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1966 25' TradeWind – customized by Airstream’s Factory Service Department

I’m sitting in my office at home today with a bunch of things that I need to do running through my head both on personal and club levels. The personal revolve mostly around our wedding, and are moving along rather quickly. They also include being thankful for a note from Don Clark late last week reporting that his condition is continuing to improve. The club items center on two areas - the International Convention/Rally in Huron and the changing demographic of our membership. Plans for the rally are progressing and I’m pleased there are 134 members registered as of today. A very encouraging trend is that the number of new members thus far this year has increased substantially with two important changes in the statistics. Since we opened the opportunity for members to join a Unit online in addition to the Member at Large (MAL) category there has been a reduction in MAL applications and a significant overall increase in Unit membership applications. This shift toward Unit membership allows us to better assimilate these new members into the fun, fellowship and adventure afforded by club membership. Demographic changes within our membership are resulting from the customer base that Airstream, Inc. has identified. Many of our new members are younger adults with time and travel distance constraints. Thus, planning for Unit activities

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Blue Beret/October 2012

must take into consideration the distance from the residences of our new members and the schedule for events to encourage their participation. Many Units are actively adjusting their planned activities accordingly and I encourage all Units to find ways to share the fun, fellowship and adventure with all members as much as possible. Collectively, we have a wealth of knowledge about our Airstreams and the tricks we have learned through the years about use and maintenance. I recall the night we arrived at our first rally on our first outing with the trailer - folks met us, ushered us to a parking site, helped us get level with electric and water and said “good night we’ll see you in the morning.” The next morning after breakfast we gathered around my rig, the ladies on the inside with my wife and the guys on the outside having me hook up the electric, water and sewer lines (multiple times), extend and retract the awning (multiple times) and back the tow vehicle up to the hitch and connect everything (multiple times). They also provided information on managing propane use, maintaining the water heater, refrigerator and furnace. After that rally we were comfortable with our trailer and how to operate it because we had been trained by folks who had been “down the road” for many years and miles in their Airstream. Hopefully, all of us are continuing to provide new members with similar experiences today. By the time you read this issue of the Blue Beret, Sandie and I will be married and have attended our first rally as your President and First Lady. We accept that responsibility and will do our best to make this a year of making new friendships and renewing old friendships as we travel. John and Sandie Boutwell

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Vol. 48

October 2012

Issue No. 9

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Blue Beret/October 2012



Blue Beret/October 2012

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Blue Beret/October 2012

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: Imagine my surprise when I picked up my Tuesday, August 21, local edition of The Daily World from Aberdeen, Washington and read the headline, “Airstream Culture - An American Icon, Airstreams not just a camper, but a lifestyle” and an article from Stow, Ohio, and the Akron Beacon Journal, featuring Lloyd and Dona Garner and Tom Losasso. It was a splendid article promoting the wonderful lifestyle of “Airstreaming.” Now, how this article got all the way from Ohio to Northwestern Washington is a mystery to me but completely delightful. The author of the article went on to write that the Garners and Tom and Suzee Losasso were attending a rally at the Silver Springs Campground in Stow and would be touring the GM Lordstown auto plant, a lecture on the history of the Western Reserve, a guided walking tour of Hudson as well as a date with a Cuyahoga Valley National Park ranger and would be taking in a Civil War re-enactment. This unintended marketing and promotion excites people to learn more about Airstreaming and the Airstream RV Club. My wholehearted thank you to Paula Schleis of the Akron Beacon Journal along with the photographs by Ed Suba, Jr. for recognizing and writing about the excitement, the fellowship and adventure of owning and traveling with an Airstream. Better yet, is belonging to WBCCI! Carolyn Florence, WBCCI #264 Please keep the Letters coming to This is your opportunity to have your voice heard. The Letters to the Editor Committee will respond as needed. Be sure to include your full name and WBCCI number. DISCLAIMER: The Letters to the Editor Committee reserves the right to edit or withhold any letter received and will only publish those that are considered beneficial to the club as a whole and as space is available. Letters may be addressed to and must include writer’s full name and WBCCI number to be considered noteworthy for publication.

NOMINATION OF INTERNATIONAL OFFICERS November 15, 2012 is the deadline for members to submit their resumes to the International Nominating Committee to be considered for International positions. Open positions each year are: International 3rd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. There are two openings for members who wish to serve on the International Nominating Committee for 2013. The office of International President, International 1st Vice President, and International 2nd Vice President are usually filled by “Promotion”. However, any member may run from the floor for these offices. After November 15, the International Nominating Committee will meet to interview candidates (usually at the January Mid-Winter International Board of Trustees Meeting). After the interviews are completed and a committee decision reached on whom to recommend for each position, a courtesy announcement is made to the International Board of Trustees. The committee will make its formal announcement to the delegates at the annual Delegates Meeting held in June at the International Convention/Rally. The WBCCI Constitution outlines the Nominating Committee’s duties: Article XIII Nominating Committee Sec.1 The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members, the Chairman of which shall be elected by the Board of Trustees at their first meeting. The other two mem-

bers shall be elected by the Delegates at the annual Delegate’s Meeting. Sec. 2 The Nominating Committee shall consider the qualifications of all candidates whose names are proposed by the Club Membership, by the International Board of Trustees and by any member of the Nominating Committee. The names of candidates submitted for consideration shall be accompanied by a statement of such candidate qualifications and of their willingness to serve in the office and such statement shall be received by the Nominating Committee by November 15 in the year proceeding the election year. The Nominating Committee shall meet at least once thereafter. Sec. 3 The Nominating Committee shall prepare a list of all qualified candidates, which shall be presented to the delegates at their annual meeting. Sec.4 The names, along with the qualifications, of all candidates deemed qualified by the nominating committee shall be submitted to Headquarters not later than March 1 of each year for publication of the candidates’ resumes in the April Blue Beret and qualifications/resumes/vision statement posted on the web site. Sec.5 Additional candidates may be nominated from the floor provided written consent to serve has been given. Blue Beret/October 2012


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Blue Beret/October 2012

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Club News

TIME TO... First, I would like to thank Vic Smith, # 6782, of the Florida Unit for his email, enthusiasm for membership and pointing out that in my August Membership article I had not mentioned the actual number of Club members. Sorry I missed that and only noticed it after the deadline for printing had passed - as of the end of June 2012, we had 5,690 members. Will you be renewing your membership for 2013? We certainly hope so. Membership in WBCCI is based on a calendar year and all memberships expire on December 31. Some units start reminding their members in the summer via their newsletters, some remind everyone at their summer and fall rallies, some send emails while others send snail mail renewal forms and others follow up with personal phone calls – whatever method they use it is to help you and so you can help them and your unit. If you haven’t already done so, it is time to renew your membership. Time is running out due to the necessity of your unit treasurer completing the forms and sending in all the unit payments, or in the case of Members at Large (MAL) directly to Headquarters, so they reach Jackson Center by November 15th. This date is important due to the production of the Annual Membership Directory which lists not only our members information, but the list of unit, region and international officers. However, you can renew even after the deadline of November 15th but of course your information will not be included in our Annual Membership Directory. For the past year we trust you’ve enjoyed all the great things that come with being a member of our Club - now it’s time to renew. You have many friends both in your Unit as well as your Region and for those who have been on caravans and developed life-long friends there they too want to see you again next year and the years after that. We so many times say this Club provides an ‘extended family’ and that is so very true. We travel together, rally together and enjoy seeing and learning about all this continent has to offer, as well as for those who might be able to do caravans to other countries. I believe what we reap from this wonderful organization far outweighs what little it costs to be a member. Even those who are still working and have limited opportunities to go on rallies and caravans, or are retired but have other commitments or even no longer have an Airstream can still enjoy Club membership. I am sure we all have memories that will remain with us forever. For those senior Club members who are no longer able to travel in their Airstream, remember you can continue to be a member, participate when you can at rallies and luncheons,


Blue Beret/October 2012

etc. perhaps staying in a motel/hotel and pass on your wealth of experience Don McKelvay to the newer members. Chairman There are so many reasons to continue your membership including the opportunities to ‘see more and do more’ than we probably ever would by ourselves, group activities, rallies, caravans all provide so much more – and remember our ‘Airstream Lifestyle’ keeps us young in spirit as well as extending our lives in comparison to the general population – so please send in your renewal today and do not put it off until ‘tomorrow’. Your Unit and your Club needs you. For those in the units who are responsible for looking after the renewals, make sure you contact each and every member who has not renewed prior to the deadline so they do not miss out. You know so many of us have very busy lives with family, work and other activities sometimes we simply forget things and a personal note or phone call reminding us is all we need to send that renewal in. Don’t wait and then later hear from someone “No one told me it was time to renew” and this is even more important with our brand new members as they may not know about the November deadline. 2013 is sure to be another great year of FUN, FELLOWSHIP and ADVENTURE and your unit officers have set up a schedule of interesting rallies and caravans, so make sure you renew so you can enjoy everything the Club offers. Remember you’ll need to be a member to take advantage of significant savings and benefits throughout the year. In January Headquarters will be mailing a reminder to all those who have not renewed and if you simply ‘did not get around to it’ that would be an opportunity to do so. If you have decided not to renew it would be appreciated if you would reply giving your reasons as this information is very useful and can help us improve the Club, and remember if you are not satisfied with your current unit you can easily change to another unit – just let Headquarters know. Finally, for those of you who for whatever reason chose not to renew, know that you have left memories with the rest of us and we wish you all the best no matter where your road leads you. Please be sure to renew today and take advantage of everything that WBCCI has to offer.

Don’t Forget!

Club News

Dr. Harold Kingdon, WBCCI #14383 International Chaplain We had company at our house the other day. Friends we see only occasionally phoned and arranged to visit. We spent the afternoon reminiscing and sharing stories about our families and a wide range of subjects. I have no clear recollection now of what triggered this topic – except perhaps, talking about how our children, and young people in general, grow up and change - but in the course of the conversation our visiting couple began to tell about attending their high school reunions a few decades after graduation. Their observations were both amusing and mildly surprising. Can you picture this? The guys who fancied themselves tough, macho, sports jocks in high school had put on some excess pounds and were now roly-poly pudgy. (Maybe their defense was, “I am still in shape. Round is a shape.”) Guys who had sported full heads of thick hair (think 70’s styles) were the ones who were bald. “Bud,” our male visitor, explained that he was the third shortest person in his class. Decades later, he is now taller than his classmates. Students who had to apply themselves and work harder for their grades turned out to be more successful than the smart ones who coasted effortlessly through their classes. Those who were shy, or not the most popular among their peers, were more stable and fared better than the flamboyant ones who commanded the center of attention. To be sure, these were broad generalizations, and there must have been exceptions. But, as before-and-after mental images of the radical, unexpected metamorphosis formed in our heads, we had a good laugh. I was reminded of a couple

of anonymous sayings. “Life not only begins at 40, it begins to show.” And “Age doesn’t always bring wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone.” How true! People and circumstances do not always turn out in predictable ways. Individuals can and do change; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Sometimes the change that is needed is not physical appearance, job, or station in life, but attitude. For example, somebody in the following story needed an attitude adjustment. A young couple moved into a new neighborhood. The next morning while they were eating breakfast, the young woman saw her neighbor hanging the wash outside. “That laundry is not very clean,” she said. “She doesn’t know how to wash correctly. Perhaps she needs better laundry soap.” Her husband looked on, but remained silent. Every time her neighbor would hang her wash to dry, the young woman would make the same comments. About one month later, the woman was surprised to see a nice clean wash on the line and said to her husband: “Look, she has learned how to wash correctly. I wonder who taught her this?” The husband said, “I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows.” It is all too easy to see the flaws in the other person while being blind to our own faults. How prone we are to be critical and judgmental of others. Change happens. We all change over time. Some changes we can’t control. But we can see to it that those changes we can control, like attitude and outlook on life, are for the better.

Fisher House

By Mary Lou Thompson, #26632 Photo by S. A. Olinger , #2959

During our Cincinnati, Columbus, and Miami Valley Units Rally held in Xenia, Ohio in April 2012, we had a tour of the Fisher House inside of the Wright Patterson AFB property. There were 21 of us attending the tour of Fisher House #2, which is one year old. There are two Fisher Houses on the base within walking distance of the Medical Center. The houses provide a comfortable place to stay for patients (and their families) being treated at the Medical Center. There are a total of 19 rooms available. Donations of $100 or more may request a brick with personal information imprinted on it. There are 5 bricks associated with WBCCI along the brick pathway. They are Columbus OH Unit, Cincinnati OH Unit, Airstream Co., Region 4, and a personal one from John & Karen Turner, Past Region 4 President. It was a most enjoyable and informative tour.

Blue Beret/October 2012


Club News

Giving Back to the Community Habitat for Humanity Care-A-Van -submitted by Nancy Brett, #1315

Two couples in our Mahoning Valley Ohio Unit have volunteered for Habitat for Humanity on many occasions. This past March, Rick & Elaine Richardson and Bob & Eileen White made a trip to Florida to spend two weeks with a Habitat for Humanity Care-A-Van. This Dade City Care-A Van was held March 12-24, 2012 where they joined several other RVers. Generally, Care-A-Vans are gatherings of about ten RVs for the purpose of helping construct a Habitat house. We spent two wonderful weeks working with lots of wonderful people. The joy of working with Habitat for Humanity is working with people who care enough to give of their time helping the less fortunate. But each Care-A-Van is different, reflecting the personalities and methods of the local Habitat affiliate. These differences are certainly some of the things that make working on these projects so interesting. One of the unique characteristics of the Dade City Habitat was that they own their own campground with full hookups for the use of Care-A-Van volunteers. There were also several houses under construction at the same time; and as a sign of the times, among the projects underway was the completion of four new, nearly completed, unoccupied homes which had been repossessed by a local bank and then acquired by Habitat. But definitely, more than anything else, what made Dade City’s Habitat memorable was the participation of several groups of students during their Spring breaks - college volunteers from Lake Forest, from Knox College near Chicago and Wheaton College near Boston the first week and high school volunteers


Blue Beret/October 2012

from Olentangy High School near Columbus, Ohio the second week. These young folks paid their own way to Florida to help provide decent affordable housing to those less fortunate than themselves. The news media often focuses on the negative behavior of our young people and so seeing so many young Habitat volunteers treating each other, as well as the older volunteers, with respect was very gratifying. The students were ready, willing, and able to contribute to the building effort. These young college and high school students were amazing. They worked so well with each other and with us. There was lots of fun to be had also. They taught me (Eileen) to play Ninja! And they taught me so well that I actually beat them at their own game!! Another highlight was working with a woman who came out almost everyday, using her cane to get around, doing whatever she could to help. One of her main jobs was sorting nails that she picked up around the site. She had buckets full of them and sat for hours picking through them for the good ones. The not so good ones she would take to be recycled. This woman received a Habitat home some years ago and was paying it forward to help someone else! The heat was close to unbearable, in the 90's some days. The mornings started out just warm, but by noon we thought we would melt! As a result our days of work ended around 2:30 instead of the usual 4:00. We had lots of interaction with the other RV Caravaners. At the end of each day we sat in a circle under a huge shade tree by a small lake and got to know

each other really well. Went out to dinner together a few nights and shared a picnic supper with them. We lived in the neighborhood with at least ten Habitat home-owners. We got to know some of those folks too. They would join us, under our tree, mostly to thank us for what we were doing and to share the joy they found living in a house they helped to build and the property they had beautifully maintained. Habitat for Humanity has helped build over 500,000 decent affordable houses and served more than 2 million people around the world since its beginning in 1976. The Care-A-Van program is an important part of this ongoing effort. There are currently more than 6,000 RVers registered with the program and 1,600 volunteers either doing a build or signed up for a build. Perhaps we could put together a WBCCI Caravan or two that would visit Habitat projects and lend a hand. No construction experience is necessary. The experience of working with HFH is a reward in itself and we look forward, as long as we are able, to continue to enjoy this experience. If this sounds like a chance for fun, fellowship, and adventure for you, please e-mail rickelainehq@ and come join us!

Club News The following is published with permission from “the news”, the British Colulmbia Unit newsletter.


                                                                       Blue Beret/October 2012 15  

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This group, part of the WBCCI Technical Standing Committee, has been established to help the membership with any of their technical RV problems. Examples of questions that might be of interest to many members will be published in the Blue Beret. We will respond directly to you, in response to your email or letter describing a problem you are having. We hope you will find this new service of value in the care and feeding of your RV. You may contact us as follows: techhelp@wbcci. org or by mail: Howard Lefkowitz, 11508 Colt Terrace, Silver Spring, MD 20902

SOME IMPORTANT LESSONS It was the end of the rally and most of the attendees had gone home. A knock on the door and a loud HELP! It seems one of the motor homes was still sitting there with all of the jacks up in the air, two wheels off the ground, the towed hooked up and no way to leave. The jacks would not budge. We tried several procedures including: 1. Run the engine and pump up the air bags to full pressure (This can cause the problem so you should always fill the bags first and with the engine running then retract the jacks). 2. Make sure the air dump switch was in the closed position. 3. Turn off the air brake, run through the transmission including park, drive and reverse. (No help) This is not going to be an easy one and it is Memorial Day so no one is open. Let’s check the fuses. Found two fuse boxes, one in engine compartment and one under dash. Each had a fuse that mentioned jacks but both tested OK. Do you have a manual for the jack system? No! They are hydraulic with springs that pull them up once something is released. No detailed information in the coach manual. Do you know the manual procedure for retracting them? No! Another helper with a similar motorhome (Land Yacht on a gas motor chassis) stops by. Great, he has a jack manual which says if they do not work, check the fuse on the control panel. The manual says there are 5 fuses on this panel. We remove the panel and guess what? There are no fuses on the control panel (must be a different model). There is a dump valve on the hydraulic system just above the fluid tank. Let’s try activating it with 12 volts. Leads spark but nothing happens. This is a solenoid valve which is actuated with 12 volts. Let’s remove the valve and see if that will relieve the pressure and allow the springs to pull the jacks up. Nothing makes any difference. New suggestion, let’s drive forward and see if that will make the jacks go up. Not a cool idea, this will just break the jacks and result in a large expensive requirement for a new set. Maybe there are other fuses. Big search turns up three more fuse boxes and several in line fuse holders. In line fuses all


Blue Beret/October 2012

OK, however, in one of the boxes there is a string of fuses on one side that do not have power input. A quick check reveals several other things in the coach also do not work. Quick checks of the battery disconnect switch revealed that the battery on light was off. Trying to reset the switch did nothing. These are very heavy duty switches which normally ark and over the years can develop deposits of carbon. Where is the solenoid switch? A search of the RV did not reveal its location since they are easily bypassed. Sometimes if they have overheated you can turn them off for five or ten minutes and then rapidly reset them a few times. This works - the jack panel light comes on and up go the Jacks. Eureka success! Lessons: 1. Always have a manual for your jacks, slide outs and steps that show how they work and include an electrical schematic. 2. Make sure you have the procedure for manually retracting slide outs, jacks and steps that could keep you from closing up the RV. Carry any special wrenches or tools needed to accomplish this. 3. Know where every fuse box is and what the fuses in the box are for. On motorhomes, you need not only the Airstream but the Workhorse or Freightliner fuse boxes as well. On the Class A units there could be as many as 8 or 9 boxes. Of course you carry lots of spare fuses for all of your boxes and appliances. Remember, you need at least two fuses so that when you replace the burned out fuse and it burns out again you can now find the short and still have a working fuse. 4. Never jack your RV up so high that the wheels are off the ground. That is what wood boards are for. On a gas motorhome you can easily bend the frame or crack a windshield. On a Freightliner you will not bend the frame; however, you could crack a windshield and be in an unsafe parked condition. 5. There are two types of switches usually provided by Airstream: A single switch for the coach with a use and store position for trailers and a dual switch with both a coach and chassis switch for motorhomes. These are shown in Figure (1).

