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Florida State Rally Barry Heckenswiler and Rick Bell

Thought for the Month.... MEMBERS MAKE EVENTS No one needs to smile more than the SUCCESSFUL person who doesn’t have one.

pril is the traditional month when snow birds return home. It is the start of our camping/rally season. Many Units have maintenance rallies to ensure that all those miles we travel are as safe as possible. This rally has always had some of the best attendance, so try one that is already established or design one of your own. I have been asked numerous times about the Motion that deals with the new Constitution. YES, it will be presented at the Delegates’ meeting on June 30, 2012. Also, on the agenda is the election of your International Officers and the Motorhome Motion. Quite a full slate but with patience and a sense of humor we can accomplish anything. This is important for all members, so make sure your Unit has representation at the Delegates’ meeting. Sometimes I hear rumbling about Roberts Rules and why do we need them. Well, our meetings are conducted with Roberts Rules which give voice to not only the majority but especially the minority. They safeguard our rights. As in past years, there are some of our members who would like to rent golf carts. In this addition of the Blue Beret you will find a coupon to do just that. So if you want a golf cart in Sedalia please take notice of the coupon. If you have not registered for the 55th International Convention/Rally in Sedalia, there is still time. Tickets for the 4th of July picnic are $5.50 and can be purchased during registration. Sedalia has a fireworks display on July 4th, so the closing ceremonies will be in the afternoon so we can all get comfortable and watch the display. I know this is a deviation from past years, but we will give it a try. We look forward to seeing our Airstream family in Sedalia. Barry Heckenswiler

“Winter” camping - First time out in New Bern, NC, with a 19’ Bambi just purchased late fall. - submitted by Dan McDougall, #1971

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Blue Beret/April 2012

Fred Carmichael, #2208, a member of the Northern Virginia Unit for 32 years and a Past Unit President who has been on 25 caravans. -submitted by Thomas Carmichael , #2212 7289 Torbram Road, Mississauga, ON L4T 1G8. Notification of address change is the responsibility of the member or recipient and should be received at least two months in advance to avoid delays in forwarding. Remailing of back issues is at recipient expense. Address corrections, suggestions, stories, art, photos, advertising and paid mail subscriptions ($25/year, included in members’ dues) may be mailed to: BLUE BERET/WBCCI, P.O. Box 612, 803 E. Pike Street, Jackson Center, OH 45334, Phone 937/596-5211, Fax 937-596-5542, email: POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: BLUE BERET/WBCCI, P.O. Box 612, 803 E. Pike Street, Jackson Center, OH 45334.

Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc. 803 E. Pike Street • Jackson Center, OH 45334-0612 Phone 937-596-5211 • FAX 937-596-5542 Web address: INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President........................................... Barry Heckenswiler 1st Vice President.............................................Don Clark 2nd Vice President.................................... John Boutwell 3rd Vice President........................................John Stumpf Recording Secretary........................................... Jo Jugel Treasurer.......................................................... June Ryan Past President.................................................. Norm Beu

REGION PRESIDENTS Region 1.......................................................Russ Melocik Region 2................................................... Kathy Forsythe Region 3.............................................................. Rick Bell Region 4................................................. Karin Kurkowski Region 5....................................................Louise Humble Region 6...........................................Kathleen Hedgepeth Region 7............................................................ Joan Lahr Region 8........................................................ Fred Steurer Region 9.......................................................C.C. Gartman Region 10...................................................... Adolf Knopp Region 11................................................. Dan Neumarkel Region 12.................................................Judy Bechthold Parliamentarian............................................Dona Garner

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Vol. 48

April 2012

Issue No. 4

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Caravans............................. 28 QUIETLY TO QUEBEC CARAVAN.................28 Short Caravans are the Heart of WBCCI..........29

International Rally.............. 30 National Rallies................... 41 The Spirit of Cleveland Rally..............................41

Special Event Rally............ 41 Galax Fiddlers’ Convention Rally ......................41

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on the cover...

Background and top picture: Katy Depot (read more on p. 31 ) Center L-R: Historic Bothwell Lodge Missouri State Fair Entrance Bottom: Missouri State Fair Coliseum “AIRSTREAM” is a registered trademark used under license.

Blue Beret/April 2012









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Blue Beret/April 2012

Blue Beret/April 2012


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Blue Beret/April 2012


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Blue Beret/April 2012

2012-2013 Election Section


Don Clark WBCCI EXPERIENCE: Member since 1998 Santa Clara CA Unit President Region 12 - 2nd VP, 1st VP and President 2003 - 2009 International VP since 2009 Attended 2000 - 2011 Intl. Rallies (except 2004) Attended 2006 - 2012 Mid-Winter IBT Meetings Conducted “Personal Safety Seminars” at Int’l Rallies Conducted several “Police K9 Demos” at Int’l Rallies Organized a fund raiser for a slain Vermont State Trooper at the Vermont Int’l Rally Attended many Unit and Region rallies as well as Unit Caravans. PERSONAL: Age 67, married 47 years to wife Janice. Two sons, one foster son, one daughter, seven grandchildren. EDUCATION: Jesuit Education from the University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. Degree earned: Bachelor in Public Administration, School of Business Teaching Credentials in Police Science, California Community College Level OCCUPATION: Retired in 1999 after thirty two (32) years in Law En-

forcement in San Jose, CA. Several assignments from Aide to the Asst. Sheriff, Public Relations, Civil Division, Patrol Sergeant, Auto Theft Detective, Personnel Investigator, Acting Lieutenant, K9 Unit Commander, World Cup Soccer Coordination, plus duties invoving budget preparation and responsibility for large sums of money. COMMUNITY SERVICE: Raised $6500 for Region 12 Public Service Project (Donated K9 to a California Law Enforcement Agency), Organized and raised $40,000 to take a Youth Soccer Team to Germany, coached Little League Baseball and Youth Soccer Teams, Member of Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge 2089, Gila Bend, AZ and member of the Gila Bend, AZ Sportsman Club. If elected I will work for the betterment of WBCCI as best I can. WBCCI is a great club and I want to see that it remains that way. I believe in balanced budgets and not spending monies that are not available to be spent. WBCCI belongs to the members. We must remember we are an RV Club and we need to get back to having fun.


