpses of the recently deceased, turning them into emotionless, fleshhungry killers, has swept across the United States and beyond. Once infected, there is no known cure. MIKE RAICHT RAISE THE DEAD Mike Raicht is the co-creator and co-writer of The Stuff of Legend, the first volume of which launched on the N ew York Tim es Bestselling Graphic Novel list. He has written and edited many comics. He fancies himself a possible survivor of a zombie outbreak but would most likely be the first to go. GUIU VILANOVA ™ Guiu Vilanova was born in 1980 in Barcelona, Spain. He has a degree in fine arts from Barcelona University and has previously worked on A fter the Siege, A fterthe Fire, and A -Team :M urdock. Raise the D ead 2 is his first work for Dynamite Entertainment. MOORE • REPPION RAICHT • VILANOVA "the creators think the people are more important than the zombies, wisely tapping into the same vein as Kirkman has with The Walking Dead.” – ISBN-10: 1-60690-211-3 ISBN-13: 978-1-60690-211-0 HORROR VOL. $19.99 US 2 The disease cost Rachael Masen everything - everything that is, except for her own life, and hanging onto that is a full time job. But is simply surviving enough, or is it time for all out war? The dead continue to rise, and they're hungrier than ever, but maybe, just maybe there are still some things worse than death. Raise The Dead Vol 2 Issue 1 FREE

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