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50th Swiss Festival National Rally 2013 Calendar The 50th Swiss Festival National Rally is now history. Next year’s 51st Rally will be September 21-29, 2013. This year’s Rally was a complete sellout. If you missed it, register now for next year. Secondly, if you would like a special rally 2013 WBCCI Airstream Calendar, you can send $10.00 plus $5.00 shipping & handling to Joann Cubbison, 29129 Johnston Rd. 8-10, Dade City, FL 33523. The 2013 calendar will be mailed to you promptly. The 8 1/2” x 12” calendar has 12 beautiful Airstream pictures suitable for framing. Some pictures were taken by fellow WBCCI members and many were taken by world-renowned professional photographer Doyle Yoder. If you missed the Rally, don’t miss the 2013 calendar.

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Figure (1) Battery Disconnect Switches These are usually located near the front door. The coach switch only disconnects the appliances, seats, etc. to conserve the battery during storage. Your converter charger is still functioning in the store mode. Figure (2) illustrates the solenoid relay used for actually turning the battery circuit on and off. The two screws in front are connected to the control circuit of the disconnect switches above which actually operate the solenoid relay that moves the large high current contacts.

Figure (2) Battery Circuit Solenoid Switch Make sure you know where in the coach these are located. If this solenoid goes bad, you can easily bypass it by simply moving both battery cables to the same terminal. Howard

Blue Beret/October 2012


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 

 The International Peace Garden (IPC) is a 501(c)(3) organization (45-0368420) in North Dakota and a registered charity (127250181RR0001) in Manitoba. Donations, with checks payable to "International Peace Garden Inc." in either US Funds or Canadian Funds can be mailed to the addresses shown below, OR by direct deposit into the IPC Bank Account. Please contact the IPC CEO, Mr. Doug Hevenor for more information on direct deposits. Identify "WBCCI Project" on checks.

For info, contact Gail Harrower, Committee Chair - 204-422-6487


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Airstream and Argosy •Draperies •Blinds •Pillows •Bedspreads Visa/MasterCard/check 610-905-0537

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hqHeadQuarters Notes Cindy Reed, Corporate Manager

...Have you paid your 2013 dues? The deadline for payment of dues to your Unit is November 1st in order to be listed in the 2013 Membership Directory. If you have not received a dues renewal notice from your Unit, contact your Treasurer immediately. Members at Large must send payment to Headquarters.

...Courtesy Parking Do you have Courtesy Parking? If so, please make sure the Courtesy Parking box is checked on your dues receipt in order to be listed in the 2013 Membership Directory.

....Email Address Email addresses on file at headquarters on December 1, 2012, will be published in the 2013 Membership Directory. Any member who does NOT wish their email address to be published must notify headquarters.

...Unit Treasurers Please send new member applications and dues to headquarters immediately upon receipt. This will enable headquarters to process their membership quickly.

...Unit 1st Vice Presidents The New Officer Reporting Forms are due at headquarters for inclusion in the 2013 Directory.

2013 Membership Directory Mailing The 2013 Membership Directory will be sent by periodical mail, the same as the monthly Blue Berets. If you prefer the directory be sent first class, please fill out the coupon below and send the payment and coupon to headquarters by December 1st.

2013 Membership Directory Name___________________________________________________________________ WBCCI #_______________ Street__________________________________________________________________________________________ City________________________________________________ St/Prov._________________Zip__________________ 1st Class Mail Service for the 2013 Membership Directory: $3.50 $__________ Mail coupon and check to: WBCCI Headquarters (must be received by December 1) P.O. Box 612 Jackson Center, OH 45334



Fowler Interiors PO Box 91 Symsonia, KY 42082 (270) 851-3257


Blue Beret/October 2012

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Don’t Forget to Appreciate Your Airstream Pat Badgero #13881 On July 6, 2001 I left for a two month solo tenting trip in the West. The truck was loaded with a two man tent, camping supplies, clothes, coolers, a Coleman stove and all the stuff necessary to live out of my truck. The total trip mileage was 8,000 miles. I was a dedicated tent camper until 2008 when I finally found my Airstream. What follows are excerpts from the daily diary I wrote while on the road, all of which should remind you to be thankful for your Airstreams! July 7, 8: Iowa and Nebraska It’s 102 degrees and the National Weather Service is calling this area the Ring of Fire. I arrived at a campground in Anita, Iowa to 102 degree temperatures. I was drenched in sweat by the time I got the tent up. The showers had hot water only. I was still drenched in sweat after showering. It never cooled down. No sleep tonight. It finally rained in Nebraska, a huge storm, but it’s back to 102 degrees coupled with even higher humidity. Not much sleep. July 9, 10 and 11: Campground near Badlands National Park The campground was lovely but the fee included hoards of mosquitoes! The wind rose in the evening, the mosquitoes fled and the torrential rains and tornado warnings arrived. Lightening was all over the campground. At 9:30 pm the campground owner woke me and said to move my truck to higher ground. Of course a sane person would have moved the tent too, but I was afraid to go outside with all the lightening. The crashing thunder lasted all night long. It is scary to realize that all that separates me from the storm is the thin nylon walls of my tent. No sleep again! July 14: Harden, Montana I’m camped on the plains in Harden. Last night included lightening, rain and 60 mph winds. I wanted to make a run for the truck but I knew if I left the tent it would blow away for sure. Another night of no sleep! July 16: Cody, Wyoming I’m camped in a wonderful spot down in a canyon next to a stream. I am totally exhausted, road weary and have a truck full of wet and dirty clothes. The office told me to watch out for a huge bull snake that visits the canyon, sounds and looks

just like a big rattle snake and will threaten you. SNAKES? I am terrified of snakes! This calls for drastic emergency measures - SNAKE CHECK! Thorough check of tent and campsite every AM and PM! July 23: Fiddler Lake, Shoshone National Forrest, Wyoming I’m camped in the mountains tonight on a tent site right on the lake but I’m very isolated. There are laminated BEAR WARNING signs bolted to the picnic tables and trees. It’s going to be very cold tonight. I threw a can of Spaghettios on the camp stove, ate and cleaned up as fast as I could. If a bear was going to attack me in my tent, I didn’t want to be awake for it. I fortified myself with more wine than I should have, dressed in socks, sweat pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt and down jacket and was sound asleep. At 3:00 am I heard the kind of screaming that raises the hair on the back of your neck. I sat bolt upright and decided a bear was attacking a camper. It got louder and then I heard dirt being flung against my tent. After waking up a little, I realized it was wolves! The wolves started in again at 4:00 am! I earned my Wilderness Girl badge that night! Sleep is hard to come by on this trip! August18: Palo Duro Canyon, Texas The canyon is beautiful but the bugs are like something out of Star Wars! They are bigger and uglier than any bugs I have ever seen and they all sting like bees! I met a man in the office that was hauling in 3 horses to trail ride. He was driving the horse trailer and his wife was towing the Airstream trailer. Now that’s the way to go camping! Maybe one day I will have an Airstream! The next day was a horror. I finally resorted to my can of RAID which kept the bugs away for all of 10 minutes. I am writing this as I sit in the truck with the air conditioner on high. There were many good times and once in a lifetime experiences on this trip. I shortened the story severely in hopes of reminding all Airstream owners to appreciate what they have! When we camp we are surrounded by solid, shiny silver aluminum walls! The rain and wind have very little to no effect on us! Air conditioning is awesome! We don’t have to dress like arctic explorers when it gets cold, thanks to our great furnaces! Bugs are not a factor as we have screens. We can watch wildlife through our big glass windows! I appreciate my Airstream every day.

Blue Beret/October 2012 21

Club News

“ROUTE 66” RALLY A SUCCESS by Chuck Cabalka, #6464

Seventy-eight Airstreams (trailers and motorhomes) gathered at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield for the “Get Your Kicks on Route 66" 2012 Region 8 Rally. Region President Fred Steurer and First Lady Dottie obviously spent hours organizing and preparing for this rally. Since the opening ceremonies did not take place until Wednesday evening, those arriving before that date had an opportunity to tour many businesses and historic sites in the area. Among these were Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, Hot Glass (a business that made blown glass collectibles) and a tour of the local TV station, as well as several on-your-own tours that could be taken. In fact, there seemed to be more tours available than there were attendees to take them. At the Hot Glass business, members got to view the making of a glass chicken, a glass Christmas ornament and a beautiful glass pumpkin. There were numerous one-of-a-kind blown glass objects for sale and Caravaners took advantage of the opportunity. Also, the Missouri Gourd Association was having

Several blown glass items

their annual show in the same building as the rally activities and Caravaners who visited their area really got an eyeful concerning decorating and working with gourds. Many, many

Some Airstreams at rally


Blue Beret/October 2012

of the creations on display were true works of art. President Fred officially opened the rally and the activities began in earnest on Thursday morning. Following a cereal,

Those involved in skit

fruit and toast breakfast, the first round of bean bag baseball was held, with all eight units in the region fielding teams. A unit officer and merit award workshop, as well as the geo-cache contest completed the morning activities. The second round of bean bag baseball was held in the afternoon. Thursday evening witnessed a first for Region 8. First Lady Dottie Steurer wrote, North Iowa Unit member Pat Shaw produced and Region 8 Third Vice President Glen Waters directed a four-act melodrama entitled “Rendezvous at Slippery Slope”. It dealt with a murder that occurred at a down-and-out RV park where Caravaners had gathered to begin a Route 66 caravan. The first two acts took place before a break for the rally’s evening meal, with the last two acts performed after all had eaten. For a bunch of rank amateur actors who only had two rehearsals after arriving in Springfield, it didn’t turn out too badly. The second round of bean bag baseball was held in the afternoon. Friday continued with seminars and the bean bag baseball finals, which the Missouri Delta Unit won. Then came another first. Using Skype, a computer, a projector and a sound system, President Fred connected with Dave Schumann and the

Club News

Happy Shipmates Betty Lou Walker, #5616

During the 39th Florida State Rally, Pat and Ed Brunner with the Watchung NJ Unit came back to their trailer after going to the store. The door on their trailer was locked, and they couldn’t get in. The lock had broken. Ed was by the door deciding what he was going to do when Pam Devine, a first timer, came along. She stopped to ask Pat to play Holey Board so she asked what happend and if she could help. Ed said, “No, he would work on it.” Pam left and returned a few minutes later. She insisted on helping and before you know it, she was on a ladder climbing through a side window of the trailer to work on the lock from inside. Pam asked for a drill with a couple size bits but the bits broke. She then asked for a rat tail file, pliers and a needle nose plier. Ed had them all in the back of his truck. Next the

drill’s battery went dead, and Ed had another one plugged in his truck. While Ed worked outside, Pam worked inside. Along came a man who stopped to look and then walked away, next thing you know he was back, took off his yellow shirt and climbed into the same window. We never did get his name. Well, between the three of them, the lock was finally removed. The man disappeared before we could thank him. Pam said she had always wanted to work on a lock. This all took about 3 hours to complete the job. As it turned out Pam and Ed were both in the U.S. Navy. Pam’s only request was that this article be published in the Blue Beret.

L-R: Ed Brunner, Pam Devine, Pat Brunner

(continued from 22) “ROUTE


Airstream Service Manager in Jackson Center and comments, questions and answers flowed back and forth. This was rather unique and very acceptable. We could see and hear the gentlemen, and they could do likewise. A catered lunch was served preceding the Region 8 board/business meeting. At the evening gathering, President Fred announced that the 2013 Region 8 Rally would be April 25-29 in Hutchinson, KS. For the evening program, Dr. William G. Piston (from SW Missouri University) told everyone about the Wilson’s Creek Civil War Battle in August, 1861. It occurred about 10 miles SW of Springfield between 4,000 Union troops and 12,000 Confederates. The details were very interesting, particularly if one had visited the site earlier in the week. Saturday morning brought the annual Region 8 Flea Market, with nearly as many sellers as buyers. Following lunch, Iowa Unit member Scott Allen led a seminar on Airstream interiors. He brought boxes and boxes of material swatches, as well as several kinds of wood used for floors and cabinets. Following his presentation, members were invited to come up to his table and put together interior patterns and colors that they thought would look good in their rig. It made for a

very interesting time. The evening’s entertainment consisted of Gary Ellison entertaining everyone with his ragtime piano playing, his singing and his narrative of the development of American music. These, along with his humorous comments, resulted in a very enjoyable evening of song. Then, it was time to pass out the awards for various activities and contests. Region 8 collected 689 hats, 54 blankets, 421 stuffed animals and $846.00 for Common Cents, as well as 173 lbs. of pulltabs which were sold for $65.45 to be taken to Sedalia. All in all, the Community Service efforts were commendable. All too soon it seemed, it was time to close the rally, which President Fred did, and the flags were retired for another year. A continental breakfast on Sunday morning, followed by an excellent worship service led by Pat Shaw, Marijane Bamberry and the rally choir really brought the rally to a close. The storms held off, the activities were numerous and varied and everyone had a GREAT time. A big THANK YOU goes out to Fred and Dottie and everyone who helped. If you missed the 2012 Region 8 Rally, make sure you get to the 2013 rally in Hutchinson. The theme next year will be “Let The Games Begin” and it promises to be spectacular. Blue Beret/October 2012


Club News WBCCI MID-WINTER INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF TRUSTEES January 23 – January 28, 2013 Colorado River Fairgrounds 591 N. Olive Lake Blvd., Blythe, CA 92225 Directions: The Fairgrounds are located off Interstate 10 in Blythe, CA a few miles west of the CA/AZ border. From L.A. or Phoenix take I-10 to Blythe. Take Exit 241 U.S. 95 (Intake Blvd) north, turn right on Riverside Drive, turn left on N. Olive Lake to the Fairgrounds. Airports: Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX), 153 miles east of Blythe (Recommended) Los Angeles (LAX), 226 miles west of Blythe Palm Springs (PSP), 117 miles west of Blythe Motels (Reserve early as they fill up): • Comfort Inn Suites (a new and very nice facility with even a little separate sitting area in the room) $179 per night • Best Western Sahara (not as nice as Comfort Inn but still nice – owned by same group as Comfort) $139.99 per night • Days Inn (not as fancy but clean and comfortable) $69.99 - King and $79.99 for 2 Queens, closer to the fairgrounds than the other two above and certainly more affordable Note: All motels said these prices are a slight discount so callers should use the name Airstream Group when reserving. Please remember that prices are high during this time of the year.

Last Name _____________________________First ________________ Spouse ____________ Address _______________________________ City __________________ St/Zip___________ WBCCI # ________ Phone # _________________________ Unit/Region _________________ Handicapped Parking Yes___ No ___. We will ____ or will not ___ be staying for Hobo Rally. Circle one MH/trailer length ________ Email address ___________________________________ Rally Fee $65.00 per person X ____ $_________________ (Includes Wine & Cheese Social, 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners, 3 nights entertainment, pump out Friday) Optional Banquet (Saturday)

$15.00 per person X ____ $ _________________

Rally Parking (3 AMP and water) $24 per night X _____ $ _________________ Check each night staying: Wed ___ Thurs ___ Fri ___ Sat ____ Sun ___ Discount if staying for Hobo Rally

$7.50 per person X _____ $(________________) TOTAL AMOUNT DUE

$ _________________

Make check payable to “Region 12” and write “Mid-Winter IBT 2013” in the memo line. Mail to Silvia Kasper, 109 Paseo Laura, Los Gatos, CA 95032 NOTE: There can be no early arrivals due to a large event departing immediately before our arrival. Only Pre-Approved Early Workers are allowed on the grounds on 1/22. Any other arrivals will have to park overnight in the bullpen at $10 per rig…no hookups.


Blue Beret/October 2012

Club News

Blue Beret/October 2012


International Convention/Rally

Visiting Huron 2013 By Sally Elmlinger

In attempting to write articles on our next International Convention/ Rally site in Huron, SD, my husband suggested that an “in person” visit was called for. So, on our way home from Sedalia, we drove to Huron and spent a couple of days. What a difference it makes to see a place in person, rather than trying to write about it based on information gleaned from the Internet. The most important thing we learned was the correct pronunciation of Huron. It is not Hugh-ron, it is Here-on. My articles will hopefully build on each other to give you a good overview on what you can expect when you arrive in Huron next year. Keep the monthly articles handy, as the history portion will definitely be a continuing project. The day after our evening arrival, we made our first stop, the world famous Huron pheasant. It is quite a site perched on the top of a building at the Dakota Inn. There are handy steps on each side of the building so you can get a better view of it, but the best view for taking pictures is from the front facing U.S. Hwy. 14 where there is a lovely mural and a descriptive sign. (Be careful not to wander onto the U.S. Hwy. 14, as it is quite busy.) You may be asking who cares about pheasants? Well, Huron is in Beadle County. Last year, 2011, 9.9 million dollars was spent in Beadle County in conjunction with the pheasant hunting season, which is late October through early January. Huron History Continued: There were no trees in Huron back in the 1880’s until the first sapling was “imported” from Iowa. This “tree” was then only the size of a lead pencil and arrived packed in old newspaper. Today, Huron is a Tree City USA so named by the National Arbor Day Foundation for national recognition of urban and community forestry programs, which has resulted in the hundreds of trees throughout the city creating many lovely shady areas. The town of Huron got started with the building of a saloon, no surprise there, given the times, a temporary post office and a drug store. There were some rooms available to let in these first buildings, where for 50 cents you got a bed with a straw tick and a single blanket, but no mention was made of bugs. To entice settlers to this part of the country, railroads put up posters and newspapers writing about the fertile prairie farm land that was free of cost in Central Dakota. Not surprisingly, there were long lines to claim a section of this land. June 10, 1880, 59 citizens submitted a petition beginning the process to become a city, which was finally completed in


Blue Beret/October 2012

1883. This was prior to South Dakota becoming a state, which occurred in 1889. Huron has a number of buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. At this time, only one of these historical places, the Pyle House (more on this in next month’s article), is open for viewing. Check with the rally information desk for the dates and times. What’s to do? I am going to serialize this portion of my article so that every month I can give you different ideas for some extra curricular activities while you are at the rally. Having been a WBCCI member for a number of years, I know that the most important thing when we arrive at an International Convention/ Rally is ICE CREAM! I really hate to tell you this, but there is a “DQ” right across the street from the fairgrounds on the west side. We tested their “Blizzards” and they were great as usual. The Dakotaland Museum located on the South Dakota State Fairgrounds on the south side of 3rd Street, houses over 5,000 artifacts including a log cabin, natural history collection of birds and mammals and many other items of interest to adults and children. Admission price is very low so that it provides visitors with a very cost effective visit. Ravine Lake Park is a special area containing a sandy beach, shelter, picnic benches, fishing, miniature golf and

International Convention/Rally (Thanks to the Huron Library for the opportunity to spend two hours “speed” reading the book “Huron Revisited” by Dorothy Huss, Robert S. Kuni, William Lampe and Margaret Moxon. Copyright 1988. There will be mention of additional items from this book in my articles over the next months.)

rental of paddleboats and inner tubes. It also has ice cream, from the University of South Dakota, and yes, we did test this one out also, yummy! In addition there are sandwiches, pies, etc. available. Stay tuned next month for more exiting things to see and do in and around Huron.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO ROAM THE ROAD WITHOUT Everyone wants their motorhome to drive SIDE-TO-SIDE SHIFT? more like their car. What if we said it could? Traveling in your motorhome should be about spending time with your loved ones, exploring the great outdoors, and enjoying the ride. But all too often you’re fighting coarse crosswinds and road crown while worrying if you will be safe in the event of a tire blow out. Who would want that? We have something that will fix it.