John Boutwell

PERSONAL: Born February 9, 1940, in Chicago, Illinois. Married 47 years to Beverly until her passing in March 2009. I have two sons and daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. WBCCI: We purchased our first Airstream in May 1996 and began full-timing, joining the Pensacola FL Unit July 1996. Continued full timing, based in Pensacola until returning home to California in January 2001 and joined first the San Bernardino (El Camino Real) CA Unit, and then the San Fernando Valley CA Unit - Associate member in 2001 and regular member in 2003. LEADERSHIP: INTERNATIONAL: 2ND VP 2011—2012, 3 VP 2010— 2011, Telephone Committee Chairman, 1998 – 2009; International Rally Advance Team, 2004 – 2011; FullTimers Intra-Club, President, 2000, Vice President, 1999; CB Intra-Club, Trustee, 1998 – 1999. REGION 12: President, 2009 – 2010; 1 Vice President, 2007 – 2009; 2nd Vice President, 2005 – 2007; Sound System Chairman, 2002 – 2009. San Fernando Valley CA Unit: President, 2005; Vice President, 2004. PARTICIPATION: INTERNATIONAL: Attended and provided support for all International Rallies from 1997 to Present. REGION 12: Attended all Region Rallies 2001 to 2011 (assisted with parking 2001, Sound System Chairman

2002 - 2009). National Event Rallies: Hobo from 2001 to 2010 (served as Sound System Chairman 2003-2009); Rose Parade Rally 2004 – 2006, 2010 (assisted with parking, set up, teardown, and food service). REGION 6: Active in attending Pensacola FL Unit and Region rallies 1996 through 1999. Led Unit Caravan from Pensacola to Huntsville 1997. OTHER NATIONAL RALLIES: Potlatch & Salmon (4), Fiesta de Santa Fe (1), Old Threshers (1), Pendleton Roundup (1), Autumn Leaf Festival (1), Ontario Provincial (1), Region 2 (1), Region 6 (3), Region 7 (1), Region 8 (2), Region 10 (1), and Region 11 (2). EDUCATION: DeVry Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, AAS Degree; Prairie Bible College, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada, BTh. Hundreds of hours of seminars and training in management, contracting, and administration with the U.S. Department of Navy; Occupation: Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake, California, 27 years in product assurance and systems acquisition management as a Civil Service Employee. Blue Beret/April 2012


Election Section


John Stumpf PERSONAL: Born January 6, 1939, in Hamilton, Ohio Married January 15, 1960, to Sandra Two sons, twin daughters, eight grandchildren WBCCI: Bought first Airstream; joined WBCCI 1970 Treasurer; Director; Vice President – Cincinnati Ohio Unit President, Cincinnati, Ohio Unit – 1972-74 Transferred to Pensacola FL Unit – 1983 Director, Vice President – Pensacola FL Unit President Pensacola FL Unit – 2004 Region 6 Vice President – 2005-09 Region 6 President – 2009-11 International 3rd Vice President – 2011-12 Attended 11 International Convention/Rallies Attended all Mid-Winter IBTs since 2005 Chairman, Reg. 6 Sponsored Mid-Winter IBT 2010 EDUCATION: Trenton High School graduate, Trenton, Ohio – 1957 Miami University, Oxford, Ohio – 1958-59 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio – 1966-67

Middle Management Course, Miami University – 1972 Dale Carnegie, “Effective Speaking & Human Relations” - 1973 OCCUPATION: Air Force Reserves, Flight Engineer, C119 - 1957-1962 Management, Pease Company, Hamilton, Ohio – 19651979 President & Owner, door manufacturing company, Ohio - 1979-1983 Commerical & Residential Sales for local brick company - 1984-1988 Branch Manager, Cabinet Co. (company left Pensacola) - 1988-1990 Commercial & Residential Sales, W.R. Taylor, Pensacola - 1990-2004 Retired from W.R. Taylor Co. 2004 COMMUNITY SERVICE: Chairman for 10 years - “Feeding the Homeless on Thanksgiving” - 1990-2000 at the Southern Baptist Church we’ve been members of since 1986


JOHN (Joe) Perryman WBCCI: WBCCI Life Member, Joined Washington Unit June, 2001 Region 10 1st Vice President, February 2010-Present Region 10 2nd Vice President, July 2009-Feb. 2010 Washington Unit President, September 2006-2007 Washington Unit Vice President, September 2003-2006 Chaired Committee to reorganize Washington Land Yacht Harbor, 2007-2008 Chaired the Intl. Convention Rally Cashier Committee, 2005-2009 Region 10 Treasurer, July 2007 to July 2009 Member of Constitution Revision Committee, International, July 2010 to July 2011 Member 2020 Planning Committee, International, January 2008 to July 2010 Hosted several Washington Unit rallies, including National Potlatch & Salmon Rally, Autumn Leaf Rally and Crab Feed Rally EDUCATION: Wilder High School, Wilder, ID Green River Community College, Highline Community College, Boise State University, and management training courses through HP PROFESSIONAL: Boeing Aircraft, Seattle, WA, 1966 - 1975


Blue Beret/April 2012

Tool & Die Maker for 6 years, Instructor for 3 years Hewlett Packard, Boise, ID, 1977 - 1994 Engineering Services Manager Special Assignments: Instructor, Engineer New Hire Training Courses including Geometrical Dimensioning Project Manager for Engineering Prototype Scheduling System used company wide OTHER: Toastmasters 1985-1994 Past Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers Escapees, North Ranch Board, January 2003-2006, Chairman 2005-2006, Escapees Club Representative 2002-2009 Member of Elks Lodge 2160, Wickenburg, AZ Hosted Boise Division of HP Annual Picnic, July, 1988, 2000 plus attendees Hosted numerous Escapee rallies including 2005 LaFiesta Rally, 450 plus attendees. Hobbies – Fishing, Drawing, Watercolor Painting PERSONAL: Married to Sandy for 50 Years, 3 Children, 9 Grandchildren, 6 Great Grandchildren.

Election Section


Cecelia Stansbury EDUCATION: Graduated, Alameda High School, Alameda, CA Graduated, Armstrong University, Berkeley, CA with AA Degree in Legal Secretarial Studies

PROFESSIONAL: Legal Secretary for 43 years, retired June 2010 President of Legal Secretary Association for 3 years Treasurer of Legal Secretary Association for 3 years Parliamentarian of Legal Secretary Association for 3 years

WBCCI: 2002–Present-Member of the Santa Clara CA Unit 2005-2008 - Secretary, Santa Clara CA Unit 2008-2010 - President, Santa Clara CA Unit 2008-2010 - Region 12 Parliamentarian Current - Region 12 Secretary

PERSONAL: Born March 27, 1948 in Ashland, Kentucky Married to Robert for 43 years, 2 children, 4 grandchildren Elder of Presbyterian Church

2010/2011 - International Convention/Rally Receptionist 2010/2011 - International Recording Secretary Receptionist Attended 6 International Rallies and 2 IBTs Participated in 4 National Rose Parade Rallies Participated in 3 National Hobo Rallies Participated in National Mardi Gras Rally Participated in Louisiana Cajun Heritage Caravan


Kathy Hampel PERSONAL: Born November 23, 1954, in San Bernardino, CA Married to Jack Hampel since 1999 Have 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren AA degree in Business Administration 1984 EMPLOYMENT: 1985 – Present, Financial Analyst, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Currently managing a $40M dollar annual budget WBCCI: 2004 – Present 2004 – Present 2005 – Present 2005 – 2011 2008

Member of the Santa Clara CA Unit, Region 12 Treasurer of Santa Clara CA Unit Treasurer of Region 12 Treasurer for the Hobo Natl. Rally Treasurer and Registrar, Region 12 Rally, Watsonville, CA

2008 Attended and completed the Leadership seminar series at the International Convention/Rally in Bozeman, Montana 2009 – 2011 Registrar for the Hobo Natl. Rally

PARTICIPATION: 6 International Convention/Rallies 7 Region 12 Rallies 7 National Hobo Rallies 3 National Rose Parade Rallies Responsible for coordinating and organizing membership tour to the Nevada Test Site at the 2007 Region 12 Rally in Las Vegas, Nevada

Blue Beret/April 2012



C.C. Gartman UNIT: Texas Highland Lakes Unit EDUCATION: Graduated from Grand Prairie High School Attended University of Texas at Arlington WBCCI: Member of WBCCI for 11 years Traveled 5 Texas Unit Caravans Attended 13 Region 9 Rallies since 1999 1999-2002 Texas Unit Director 2002-2003 Texas Unit 2nd Vice President 2003-2004 Texas Unit 1st Vice President 2004-2005 Texas Unit President Hosted many Unit Rallies 2008-2009 Region 9, 2nd Vice-President 2009-2010 Region 9, 1st Vice President 2010-2012 Region 9, President OCCUPATION: 1959-1961 United States Navy 1963-1996 Worked at General Dynamics/Lockheed Aircraft Worked the last 7 1/2 years in Turkey and retired as

Manager of Production/Manufacturing Engineering PERSONAL: Married Carla on June 20, 1986, Carla and I have 4 children from previous marriages and 11 grandchildren Member of the First Baptist Church in Burleson, Texas I was born in Sanco, TX on December 18,1940 I was a Water Safety Instructor for the Red Cross and a Life Guard for two years while in the Navy. My favorite sports are Golf and Baseball I am very proud to be a member of WBCCI and want to continue to be part of it. The whole objective of my roll is to represent the members. I worked hard as Region 9 President in an effort to make it the best Region in WBCCI. I did this with my total heart and soul. So, if I get elected I will nominate the person I feel will best represent the members and advancement of our club.


Carolyn Florence To serve on the WBCCI Nominating Committee, to assist in finding dedicated members to serve the leadership positions in the club. My vision for the club is to strengthen the fellowship in “Fun, Fellowship and Adventure.” If we strengthen fellowship, fun and adventure will follow.

Law Seminars for Law Office Personnel, Washington State Bar Association Tutor Training Certificate, Laubach Literacy Action WBCCI: International Joined WBCCI and Washington Unit, 1979 Management Training, Oregon State University International Recording Secretary, 2008-2009 Management, Leadership and Supervisory Skills for National/Special Events Standing Committee Chairman Women, Nat’l Business Women’s Association Region 10 First Lady, Contributing Editor, Blue Beret, North Alabama College of Commerce, Huntsville, AlaCommunity Services Chair bama, Business Administration Washington Unit First Lady, Assistant Secretary, Re Graduate, Columbia High School, Richland, Washington cording Secretary, Parliamentarian OCCUPATION: Attended Nineteen International Rallies; Eight Mid-Win Law Office Administrator, Aberdeen, Washington, Reter International Boards of Trustees tired in December 1998 Caravan Leader: Unit, Mini-Caravan to Boiseland, Region, Executive Secretary, Weatherly Heights Baptist Church, Crossing Canada Caravan and Goin’ to Sun Valley Huntsville, Alabama International History/Yearbook Chairman English Instructor, Nationalist Chinese Army, Guided Washington Land Yacht Harbor Board of Directors, Missile Command, Taipei, Taiwan; Ming Chuan College, Second Vice President Shu Lin, Taiwan Major Rallies: Mardi Gras, Rose Parade, Statue of Procurement and Travel Secretary, Computer Sciences Liberty, Pendleton Roundup, Hobo, Potlatch Corporation, Huntsville, Alabama PERSONAL: Clerk Typist, U.S. Army Procurement Center, Frankfurt, Born in Seattle, Washington, Married to Ronald FlorGermany ence, Two Children, Five Grandchildren, One GreatOTHER: Grandchild Ron and I have traveled extensively in Europe and Asia EDUCATION: and in the U.S. with our Airstream. Graduate, Grays Harbor College, Aberdeen, Washing- Order of the Eastern Star, Worthy Matron, Deputy Inton; AS Degree in Business Management structor, Grand Representative Blue Beret/April 2012 12

Club News

MEMBERSHIP Great Activities – Just Past and About To Happen, But What About the Price Of Fuel? WOW, in reading many of our Unit newsletters I see some great activities have taken place over the last few months – who said winter stopped us from Airstreaming. And, many wonderful Unit rallies are just around the corner – I just wish we could attend all of them, meet new (and old) friends and experience the fantastic opportunities our Club provides. Here are a few examples.