We call it the TruCenter™. You’ll call it peace of mind.

800-228-9289 •






Sarasota  County  Fairgrounds  •  Sarasota,  Florida   February  13  -­‐  18,  2013  


  The  theme  for  the  2013  Florida  State  Rally  is  A  Salute  To  Our  Armed  Forces  and  the  colors  are  red,   white  and  blue.  There  will  be  special  presentations  by  the  Sarasota  Military  Academy,  members  of  The   Last  Patrol  and  representatives  from  the  Wounded  Warrior  Project.     Rally  fee  includes  •  4  continental  breakfasts  •  4  nights  of  entertainment  •  the  FSR  Annual  Banquet  •     5   nights   of   parking   including  electric   and   water   (dump   station   on   fairgrounds)  •   admission   to   the   FSR   Trade   Show   •   admission   to   over   20   seminars   taught   by   Airstream   technicians,   and   seasoned   Airstreamers  •  and  the  opportunity  to  meet  with  fellow  Airstreamers  and  share  experiences.     Full  Registration  (arrive  Wednesday  -­‐  depart  Monday)  -­‐  w/1  adult  $150;  w/2  adults  $220   Weekend  Registration  (arrive  Friday  -­‐  depart  Monday)  -­‐  w/1  adult  $120;  w/2  adults  $180     To  view  Rally  information,  to  register  and  pay  with  a  credit  card,  or  print  out  a  registration  form,  go  to                        



Registration  Form  will  also  be  printed  in  limited  editions  of  the  Blue  Beret.    

Blue Beret/October 2012


International Convention/Rally


Blue Beret/October 2012



Do you have a great idea for a new national caravan? From time to time a new national caravan will appear on the scene. These generally appear because someone had a great idea and made it happen. It is really easy to make it happen – or is it? The truth is that it isn’t easy, but it can be fun. You get to go traveling to find the best route for travel, camping facilities, good places to eat, and activities you may want to include in your caravan. That part can be rewarding even if you never get the caravan off the ground. It is what you call scouting for the new caravan. Somewhere in here you have to decide a cost for the caravan and how many units you will take. You decide to go with it and submit the plan to national for approval. That’s another story for another time. You receive approval and a number and you are ready to go – or are you? You have the dates, route to travel, and all the necessary reservations for the number of units you have decided to take. Don’t forget the most important thing you need – people. To make it successful you will need people to travel with you. How do you get them? Any way you can! Get listed in the Blue Beret, set up a place with the caravan tables at International Conventions/Rallies, get it on the WBCCI web site, tell all your friends and tell them to tell their friends. While the names are coming in you need to be working on a Driver’s Manual. Those don’t appear out of thin air. If it’s a new caravan you don’t have an old Driver’s Manual to use as a guide. What I’m really saying is starting a new national caravan is a lot of work, and we need to be grateful for those who tackle the task and do a good job. Not all new national caravan ideas make it to the end result – a new caravan filled with expectant travelers. Some may last a few years and disappear. Some may disappear after only one year. Others will endure for years and years, maybe dropping out for a few years and then popping back up again. After all, every national caravan was once a new caravan. This entire prologue is to introduce a caravan that is new on the scene. I wanted you to know it didn’t just happen. Its capable organizers, scouts, and leaders are Jamie & Susan King and Bob & Marge Bennett. Jamie and Susan have led

many national caravans. The name Bob Bennett should be familiar as he was the National Caravan Committee Chairman for a number of years. The caravan is “Taste of the Blue Ridge.” It ran in June 2012 for nineteen days, beginning in Cherokee, North Carolina and ending in Crozet, Virginia. The Blue Ridge Parkway is sometimes described as America’s favorite drive and is the most visited of America’s National Park System. It provides opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities to include camping, fishing and hiking. You can experience Appalachian landscapes, and view many different plants and animals along the Parkway’s 469 miles. The Parkway takes you through 29 counties and 4 U.S. National Forests throughout western North Carolina and Virginia. One of the stops for the caravan was the Peaks of Otter National Park Service Campground. Beauty abounds and a variety of outdoor activities are available. The caravan also had stops in Swannanoa and Boone, North Carolina as well as in Galax, Virginia. Significant activities included a Great Smoky Mountains train ride in the Nantahala Gorge; a tour of the magnificent Biltmore mansion; Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson’s country home, and Monticello which was Thomas Jefferson’s formal home. Not to be ignored is beautiful scenery which includes mountains, waterfalls, and at this time of year rhododendrons in bloom. The most significant activity was “Unto These Hills,” performed in the out-of-doors by Native American Cherokee Indians. This performance was a historical drama illustrating the Cherokee Nation’s history as perceived by the Cherokee. Alas, and so sad, this caravan is already filled for 2013. At the present it is not scheduled to run again after that. I present this information because I think it provides excellent material for individual travel. It also provides some excellent information that could be used for a shorter unit caravan or even a regional caravan. Someone out there may even be motivated to volunteer to pick it up and run it again after 2013. Any takers?

Blue Beret/October 2012



10 Days of Utopia Caravan Fred & RutheAnn Richardson, Leaders, #5195 April 1-10, 2012, Texas Gulf Coast Unit 103 members along with friends from the North Texas Unit, Texas Alamo Unit and Region 12 President Judy Bechthold and husband Ken went on a 10 day caravan following the Region 9 Rally held in Mineola, Texas. The group visited Utopia, Texas in the Hill Country and experienced the beauty of three rivers, the Frio, the Sabinal

Vanderpool Museum

Restored Texas Theatre

and the Medina. The caravan sights through the Hill Country of Texas were just outstanding as the wildflowers were in full bloom. Everyone visited all of the places that were in the recently released movie, “Seven Days in Utopia” starring Robert Duval and Lucas Black, And, as part of the caravan package, every rig received a copy of the book on which the movie was based. Several caravaners played golf at the links of Utopia where the movie was staged. Some of the other interesting features of the trip were a visit to the State of Texas' third largest Cypress tree which

State’s 3rd largest Cypress on Sabinal River


Blue Beret/October 2012

Pioneer Flight Aircraft

Caravans measured 29 feet in diameter, an Adult Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Bonnet Parade along with Easter Sunrise services on the Frio River in front of another large Cypress tree that measured 25 feet in diameter. There was a special tour conducted for the caravan group of the nearby Uvalde, Texas, 1st State Bank that featured some of the world’s most famous art pieces and unusual furniture collections. A special day was set aside to enjoy a visit to the Vanderpool Motorcycle Museum where over 100 vintage motorcycles were displayed throughout their unique cafe. Following Utopia the group caravaned to Seguin, Texas, where they visited one the world’s largest nutcracker museums with over 5000 nutcrackers. The museum greeted visitors with pecan goodies, ice cream and cookies. The museum is housed in the Pape Pecan business that supplies over 3 million pounds of pecans all over the world. Another highlight of the visit in Seguin was a trip to the restored Texas Theatre and a Pioneer Flight Museum, a "living museum" of pioneer aircraft in which the curators actually rebuild, maintain and fly pioneer aircraft from as early as 1912. The museum hosts two "fly-ins" annually, one in April and another in November. For more information, you can visit their website at: Everyone got to test their skills of water and battery conservation as half the caravan was boondocking on the Medina River in Bandera, Texas and also on the parking lot of the Seguin, Texas Coliseum & Sports Arena. There were two Dutch Oven cookouts including a breakfast while camped out at River Rim Resort in Concan, Texas, Fred and RutheAnn, in their tourism brochure business, get to travel to these and many more locations throughout Texas and wanted to share their travels and discoveries with fellow Airstreamers. They encourage other small Unit caravans and suggest that prospective leaders contact the local Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVB's) of proposed cities and towns along their routes to set up tours and find out interesting things to see along the way.

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National Rallies

53rd Hobo Rally 32nd National Hobo Rally Hosted by Region 12, WBCCI Blythe, California Jan. 28 - Feb. 3, 2013

49th National Mardi Gras Rally UNO Lakefront Arena New Orleans, Louisiana February 6 - 13, 2013 (7 nights) By: Lonnie Carver The Greater New Orleans Louisiana Unit invites you to attend the 49th National Mardi Gras Rally, February 6-13, 2013, held at the University of New Orleans Lakefront Arena. New Orleans is a wonderful city to visit at anytime! Rich in history and tradition, not to mention our wonderful cuisine and museums. Visiting New Orleans during our Mardi Gras season is the very best time to enjoy all that New Orleans offers. Our Unit is anxious to show you how the locals celebrate Mardi Gras. Attending the National Mardi Gras Rally is the best way to take advantage of all that New Orleans has to offer. You will spend 7 nights in New Orleans on the campus of the University of New Orleans. The sites offer full hookups (Water, 30/50 amp electric and sewer). We have a jam packed program for you to enjoy! You will view 10 parades in reserved seating. Coffee and donuts each morning (starting on February 8th), 5 delicious New Orleans creole/Cajun meals. Visit the D-Day Museum, and Mardi Gras World (where the Mardi Gras floats are made). Enjoy a River Boat cruise down the Mississippi River. Attend the New Orleans School of Cooking, where you will see a cooking demonstration and learn a little history of our wonderful food! Of course you will get to eat the food that was prepared before your eyes! You can’t really visit New Orleans without experiencing a Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball, so join in the fun and merriment and plan on wearing a costume or Mardi Gras mask! Our ball will have dinner, dancing and of course some Mardi Gras entertainment! And yes, we will also have a King Cake Party! Transportation will be provided for all of the events during the Mardi Gras Rally. The first evening (Wednesday, February 6th) we will have a “get to know each other” Margarita party with plenty to eat and drink. See coupon in the back of this issue. Our Unit is so anxious to welcome you to New Orleans. Plan to join us for the National Mardi Gras Rally! We will show you a good time! For more info feel free to contact Lonnie Carver Ph. 504-957-9362 or email: Please see the registration form located in the Blue Beret. Laissez Bon Temp Rouler!! (Let the Good Times Roll!)


Blue Beret/October 2012

You’re invited to the 53rd Hobo Rally, sponsored by Region 12 (California & Nevada). This annual event will be held at the Colorado River Fairgrounds located in Blythe, California. This year, it will immediately follow the mid-winter IBT at the same location. Quartzsite, Arizona is the largest flea market in the U.S. It is only 20 miles east of the rally. Other area attractions are Joshua Tree National Monument, Salton Sea, London Bridge and General Patton Museum. Within 100-200 miles are the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, and Laughlin, NV. Six days of rally events include seminars, crafts, games, tours, food and entertainment. Other activities consist of a Pet Show and Swap-N-Sell. Nearby is a great golf course. Bring your most fashionable hobo attire and parade your stuff. Guys, grow a beard beginning January 1st and you might win the best beard contest. The highlight of the rally occurs on Saturday. The Hobo Parade followed by the crowning of the 2013 Hobo King and Queen, and then the famous Hobo Stew will also be served. The rally fee includes six nights of parking, 3 amp power, water, arrival night dinner, the famous Hobo Stew, 2 breakfasts and all the fun and fellowship you can handle. The weather is usually very pleasant, with temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. To register for this fun rally, use the coupon in this issue of the Blue Beret, go to or contact the rally chairman, Robert Stansbury at home 775-297-3866, cell 925-200-4229 or email him at

y p p a H y a d h Birt ! m a y B photo by Scott & Kathy Allen, #3534

(yes, named after Wally)

Region News

Region 1 J. Rick Cipot, Contributing Editor One of the many pleasures of being a member of the WBCCI in the New England area is the array of rallies held during the autumn season of the year. Very few things in life can compare to cool evenings while joining in with friends around a campfire. The foliage changing from summer greens to a burst of reds, yellows and orange give us a harvest of sights at every turn. The fall is a reminder of the coming cold months and making for wonderful camping weather in the weeks to follow. There is no doubt that apple picking, harvest fairs, and pumpkin carving are many of the activities we see at Region One rallies. It is also in many cases, the last rally for some who will be heading further south for the warmer climates. As WBCCI members, we get excited when there are more opportunities than time to share a rally with other units and other regions. I know that over the course of the last year I have been promoting the idea of travel outside of your comfort zone and visit other unit’s rallies. Many of us have done so and I look forward to sharing even more time in front of other unit’s campfires. Each unit is different, with plenty of ideas and knowledge to share with other unit members. Let’s make sure we all take advantage of that as our season winds down. In a few weeks time, each unit will have had their fall business meetings, installation of new officers and a solid grasp of their rally schedule for next year. Lets all make an effort to visit each other and maybe even plan a few co-hosted rallies. Several of our Region One units have started this practice and have had a great deal of fun in doing so. I noticed that Cape Cod and New England Units have already logged their first joint rally for 2013 in April. Talk about an early start! Let us never forget the reasons we became WBCCI members and what keeps our bonds strong. The love of the freedom of the open road, the adventure, the friendships and let us never forget - our Airstreams!

Region 2 Steve Nehlig, Contributing Editor Fall Greetings to all: It feels as though we rushed through summer but here we are, ready or not, for fall and all its glory. As noted last year, Thanksgiving in Canada and Columbus Day in the U.S. are celebrated on the same day in October. We hope you all enjoy your October holidays and have some candy at the end of the month to ward off the goblins at All Hallows Eve. Region 2 rallies last month were the the New Jersey State Rally at Camp Carr, Annandale, NJ and The Pennsylvania State Rally at Center Hall, PA. This pretty much ends the season for camping rallies but starts the year-end holiday plans and possible plans for heading to warmer weather for the winter.

Your unit Treasurer would like to remind you to get your dues in as soon as possible to assure that you are listed in the Membership Directory. There are other deadlines for your units, such as merit awards activity, new officer listings, etc. Please see Kathy’s News and Views for dates. If you will turn over your August and perhaps September Blue Beret, on the back cover you will see “A Call to Duty” for all WBCCI Units. The mission of this “Call to Duty” is to support our wounded military men and women who have given of themselves for our freedom. The goal is for each unit to start a fundraiser this year to be collected at the International Convention/Rally at Huron, SD in 2013. In Region 2, we are at the end of the camping season where meetings and luncheons are now our venue, giving us the opportunity to put this plan in action. This is a very worthy project, please give it your unit’s attention. I know we all would love to send Kathy to Huron with a nice contribution from Region 2. Rally Talk: President Kathy would love to gather a list of your favorite rally sites to offer all units for future planning. What was your favorite campground? What was your favorite site? For example: Westpoint, Crisfield, Lake George, Reinback, Mystic Seaport, etc.? Also, your memories of Airstream adventures, events and themes that you enjoyed. Please take a moment to send your favorites to Kathy at: Until next month...

Region 3 Joan Anderson, Contributing Editor This month Dick Martiny would like to talk to you about a subject that is important to each member, each unit and our region – WBCCI membership retention. Have you ever seen “one size fits all” on something you wanted to buy? I’ve tried on some and they often felt like those stretchy synthetics – not particularly comfortable. You wonder who “all” is. Our WBCCI membership is like that sometimes. Though every one of us pays the same dues, gets the same magazine, and gets invitations to the same events, it’s not always “a comfortable fit”. Every member has a history of experiences and preferences. Some are still working and have other priority commitments while others are retired and involved, travelling and active in WBCCI. Some enjoy dressing up in uniforms, while others prefer dressing more casually. Some enjoy travel to new places to experience new things, while others prefer reconnecting with established friends in familiar surroundings. With all this diversity, why are we losing membership? You know “one size does not fit all.” Each of us needs to encourage retention of members by contacting members who have missed recent activities. A friendly phone call, a brief personal note or even an email lets them know they were missed. For members who are “too busy to do that now”, perhaps our units need to plan activities such as an outing to a local event or to an entertainment they and their families Blue Beret/October 2012


Region News might enjoy or even a cookout at a close by park. The key is to show your interest in doing things with the less involved members at a time convenient to them. WBCCI was created by Wally Byam and other free spirits. Let’s rediscover some of that freedom of spirit and retain as well as build our membership! If you have questions or ideas concerning gaining new members or membership retention, please contact Dick at He also has membership packets for you to give to non-numbered Airstream owners that you might meet “down the road”.

Region 4 Nancy Brett, Contributing Editor Greetings from Region 4! It is time to renew your membership in WBCCI, your passport to fun, fellowship and adventure. Sign up for another year of Unit Rallies, the 37th Annual Region Rally, May 20-26, 2013 in Lewisburg, WV; the International Convention/Rally at Huron, SD June 27-July 4, 2013; the Michigan Rally in August 2013 and the 51st Swiss Festival Rally in September 2013. Since traveling is just as much fun as the destination, you might want to make 2013 the year to sign up for a caravan. WBCCI has almost a dozen caravans to choose from in 2013. Caravan lengths can be thirteen days to more than two months and can include twelve to forty units depending on the itinerary. In addition to fellowship, tours, and cookouts, caravans include small group gatherings to really get to know everyone - “Some life long friendships are started on caravans.” For more information see: At the end of this month all the newly elected officers will be in place – congratulations and best wishes for the coming year. Remember to offer your help by hosting a luncheon or a rally, the more members that get involved the better the event. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas for a different or unique rally theme. Consider a joint rally with a nearby unit or plan a “meet in the middle” with a long distance unit. Be sure to check out the Region 4 Activities in the Blue Beret. Safe Travels! See you down the road!