Don McKelvay Chairman

tures’ in Myrtle Beach, SC (April 22-29), and On February 13, I hosted the 4th Airstreamers In The Valley Luncheon at the Tip Region 8 ‘Get Your Kicks on Route 66’ in O’ Texas RV Park in Pharr, TX – this was Springfield, MO (April 25-29). Then in May open to anyone who owned an Airstream, Region 4 will hold their ‘Spring Into Summer Club member or not. We had 103 attendin Coldwater’ Rally in Coldwater, MI (May ing from 7 of the 12 Regions. The picture 21-27), and Region 2’s ‘Dig Into Diamonds’ below shows me presenting special towels Rally in Frankfort, NY (May 30-June 3). made by Charlie Petrillo, #6856 to Bruno All of these activities are organized and & Nancy Favretto #2227 from the Ontario hosted by volunteers, which makes these Canada Unit who were the newest members not only the most enjoyable for those lucky of the Club and Blair & Marilyn Douglas from to attend, but also the best going value for Woodstock, Ontario who are Airstream ownthe money as the aim for such rallies is to ers but ‘not yet’ members of the Club!  It was Don McKelvay with two couples who basically ‘break even’ – the same as our really interesting given all of us were from were presented with special towmany and varied Club caravans. Make sure els made by Charlie Petrillo, #6856 Ontario plus there were another 17 from - Bruno & Nancy Favretto, #2227, and you take advantage of all these activities Blair & Marilyn Douglas Ontario some 2,000 miles away. when you can. The Florida State Rally (February 14-19) had 336 rigs atSpeaking of money we have all seen and felt the great tending and from all reports everyone had a wonderful time increase in fuel costs and hear it will likely get worse. There with excellent entertainment, many vendors including Airstream really are some things we can do to minimize the impact such who sent parts and technicians to provide advice. Some have as plan to stay longer in a location and as they say ‘smell the reported next year the Rally may run from Wednesday to roses’ – I am sure we could stay twice as long in most places Monday to make it easier for working people to attend. and get to see and learn much more about what is offered The Texas Coastal Plains Unit attended the Eunice Mardi there. Hosts – perhaps consider a Unit rally close to where Gras in Eunice, LA (mid February) and this picture simply shows another local festival is to take place so members can stay what an outstanding time everyone had – now that was fun. and attend the festival. Consider attending more local Unit And many wonderful Unit rallies are just around the cor- activities with your Unit friends, or, embark on a trip to visit one ner – The Virginia Unit will be attending an exciting and very or more other Units near where you live – again a wonderful educational Civil War Re-Enactment “Living History with Lee’s chance to see how other Units conduct their rallies, meet more Lieutenants 9” near Appomattox, VA, (April 13-15) –check friends and gain another memorable experience. out The Northern Virginia Unit is Now what about the fuel costs? Use Internet sites such running a “In The Footas ‘’ to steps of Robert E. Lee” determine which service Caravan (May 27 - June stations offer the low9) from Montross, VA est price and fuel up to Lexington, VA. This there, often wholesale caravan is open to all clubs, grocery stores or WBCCI members and for department stores with more information go to: gas stations will sell fuel http://northva.wbcci. close to cost or at a loss (loss leader). Companies net/files/2012/01/ such as Wal-Mart and february-2012.pdf In April there will be HEB, etc. if you use their two Region rallies – Repre-loaded cards give a gion 3 ‘Undersea Adven- Texas Coastal Plains Unit dressed up for the Country Mardi Gras in Eunice, LA 3 cent or more discount -submitted by Rae Gilbert, #1450

Blue Beret/April 2012


Club News when you get fuel from their service station and some credit card companies also give fuel discounts. Other stores will sometimes offer a voucher to redeem against the price of fuel, depending on how much you spend in their store. Gas stations near major freeway exits can be more expensive than stations just a little further away. It can often pay to drive a few blocks from the freeway to find a better deal and look for places with lots of competition (hence moderately sized cities). Keep your gas tank at least one-fourth full at all times. If you’re in an area where gasoline stations are few and far between, try to keep the tank more than half full. When fuel prices are continually climbing refuel more often. Fill up whenever and wherever it is cheaper.

Here are some other helpful suggestions: • • • • • •

• •


Keep your vehicle properly serviced so it is functioning at optimal performance including ensuring your air filter is in good shape. Keep your tires properly inflated. Don’t over pack or carry items you do not need as it adds unnecessary weight and the extra pounds reduce fuel efficiency. In the hotter months, leave in the cooler hours of early morning when the RV/tow vehicle air conditioning usage will be less; thus, reducing fuel consumption. Use your air conditioner sparingly but avoid opening the windows as this can increase drag and decrease fuel economy. Consider driving slower, most vehicles today are set to achieve optimal fuel economy around 55 MPH and if you drive too fast you won’t be able to get the best fuel saving. Use the overdrive gears, as this will generally keep your RPM down and maximize your MPG. Some drivers constantly push and release the gas pedal after reaching cruising speed. Picture an egg between your foot and the pedal. Ease down on the gas to increase speed. Keeping steady pressure, pressing very gradually will improve MPG right away. Use cruise control to help cut fuel consumption by maintaining a steady speed during highway driving on flat roads, down sloping roads, and on moderate hills. On steep hills, cruise adds additional fuel into the engine to try and maintain speed. When approaching a steep hill keep the momentum of speed up by overriding the cruise, and applying the gas manually before reaching the hill. This will help prevent the unit from lugging down. Then manually shift into a lower gear at about 45 MPH instead of pushing the gas pedal to the floor. This will not only improve MPG going up the steep hill, but it will also protect your transmission, your engine and your exhaust manifolds. If you must stop or slow down, resume your cruising speed gradually. Re-engage your cruise control AFTER you have resumed top cruising speed. A cruise control engaged too early will try to get the unit back up to speed too fast, decreasing MPG. Driving behind a large 18 wheeler, without tailgating Blue Beret/April 2012

• •

• • •

• • •

of course, will reduce the head wind and improve your mileage. It has also been reported that this is more relaxing as the professional drivers stay at constant speeds, don’t change lanes often, and their presence prevents cars from swerving in front. Avoid driving in stop-and-go traffic. Avoid driving through major metropolitan areas during the time that locals are driving to and from work. Don’t accelerate or brake too hard, look ahead for slowing or stopped traffic and use your engine to slow you down. Coasting to decelerate or using the ‘tow haul mode’ saves fuel and cuts down on brake wear. Shift into neutral when you are standing still to reduce transmission strain and cool off the transmission. Avoid long idles and if over a minute shut the engine off. To the extent that nights are cooler and less windy, consider traveling then. Cooler, less wind means less AC needed and less resistance due to winds thus improved MPG. Stretch your available money by eating in the Airstream a little more often and less at restaurants (other than ice cream places of coarse). RVing gives us the opportunity to be able to pack lunches for day outings while providing a place to be able to cook breakfast and dinner. Or travel with one or more friends on a caravan and have those fantastic ‘potlucks’ where everyone uses their great culinary skills to produce scrumptious food. While you are considering what amenities you need at a campground cost should help influence that decision. There are many low-cost campgrounds available if you are willing to compromise on amenities. You may also find that provincial/state park campgrounds and National Forest Service or Corps of Engineer campgrounds will more than suit your needs. These campgrounds often offer significant savings over commercial campgrounds; however, they usually don’t have the amenities commercial campgrounds offer. That doesn’t mean that public campgrounds don’t have a lot to offer though. How about using our fabulous and best kept secret ‘Courtesy Parking’ – remember they would not list their information if they did not want you to stop overnight – give them a try and you will love it. Stay at our Airstream RV parks or those commercial campgrounds who advertise in our Annual Directory. Consider joining a discount camping club such as Passport America where they offer 50% off on camping – some restrictions do apply! Be on the lookout for discount admission to local attractions. Usually the campground can help you find these discounts. You can also ask about other low-cost entertainment alternatives. You would be surprised what ‘gems’ a local can recommend.

Remember RV travel is still the most popular leisure travel and the most value for the money. The increases in fuel costs just means we have to be a little more creative in our wonderful Airstream Club lifestyle.