Region 5 Patsy Marston, Contributing Editor Okay! You all know that I’m writing this in August, and you’re reading it in October, so, if my crystal ball wasn’t in the shop, I could write about our Region 5 Rally at Tipton, and how great it was. What a good attendance we had, how great the entertainment was, and the tours, and the seminars, etc. But, you know, even without the crystal ball, I can surmise that all these things are true. It was a terrific Region Rally. I know because I’ve never been to a bad one. I hope you were


Blue Beret/October 2012

there to enjoy it, too. Fall in the Midwest is a beautiful time of year, and all of our units in Region 5 are taking advantage of it. In the back pages of this issue you’ll find a listing of activities for our Region and every Region in WBCCI. Look at all the activities that you can take part in and get out to enjoy our autumn weather. Central Indiana Unit is having a caravan, “The Banks of the Wabash”, from October 5 through October 13. It’s not too late to join in the fun. It will run from Ouabache State Park in Bluffton, to Miami County Fairgrounds in Peru, and ending in Prophetstown State Park, in West Lafayette. If you can’t attend the entire week, meet along the way for a short stay. Contact Ann Newman at 317-769-0099 or Region President Barry Bell has announced his officers and staff for 2012-14. They are: Louise Humble – Membership Chairman Ron Gordy – Treasurer Susan Swearingen – Recording Secretary Bonnie Nester – Parliamentarian Larry Wilson – Caravan Chairman David Leeper – Chaplain John Green – Legislative Chairman Mary Jo Brown – Community Service Chairman Patsy Marston – Contributing Editor Larry Spaulding – Web Master Bill Schrader – Newsletter Editor Martha Clarke – Photographer President Bell thanks all of these hard-working volunteers for their dedication to Region 5 and WBCCI. Points to Ponder: An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered. G.K. Chesterton

Region 7 Linda Agre, Contributing Editor

TRAVELING TALES Magnus Nelson usually began appearing in Hector, MN, in late spring. We never witnessed his arrival, nor did we see his departure. The assumption was that he came by rail. The freight trains would often slow down and even stop at Hector and then hobos would jump from the boxcars and go into the village to beg for a meal. Magnus, however, was not like any of the other hobos. We never saw him beg for food and he was always alone. First Lutheran Church was across the gravel street from the tracks. Magnus would come and sit on the front steps of the church and soon the word got out that Magnus was back. He gave a nickel to every youngster who told him a Bible story or listened to him tell a story about Jesus. This was his all-consuming mission, to tell the story of Jesus to children. His comings and goings, his source of support, and where he called home we never found out. Why am I telling this story? Because it’s one of many

Region News interesting stories you hear about when you attend a rally or go on a caravan. It’s one that you would not hear about if you were out looking around a small town on your own. Are you new to WBCCI? Have you not attended a Unit Rally? What’s your excuse? Don’t know anyone? You will meet Airstreamers that will become your life long friends. That is my promise. So go to your Unit’s next rally. Sign up for a caravan. So what if this year’s caravan is full. Sign up for the next years or get on the waiting list. You do intend to live a few more years, right? I promise you will not only hear wonderful stories but you will not be disappointed. Just ask the ‘First Timers’ that attended the Region 7 Rally in Spicer, MN this past August.

Region 8 Dave & Pat Shaw, Contributing Editors October already? It couldn’t be! And yet...October is an exciting month for those of us in Region 8. It is the end of our 2011-2012 season, and we honor those who have led us through many Airstream activities. At the same time, we will be installing our incoming officers who will lead us forward in the 2012-2013 season. Our region is very fortunate because we will be welcoming one of our Region 8 officers at all eight unit installations. It is always enjoyable to have the opportunity to share our hospitality with our regional officers. For many of us, this will be our last unit rally in 2012, and we hope each unit has a terrific turnout! After the humid, hot summer we have had, October should be the perfect month to share time with our friends outside. Perhaps we will finally have an opportunity for an evening of camaraderie around a campfire! Our season for camping with our unit may be closing, but it will not stop us from making plans to visit with each other over the winter. Some will stay home and gather at luncheons; others will go south where they will spend time with Airstream friends. Hopefully, all members are willingly participating in their unit’s plans for a great 2013 camping season. We know next spring brings another great season for Region 8! Looking forward to seeing you down the road…

Region 9 Joan Ermis, 1st Vice President October is here once again and hopefully the weather will begin turning cooler. Unit installations of new officers are taking place and all are excited about the upcoming rallies. I am looking forward to being out visiting the units in our region. Congratulations to John and Sandie Boutwell on their marriage last month. Yours truly met and visited with both of them in Sedalia. “Mighty fine people they are” is how they would be described in this part of Texas.

Congratulations to Heart of Texas and the Texas Highland Lakes Units for being in the top ten units regarding membership this past year. With this hot weather, thoughts go back to how hot it was in Sedalia. It felt like being in either Texas or Oklahoma during the summer with the high pressure system stuck on top of you. It took a long time to unload everything and I mean everything out of the Airstream in order to clean it after I arrived home. There must have been several pounds of white Missouri crud that permeated every nook and cranny. It was amazing also to see how much stuff had taken up residency inside this nineteen foot Bambi within the last three and a half years. While accomplishing this daunting challenge my mind began to think of how much weight had slowly been added to the rig. Needless to say not everything is being reloaded. What’s in your Airstream and has it been weighed lately? While on the subject of weight and out of curiosity, I weighed my Blue Book. It weighs a little over three pounds. It is available online. While you are checking it out also be sure to check out our region and unit sites. Our wonderful volunteers donate a ton of time on them. The special project for our club this year is The Wounded Warrior Project. Our units are encouraged to hold fundraisers during this year and the amounts will be turned in at the International Convention/Rally in Huron. The First Annual Open House at NTAC in September was a great success. Be sure to check out their website at www. A big thank you to Joan Larson who wrote the write up that appeared in the August Blue Beret. Plans are being finalized for our upcoming region rally in Robstown. Your comments and suggestions from our last region rally in Mineola have been read and suggestions noted. Your region officers are working on making the region rally the best one yet. September Trivia Answer: Captain Noah was buried with full military honors in a whiskey barrel due to a scarcity of timber. Trivia: The Texas flag has five points. Each point stands for something valued by all Americans. Can you name these values?

Region 10 Tobe Green, Contributing Editor For the units in Region 10, the camping season is coming to a close. Now we are gearing up to say “ SAFE TRAVELS” to all our Snow Birds. And for those of us who are spending our winter at home, a time to think about winterizing our Airstreams. How sad! Most of our units organize luncheons to keep those of us who stayed home in contact during the snow season. These are always fun and looked forward to, for a break in the winter routine. Do you have all of your rallies scouted out for next year? What a beautiful time of year for that project. It’s also a good time to contact all of those folks that we wrote or called during the year to invite them to a luncheon to introduce them to our members. And, it might just catch them at home before they Blue Beret/October 2012


Region News head south. Just a thought! I know we are looking forward to helping our Club with achieving the goal of 100 new members in 2013 and then working toward exceeding that goal. Working together, we can keep our International Club strong and growing to achieve the goal of FUN, FELLOWSHIP AND ADVENTURE.

Region 11 L. Lawson, Contributing Editor The Region 11 Rally is this month’s grand event! It’s an easy addition to your fall agenda! Start with the fabulous Balloon Fiesta Rally in Albuquerque. Then enjoy meeting up with all your Region 11 friends in Cortez. After that you can easily keep going down the road to Estancia to take in the Pumpkin Chunkin Festival! Balloon Fiesta Rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico October 5 - 9 The 2012 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Rally is on! (You must have pre-registered & paid for this event by now!) We will be camping beach front right on the grounds of the Balloon Fiesta. Since we are a large group, we get the best seats in the house...the balloons will be taking off yards from your front door. This year is again special as it’s the 100th Anniversary of New Mexico statehood! Check the Web site at Host: Ken Johansen Region 11 Rally in Cortez, Colorado, October 10 - 14 Located in the southwest corner of Colorado (only about 25 miles from the Four Corners), Cortez serves as your base for visiting the incomparable cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park & its neighbor, the Ute Tribal Park. Here, in the archaeological heartland of the United States, vast cultural resources & outdoor recreation opportunities await your discovery: Mesa Verde, Hovenweep, Canyon of the Ancients, Crow Canyon, the Anasazi Heritage Center to name a few. Within a few minutes drive, you can be hiking or fishing or enjoying incredible fall colors in the nearby mountains. We will have a speaker on Thursday (October 11) that will give a presentation on all of the things to see & do in this magnificent area. For more info, contact Hosts Richard & Jan Girard (602) 376-1105 4th Annual Pumpkin Chunkin Rally in Estancia, New Mexico, October 19 - 21 This is a combined New Mexico Unit/Four Corners Unit event. This will be primarily dry camping. Directions to Estancia: From the north: From the Howard Cavassos Blvd exit in Moriarty on I-40 proceed south 17 miles to Estancia. From the south: From the intersection of US 60 & SR 41 between Willard & Mountainair proceed north 13 miles on SR 41. Directions to the rally site: The rally site is at the west entrance of the Torrance County Fairgrounds. This entrance is unmarked & set back from the road. From the intersection of SR 41 & SR 55 at the southeast corner of town proceed west on SR 55 a little less than 1/2 mile (past the large adobe wall at the Rodeo Grounds, past the ball field) to the 4th intersec-


Blue Beret/October 2012

tion on the north at S 10th Street. Proceed north on S 10th St passing 2 short blocks on the west side of the street. On the east side of the street turn into driveway between the East Torrance Water Conservation District building & the Head Start building. You are there. Web Site at php?page=special-events (scroll down to October) For more info, contact Hosts Marshall & Flordemayo Hall at Happy Fall! If you are hosting an upcoming Airstream rally or event in Region 11 that you would like to promote in the Blue Beret, please send details to 55 days before the first of that month’s issue!

Region 12 Connie Squires, Contributing Editor Are you thinking, “What can I do following the event packed and fun-filled Region 12 Rally, Taming the Silver Bullet?” Wally Byam said, “Don’t stop. Keep right on going. Hitch up your trailer and go someplace you’ve heard about. Find out what’s at the end of some country road.” Autumn in Region 12 is a season of comfortable temperatures, so don’t put your trailer in storage. As Wally said, “Keep right on going”. Attend your unit rallies. Attend a neighboring unit’s rally. Explore and be open to new adventure. While exploring and relaxing in your Airstream, start thinking about a tall tale you will share during the Tall Tale Contest at the 32nd National Hobo Rally, hosted by Region 12. The theme for this popular rally is “Flamingos In The Desert”. The rally will be held January 28 - February 3, 2013, at the Colorado River Fairgrounds in Blythe, California. The agricultural community of Blythe, located at the Arizona/California border along the Colorado River, enjoys pleasant winter temperatures averaging 55 - 75 degrees. The Hobo Rally is a laid back rally with planned activities, and plenty of time to socialize and relax with Airstream pals. One novel activity is the Decorated Stew Can Contest. Bring a #10 empty food can to decorate. On Saturday night you will be served the famous Hobo Stew in your nifty decorated stew can. Also, on Saturday there will be the Hobo Parade, featuring the Hobo King and Queen. Competitions, seminars, tours, professional evening entertainment, meals, door prizes, and a Swap-N-Sell add up to a week of fun and fellowship. For more Hobo Rally information go to or email the rally chairman, Robert Stansbury at Why not attend the Mid-Winter IBT Meeting and Rally, January 23 - 28, 2013, before attending the Hobo Rally. Both rallies will be held at the Colorado River Fairgrounds in Blythe, California. Witness the WBCCI International Board of Trustees as it makes decisions for our organization. A registration form for the Mid-Winter IBT Meeting/Rally can be found in the Blue Beret or on the Region 12 website http:/ Be bold. Be adventuresome. Try something new and attend both rallies.

Intra Clubs

Classic Airstream Club

Vintage Airstream Club

Bettie Jones, President

Bob Herman, Contributing Editor

Fall is rolling in here in the eastern part of the U.S. – finally. The fall season is welcome for many reasons in that it should be cooler when you think about getting your travel plans in order. Either caravans or rallies that offer us a chance to visit with fellow members or make new friends. Any chance to go & do enjoyable activities makes the Airstream way of life something to look forward to. Classic Airstream Club members have a big leg up on activities within the Club. You won’t want to miss our caravan “Meandering Minnesota” after the International Convention/Rally 2013 in Huron, SD. Be sure to check our website for details and register early. Also, please check your dues card – are your dues paid? Download the application from the website and mail with your check to Treasurer, Myron Fischer. Current applications keeps our records up-to-date. The new officers are looking forward to getting involved with the members – tell us how you get involved with other members.

WBCCI RALLIES WITH VINTAGE PARKING: Region 12 Rally, October 17-22, 2012. Contact Judy Bechthold, Region 12 President Bob Herman, email: or 407-810-5579

REMEMBER... The next time you see an Airstream without numbers, introduce them to W B C C I.

Solve the Puzzle! Lilly Putney, #429

Attention! We have a puzzle to solve and would appreciate your help. We do not know some of the names of the people in the picture. The people with white arrows pointing to them cannot be identified. The photo was taken in 1992, but we do not know where. People in the picture are mostly members of the Wyoming Unit, but it was not at the Antelope Rally.

L-R back row: Leon Paules, ???, Ed Davis, David Knight, Don Wittrup, ??? L-R middle row: ???, Dottie Graham, ???, Jan Wittrup L-R front row: Fritz Graham, Grace Paules, Jessie Lou Davis, Ruth and Normal Willmer. If you know any of the people, please email me with the names and the location. My email address is Thank you for any help you can give. Blue Beret/October 2012


Airstream • 937-596-6111


reetings from your exdon’t always update the interior tended family here in to current technologies; many of Jackson Center, OH, at the our customers want the interior to Airstream factory! I hope this newsbe just as vintage as the exterior letter finds you enjoying this great and we can do both. country of ours in your Airstream! As you can see from the picOn this month’s cover of the tures of the 1966 Tradewind, our Blue Beret, we have included a service center continues to stay picture of a completely restored busy this summer here in Jack1966 24 ft Airstream Tradewind son Center. We continue to get that we completed here at the facvisitors from all of the country for tory service center. It is amazing both service and to take advanto see what our fine technicians tage of our daily tours. In fact, can do here at the service center! just this year, FOX News ranked From time to time we will take an Airstream’s factory tour as one Justin Humphreys older trailer and restore it to the of the top ten factory tours in the customer’s specifications. In this case, we took United States! We are honored to have received a 1966 shell that was used for several years as their high ranking. If you haven’t had a chance to a hunting cabin, and turned it into a brand new take our tour, please put it on your list of things to trailer on the inside, but with the vintage look do, we would love seeing you here at the factory on the exterior. This particular trailer was done and taking you on a tour. with a lot of input from our service technicians. Last month I mentioned we displayed a trailer They were able to weigh in on the changes and at the show in Dusseldorf, Germany. We are upgrades and the final product shows as it is proud to report that our trailer received two out both beautiful and practical. of the four product awards for the event! We are Attached I have included some pictures of the excited that folks in Europe have the same apexquisite attention to detail our technicians per- preciation for the Airstream design as we all do! formed to the interior of the trailer. The wood was I hope to see each of you on the road soon! hand glazed to our specifications here locally and the layout was modified to meet the technologies Safe travelsof the current trailers. This project was a labor of Justin love by all involved and has turned many heads with its shiny, polished exterior. However, we


Blue Beret/October 2012

Airstream • 937-596-6111

Dave Schumann, General Manager Customer Relations Group

As I am writing this article I am staying at Yogi Bear Campground in Mill Run, PA watching summer fade away as people enjoy the last holiday of summer, Labor Day. The campground has over 400 hundred sites with 2 pools and a water park with slides, great place to bring the kids. For the visit I had the opportunity of using a 2013 25 ft. Flying Cloud trailer with the twin bed floor plan for the weekend. It came with a few prototype items such as a backup camera, a full power Zip Dee awning and few other goodies. I really like the twin floor plan as it is easier to maneuver with the aisle space being between the beds versus around them. It also increases the exterior storage compartments - 1 curbside storage compartment, 2 roadside compartments and a large compartment in the rear above the bumper. It was a great weekend using the trailer and a great opportunity to provide a few suggestions for future products.

New Stuff Airstream recently added a backer plate for the Airstream Trailer main door hinge bolts; the hinge bolts over time can become loose and would need tightened. Gaining access to the back side of the bolt to hold the nut was not an easy task. Now with the new backer plate you do not have to access the nuts from the back side, just use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten. New backer plate with nuts makes keeping hinge bolts tight easier.

Hinge bolt

Hinge backer plate with nuts

Screw Cap Looking for something to cover the screw points in your window frame between the inside screen and the window glass? Here is a rubber cover that will help save your hands when cleaning out your window frames.

Blue Beret/October 2012


Airstream • 937-596-6111

Airstream Part Number—382116-03

Euro Hinge Adjustment Airstream uses the Grass Euro hinge on many of its cabinet and locker doors. This hinge continues to bring calls to our Customer Service Department concerning how to adjust. The common question is: I have turned all three screws and the door is still loose.


Blue Beret/October 2012

Airstream • 937-596-6111

Trouble Shooting Tips for the Deluxe Hi-Power Barker 3000 Hitch Jack Trouble shooting No power: • Kill switch/battery disconnect not turned on • Batteries have no power • No 12v power from tow vehicle • Inline fuse blown at base of jack post • Poor Ground: (When switch is activated on jack - jack operates only partially up or down or jack runs intermittently) Possible Cause: 1. Jack head loose not making contact with post 2. Jack base not grounded - should have star washer on bolts that holds jack to coupler • Jack head defective Advice I love the quote from Bill Cosby, the comedian, “A word to the wise isn’t necessary, it’s the stupid ones who need the advice.” Have a great month and we will see you on down the road! 30 Amp Fuse for Power Jack Part Number 511544-105 If you have a topic for this column, please send your suggestions to: Dave Schumann, Airstream, Inc., 419 W. Pike Street, Jackson Center, OH 45334

If your topic is published, you will receive a “Schu’s News” t-shirt! New Dealers Tom Johnson Camping Center   Charlotte, Inc. 6700 Bruton Smith Blvd. Concord, NC 28027 Ph. 704-455-1440

Deleted Dealer Tom Johnson Camping Center, Inc. 1885 U.S. 70 West Marion, NC 28752 Ph. 828-724-4105

Manteca Trailer & Campers 2060 E Yosemite, PO Box 2036 Manteca, CA 95336 Ph. 209-239-1267

Gone to Texas Caravan During the Gone to Texas Caravan Raft trip down the Rio Grande, the water wasn’t released when it should have been so when it was - flooding was everywhere!  Our regular half-day trip was canceled, but several of us managed to get all-day trips.  Due to the flooding - we had to have a place to land at the end.  The landing was okay and not too much mud until we began walking to the awaiting bus.  The whole road was covered in mud at one point, and we had no choice but to go through it.  Bob’s shoes came off in the mud, and he had to reach his arm down to get them.  I had to take off my shoes to keep from losing them, and my feet were killing me.  There were lots of rocks on that road under all the mud!  I hadn’t wanted my shoes to get muddy so I wore Larry’s (size 12).  It was an unforgettable experience. Just try to imagine what the van looked like after we all got out.  However, it sure was fun.   Kathy Warren Blue Beret/October 2012


Airstream • 937-596-6111


Blue Beret/October 2012

Airstream • 937-596-6111 AIRSTREAMʼS

Overseas RV Camping Caravans Jim & Sally Elmlinger, Caravan Travel Consultants 1135 N. Fairview St., Burbank, CA 91505-2328

Phone / Fax (818) 845-2263 / Cellular (818) 515-2263 [ONLY while traveling in USA] Email: Website:


Caravanning doesnʼt get any better than this!

This itinerary may be changed or modified at any time without advance notice at the will of the caravan travel consultants. This itinerary is the exclusive property of Overseas RV Camping Caravans. Although the consultants have made every effort to provide accurate, up-to-date information they accept no responsibility for loss, injury or inconvenience from unplanned sightseeing occurring to any person as the result of using this information. © Jim & Sally Elmlinger 2012

Blue Beret/October 2012


Event Schedule


IBT Rally, Blythe, CA 2013 International Convention/Rally, Huron, South Dakota

NATIONAL RALLIES 2013 Jan 28-Feb 3 Hobo Rally, Blythe, CA Feb 6-13 Mardi Gras Rally, New Orleans, LA

SPECIAL EVENT RALLIES Oct 4-8 Oct Oct 4-8 Oct 5-8 Oct Oct 13-21 Dec 28, 2012 Jan 1, 2013

Storytelling Festival Rally, Gray, TN No Tall Stacks & Turkey till 2014 Cincinnati, OH & Brookville, IN Canadian Thanksgiving & Columbus Day Rally Provincetown, MA CANCELLED Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM None in 2012 will return 2013 Victorian Days Rally, Cape May, NJ Sun Valley Jazz Festival, Ketchum, ID Rose Parade Rally, Pasadena, CA

NATIONAL CARAVANS 2012 Sep 23-Nov 3 N-41-L Ghosts of the East Coast - Leader: Hilton Ph. 352-205-9928 Southeast Coast Spectacular - Leader: Oct 2-Nov 10 N-41-H Carnein Ph. 623-974-4762 2013 N-42-G1 Lousiana Cajun Heritage - Leader: Solera Ph. Mar 5-18 504-733-1582 Lousiana Cajun Heritage - Leader: Solera Ph. Mar 26-Apr 8 N-42-G2 504-733-1582 Apr 8-22 N-42-L Golf-N-Around - Leader: Skipper Ph. 850-528- 0437 Apr 9-May 14 N-42-A The Civil War - Part 3 - Leader: Jones Ph. 703-780-6597 Jun 3-22 N-42-J Taste of the Blue Ridge - Leaders: King Ph. 252-514-7497/ Bennett 919-467-3681 Jul 7-Aug 27 N-42-H Nor’ x Nor’ East - Leaders: Levinson Ph. 845- 562-0091 Jul 8-Aug 23 N-42-F Filled - Accepting Standbys, The Maple Leaf Trail Caravan - Leader: Leach Ph. 281-536-6185

Jul 10-Aug 10 N-42-C The Northern Experience - Leader: Andrzejewski Ph. 603-770-1609 Jul 11-Sep 6 N-42-B FILLED - ACCEPTING STANDBYS ONLY, The Viking Trail - Leader: Carnein Ph. 623-974-4762 Aug 1-15 N-42-K Fly, Drive Alaska - Leader: Matkovich Ph. 708- 567-4686 Aug 27-Oct 16 N-42-E1 FILLED - ACCEPTING STANDBYS ONLY, Southwest Adventure - Leaders: Thompson Ph. 850-766-0036 / Montague Ph. 850-212- 3726 FILLED-ACCEPTING STANDBYS TBA N-42-E2 Southwest Adventure - Leader: Glassey Ph. 206-605-2986 Oct 20-Nov 15 N-42-I FILLED - ACCEPTING STANDBYS ONLY, Where Da Heck is Chockoloskee? Leader: Courtney Ph. 513-325-0219 2014 N-43-A Springtime in Kentucky - Leader: Wilson Ph. 270-782-6554 N-43-B The Great River Road - Leader: Andrzejewski Ph. 603-7701609 N-43-C Landmarks West - Leader: Glassey 206-605-2986 N-43-D Southeast Coast Spectacular - Leader: Carnien Ph. 623-9744762 N-43-G Alyeska, the Great Land - Leader: Johnjulio Ph. 216-5331752 N-43-I Watch it Made in the USA - Leader: Hilton Ph. 352-205-9928 or 352-430-5834 N-43-J Southwest Adventure - Leader: Glassey Ph. 206-605-2986 N-43-K Florida Fantasy - Leader: Skipper Ph. 850-528-0437 N-43-L Gone to Texas - Leaders: Snow Ph. 281-251-7566/Kindle Ph. 713-907-4624 N-43-M Georgia Plantations - Leaders: Thompson Ph. 850-766-0036/ Montague Ph. 850-212-3726

UNIT CARAVANS Oct 21-Nov 2 U-403


Blue Beret/October 2012

Fall in the Ozarks - Leader: Mooney, Texas Highland Lakes Unit

Event Schedule

Region 1 Activities

Nov 2-4

Region 1 Website: Canadian Atlantic Unit -

Pumpkin Chunkin Rally, Royal Farms, 18657 Sussex Hwy. Bridgeville, DE, DE Rt. 13 S toward Bridgeville, L at Rt. 404, R on Deer Forrest Rd., R on Chaplin’s Chapel Rd., Jody Dietz 610-327-3241, email:

Metropolitan New York Unit - Oct 25-28

Halloween Rally, TBA

Cape Cod Massachusetts Unit -

Mid Atlantic Unit -

Oct 4-8

Oct 4-8


Columbus Day Canadian Thanksgiving Special Event Rally, Coastal Acres CG, Provincetown, MA, Tye Mott 716-9413177, email: Pre-Holiday Luncheon, TBA

Nov 9-11

Business Meeting/Installation Rally, Crisfield, MD, Phil Wade 410-820-7882 Rally, New Bern, NC KOA, Keith Martin 410-353-1670

Charter Oak Connecticut Unit -

New Jersey Unit

Nov 4

Oct 19-21

Installation Dinner & Meeting Noon, Manchester Country Club, Manchester, CT, Bob Sandall 860-649-0480

New England Unit - Oct TBA Nov 21-25

Pumpkin Festival Rally, Ashuelot River CP, Keene, NH, Dick Wiklund 508-563-9936, email: Thanksgiving Rally, Per Hamnqvist 603-880-9890, email:

Quebec Canada Unit -

New York Finger Lakes Unit - Oct 12-14

Region 2 Activities

Oct 12-14

None in 2012, will resume in 2013 Victorian Days Rally, Cape May, NJ

Oct 18-22

Nov 1-3

Nov 11

Al-Mon-O Pennsylvania Unit – Oct TBA

Colour Your World in Kawartha Rendevous, Galvin Bay Park Resort, Buckhorn, ON, John Smith

Penn Lehigh Unit –

Region 2 Website: Oct

Installation Rally, Fireman’s Fields, East Aurora, NY, John Dona 716-688-2383, email:

Ontario Canada Unit -

White Mountains New Hampshire Unit - Sep 19-Oct 3 Mini Caravan to Swiss Festival National Rally (business meeting before departure) stops along the way TBA, Sugarcreek, OH, Dick Wheatley 802-899-2839, email:

51st Birthday/Installation Dinner, Jersey Shore Haven, 728 Dennisville Rd., South Seaville, NJ, Ph. 609-861-2293, Fred Yochum 908-309-0982, email:

Rally, Julia Wagner 724-664-7135

Joint Rally w/Central PA Unit, Little Buffalo State Park, 1579 State Park Rd., Newport, PA (workers camp free), Rt. 81, Newport exit (at Harrisburg) take PA Rt. 322 W, follow PA Rt. 34 S thru Newport, 1 mi. from town, turn R onto State Park Rd. (park entrance), Sue Bates 717-507-7277, email: Punkin Chunkin Rally, Bridgeville, DE, Latitude:38.724358 / Longitude:-75.590229 (don’t forget the minus sign; otherwise you’ll be looking for a chuck in Western China!), Glen Lippincott 570-242-0810, email: lippincottg@gmail. com Installation Luncheon 2 PM, Valley Country Club, 79 Country Club Lane, Sugarloaf, PA, Rt. 80 S on Rt. 93, just S of Conyngham, PA, Glen Lippincott 570-242-0810, email:

Berkshire New York Unit

Pennsylvania Unit -


Washington DC Unit -

TBA Installation Dinner, Anna Kelly 845-778-1845

Central Maryland Unit Oct TBA Nov TBA

Installation Rally, Maddox CG, Chincoteague, VA, Jan Hartig 301-464-2632 Rally, Doug Belleavoine


Watchung New Jersey Unit - Oct 5-7 Nov TBA

Central Pennsylvania Unit Delaware Valley New Jersey Unit – Oct 12-14 Nov TBA

Business Meeting/Train & Outlet Rally, Lancaster, PA, Ron Amme 856-358-2717 TBA

Delmarva Unit - Oct 25-28

Installation Rally, 4-H Park, Dunlin Clark Rd., Centreville, MD, Sue Comstock 302-359-2309, email: suzcomstock@

Hudson-Mohawk New York Unit - Oct 11-14 Nov 18

Installation Rally, Turning Stone, Bob Lawless 845-876-2431, cell: 845-616-8767, email: Luncheon 1 PM, Skytop Rest., Kingston Exit 19, NYS Thru Way, Richard Griffin 914-388-1180, email: rgdowntheroad@

Keystone Pennsylvania Unit - Oct 13

Installation, Muddy Run Park, Rt. 372 W from Rt. 41, George Spahn 215-598-3081, email:

Installation Rally, please see website for more details BuddyRally/Business Meeting, TBA Luncheon, Pat Brunner 908-362-6097, email: Pated2@ptd. net

Region 3 Activities Region 3 Website: Big Bend Florida Unit - Oct 19-21 Nov 16-18

Election Rally and Swamp Gravy theatrical production, Emerald Lake RV Resort, Colquitt, GA, Gary Anderson 850522-9187, email: Installation Rally, Magnolia Springs RV Resort, Foley, AL, Lamar Waymire 850-638-4744, email: thewaymires@yahoo. com

Carolinas Unit of North Carolina - Oct 4-7 Nov 1-4

Rally, Tanglewood CG, 4061 Clemmons Rd., Clemmons, NC, 336-778-6370, Charles Fishel 336-922-6862, email: Rally, Ocean Lakes Family CG, 6001 S. Kings Hwy., Myrtle Beach, SC, 877-510-1413, Charles Fishel 336-922-6862, email:

Coastal Georgia -

Blue Beret/October 2012


Event Schedule Eastern North Carolina Unit - Oct 12-14 Nov 16-18

Mystery Rally, Jamie King 252-249-1549 Rally, Wilmington KOA, Wilmington, NC, Joe Scudder 910791-8624, email:

Region 4 Activities Region 4 Website:

Everglades Florida Unit - Florida Unit Annual Meeting/Election Rally, Daytona Beach KOA, Randy Godfrey, email:, Phil Drugge, email: Nov 26-Dec 3 Installation Rally, Cracker Christmas, Christmas, FL, Frank Carson, email:, Phil Drugge, email:

Akron Ohio Unit - Oct 10-13

Oct 25-29

Florida Springs Unit - Oct 11-14

Rally, Paradise Oaks, 4628 CR 475, Bushnell, FL, Al Scott 352-489-6315, email:

Florida Suncoast Unit - Oct 25-29

Halloween Rally, Breezy Oaks RV Park (A Passport America Park), 9683 County Rd. 361, Bushnell, FL , I-75 Exit 309, go E on County Rd. 361 about 1/2 mi. then follow signs, Bob Norris 941-766-8296

Florida Treasure Coast Unit - Nov 7-10

Election Rally, KOA Okeechobee, FL, Ed Curran 954-9798878

Nov 3

Appalachian Unit of West Virginia Oct 19-20

Installation Rally, Top of Georgia Airstream Park, 14255 Hwy. 75 N, Helen, GA, Al Holcomb 706-348-6060, email:

Northern Virginia Unit -

Installation Rally, TBA

Auglaize Valley Ohio Unit Oct 20

Installation Luncheon & Meeting, Noon, Henry’s Rest., 810 N. Locust St., Ottawa, OH, From I-75, take 224 W exit into Ottawa, N on Locust St., Sid Kelly 419-422-6436, email:

Cincinnati Ohio Unit Oct 4-7

Nov 3

Georgia Unit - Oct 17-21

Installation Rally, Tomlinson State Park, New Manchester, WV, 84 Osage Rd (off WV Rt. 8), Park Ph. 304-564-3651, Alan Jackson, Jack Ketterer, RSVP no later than Oct 3 (330)494-2415 Luncheon 11:30 AM, Belgrade Gardens, 401 E. State St., Barberton, OH, RSVP by Oct 30, Tom Losasso 330-8875152, email:

Turkey Rally, Franklin Co. 4-H FG, Brookville, OH, on the S side of Brookville, from U.S. 52 turn W on Blue Creek Rd. to Franklin Co., park & FG on R, William Grawe 513-825-3057, email: Harvest Brunch, 9 AM, Golden Corral Rest., Fairfield, OH, off Winton Rd., N of I-275 exit 39, R on Kolb Rd., Steve Grawe 513-777-2652, email:

Cleveland Ohio Unit - Oct 11-14 Nov 3

Down on the Farm Rally, Maxwell Private Farm/CG, Erie, PA, RSVP: or 440-953-9559 New Member Cocktail Party, Christopher Residence, Kirtland, OH, RSVP: or 440-953-9559

Palmetto State South Carolina Unit

Columbus Ohio Unit - email:

Oct 12-14

Oct 19-21

Oct 17-21 Nov 9-11

Celebration Rally, Palmetto Cove RV Park, 521 Table Rock Rd., Cleveland, SC, Sarah Brandt 864-346-9115, email: Mountain Jamboree (Comined NC/SC State Rally), Palmetto Cove RV Park, 521 Table Rock Rd., Cleveland, SC, Sarah Brandt 864-346-9115, email: Thanksgiving Rally, Palmetto Cove RV Park, 521 Table Rock Rd., Cleveland, SC, Sarah Brandt 864-346-9115, email:

Land-O-Lakes of Ohio Unit Oct TBA

Installation Rally, Smithfield KOA, Four Oaks, NC, Betsy Stewart 919-696-4128, email:

Oct 20

Nov 11

Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Unit Oct 5-7 Oct 25-28

Rally, Farm Days, Palmyra, VA, dry camping, Jean Harman 540-434-7859 Rally, Lancaster, PA, Bill McElroy 540-942-4939

South Carolina Coastal Unit - Oct 5-7

Nov 2-4

Rally, Edisto State Park, Edisto Island SC (Live Oak CG), 800-869-2156 or 866-345-7275 or www.reserveamerica. com, Tommy Peeples 843-476-1521, email: topeeples@ Installation Rally, The Oaks at Point South, 1292 Campground Rd., Point South, SC, 800-726-5728 or 843726-5728 or aspx, Tommy Peeples 843-476-1521, email: topeeples@

Tidewater Virginia Unit - Virginia Unit -

Oct 12-14

1st Wed ea mo Oct 11-14

Breakfast 9 AM, Roush’s Rest., 405 W Main St., Fairborn, OH, Ann Reboulet 937-433-0632 Installation Rally, Oak Crest CG, West Liberty, OH, Ralph Reboulet 937-433-0632 or 937-238-9394

Michigan Unit

Oct 24-28


Blue Beret/October 2012

Installation Rally, Springfield Oaks 4-H FG, 12451 Andersonville Rd., Davisburg, MI, Dave Brendel 248-8874687, email:

Miami Valley Unit of Ohio

Western North Carolina Unit -


Installation Luncheon 1 PM, Chili Piaz, 2734 St. Rt. 193, Dorset, OH, from the intersection of St. Rt. 11 and Rt. 6, turn E on Rt. 6 for 2.3 mi., turn L (N) onto St. Rt. 193 for 5.1 mi., rest. is on R, Elaine Richardson 440-964-2723, email: Thanksgiving Luncheon 2 PM, A La Cart Catering, 429 Lisbon St., Canfield, OH, from intersection of Rt. 11 and Rt. 224, turn W onto 224, follow Rt. 224 for about a mi., turn L on Rt. 46, then make a R onto Lisbon Rd., US 62, travel 0.6 mi., A La Cart is on the L, Marilyn Marinelli 330-533-7745, email:

Metro Detroit Michigan Unit

Nov-Apr 1st Thur ea mo

Installation Rally, Carolinas Mountain Jamboree, Palmetto Cove RV Park, Cleveland, SC


Mahoning Valley Ohio Unit -

Piedmont North Carolina Unit - Nov 8-11

Installation Rally, Lazy-R, Granville, OH, Paul Thompson 937-470-2711, email:

Luncheon 1:15 PM, Old Country Buffet, 5220 W. Main St., Kalamazoo, MI, Alice Taylor 269-344-4888 Luncheon Noon, Call for location, Geraldine Craig 517-3213468

Event Schedule Oct 2-7

Installation Rally, Midland Cty. FG, Midland, MI, Dick Fisher 989-544-2004, Cell 513-543-0288

Region 6 Activities

Mid Eastern Michigan Unit Oct 18-21

Rally, McCurdy’s Orchard, Metamora, MI, Mary Lou Earl 989-673-4572

Mohican Valley Ohio Unit Oct 4

Installation/Meeting Luncheon 11:30 AM, Legends Sports Bar & Grill, 63 W. Main St., Shelby, OH, Phyllis Rhodes 419896-3276, email:

Northern Ohio Virtual Airstream Unit - Oct 25-28

American Mtn. Theater, Elkins, WV, Ralph Nuckles 304-3724671

Region 5 Activities

1st Sat ea mo 2nd Sat ea mo 2nd Mon ea mo

Oct 5-14

“Come and Go” Caravan, on the Banks of the Wabash, Berne to Peru to Delphi, IN, Ann Newman 317-769-0099, email:

Illinois Lincolnland Unit - Oct 12-15

Joint Rally w/Southern IL Unit, St. Louis Regional Airport, 8 Terminal Dr., East Alton, IL, Susan Swearingen 309-8245085, email:

1st Thurs bi-mo Oct 11-13

Oct 17-21

1st Thur ea mo Oct 11-14

Dinner 5 PM, Ponderosa Steakhouse, 2006 S. Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, IN, 3 mi. N of Exit 26 (I-69 & Scatterfield (109 bypass), on E side across from Mounds Mall, Bob Zufall 317-213-7288, email: Luncheon 11:30 AM, Golden Corral, Lima Rd., Ft. Wayne, IN, Fred Bennett 260-244-4507 Installation Rally, Shiloh Park Retreat & Conference Center, 1734 South 350 E, Marion, IN, Bob Zufall 317-213-7288, email:

Kentucky Unit - 1st Tues ea mo Oct 3-7

Dinner, 6 PM, Louisville Diners, TBA, Jane Miller, email: Installation Rally, Pride Park, Taylor Mill, KY, just S of Cincinnati, OH-Newport & Covington, KY, Larry Spaulding 859-653-4327, email:

Northern Illinois Unit - Oct 12-14

Installation Rally, Lee Cty 4-H FG, 1196 Franklin Rd., Amboy, IL, Brian McFarland 773-248-3735, email: brianmcfarland@

Southern Illinois Unit - Oct 12-14

Nov 2-4

Installation/Joint Rally w/IL Lincolnland Unit “Streaming along with Friends,” IL 255 to Exit 8, N on IL 111 to Civic Memorial Dr., E to Terminal Dr.,, St. Louis Regional Airport, East Alton, IL, Gordon White 618319-0523, email: Free Rally, Forbes State Park, Salem, IL (7 mi. E of Salem on U.S. 50, turn N on IL 27 3 mi.), Gordon White 618-3190523, email:

Southern Indiana Unit - Oct 4-7

Rally, Don & Bonnie Britie Equestrian, 5760 Hwy. 60 W, Owensboro, KY, 2 1/4 mi. W of Bypass on Hwy. 60 W, Gary Hostetter 812-834-6506

Luncheon 11:30 AM, TBA, Tuscaloosa, AL, call for directions, Ruth Hollingsworth 205-345-6077, email: Dinner 6 PM, TBA, Montgomery, AL, call for directions, Paul Aehnlich 334-277-9647, email:

Starting Feb-Luncheon 11:30 AM, David Gulley 501-8681859, email: Election Rally, Downtown Riverside RV Park, 50 Riverside Dr. (GPS Address: 250 Locust St.), North Little Rock, AR, Carole Barton 479-890-6116, email: Barton7604@ Region 6 Rally, Downtown Riverside RV Park, 50 Riverside Dr. (GPS Address: 250 Locust St.), North Little Rock, AR