Airstream Tech Help Group Howard Lefkowitz, #6077 Phil Broomall, #2654 Jim Cooper, #3056 Jamie King, #804 Chuck Helwig, #2868 This group, part of the WBCCI Technical Standing Committee, has been established to help the membership with any of their technical RV problems. Examples of questions that might be of interest to many members will be published in the Blue Beret. We will respond directly to you, in response to your email or letter describing a problem you are having. We hope you will find this new service of value in the care and feeding of your RV. You may contact us as follows: techhelp@wbcci. org or by mail: Howard Lefkowitz, 11508 Colt Terrace, Silver Spring, MD 20902

Intermitten DC Power PROBLEM: While dry camping at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, the direct current (DC) power on our 2007 Safari SE FB quit working. Or more appropriately it worked intermittently. On the second morning we went down to the field to see the mass ascension, when we returned we discovered there was no power at all (no lights, no refrigerator, no water pump, not even the little light on the battery disconnect switch). We connected the A/S to the generator and had power. However, when we turned on additional items, (another light, the water pump to flush the toilet, etc.) I noticed that the other lights would dim, like you were using the batteries and placing additional load on them. In the past I never noticed lights dimming when we were hooked to shore or generator power. Since we were at an Airstream rally, there were plenty of helpful folks around that immediately came over with volt meters, fuses, and even extra batteries. We (they) tested connections and fuses, and determined that I was not getting power to the convertor from the batteries. A suggestion was made that the batteries may be dead (bad cell?), so we planned to go to the local Costco for new batteries. However, as mentioned earlier, when running the generator we had power. We ran the generator until we had to leave to run the errands, but a funny thing happened when we turned off the generator, we had battery power. This lasted for a few minutes, until my wife flushed the toilet, then boom, no power. After returning from Costco we switched the batteries out, to no avail. At this time I noticed that the trailer’s tongue lift jack didn’t work either.  It is connected via a single wire to one of the batteries’ positive post. It’s not connected to anything else in the trailer and I assumed (and still do assume) that it should work as long as the battery it was connected to was good, which it was. I consulted some more people, and a suggestion was made that my battery disconnect switch may be going bad and therefore allowing intermittent power. So we overrode the switch by basically hardwiring the batteries to the convertor. After doing this we had power again from the batteries. I did not test the tongue lift jack at that time. The power from the batteries stayed on for about an hour then, boom, just like turning off a light switch, the power stopped (we were not doing anything, just sitting). After a visit to the dark side, we

woke the next morning watched the festivities and decided to go to an RV park with shore power (the batteries were still not providing power), as we knew we were functional with that option. When we arrived we had no battery power, another volt meter was produced with the same results, no power at the convertor, power in the batteries, the tongue jack did not work and with shore power the lights would dim with additional load being put to the system. The next morning we packed up and home. I did not check to see if we had battery power, I just kept the A/S plugged into shore power so we could lift the trailer. When we arrived home, lo and behold, everything worked on battery power, the lights, the tongue jack, water pump, refrigerator etc. Additionally, when we hooked to shore power there was (is) no dimming with additional load. There were a couple of suggestions regarding the cause of this problem and I thought I would see what you all think. The first is that my convertor is going bad, the second is that I have a short in the ground somewhere (as someone stated this would be the only reason the tongue jack wouldn’t work). I am not saying these are the causes. I have no clue, so I am placing myself in Tech Help’s capable hands. Please and thank you, Patrick.

ANSWER: Verrrry interesting Patrick. Power going off and on in a random manner usually means a switch or connection is causing the problem.  A battery which has a bad cell could do this since the short could be intermittent (metal particles floating in the fluid). However, since you replaced the batteries this rules them out, as well as the battery terminal connections.  Disconnect switches do fail but usually they develop burned spots and severely reduce the current flow capability resulting in a permanent failure. Your converter must be providing some charging capability since the batteries sometimes work and then they abruptly shut off. You are correct about the tongue lift jack as well as your assumption that if it is not working it must be the battery or something in the direct connection. My guess is that the problem is in the battery cable ground to the trailer chassis. Don’t try to move it to see if it is tight.  Take it loose from the chassis; thoroughly clean the grounding area (be sure to get any paint off); check the cable end lug to be sure it is tight and clean; reinstall using a good coating of silicon dielectric on each layer and with a star Blue Beret/April 2012


Club News washer against the chassis/the cable ground lug/flat washer/ lock washer and finally the nut in that order on the bolt. Use stainless steel hardware with the bolt head against the chassis and the washers and lug on the opposite side. After checking to make sure everything is OK spray the entire assembly with a battery terminal protective coating. Another area to check is the ground wire connection from the converter. This, however, would not stop the tongue jack from working. A loose battery ground connection would reduce current flow into the batteries from the converter thus never fully charging them.  When you operate from shore power you are feeding the converter, however, if the battery ground is not good you are trying to power all of the dc voltage appliances direct from the converter. It is not designed to operate this way and supply current directly to all of the trailers dc circuits.  The converter charges the batteries which have the capacity to power the trailers equipment. That is why you were getting the dimming on shore power. Also with a long trip home you are getting more charging time which further indicates you have a bad connection that prevents a full charge of the batteries.  Good Luck and let me know if this fixes the problem. Howard

SOLUTION: Just wanted to provide an update, I believe we have determined the cause of the problem. I think I told you earlier that I was going to just tighten every electric connection I could find. I replaced both battery clamps. I also found where the ground wire connects to the frame and found that it was loose, so I tightened it. Additionally, while taking off the panel to gain access to the other connections I re-created the problem.  No power anywhere, not even the tongue jack. A 20 pack of Coors brought over my crack mechanic (when I say crack I don’t mean he’s good I mean he’s on crack!!!!).  Seriously, he came over with a very sophisticated measuring device (a souped up voltmeter?). However, when we went to take some measurements, he noticed that the battery ground wire basically fell out of the “ground bus”  I mean it wasn’t even tightened down. So we tightened it to the bus, along with every other connection, tightened all the busses to the panel (most were loosely attached and missing screws, several never had screws in the first place).  So we tightened the bejeebers out of everything in that area. Everything now works.  Thank you for all your advice and direction.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Pat ELECTRIC TONGUE JACK WON’T RETRACT PROBLEM: I can’t get the electric tongue jack to retract, and I suspect that the limit switch may be stuck… but I’m stuck until I can figure out who the manufacturer is and possibly what a schematic looks like!  Some wonderfully

helpful person painted over all the data on the jack so I can’t go there… can you folks help?  Switch works fine to elevate ‘A’ frame, but refuses to retract, so my guess is either the limit switch or the toggle switch. Ralph

ANSWER: Here is a link to the Barker Jacks which have some manuals which might be close.  http://www. Download the Super Jack Owner’s Manual. Usually the jack is wired directly to the breakaway switch circuit which goes to the battery through a dc circuit breaker on your panel.  I would check the toggle switch first since they usually tend to burn. Most of the units I have seen use 15 amp switches which are too small. This should be at least a 20 amp rated switch. If this is OK then it could be the limit switch or a broken wire. Howard RESPONSE: BINGO!!!  Looks like exactly what I need…now if I can just find the manual jack handle...I’m going to holler at them and order the parts. No big rush, now that I know what I’m working with! Thanks a bunch, Ralph.