East Tennessee Unit Oct 12-14 Nov 10

Indiana Unit - Except December 1st Mon ea mo

Luncheon 1 PM, TBA, Birmingham, AL, call for directions, Maxine Fikes 205-798-1735

Arkansas Razorback Unit

Region 5 Website: Central Indiana Unit -

Storytelling Festival, Gray, TN, Harold & Sandy Hughes Region 6 Rally, North Little Rock, AR

Alabama Unit

Anniversary Rally, Findley State Park, Wellington, OH

West Virginia Unit Oct 13

Oct 4-8 Oct 17-21

Rally, TN Cumberland Plateau CG, Crossville, TN, Jim Carr 865-216-2094, email: Luncheon Noon, Sullivans, Franklin Square, 9648 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN, Bill Moschler 865-693-8324, email:

Louisiana Unit ea mo

Luncheon TBA, call for date, time and place, Dale Spillman 225-753-9546, email:

Louisiana Acadiana Unit Oct 17-21 Nov 8-11

Region 6 Rally, North Little Rock, AR Thanksgiving Rally, Lagneaux’s CG, Lafayette, LA, take Exit 97, I-10 (KOA), S on LA Hwy. 93 (doglegs to R) for 3/4 mi., turn R on Hwy. 90, W for 2 mi., turn L, S on (Fieldspan) LA Hwy. 724 for 4 mi. look for sign on L, Lagneaux CG, turn L & go to bldg. on L, CG is behind Bingo Hall, Carrol Mouton 337-234-6882 Nov 29-Dec 2 Christmas & Buddy Rally, A & M CG, Lyons Point, LA, take I-10 Exit 82, S on Hwy. 1111, then S on Hwy. 90 into Crowley, take LA 13 S towards Kaplan, traveling to 1st blacktop road (Henry Rd.) past LA-1115, R on Henry Rd., then L on gravel road to CG, Lena Saltzman 337-536-6631, email:

Memphis Tennessee Unit - Oct 12-14

Oct 17-21

Nov 9-11

Pre-Rally to Region 6 (NO Host), Village Creek State Park, 201 Cty. Rd. 754, Wynne, AR 870-238-9406, from Memphis traveling I-40 W take exit 242, go N on Hwy. 284 for approx. 13 mi. - entrance will be on your R, Brian Atchley 901-6829698, email: Region 6 Rally, Riverside RV Park, 50 Riverfront Dr., N. Little Rock, AR 501-340-5312, at exit 141B off I-30 at Riverfront Dr. and S. Locust St., *if using a street address to GPS the Downtown Riverside RV Park, please enter 250 S. Locust St., North Little Rock, 72114, Kathleen Hedgepeth 601-695-0196, email: Rally, Wall Doxey State Park, Hwy. 7 South, Holly Springs, MS, 662-252-4231, from MS Hwy. 78 near Holly Springs go S on Hwy. 7 approx 7 mi., entrance will be on R (Unit tries to reserve along Sites #21-32) , Jim Drier 901-237-0819, email:

Mississippi Unit 1st Tue of ea mo (some exceptions) Luncheon 11:30 AM, Sal and Phil’s, 6600 Old Canton Rd., Jackson, MS, Evelyn Hitt 601-214-8824, email:

Blue Beret/October 2012


Event Schedule Oct 12-15

Pre-Rally to Region 6 Rally, Sarepta, LA, Don Parkerson 318-994-2507, email:

Nashville Music City Tennessee Unit Oct 17-21 Nov 16-18

Region 6 Rally, N. Little Rock, AR Rally, Montgomery Bell State Park, N. Goffinet 615-4816305, email:

Pensacola Florida Unit Oct 11-14

Nov 15-18

Buddy/Halloween Rally, 591 Mystic Springs Rd., McDavid, FL, GPS coordinates: 30 degrees 51.14N, 87 degrees 18.784W, located approx. 27 mi. N of Pensacola off Hwy. 29, Park Host 850-256-3280 Thanksgiving Rally, 591 Mystic Springs Rd., McDavid, FL, GPS coordinates: 30 degrees 51.14N, 87 degrees 18.784W, located approx. 27 mi. N of Pensacola off Hwy. 29, Park Host 850-256-3280

Missouri Greater Ozark Unit Oct 18-21

Nebraska Unit - 2nd Mon ea mo

Oct 11-14

Oct 4-7

Oct 6

Luncheon 11 AM, Chieftain Motel, US Hwy. 281, Carrington, ND, Don Thomson 701-265-8662

Wisconsin Unit - Oct TBA Nov 9-11 Nov 10

Door Cty Campout, Emericks Aluminum Acres, Brussels, WI, Sandy Emerick 920-475-7893, email: sandyemerick@ Birthday Bash Campout, Kohler-Andrae State Park, Sheboygan, WI, Sandy Emerick 920-475-7893, email: Luncheon 11:30 AM, TBA, Sandy Emerick 920-475-7893, email:

Region 8 Activities Region 8 Website: Greater Kansas Unit - Oct 18-21 Nov 10

Installation Rally, Abbyville Community Center, Abbyville, KS, John Krupco 913-796-6752, email: krupjc06@ Luncheon 11:30 AM, Emporia, KS, Leon Foster 620-3317459, email:

East Texas Lakes Unit Oct 5-8

TBA 2nd Sat ea mo

Oct 11-14 Nov 9-11

Sep 24-Oct 5 Caravan KC to Kentucky, led by Julee Shields Oct 25-28 Let’s Close the Lakes Campout/Luncheon, TBA, Warren Shreve 816-868-1654, email: Nov 3 Luncheon, Gary Ball

Oct 9-14


Joint Rally w/Missouri Greater Ozark Unit, Big Spring RV Park

Blue Beret/October 2012

Rally, Holiday Day Park CG, Benbrook, TX, Robert Stout 817-454-8429, email: Installation Rally, NTAC, Hillsboro, TX, Tom Collier, 214-9572904, email: Installation Rally, Riverside RV Resort & CG, 918-336-6431, 1211 SE Adams Blvd., #43, Bartlesville, OK, Bill Garner 405527-7834

Texas Alamo Unit -

Nov 21-25

Dinner 5 PM, Las Carretas Rest., 3975 Perrin Central, San Antonio, TX, call for directions, Steve Huebinger 830-9805202, email: Smith 210-5206705, email: Oktoberfest Rally, Johnson Creek RV Resort Park, 4279 Junction Hwy., Ingram, TX, call for directions, Larry Smith 210-520-6705, email: Thanksgiving/Christmas Rally, Alamo Fiesta RV Resort, 33000 IH-10 West, Boerne, TX, call for directions, Larry Smith 210-520-6705, email:

Texas Coastal Plains Unit - Oct 25-28

Nov 15-18

Buddy Rally, Country RV Park, 3043 Waukegan Rd., Cut-NShoot, TX, from jct. of E Loop 336 and SR 105, E 3.7 mi. on SR 105 to Waukegan Rd., S 0.6 mi., Ronn Gilbert 281-2596729, email: City Adventure Rally, Advanced RV Resort, Houston, TX, Ronn Gilbert 281-259-6729, email:

Texas Gulf Coast Unit - Oct 11-14

Missouri Delta Unit - Oct 18-21

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Spring Creek BBQ, 13125 South I-35 W, Burleson, TX, Larry Schultze 254-266-2857, email:

Oklahoma Unit

Oct 25-29

Kansas City Missouri Unit -

Monthly Activities TBA, please visit our website

North Texas Unit -

Sep 30-Oct 3 Visual & Savour Caravan, Ed Knernshield 573-480-5441, email: Oct 11-14 Autumn in the Ozarks Rally, Bass CG, Steelville, MO, Mary Ann Braden 618-465-0031, email:, Marlyn Hofstetter 573-893-2659, email: ltlchip@earthlink. com Nov 10 Luncheon Noon, Pittman Center, Wentzville, MO, Beth Zile 636-327-3232, email:, Julie Hunt 636230-5810, email: Rolling Rally through Southern Iowa, Iowa Newsletter will have details at a later date, Lavonne Sandersfeld 319-3313947

Rally, NTAC, Hillsboro, TX, Alonzo Sosa 214-949-3850, email:

Heart of Texas Camping Unit

1st Sat ea mo

Oct 18-21

Rally, Woodbine, IA, Dan Bamberry 712-647-2700, email:

Region 9 Website:

Greater St. Louis Missouri Unit -

Iowa Unit -

Installation Rally, Johnson Cty. FG, Tecumseh, NE, Bert Sherwin 402-639-3337, email:

Region 9 Activities

Region 7 Website:

North Dakota Peace Garden Unit -

Luncheon Noon, Old Country Buffet, 144th & West Center Rd., Omaha, NE, Dan Hoyt 712-642-2927, email: Psf3dh@

North Iowa Unit -

Region 7 Activities Minnesota Unit -

Installation Rally, Big Spring RV Camp, 501 E. Chicopee Rd., Van Buren, MO, Joan Viney 417-678-3002, email: lviney@

Nov 8-11

Spooks & Goblins Rally, Texas Airstream Harbor, located 5 mi. N of Zavalla, TX, on Hwy. 147, Gordon Babbitt 409-9606669, email: Rally, Texas Airstream Harbor, located 5 mi. N of Zavalla, TX, on Hwy. 147, Gordon Babbitt 409-960-6669, email:

Event Schedule Texas Highland Lakes Unit - Oct 2

Luncheon, Bluebonnet Cafe, 211 US Hwy. 281, Marble Falls, TX, Jim Whitworth 830-833-1296, email: dadswhitsend@ Texas State Railroad Joint Rally w/Texas Hill Country Unit, Oct 18-21 Rusk KOA, 745 FM 343 E, Rusk, TX, Marque Mooney 254592-5245, email: Oct 21-Nov 2 Fall in the Ozarks Caravan, leaving from Rusk, TX, & ending in Durant, OK, (Kitty fee is $600), Leader Jimmy Mooney 254-967-5689, email: Nov 6 Luncheon, Luby’s, 5200 Brodie Lane, Austin, TX, Marque Mooney 254-592-5245, email: Nov 9-12 Installation Rally, Guadalupe River RV Resort, 2605 Junction Hwy. 271, Kerrville, TX, Harvey Craig 512-633-0380, email:

Texas Hill Country Unit - Oct 18-21 Nov 7-10

Joint Rally w/Texas Highland Lakes Unit, KOA CG, Rusk, TX, and Texas State Railroad, Joe Long 210-860-6006 Installation/Buddy Rally, I-35 RV Park, Elm Mott, TX, Joe Long 210-860-6006

Washington Unit

Region 11 Activities Region 11 Website: Oct 5-8 Oct 10-14

CANCELLED - Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM, Andy Richers 505-350-5489 Region 11 Rally, Cortez, CO

Arizona Unit - Oct 5-7 Nov 8-11

Rally, Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ St. David Service Rally, Benson, AZ

Denver Colorado Unit - Oct 10-14 Oct 27

Texas Plains Unit -

Region 11 Rally, Montezuma Cty. FG, 30100 Hwy. 160, Cortez, CO, Richard Girard, email: Halloween Luncheon 11:30 AM, Zios, 6650 Corporate Dr., Colorado Springs, CO, 719-593-9999, Jackie Arnold 719634-3646, email: Luncheon 11:30 AM, Cafe de France, Aspen Grove Rest., Unit 180, 7301 S. Sante Fe Dr., LIttleton, CO, 303-347-2424, Bob Moss 303-470-5915, email:

1st Sat ea mo Luncheon 11:30 AM, Furr’s Family Dining, 6001 Slide Rd., Lubbock, TX, Myrna Coffman 806-799-4887, email:

Nov 17

ea Thur

Four Corners Unit of New Mexico

Balloon Volleyball 1 PM, (meal follows at various locations) 2001 19th St., Lubbock, TX, Sam Spence 806-785-7785

except Thanksgiving & Christmas ea Thur Dinner 5 PM, Home Plate Diner, 5600 S. Bell, Amarillo, TX, Don Goforth 806-356-0077, email:

Oct 5-9

Oct 24-28

Nov 21-25

Nov 14-18

Cowpoke Fall Foliage Rally, Lost Alaskan RV Park, 2401 St. Hwy. 118, Alpine, TX, Rayburn Clark, 806-829-2810, email: Hub City Museum Rally, Loop 289 RV Park, 3436 W. Loop 289, Lubbock, TX, Gene Cribbs 806-866-4955, email:

Oct 10-14

41st Annual Balloon Fiesta (Unit Rally - this rally is still going to take place), I-25 N. Balloon Fiesta Park, Albuquerque, NM, Ken Johansen, email: Region 11 Rally, Montezuma Cty. FG, Cortez, CO, Richard Girard, email: Thanksgiving Rally, Quartzsite, AZ, Mike Bertch, email:

New Mexico Unit - Oct 10-14

Region 11 Rally, Cortez, CO

Utah Unit -

Region 10 Activities

Wyoming Unit -

Region 10 Website: Oct 13-21

Region 12 Activities

Sun Valley Jazz Festival, Ketchum, ID

Alberta-Saskatchewan Unit

Region 12 Website:

British Columbia Unit -

Oct 17-22 Region 12 Rally, Bakersfield, CA Dec 28, 2012Jan 1, 2013 Annual Rose Parade Special Event Rally, Pasadena, CA

Idaho Unit - 2nd Sat ea mo

Oct 12-15 Nov 10

Breakfast 8:30 AM, Golden Corral, 8460 W. Emerald St., Boise, ID, Peggy Campbell 208-853-6243 or Judy Canada 208-921-2860, email: Rally in the Valley, TBA, Jerry Settle 208-695-3003 Dinner, Marie Callendar’s, Jerry Settle 208-695-3003

Montana Unit - North Cascade Washington Unit Oregon Unit - 1st Sat ea mo Breakfast 9 AM, Mark Rest., Beaverton Shilo Inn, Beaverton, OR, Bill Leppo 503-647-5710, email: Oct 19-21

Rally, Champoeg State Park, Scott McCollister 503-6351674, email:

Central Coast California Unit Nov 1-4

Buddy Rally/Meeting, Wine Country RV, Paso Robles, CA, Michael Gross 805-531-1042, email: mjgross@roadrunner. com

El Camino Real California Unit - Oct 3-7

Rally, Parker, AZ, B. Westbrook, email: westbrook76@ Nov 7-10 Rally, Newport Dunes, CA, B. Brosnahan, email: Nov 28-Dec 2 Installation Rally, Indio, CA, M. Behan, email: mibmjb@

Golden West California Unit - Oct 17-22 Nov 8-12

Region 12 Rally, Bakersfield RV Resort, 5025 Wible Rd., Bakersfield, CA, Ross Bauer, email: Installation Rally, Wine Country RV Resort, 2500 Airport Blvd., Paso Robles, CA, 866-927-8669/805-238-4560, Dale Harrington, email:

Blue Beret/October 2012


Event Schedule Long Beach California Unit - Sep 27-Oct 1 Rally, Newport Dunes Resort, 1131 Back Bay Dr., Newport Beach, CA, Ray Crowe 909-783-2327, email: raybilliered@ Rally, Camp Pendleton Marine Base, San Onofe, CA, Ray Nov 16-21 Crowe 909-783-2327, email:

Nevada Unit - 1st Sat ea mo Breakfast 9 AM, The Original Pancake House, 4833 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV, Diane Hancock 702-5214720 Oct 17-22 Oct 25-29 Nov 8-11

Region Rally, Bakersfield RV Resort, Bakersfield, CA, Ted Nolan 702-614-0477 Halloween Rally, Calico, CA Turkey Time Rally, Avi Casino & RV Report, Laughlin, NV

Northern California Unit - Oct 31-Nov 4 Halloween Rally, Durango RV Park, Red Bluff, CA, Shirley Bollinger 209-304-3815, email:

San Diego California Unit - Oct 17-22 Nov 16-18

Region 12 Rally, Bakersfield, CA Rally, Santee Lakes, 9310 Fanita Pkwy., Santee, CA,, Dan Nixon 760-789-6452, email:

San Fernando Valley California Unit Sep 17-Oct 1 Rally, Newport Dunes RV Park, 1131 Back Bay Dr., Newport Beach, CA, 949-729-3863, Bobbi Kingsland 949-689-4378, email: Oct 17-22 Region 12 Rally, Bakersfield, CA Nov 21-25 Rally, Death Valley National Park, Bobbi Kingsland 949-6894378, email:

San Joaquin California Unit - Oct 17-22 Nov 8-12

Region 12 Rally, Bakersfield RV Resort, Bakersfield, CA, Ross Bauer 559-297-2233, email: Joint Rally w/Santa Clara CA & Golden West CA Units, Wine Country RV Resort, 2500 Airport Blvd., Paso Robles, CA 866-927-8669/805-238-4560

Santa Clara California Unit - Oct 17-22 Nov 8-12

Region 12 Rally, Bakersfield, CA Joint Rally w/San Joaquin CA & Golden West CA Units, Wine Country RV Resort, 2500 Airport Blvd., Paso Robles, CA 866-927-8669/805-238-4560

Sierra Nevada Unit - Oct 25-28

Hickison Petroglyphs Rally, BLM CG, about 30 mi. E of Austin, NV, off Hwy. 50, Diane Leipper, 775-972-5011, email: Luncheon 11:30 AM, Gold Hill Hotel, on Hwy. 341 just S of Nov 17 Virginia City, NV, Diane Leipper, 775-972-5011, email: hq@ Nov 30-Dec 2 Rally, Death Valley Mesquite CG, N end of Death Valley near Scotties Castle, Diane Leipper, 775-972-5011, email:

South Coast California Unit - Oct 5-7 Nov 2-4


Rally, Pechanga Rally, Newport Dunes RV

Blue Beret/October 2012

In Memoriam The officers and members of Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc. express their sympathy to the families and friends of these departed members.

Collins, Wyona (Lampkin) (098-TX)..............#212 PFL East Texas Lakes Unit Eshbach, Dot (103-TX).................................#8033 Gaehring, Mildred (036-NJ)..........................#6055 Heneghan, Helen (133-LA)...........................#5342 PFL Grtr New Orleans LA Unit Herider, Sandy (084-OH)..............................#7436 Johnson, Joan (109-VA).............................#16650 Kneidl, Mary (035-ID)......................................#294 PFL Region 10 Kucharo, Donald (046-IA).............................#1952 Lawson, Raymond (106-TX).......................#13240 Lyon, S. Thomas (000-NC).........................#12631 Watkinson, Richard (Dick) (046-IA)...........#28144

Kids’ Page Answers



MYSTIC SPRINGS COVE is an Airstream only park located 25 mi. N of Pensacola, FL, on US 29, between I-10 and I-65 on the banks of the Escambia River. Just 30 minutes to white sand beaches, shopping, museums and a casino. Owned and operated by Unit 29. Open all year with full hookups at $11per day 30 amp/$13 per day 50 amp. Pets welcome and washer/dryer are available. Host opportunities. Now have Wi-Fi. Ph. 850-256-3280.

FLAG POLE HOLDER All aluminum with 2 machined brackets for quick, easy installation. 3 pole holder $150, 5 pole holder $175. Includes shipping in U.S. Contact: John@ or call 803-684-5651 for more information. WBCCI #3892

LAND YACHT HARBOR: Florida’s Best Kept Secret!!! Located off I-95 between Exits 183 & 180, miles to Disney 65, beach 10, Cape 30, leases available to Airstreams, overnight rentals available. Visit us at www. or phone 321-254-6398. NO PETS.

MOBILE HOMES Perfect for snowbirds, in sunny California, I have two mobile homes for sale where you have a 1/65th ownership interest in the land. Monthly maintenance fee is only $140, which includes water, trash, sewer, RV parking, use of pool and spa, both have two bedrooms and two baths, both are double-wide, list price $50,000 each. Call Chris at 951-990-2469 or email: chrisleach1@ (Yucaipa Land Yacht Harbor)

TOP OF GEORGIA, 7 miles north of Helen, GA on State Road 75 in beautiful North Georgia mountains. Full hookups, cable TV. Free Limited Wi-Fi. $7.00/night, $180.00 monthly. During Rally weeks Rally fees will be an additional charge. Open year around. No reservations. WBCCI members only. No dry camping. Ph. 706-878-3590. www.


Airstream Parks RETIRED? FULL TIMER? SNOW BIRD? RALLY PLANNER? CARAVAN LEADER? The North Texas Airstream Community can meet all your needs. We are located on I-35 exit 368A, in the heart of the Dallas/Ft. Worth/ Waco triangle in historic Hillsboro, Texas. Stay “For a Night or a Lifetime.” Our clubhouse seats 200 for dinner, new laundry facilities, free WiFi, mail forwarding service. 100% Airstream community. Call 254-582-5566 or visit TAHI, TEXAS AIRSTREAM HARBOR, INC. Is located in NE Texas on beautiful Lake Sam Rayburn is known for Bass fishing. A haven for bird watchers. Daily $15. Come visit or stay with us. 5 miles NE Zavalla on Hwy. 147. Contact: TAHI, 714 Angelina, Zavalla, TX 75980, Ph. 936-897-3686. www. PENN WOOD AIRSTREAM PARK - Traveling I-80 thru western Pennsylvania or looking for a quiet, all Airstream, summer home for a few weeks or all season? We’re the perfect stop! Full hookups with cable TV & WI-FI. Reasonable rates, area attractions and site of Autumn Leaf National Rally. Near Clarion, PA - four miles south of I-80, Exit 64 on SR 66; Ph. 814-764-8963; Open 5/1 to 10/15.

STAY IN THE BEAUTIFUL PACIFIC NORTHWEST AT WASHINGTON LAND YACHT HARBOR. Open year round. All WBCCI members and guests welcome. Ideal for rallies/caravans. 163 FHU sites. Large meeting hall with well-equipped kitchen. Free WiFi. Reservations accepted. Visit Seattle, Pacific Ocean, 4 National Parks, Canada, Alaska. Residential mobile homes for sale to Regular and Affiliate members of Washington Unit, WBCCI. 9101 Steilacoom Rd. SE, Olympia (Lacey), Washington 98513; phone 360-491-3750. website: www.washingtonlandyachtharbor. com ENJOY THE SOUNDS OF NATURE AT JERSEY SHORE HAVEN. Located mid-way between Atlantic City and Cape May, JSH is a quaint Airstream park with wooded sites, 4-point hook-ups, and more. Convenient to beautiful beaches, casinos with shows, amusements, boardwalks, shopping, etc. Lots to do and see in this area. Jersey Shore Haven, 728 Dennisville Rd., P.O. Box 99, S. Seaville, NJ 08246. Ph. 609-861-2293, website:

For Sale Trailers/ Motorhomes 1965 - 17’ AIRSTREAM CARAVEL, original except upholstered seats, air conditioner and refrigerator, good condition with owners manual. $8,000, Ph. 217-889-2875, Mike McClaskey (Marshal, IL)

1975 - 25’ LAND YACHT AIRSTREAM, near new Henschen axles, brakes & shocks, 3 tanks, rear bath w/closet, slide-out rear bed for two + similar in front, model great for caravans with lots of storage (2 dr. big closet + 16 drawers), frig, oven, stove, microwave, A/C, catalytic heater, Fantastic fan, amplifi antenna, CB. Call for details, B.O., Ph. 724776-8243 (W. PA) 1995 - AIRSTREAM 25’ CLASSIC EXCELLA, corner bed, one owner, excellent condition, stored inside, oak interior, very clean, $19,500, Ph. 419-351-0639 (Ohio) 1999 - AIRSTREAM CUTTER, 300 Cat Diesel, 82k miles, all standard features plus many extras, excellent condition, meticulously maintained, recent electronic survey and NEW batteries including heavy duty cranking units. $54,000, Ph. 530-836-2050, (N. California location) 2000 - 35’ AIRSTREAM LAND YACHT MOTORHOME, 330 HP Cat, mileage 60,052, very good condition, stored in garage, one slide-out, one owner, no smoker or animals, 6-speed Allison transmission. Ph. 704-2793967 (Rockwell, NC) 2001 - 36’ LAND YACHT XC MOTORHOME, Cat 300 Diesel, 6 speed Allison, one slide, 2 skylights, 2 air conditioners, lt. oak cabinets, Corian counters, many extras. Health requires sale. $69,000. For details - Ph. 203837-6191 (Hopewell Junction, NY) 2001 - AIRSTREAM 34’ CLASSIC LIMITED, loaded, dual air conditioners w/heat pumps, wood flooring, complete Hensley hitch, nonsmokers, no pets, inside winter storage. Call 815-790-6392 to see or email pictures. $27,500 (Marengo, IL)


2002 - AIRSTREAM 365XC LAND YACHT MOTORHOME, 2 slides, 330 hp Cat. engine, original owner, always garaged, 53,000 miles, meticulously serviced, NEW tires, loaded with extras, $61,000. Ph. 717246-9775, email: (1044 Woodridge Rd., Red Lion, PA) 2005 - CCD 28’, fully equipped ready to go, awnings all around, 2 skylights, 2 automatic Fantastic fans, rear center queen bed, separate sit down shower, dual micro/convection oven w/3 burner stove top, front couch + dinette area, NEW HDTV w/DVD, NEW gas/ electric H.W. heater, NEW tires + 2 spares, delivery + tow vehicle also available, excellent condition w/many extras. $32,500. Ph. 518-524-5042 for info. (Saratoga Springs, New York) 2007 - 25’ SAFARI FB SE, audio/video upgrade, awnings upgrade, security system, convection m/w w/3 burner top, NEW tires & batteries, excellent condition. Price $29,500, email: for details

Blue Beret/October 2012


PERMANENT ADDRESS CHANGE PLEASE NOTE: Address on file 12/1 will be printed in Directory.

WBCCI NUMBERS & DECALS $9.50 per set, includes front and back; $10.25 for Ohio residents. Make check payable to: WBCCI

Address change as of______________ (date) WBCCI#____________ Name____________________________________________________





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State/Prov.__________________________________Zip___________ Mail to: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334 E-Mail: Julie Rethman, Member Services,

Address_________________________________________________ City_____________________________________________________ State/Prov._______________________ Zip_____________________

FIRST CLASS MAIL WBCCI#_________________________



I Need a: five year additional set  or complete replacement set .


I Joined in _______(year). Life Member?_____

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Enclosed is an addressed envelope for stars only. MAIL TO: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334 E-MAIL: Julie Rethman, Member Services,

Enclose $20.00 for one year. Make check payable to: WBCCI Mail to: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334

IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN THE BLUE BERET “Two for the Price of One” Payment for a classified ad in the “Blue Beret” includes an ad on the WBCCI website FOR INFORMATION, CALL 937/596-5211 or email Rates for Classified Advertising are $50 up to 35 words, $60 for 36-65 words. Payment in full must be received with the ad copy. BLUE BERET reserves the right to reject advertising not suitable for inclusion. The publisher reserves the right of approval of all advertising. BLUE BERET is not responsible for advertiser’s representations or performance. For more information on display ad costs, contact WBCCI. For your convenience, you may use the coupon below. Please type ad. Count words and determine cost as indicated above. Make check payable to “WBCCI” and mail with completed coupon to: WBCCI, P.O. Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334. Name____________________________________________________Address ______________________________________________________ City_____________________________________________________St/Prov.____________________________________Zip________________ Classified Ad: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Location of trailer/motorhome:______________________________________________________________________________ Deadline: Classified Ads for February must be received with payment no later than January 1. NOTICE: Advertisement should be typewritten. The Blue Beret is not responsible for the accuracy of handwritten submissions. Refund Policy: No refund after the 7th of month prior to publication.


Blue Beret/October 2012

2012 - 2013 WBCCI National Caravans 2012

N-41-H SOUTHEAST COAST SPECTACULAR 10/2-11/10/2012 Start: Rehoboth Beach, DE Stop: Jekyll Island, GA If you love seafood and want to explore the historic southeast coast of the United States, this is the caravan for you. We’ll visit a historic US Lifesaving Service Station (predecessor to the Coast Guard) in Delaware, eat seafood, spend a day at the Chincoteague Oyster Festival in Virginia, visit countless museums, lighthouses and beaches, eat seafood and see the sights in the historic southeast. Did we mention that we’re going to eat seafood? We’ll also attend Morning Colors and graduation ceremonies at the US Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island. The caravan will travel about six weeks starting at the Delaware Seashore State Park, (south of Rehoboth Beach) and traveling (eating) through coastal Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and ending at the Georgia Sea Islands. The kitty fee includes campgrounds with full hookups, many meals, boat, carriage and bus tours, museums admissions and much more! Leaders: Ron & Cyndi Carnein WBCCI #9424, Ph. 623-974-4762, Email: car9@, Address: 3700 S Westport Ave. #1704, Sioux Falls, SD 57106-6360, Limit: 20 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $3,725.00; Kitty Fee w/1: $2,950.00; Guest: Contact leaders, Deposit: $250, Cancellation: $50 before 4-1-12, leaders discretion after

N-41-L Ghosts on the East Coast 9/23-11/3/2012 Start: Salem, MA Stop: St. Augustine, FL

Ghosts on the East Coast will start in Salem, MA and end in St. Augustine, FL. It will be a typical WBCCI National Caravan with cookouts, campfires, dinners, and the fun, fellowship, and adventure of the Airstream Caravan. The overall theme of this caravan is “Halloween” and the stories, history, and festivities that make up this holiday.  Such as, “Halloween” is celebrated the entire month of October in Salem, MA and we will join some of those festivities. And, while in Salem, MA we will investigate the history surrounding the burning of the witches and visit the site and memorial to those individuals that were accused of witchcraft. As we make our way south along the East Coast we will stop in Williamsburg, VA; Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC;  and more... where we will find pumpkin festivals, hear ghost stories with a Halloween theme and visit the grave site of Edgar Allen Poe.  You can expect trick or treat GAMS, pumpkin carvings, and the final banquet will be in your finest Halloween attire. Overall, we are trying to have fun. We think it will be a little spooky. And,... we don’t really want to actually find any ghosts. Please join us if this sounds fun and interesting. Leaders: George and Sharon Hilton WBCCI #7009, Ph. 352-205-9928, Fax: 866-205-0599, Email:, Address: 214 Rainbow Dr. #11436, Livingston, TX 77399, Co-Leader: TBD, Limit: 25 Airstream RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $3,900.00; Kitty Fee w/1: TBD; Guest: TBD



3/5-18/2013 3/26-4/8/2013

START: FRENCHMAN WILDERNESS, LA STOP: CARENCRO, LA Come and go with us to Louisiana and see the tallest State Capitol in the U.S. and old plantation home. Take a boat ride into the swamp, tour a real oil drilling rig. We will go into the Cajun Country and experience the sound of a unique music and language, taste Cajun food and listen to accordion music. Tour rice and sugar cane farms and learn how they harvest crawfish. See live alligators, eagles, blue heron and more. Come and learn about the Cajun culture. Some of the tours are walking tours. On the oil rig there are some easy stairs to climb. Leaders: Rick & Marilyn Solera, WBCCI #252, Address: 725 Newman Ave, Jefferson, LA 70121-1234, Ph. 504-733-1582, Cell: 504-450-6486, Email:, Limit 26 RVs, Kitty fee with/2: $840; Kitty fee w/1 $610, Guest TBD, Deposit: $200.00. Cancellation fees after 11/1/2012 is at the Leaders discretion. Some tours and bus rides have been paid


The third and last part of our American Civil War series focuses primarily on, and thus assumes the title of, the “War in Virginia”, as nearly 50% of the war’s battles were fought and often re-fought in Virginia. We begin with a two-day bus tour of Richmond, touring the Virginia Historical Society, the Avenue of Monuments, Chimborazo Hospital, The Confederate Museum and White House, Tredegar Iron Works and the American Civil War Center. We’ll tour the battlefields, National Military Parks and/or Visitor’s Centers

at Petersburg, Sailor’s Creek, High Bridge, Cedar Creek, New Market, Antietam, Gettysburg, Bull Run/Manassas, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Chancellorsville, and Wilderness. Among other things, we’ll enjoy a horsedrawn carriage ride around Lexington and see the Cadet Parade at VMI. Appomattox Courthouse where Lee surrendered and Fort Monroe where Jefferson Davis was imprisoned are also our itinerary. While in the Hampton area, we’ll take a harbor cruise, visit the Hampton History Museum, and tour the Mariner’s Museum. We’ll take a shuttle to Harper’s Ferry one day and later charter a bus into DC to tour Ford’s Theatre and Lincoln’s Cottage where Lincoln and his family spent one quarter of his Presidency. Prominent throughout the caravan are tours of beautiful plantations like Belle Grove and Shirley and historic homes such as Stonewall Jackson’s home and End View. We will tour lovely churches including Old Blandford Church in Petersburg that houses 15 priceless Tiffany windows as well as famous cemeteries like Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond. We will observe reenactors conducting maneuvers at Secret Passage Ranch and hear special lectures from Civil War experts. Our caravanners will also savor delectable cookouts, breakfasts, picnics, lunches and dinners – some in historic sites. No hard tack for us! Join us as we honor the sesquicentennial of the Civil War by revisiting the places memorialized during this perpetually intriguing chapter of our history known as the Civil War, or The War Between the States, or The War of Northern Aggression, or The Late Unpleasantness, etc. Leaders: Ed & Beth Jones WBCCI #1515, Ph. 703-780-6597, email:, Address: 4200 Ferry Landing Road, Alexandria, VA 22309-3063. Limit: 25 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $3650. Kitty Fee w/1: $2900. Deposit: $350. Cancellation policy: Full refund before 10/1/12. $50 until 1/1/13. Leader’s discretion after.

N-42-B FILLED - ACCEPTING standbys only THE VIKING TRAIL 7/11-9/6/2013 START: ST. ANDREW BY THE SEA, NB sTOP: N. SYDNEY, nS The 2013 “Viking Trail Caravan” will travel quickly through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to Newfoundland/Labrador spending 51 of the 57 days in the Province of Newfoundland/Labrador. This caravan highlights the history of the Province and provides an opportunity to meet and experience the warm hospitality of the wonderful people who live on Newfoundland. We will spend overnight at the Woody Island Resort, so bring an overnight bag. Here we will experience the way of living in Newfoundland prior to 1960 when the Canadian government transported all Newfoundlanders to the mainland, so they could provide medical and educational service. While visiting Newfoundland/Labrador, we will enjoy many activities, such as whale watching in the north sea, attend a playhouse in Stephenville, visit Saint Johns, the oldest city in North America (bus tour), and travel throughout the many peninsulas of Newfoundland. Included in the kitty fee are more than 30 paid activities, more campsites with electric than ever before, boat tours, bus tours, cookouts, dinners, entertainment and all ferry costs to and from Newfoundland. Leaders: Ron & Cyndi Carnein WBCCI #9424, Ph. 623-974-4762, Cell Ph. 614-519-0054, Email: Address: 3700 S Westport Ave. #1704, Sioux Falls, SD 57106. Limit 30 RVs


Rendezvous in South Dakota and travel North above the 53rd parallel in Manitoba, Canada, to enjoy Up North in the summer blooming season. See and hear Beluga Whales with calves in their summer range of the Churchill River at Hudson Bay in Churchill, MB. The Beluga Whales, often called the “White Whale” or the “Sea Canary,” are part of the bountiful Western Hudson Bay population, which are both healthy and approachable. Your visit Up North will give you the opportunity to experience the tundra in full spring bloom, view several unique species of birds and who knows, we may also see a polar bear. The entire journey from rendezvous to Churchill permits us to transition from midsummer back to spring and then to very early spring Up North shortly after the ice leaves the lakes and Hudson Bay. Join us to enjoy Manitoba and the Up North culture above the 53rd parallel for a Northern Experience. Leaders: Dave & Linda Andrzejewski WBCCI #811, Ph. 603-770-1609, Email: Address: 196 Rainbow Drive #9616, Livingston, TX 77399-1096; Kitty Fee w/2: TBD; Kitty Fee w/1: TBD; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $500, Cancellation: $100 plus non-refundable deposits before 2/1/13, Leaders discretion after. Limit 20 RVs

Blue Beret/October 2012


2013 WBCCI National Caravans N-42-E 1 FILLED - accepting standbys SW ADVENTURE CARAVAN 8/27-10/16/2013 START: DURANGO, CO STOP: SANTA FE, NM N-42-E 2 FILLED - accepting standbys TBA

The 2013 Southwest Adventure Caravan will be in September and October capturing the awesome beauty of the fall landscapes. Beginning in Durango, you will visit the higher vistas first, before traveling on to lower altitudes hoping to escape early snow. You will discover regions of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado that the casual tourist doesn’t see.Taking the roads less traveled you will visit Indian pueblos, festivals, cultural centers and museums. Native American guides will help you to understand their language, customs, and ancient rituals. You will enjoy touring Albuquerque and Santa Fe by trolley or Segway finding wonderful shopping and dining in both. A half-day boat trip on Lake Powell takes you to Rainbow Bridge while a narrow gauge railway delivers you to Silverton from Durango. In Arizona, splash through Canyon de Chelly, then stroll through Antelope Canyon. Keep that camera handy for around every bend there is a new picture opportunity. Raft down the Colorado River and tour Monument Valley, then proceed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Come prepared for all kinds of weather as you travel at high and lower altitudes – cold to warmer temperatures. America the Beautiful passes – formerly called Golden Age Pass will save you money for entrances into the many parks we explore including Zion, Bryce, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef. Plans are to attend the Balloon Festival near Albuquerque. We conclude with a final banquet in Santa Fe. Come prepared to have fun with your fellow caravanners and leaders. Co-Leaders: Jay & Elna Thompson WBCCI #7293, Ph. 850-766-0036, Email:, Address: 9163 McDougal Ct, Tallahassee, FL 32312. Co-Leaders: Winston & Carol Montague WBCCI #5274, Ph. 850- 212-3726, Email:, Address: 3958 Meandering Lane,Tallahassee, FL 32308. Kitty Fee w/2 $3850, Kitty Fee w/1 $2600, Guests: $1200, Deposit: $200, Payments due: 2/1/13 (50%), 4/1/13 (50%), Cancellation fee: At the discretion of the leaders


Come experience the majestic Canadian Rockies, Alberta prairies, and the Canadian playground British Columbia. On this caravan you will experience the world famous Calgary Stampede and Rodeo, discover million year old dinosaur bones, tour coal mines, and visit a buffalo ranch. Traveling the back country there will be secluded camping, cookouts, and Indian lore. Over 100 glaciers line the spectacular Icefields Parkway where you will ride a snow coach at Athabasca Glacier, hike trails at Jasper National Park, dine at the Banff Springs Hotel, and tour Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, and Johnson Canyon Falls. Western heritage lives on at Bar U Ranch, Canadian Barn Dance, and Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump- all included in your itinerary. You will cruise the waterway, cross the border, and create memories in Waterton Lake Nat’l. Park and be aboard the Red Jammer buses in Glacier National Park for a sunset photo opportunity. Taking the Crow’s Nest Pass will deliver you into British Columbia for rafting, biking, golfing, fishing, horseback riding, and bird watching. Tribal tours with the First Nations People, voyageur canoe trips through fur trapping country, and hot springs enhance the journey. While in the wine country of Kelowna, you will visit orchards and vineyards, wine and dine, bike and swim. There are trolley, ferry, and train tours of Vancouver. Whistler provides us with lasting memories of fresh mountain air and the lush tropical rain forest. Your camera, your adventurous spirit and your love for laughter are a must for this caravan! Total Number of Nights: 47, Number of Stops: 18. Leaders: Carlos and Rosemary Leach WBCCI #7712, Address: 2617C W. Holcombe Blvd. #512, Houston, TX 77025-1601, Cell Ph. 281-536-6185, Email: Maximum RVs w/ Leader: 21 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $5650, Kitty Fee w/1: $4100, Guest: $1500, Deposit: $500, Cancellation: $50 before April 1, 2012, Leaders discretion after 4/1/12. Only standby is available- the caravan is currently filled.