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Airstream Los Angeles San Gabriel, California Note their full page ad on page 7. When you are in their area, be sure to stop in and welcome them to the WBCCI family.

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Please add the following member to Courtesy Parking in the 2011 Membership Directory:  GEORGIA ANDERSONVILLE....Martiny, 22693 (478-952-8630


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HITCHING AND TOWING TIPS For Solo Travelers Developed and Presented by Patti Reed, #1953

April 2012

What Airstream Women Want to Know… Sidra Spies, #1861

HITCHING UP Summary of Part 1: Patti explains what led to her developing her seminar for Solo Airstreamers. She had shared her seminar not only to those who travel solo, but also to those who want to learn in case a spouse or fellow traveler needs help with driving or sharing the work load of traveling with a trailer.

BEFORE YOU START It is important to have the interior of the trailer ready to roll before you start the hitching process. Stow away all items that could fall. Check that all cabinet doors and drawers are firmly latched. Turn off hot water heater, put the fridge on gas if not automatic or turn off. (Tip: I tow with fridge on BUT it is not recommended to do so. If you turn off, put a few bags of ice inside and keep the door shut, all will stay cold.) Put the antenna down and close ALL roof vents and windows being sure they are locked. Take a look around and see if you’ve missed anything. (I usually forget to take the clock off the wall and it usually falls on route!) Next head outside and disconnect all utilities. I buy throw away gloves to do the dirty work. I start with turning off the fresh water so that I can use the hose to wash out my grey/black hose before stowing away. I do this by leaving the elbow IN the sewer hole and holding the disconnected end straight up and WITHOUT touching the water hose to the waste hose I let clean water flow thru the sewer hose into the sewer hole. After stowing the waste and water hoses I disconnect the electric last so that I can keep my fridge and A/C on as long as possible. Lastly, raise the stabilizers and put up the stair. KEEP the wheel chocks behind and in front of the tires in place to prevent unwanted movement while hitching up.


Blue Beret/April 2012

Hitch Bar

Keeping your gloves on, start assembling all the parts needed to hitch the trailer to your tow vehicle. This may include: Hitch bar with ball and locking pin that goes into receiver on back of truck, weight distribution bars with U pins, U pin for coupler latch and sway controller and pins. FAST HITCH MIRROR This works best on SUV’s and station wagons. It can be adjusted to tilt forward or back to make it easier to see. I used with my Suburban.

Raise the jack on the tongue so that the coupler is higher than the ball on the back of the truck. Unlock the latch if the U pin is still attached. (This is when it is very important that the wheel chocks are still in place, the trailer could roll back if not.) Decide what you want to use as a guide for backing up the truck. Possible aids could be a piece of tape on the magnetic poles to give you guidance or a tongue mirror to help guide you in. (see photo’s) **Many new models of towing vehicles come with build in camera, which aid in hitching.

Backing up the Tow Vehicle Here is where the fun begins! Take a good look at where your truck is in relation to the tongue of the trailer. (how far back you have to go vs. backing a little left or right) VERY SLOWLY, back up, looking back over your shoulder. I do NOT look in the rear view mirror as I think it distorts the view. It is GOOD to stop often and get out and take a look where you are and which direction you still have to

Club News go. The hitching mirrors really help in locating exactly where you need to be to connect. Be sure that the coupler is still higher than the ball! Depending on the angle of the coupler you will need to be either directly under it or slightly forward of it so that when you drop the tongue the ball will engage. Lower the jack so that the ball locks into the coupler. Test it by putting the latch down and locking it with a pin then raising the tongue so that the ball is rising with the jack. If all is well, keep raising the tongue so that the rear of the truck starts to rise, too. (This makes the attachment of the distribution bars easier.)

Completing the Connections With the trailer tongue in a raised position (this makes the bars loose and easier to handle) attach the weight distribution (spring) bars, ↘ locking the head firmly into the hitch bar on the back of the truck then attach the chains into the snap up bar and lock in place with a U pin. (IMPORTANT: know exactly which link of the chain should be used to lock in place by asking your significant other or the person who set up the hitching system). When both bars are in place, lower the tongue and put the jack into the traveling position. The spring bars will now be tight. Now attach the safety chains to the back of the truck BEING SURE TO CROSS THEM. Attach the breaka-way wire to the truck, NOT the hitch bar. (In an accident the wire will pull from the truck and cause the trailer brakes to engage to stop the trailer from moving.) If you have a sway system, attach it to the brackets on the side of the tongue and into the small ball on the hitch bar, securing with the U pins and tightening the lever. Lastly plug the pigtail into the back of the tow vehicle being sure it won’t tangle with the sway bar or chains.

READY TO GO??? If all has gone well you are almost ready to pull away. A few more safety steps? Check that all your trailer running lights and brake lights are working by starting the truck and trying one of the turn

turn signals. Raise the jack if you haven’t done so already. Try to pull the chocks out from under the tires. If they won’t move by kicking them you may have to pull the truck forward or back to release them. Take a walk around the trailer looking both under and on top of the trailer. Be sure all is secure and tucked away and your step is up. Look around the campsite and make sure you packed up all the camping equipment.

LOCK UP AND TAKE OFF! Last Step? Take off the gloves or wash your hands! I keep handi-wipes under the sink of the trailer and in the glove compartment of the truck. Be sure to lock the door of the trailer. I pull the trailer out a few feet and look back one more time to see if I’ve left anything. Then I pull out onto a straight surface or road and check my truck mirrors being sure they are pulled out and can see the road behind the trailer. I also get out one more time and take a look at my hitch job. Are all the pins in? Occasionally, you may be camped in an uneven spot and won’t be able to put the weightdistribution bars on until pulled onto a more level spot. It helps to scope out the camping spot BEFORE you unhitch, you may be able to ask for a different location. If it is difficult to unhitch the trailer, you can be sure it will be even more difficult to hitch back up! All the methods are meant for hitching up by yourself. If you have a significant other, the two of you can work together to do the alignment. BUT, this method is dependent on agreeable handsignals! Two people need to communicate to each other what the hand waving means. I’ve seen couples use walkie-talkies to communicate in the dark. When backing up, if the person behind the truck is not visible to the driver in one of the truck mirrors then anything they signal will not be seen.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY If the unthinkable happens while on the road it may change the way you react to the situation if you have planned ahead you will know how to handle it.

Blue Beret/April 2012


Club News

Braking Avoid using your tow vehicle’s brakes when going down long grades. Most trucks and SUV’s have gears to down shift to slow your rig without taxing the brakes. Be aware of the signs warning of steep grades and slow down before you start the grade. Stay to the right and follow the lead of the 18 wheelers, they take it nice and slow. I’d rather be the slowest guy on the right, in low gear, and not using my truck’s brakes.

want the BACK of the trailer to go to the right move your RIGHT hand to the right. If you want to go LEFT, move your hand to the left. Works every time!

TAIL WAGGING I’ll never forget the first time my trailer started to sway behind me! I’d come over a hill on an interstate and the traffic was at a dead stop on the other side. I hit the truck brakes and the trailer started swinging and I thought it was all over. I was lucky, but not because my reaction was right. The better way to stop the tail wagging is to use the trailer’s brake controller in your tow vehicle. By applying the trailer’s brakes the trailer will straighten out. Don’t wait for the wagging to practice! Take your rig to an empty parking lot and practice applying the trailer brakes to get a feel for how it reacts.

DRIVER LOSES CONTROL It can happen, your significant other, who is driving, loses control. I try hard not to fall asleep while my husband is driving our truck. I feel it’s my job to keep HIM awake! But, if the driver has a problem the first thing to do is to reach over and take his/her foot OFF the accelerator, put the vehicle in neutral, and try to steer to the side of the road. This is a situation not easy to predict or think of the right thing to do but after all the accidents we read or hear about, it’s a good thing to think about how you would handle the situation. If you get sleepy, stop in a safe area, get out and walk around. Also, get a good night’s sleep before trips.

BACKING UP TIPS Way back when I bought a ‘67 Safari, the guy at the tire store gave me this tip after I attempted to back up the trailer. He said to put your right hand at the bottom of the steering wheel and your left hand at the top. Look back at the trailer. If you 20

Blue Beret/April 2012

Ready to Give it a Try??? Everyone who enjoys the trailer life should know how to hookup the trailer and tow it. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT and taking turns with a spouse, mate or driving buddy insures that all become confident and able to take on the tasks involved with trailering. Insist on having a turn at it. Two people hitching up goes a lot faster and two drivers eliminate driver fatigue.

IN THE NEXT ISSUE… Will continue the seminar presented by Patti giving her Two Cents Worth. Also included will be:  List of items to remain in the trailer.  List of consumables to check before departing.  Arrival & Setup Checklist Spring is coming early – Time to get your Airstream out and ready for the season.

Club News

LAW MATTERS After watching state budget problems for several months, it is time to look at what congress is doing to aspects of the Airstream life style. 1. They have money problems too, as noted by the Senate bill, MAP 21, and the House bill, HR 7. Both address the National Scenic Byways programs first approved in 1991, and re-authorized in 1998. The initial law allowed the Secretary of Transportation to recognize All American roads based on archaeological, cultural, historic recreational and scenic qualities. Then money would be funded to provide programs and grants for site improvements. Today there are 150 such scenic by-ways in 46 states. The original thoughts were to allow grass roots volunteers to submit projects to the Secretary for approval. Noteworthy is that this network of byways has been identified as promoting international visitation economic development along the corridors, and creating jobs by the new “Brand USA” corporation. The House bill repeals the National

Scenic Byways program, designation, funding and technical assistance. The senate bill discontinues the technical assistance program, and eliminates Richard Jirus competitive funding for projects. The Legislative senate bill rejects any funding for proChairman grams. More information is available on the National Scenic Byways Foundation website: www. 2. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is formalizing a way to regulate RV dealers when they sell RVs to full-timers, since they consider this as a mortgage transaction rather than a traditional vehicle sale. This would put a secondary set of regulations on all RV dealers to consider when making any sale. RVDA (Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association) said that many dealers would face unconscionable financial risks and logistical difficulties when selling to a full-timer.

A Trailerman’s Prayer by Wally Byam O Lord, give us springs that won’t break. Give us rocker arms that won’t wear out the bearings, Give us shackles that won’t elongate the holes Give us a water heater that we can light from the inside and not have to go out in the wind and the rain to try and light it with a blowtorch Give us water tanks that don’t leak, either water or air Give us tubing that doesn’t break at the flares Give us windows and wheel housings that don’t leak dust Give us roof locker doors that will stay closed And above all, O Lord, give us a stove that will stay together in one piece at least for a day or two of washboard roads and we thank those for finally giving us a refrigerator that will make ice under most any condition, the same as Swedish inventions But we pray, O Lord for a door for the refrigerator more solidly built that will stay on under any road conditions. And if it is at all in reason, we would like rivets on the inside skin that would not come out, especially on the bows and around the door and we would like a door lock that wouldn’t shake loose and a door handle that wouldn’t break off and a place and a way to carry eggs outside of burying them in the bed clothes and some way of keeping the clothes hangers from jumping off the rods. But with all the things we want, we thank Thee for the best beds on earth, a trailer that is remarkably cool, even in

the desert heat, windows that open wide and give good ventilation, a tight roof that doesn’t leak, even in the flash floods and the tropical rains of the Belgian Congo, refrigerators that make ice under any and all conditions. A bathtub and a shower that allows a human being to keep as clean as a human being should and a toilet that flushes and a septic tank that doesn’t have too much odor on the inside and a trailer that is with all a haven of comfort on mountain grades, in rock waste lands and in monotonous deserts and it is always home wherever your wheels may stop. _________________________

From Wally Byam written on the 10th of November in Moyale in Ethiopia with the worst roads of the entire caravan just ahead of us.