7/7-8/27/2013 STOP: CORNWALL, PEI, CAN

Come travel with us as we spend 52 days exploring the beauty of New England and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Stops are scheduled in Rhode Island, and the Boston area. Then it is on to Boothbay and Ellsworth, Maine near Acadia National Park. We then cross into Canada. The first stop is Campobello Island, summer home of President Roosevelt. We will then travel to St. John, NB, home of the 40ft. tides. Experience Moncton, NB’s tidal bore and the Flower Pots. While in Windsor, NS,


Blue Beret/October 2012

you will have an opportunity to visit Kentville, birth place of WBCCI, and Hall’s Harbour. We will visit the Annapolis Royal, NS, area famous for their scallops. Other destinations include Lunenburg, Halifax, Antigonish, Louisbourg, Baddeck, and Cape Breton, where you will have an opportunity to drive the Cabot Trail. Lastly, it is on to Prince Edward Island, home of Anne of Green Gables, and the Anne of Green Gables musical. This trip offers many “Kodak moments” and several great golfing opportunities. Kitty fee includes camping, many tours, 4 bus tours, 5 boat trips, 4 theatre performances, several meals, ice cream socials, and a final banquet. Most stops are in campgrounds or fairgrounds with hookups, but there is one stop with limited electricity. You might also have to spend one night on the PEI ferry dock with no hookups. Any unused kitty fee expenses are refunded. Leader: David Levinson WBCCI #802, Address: 35 Stony Run Rd., Newburgh, NY 12550, Ph.: 845-562-0091, Cell 914-213-5333, Email:, Co-Leader: Gary Levinson WBCCI #803. Total Nights: 52, Number of Stops:15, Kitty Fee w/2 Est. $4600, Kitty Fee w/1 Est. $3750, Guest: Est. $1100, Deposit: $200, Cancellation: $50 before 4/1/2012, Leaders discretion after. Min RVs 15, Max RVs 20


We begin in McDavid, Florida, where we will visit the Battleship Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, and the Naval Museum in Pensacola, Florida. We will start our travels by visiting the white sand beaches of Panama City Beach. Then travel the”Forgotten Coast” of Old Florida to Apalachicola and Carrabelle where we will camp just a few yards from the beach. We will see how oysters are harvested--plus eat a few--cruise scenic rivers; kayak & hike. We will take a walking tour of historic Apalachicola. You will see manatees in the wild and maybe an optional horseback ride on the beach. On we will go to Cedar Key for clams and eat the Two-Year-InA-Row-International-Award-Winning- Champion Clam Chowder. When we get to Homosassa Spring/Tarpon Springs there will be more wildlife, great meals, sponge harvesting tour and some of the best shrimp ever. Moving on to Ft. Myers Beach for the Edison/Ford Tour and a high speed catamaran boat trip to KEY WEST for the day. While in Key West, you will be able to visit Hemingway’s favorite spot for beverage at Sloppy Joes. We will take a guided Conch Train tour of the island with some time left for you to explore the island on your own. We’ll move to Bonita Springs and explore Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary a gentle pristine wilderness that dates back more than 500 years. Here we will walk a 2.25 mile boardwalk meandering through pine flatwoods, open prairie, and into the largest forest of ancient bald cypress in North America. Nearly 200 bird species are permanent or temporary residents and Corkscrew is world renowned for supporting the largest colony of nesting Woodstorks in the U.S. We will travel on to Everglades City and Chokoloksee seeing lots of alligators, a boat trip through the 10,000 islands, kayak the Everglades, eat stone crab. How about an airboat ride? Ok! You got it. There will be more boardwalks with incredible views and wildlife in Shark Valley. Of course, our final banquet that will be followed by a sunset cruise to the 10,000 islands in Everglades National Park. We hope you will join us for this action packed caravan. How else could you see the World’s Smallest Police Station and the World’s Smallest Post office in one trip; or get to the southern most point in the continental US and the southern most point of paved road on the west coast of Florida? This caravan is active and has some long days away from your rig. Leaders: Jim & Vickie Courtney WBCCI #2804, Ph. 513-325-0219, Email:, Address: 200 Walnut Hill Avenue #62, Hillsboro,TX 76645, Limit 20 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2 $3600; Kitty fee w/1 $2650; Guest $950. Due to vendor payment requirements, we must receive your $500 deposit no later than October 2012. Cancellation: Leaders discretion. Total Number of Nights: 26, Number of Stops: 9. Maximum RVs W/Leaders: 21, Balance Due: $3100.


Come with us as we travel the Blue Ridge Parkway from end to end. It will be a 500 mile adventure as we explore the history of the area enjoy the scenery, listen to the mountain music, and soak up the beauty of this unique roadway and the surrounding area. The driving route will cover the entire Parkway and our stops will allow us to experience things like train excursions, Early American history, the biggest private home in the USA, some Civil War history, a Winery or two, mountain crafts, and much, much more. A word of Caution: The Blue Ridge Parkway is a winding 2 lane

2013 WBCCI National Caravans scenic road with a speed limit of 45 mph (you should drive slower than that to take maximum advantage of the scenery). It extends for about 500 miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. The road goes up and down and around the mountains -often- and the elevation varies from 650 to 4900 ft. Our longest travel day will be about 140 miles. If this kind of travel bothers you, you should not consider this adventure. If you think this adventure is for you, your equipment should be in top shape. Registrar: Jamie King, P.O. Box 268, Oriental, NC 28571, Home Ph. 252-249-1549, cell 252-514-7497, Email: KJ4JK@ARRL.NET. Contact the Registrar for more information or if you wish to register for this caravan. Total number of nights: 19; Number of stops: 6; NOTE: Only standby status is available - the caravan is filled. Co-Leaders: Jamie & Susan King WBCCI #804, Bob & Marge Bennett WBCCI #701, Limit: 20, Kitty Fee w/2: $1900; Kitty Fee w/1: TBD; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $250, Cancellation: $100 before January 4, 2013. Leaders discretion after 1/4/13




Fly to Anchorage, AK. Come a few days early and tour Anchorage on

ners together, trips together and we will all be in the same campgrounds together every night, unless you take a side trip on your own. We will go to Seward, Homer, Palmer, Denali Park, Talkeetna, and back to Anchorage. Your kitty fee will include campsites, boat trips, musk oxen farm, Iditarod sled teams, bus ride into Denali park, several meals, plus our final a banquet. You are encouraged to come early and tour Anchorage. You will be on your own and it is not part of the caravan. There is a lot to see and do in Anchorage. KITTY FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE AIR FARE OR MOTORHOME RENTAL. This caravan will take place August 2013, dates and kitty fee to be announced later. Leaders: Jim & Bobbie Matkovich WBCCI #1790, those interested please Email: or call, Cell 708-567-4686, Ph. 708-246-8329. Address: 5823 Harvey Ave., LaGrange, IL 60525. Total Number of Nights: 14, Number of Stops: 6, Maximum RV Units W/Leaders: 20, Deposit: $500, Balance Due: 5/15/2013

your own. Come and Fly to Alaska, and then drive it with us, Jim & Bobbie Matkovich. Alaska is the last Frontier State. Nothing can fully describe the beauty of the Alaskan landscape. Visiting this beautiful state by RV is the best way to do it. I have traveled there twice with my RV. And there is no other way to see Alaska. And you would be traveling in a Class “C” motorhome. You won’t have to drive for days getting to the heart of Alaska with your own rig. There are approximately 586,000 square miles to travel in Alaska. We are just giving you a nice touch of that 586,000 miles in some of the Alaskan wilderness. It is better than any zoo for viewing wildlife. You can view sea life such as humpback whales, blue whales, and orcas on a day cruise or kayaking. On land, you can view grizzly bears, wolves, lynx, moose, and bald eagles in their natural habitats. Alaska also offers the best fishing in the world! You can’t ask for better fly-fishing & saltwater fishing. You can charter a boat, seaplane, helicopter, or pull off the side of the road and cast your line! There are 3 million lakes, 3,000 rivers and 627 species of fish in the Alaskan waters. Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in North America. Denali National Park offers day hiking, mountain biking, and much more. This is an experience of a lifetime. You will have memories forever that you will never forget. You will also have the fun and fellowship with many WBCCI members. Traveling with the WBCCI club has been one of my greatest life experiences. We will do din-

4/8-22/2013 STOP: MADISON, GA

Love to Golf? We will play golf for two days at each stop as we travel across the State of Georgia. Come join your Airstream friends in a friendly game of golf. We begin this caravan in Reidsville at the Gordonia – Alatamaha State Park. Reidsville is near Claxton, GA, home of the famous Claxton Fruitcake. Next we travel to Little Ocmulgee State Park near McRae, GA. Little Ocmulgee is a short drive to the town of Vidalia. Vidalia Onions are grown only in this area and you may tour the Vidalia Onion Museum. Then we travel on to the Brickyard Plantation Golf Club south of Americas, GA. Americus offers a nice quaint town with lots of antiques. While in Americus, make time to visit the historic, Windsor Hotel, built in 1892 and located in the heart of downtown. A short drive West of Americas is Plains, GA, and hometown of President Jimmy Carter. On to the Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park located on the shores of Lake Blackshear near Cordele. Our final stop will be Hard Labor Creek State Park located in Madison, GA. Madison is East of Atlanta, GA. Note: Region III Rally at Stone Mountain begins April 23, 2013 in Atlanta, GA. Leaders: Jim & Sheila Skipper WBCCI #3178, Ph: 850-877-1729 (Home), 850-528-0437 (cell), 850-519-1976 (cell), Email:, Address: 9150 Seafair Lane, Tallahassee, FL 32317. Total Number of Nights:15, Number of Stops: 5, Kitty Fee w/2:TBD, Kitty Fee w/1: TBD, Guest: TBD, Deposit: $250.00, 1st Payment: October 1, 2012, Balance due: December 1, 2012, Cancellation: $50 plus non-refundable deposits prior to December 1, 2012. Leaders Discretion after December 1, 2012. Limit: 16 RVs w/leader.

NATIONAL CARAVAN APPLICATION (please type or print clearly - every blank must be filled in)

Caravan #__________________ Caravan Name__________________________________________________________________________ Last Name________________________ First______________________Spouse_____________________WBCCI#_____________________ Summer Address___________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ Phone # _______________________________EMail____________________________________________ Winter Address:

From:________ To:______________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone #________________________________Email_____________________________________________________________________ # of Adults__________Children_________Pets_________Ham #___________________MH/T_________ft. Handicapped? Amount Enclosed: (US$)________________________Check #________________

Make checks payable to:

WBCCI National Caravan

Mail to: Caravan Leader Blue Beret/October 2012


REGION 11 RALLY Montezuma County Fairgrounds Cortez, Colorado October 10 - 14, 2012

CAROLINAS MOUNTAIN JAMBOREE and INSTALLATION RALLY Host: Western NC Unit 169 Palmetto Cove, Cleveland, South Carolina October 17 - 21, 2012

WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________ WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________ Name____________________________ Spouse__________________ Name____________________________ Spouse__________________ Others __________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ City_______________________State_________Zip ______________ Phone_________________ Email_____________________________ Email ___________________________ Phone__________________ Number of Persons ________ Handicapped ___________________ PARKING FEE: PAY UPON ARRIVAL. Do not include parking fee with registration. Rally Fee: $50.00 per person if paid by Sept. 1, 2012 $_____________ $55.00 per person if paid after Sept. 1, 2012 $_____________ $35.00 per person by Sept. 1, 2012 for arrival on Friday. $_____________ Children 16 and under are free. TOTAL ENCLOSED $_____________ Send Registration Coupon, check, and stamped self-addressed business envelope for complete Rally Program brochure, directions to the rally, and receipt. Know what’s happening before you get there! Make checks payable to: WBCCI - Carolinas State Rally Mail to: Fred Brandt, P.O. Box 444, Lyman, SC 29365

Rally Fee: $60.00 per Adult X ______ = $__________ Children (under 16) $ Free Parking Fee: X ______ = $__________ $20.00 per night (Max of 4) TOTAL = $__________ Please attach any special needs. Please join us for good old western fun. The fee includes 2 dinners, 4 breakfasts and 2 nights of quality entertainment. One day has been set aside for visiting and exploring the sites of the Four Corners area. For more information: Ph: 602-376-1105 Make checks payable to: Region 11 WBCCI Mail to: Richard Girard, 18223 N. 1st Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85023

49TH NATIONAL MARDI GRAS RALLY Hosted by the Greater New Orleans LA Unit Wed., February 16 - Wed., February 13, 2013 UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________


Rally Fee: $1,200.00 for 2 persons (7 nights parking included) $740.00 for single $460.00 for each additional person Early Parking will be available beginning on Monday, Feb. 4 at $40.00 per night. Please add to the total if you plan to arrive early.




A confirmation email with detailed information and driving directions will be sent once your deposit is received.

Name____________________________ Spouse__________________

Phone #__________________ Cell Phone #___________________ Winter/Summer Address:___________________________________ ________________________________________________________


Blue Beret/October 2012

$600.00 (balance to be paid by December 31, 2012)

Make check payable to: GNO LA Unit - National Mardi Gras Rally Mail to: Lonnie Carver, P.O. Box 1131, Slidell, LA 70459 Ph. 504-957-9362 • Email:

40th ANNUAL FLORIDA STATE RALLY Sarasota County Fairgrounds 3000 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, Florida February 13 - 18, 2013

53rd Hobo Rally (32nd National Hobo Rally) Colorado River Fairgrounds, Blythe, California January 28 - February 3, 2013 Name___________________________________________________

WBCCI # _________Unit__________________________Reg._____ Name____________________________ Spouse__________________ Unit/Region/International Officer Title: _______________________

Address_________________________________________________ City_____________________________State/Prov_____Zip_______ WBCCI #_____________________ Phone _____________________

Child(ren) Name(s) under 15 years old: ______________________

Email ___________________________________________________

Add’l Guest(s) Name(s) 15 years or older: ____________________

Check any below that apply:

Address_________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ Phone: _____________________ Cell: ________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________ Emergency Contact: _____________________ Phone: ___________ Airstream Model: _____ Motorhome _____ Trailer _____ Touring Coach ____ No Airstream at Rally Pet: No____ Yes____ - number ____ Pet Show No____ Yes____ Handicap Parking __________ (State ID Placard required)

First Timer _______ Vintage Club_______ Classic Club _______ Committee Member _______ Chair _______ Early Worker_______ Name of Committee _______________________________________ Adults # _______ Children #_______Handicap Parking _______ _______ Send me a Prison Tour Security Form (Will be sent by email unless otherwise requested) _______ Yes, I will bring a NEW TOY to donate locally (Unwrapped, for a child ages 8 - 16) _______ I am bringing my band instrument and it’s a(n)

For Meal Planning: # of Vegetarian Meals Requested: ______ Rally Fee: (Children under 15 years old - Free) Full Registration (Arrive Wednesday - Depart Monday) Airstream w/1 adult $150.00 $__________ Airstream w/2 adults $220.00 $__________ Tuesday Early Arrival $ 15.00 $__________ Addt’l Guest(s) 15 years or older Number ____ at $ 70.00 pp $__________ Attendee(s) w/o Airstream Number _____ at $ 70.00 pp $__________ Weekend Registration (Arrive Friday - Depart Monday) Airstream w/1 adult $120.00 $__________ Airstream w/2 adults $180.00 $__________ Thursday Early Arrival $ 15.00 $__________ Addt’l Guest(s) 15 years or older Number ____ at $ 60.00 pp $__________ Attendee(s) w/o Airstream Number _____ at $ 60.00 pp $__________ TOTAL $__________

________________________________________ RALLY FEES Airstream with 2 adults @ $225 Airstream with 1 adult @ $210 Adult guest (15+ years) # _____X $50 If postmarked before December 31, 2012: Deduct $5 per person   Total Amount Due

$ ________ $ ________ $ ________ $ (________) $_____________

Make your check payable to: Region 12 Hobo Rally Mail check with coupon to: Cecelia Stansbury, Hobo Rally Registrar 2615 Oak Ridge Dr., Carson City, NV 89703


Confirmation will be emailed or if no email listed, confirmation will be sent via USPS. Cancellation Policy - Cancellation Fee of $10 per person before January 1, 2013. Cancellation fee of $20 per person after January 1, 2013. No refunds after February 7, 2013. Make check payable to Florida State Rally. Mail registration form and check to: Florida State Rally 139 Royal Dunes Blvd., Ormond Beach, FL 32176 Visit: email:

Blue Beret/October 2012


Welcome to the Airstream Owners Association

J o i n To d a y ! To join, contact Deb Mann, Membership Director, or go to and join online!

Affordable Adventure is now yours!

2012 International Dues - $65.00 plus unit dues


Blue Beret/October 2012

If you have pictures depicting WBCCI caravans and rallies, please share them with us. These pictures may be used for promotional material, the Membership Directory, “Blue Beret” cover, or published in “Club Scenes”. Pictures should be of rally/caravan activities. When choosing a photo, consider the potential member and what would entice him/her to join the club. Please include a description of the picture, member names, specific rally/caravan, dates, etc. and send to or WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334. NOTE: Original photos or .jpg file formats are preferred.

Oregon Unit members at the Flamingo Rally! -submitted by Mona Heath, #3339

New Mexico Unit Rally in Dragoon, AZ -submitted by Joanne Palmer, #2282

Participants of the Central Pennsylvania Unit Carlisle Rally -submitted by Joan Bucher, #1467

Southern Ilinois Unit Rally touring a one room school house of which member Roger Hoffmann, front right, taught in 1949-1950. -submitted by Gordon White, #3855

The Alabama Unit visiting the Naval Air Museum in Gulf Shores, AL -submitted by John Rylee, #2050

Metro Detroit MI Unit Shakedown Rally -submitted by Rachel Bates, #8314

Blue Beret/October 2012



Blue Beret/October 2012

Blue Beret Magazine October 2012