When Wally wrote this the 1959 Wally Byam African Caravan had traveled over bone-breaking roads. Various aspects of the Airstreams had failed. Not all, but some. A few cabinets came loose. Stoves came off the wall through their cabinets. In a later letter to Art Costello and Andy Charles, Wally gave them direction on how to secure the stoves to the wall. As Caravan leader, and as owner of Airstream any problem became a personal responsibility. Also the 31 tow vehicles were junk. They broke, spider gears, axles, differentials... just real bad engineering. -submitted by Dale Schwamborn

Blue Beret/April 2012


Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: My name is Jamie Dihiansan. I wanted to share a product I made that might be of interest to other WBCCI members. Last year I met a fellow RV’er at Starved Rock State Park Campground in Illinois. He proudly showed me his “brag board” - a United States sticker map that traced where they’ve been so far in their travels. Each state he’d been to had a gem of a story. I wanted a brag board too, but I wanted a design that would fit the style of our 19’ Airstream Flying Cloud. Unfortunately, there aren’t any out there like that. That’s why I made what I’m calling the Airstates United States Checklist. It matches perfectly with your Airstream trailer - almost looking like it came that way straight from the factory. It’s made from laser-engraved 0.025 inch thick aluminum, 4 pre-drilled holes for securing with 1/8” diameter rivets, soft rounded corners for a classic look. Use a Sharpie marker to tick off a state after you’ve visited. You can see what it looks like here: I’m not quite sure how to get the word out. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Jamie Dihiansan, WBCCI #4848

Dear Editor: It is always a pleasure to browse through Blue Beret after it arrived in my P.O. Box. Though I am not a member of the WBCCI a copy is sent to me as a Vice President of International Caravanning Association Ltd. It is very good to keep in touch with the other side of the Atlantic Ocean with our common interest. At the moment I write this, there is even a joint event incorporating members from both the WBCCI and ICA in New Zealand. One article especially in the March issue caught my eye: Best Kept Secret in WBCCI. When you substitute WBCCI by ICA it could have been in the magazine of our association. So I can answer the question in the last paragraph of this article. There are two of these wonderful organizations that are willing to help and support total strangers, WBCCI and ICA. Maybe this is not so strange, because ICA was founded in the United Kingdom after 20 families from the UK took part in 1967 in “Caravan America,” then organized by the Wally Byam Foundation. However, your and our members seem not to take advantage of the benefit offered. See you down the road. Henk Schnaar

To the Editor personally: I am sorry if my English is not up to standard. I am born and bred in The Netherlands and Dutch is my mother language. If necessary amend the above to make it more readable for your members if you want to publicize it in Letters to the Editor.

Dear Mr. Schnaar and Blue Beret Readers: Normally, we would not print a letter without a WBCCI number, but this is too important not to share. Thank you, Henk, for your kind and friendly letter. Our friendships with each other are valuable resources for sharing our travel interests and experiences. The Editor Please keep the Letters coming to This is your opportunity to have your voice heard. The Letters to the Editor Committee will respond as needed. Be sure to include your full name and WBCCI number. DISCLAIMER: The Letters to the Editor Committee reserves the right to edit or withhold any letter received and will only publish those that are considered beneficial to the club as a whole and as space is available. Letters may be addressed to and must include writer’s full name and WBCCI number to be considered noteworthy for publication.


Blue Beret/April 2012

Club News

In Memoriam The officers and members of Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc. express their sympathy to the families and friends of these departed members. Asher, Allen (059-KS).................................#11285 PP Kansas City MO Unit Back, Jessie M. (003-IN)...............................#4290 Beckman, Leo J. (003-AZ)............................#2120 PP Arizona Unit Blair, Elsa (099-TX).......................................#4133 Braden, William C. (Bill) (058-IL).................#2812 PP Greater St. Louis MO Unit Butler, Craig (011-CA)..................................#1706 Emanuel, Napoleon (082-FL).......................#7021 Farnell, Sid (011-CA)..................................#26742 Ghebeles, Judy (066-PA)..............................#9448 Harrington, Everett W. (064-MA)..................#9655 PP New England Unit Hott, Bernice (099-TX)................................#17182 Komen, Percy C. (112-WA).........................#29550 Larson, Sherman (066-NJ)...........................#7720 Leatherwood, Jerry (003-AZ).......................#6452 Lineberger, Emma Past 1st Lady Region 3 Miller, Lee (049-KY)....................................#15584 PP Kentucky Unit Pulley, Carl (096-MS)....................................#1044 Rasmussen, Karin (124-ON, Canada).........#2525 Ryberg, Norma F. (055-MN)..........................#6059 Wise, Charles E. (084-OH)...........................#5315 PP Miami Valley Unit of Ohio

50th Anniversary Year Ed Knernschield Throughout 2012 the Greater St. Louis MO Unit (08-058) celebrates its 50th Anniversary. But on June 2, 2012, a special luncheon is planned in the St. Louis area with all past and current members, plus friends invited. To reserve contact: Ed Knernschield, PO Box 127, Holts Summit, MO 65043, Email: Cell: 573-480-5441



Fowler Interiors PO Box 91 Symsonia, KY 42082 (270) 851-3257

Blue Beret/April 2012


Club News Industry Leader in RV Ventilation & Fans

Safety Note From Herb Herb Quade, WBCCI #3575 Well – the 2012 Florida State Rally is history. We had a good time and worked every morning with the sniffer looking for propane leaks. Bill German, WBCCI #3383, was a great help and as usual we found about 10 percent of the 300 plus trailers and motorhomes had leaks. Not only did we find propane leaks but we also found two bad batteries. The sniffer detects flammable gases and these batteries were in the front of the trailers – so before we got to the propane bottles the sniffer alerted us. Hydrogen is very flammable, and nobody wants to have a Hindenburg experience.


■ Exchange cabin air in minutes with clean, fresh, natural air ■ Highest quality components proven to withstand harsh weather ■ Maximum air exchange with minimum sound levels & power ■ Fully Open Dome Stability While Driving ■ Upgrade Kits Easily Add:

- Reverse Air Flow Switch - Built-In Thermostat - Pop ‘N Lock Screen - Variable Speed Control - Hand Held Remote

■ Expert Technical Support ■ Trusted and Installed by more OEM’s

Serving the RV Industry for Over 25 years!

Signature Products, Signature Service BRINGS THE OUTSIDE



800.521.0298 24

Blue Beret/April 2012

Here is what “By George” has to say about batteries. “Before you go on a caravan or rally be sure your battery is in good condition.” (You know there’ll be at least one in every crowd, to coin a well-known phrase.) But, pray tell, how do you KNOW a battery IS in good condition? There are clues. Like – it’s already six years old. Or, it doesn’t stay charged very long, the lights dim very fast. You can develop a sense that you guess it’s getting time to put in a new one. They don’t quit all of a sudden. And they don’t last forever, either. But it will almost if you have a large enough charge line AND ground line - #8 wire hooked to the battery under the tow car hood; if we arrange to have the Univolt turned on every few weeks when in storage; if we keep it full of distilled – not tap - water. A hydrometer is cheap. Buy one and use it to tell when a cell is giving out. Of course, we should use a deep cycle battery. They don’t cost much more and do the job much better than a car battery. And they last much longer. A marine battery is no longer necessarily a deep cycle battery. Don’t take their word – be sure. One clue is the label – the fine print. Another is that it is much heavier than same size car battery. Probably any make is as good as another. Here is a little humor – A family included three children, the oldest was 10 years old. When she lost a tooth, she put it under her pillow with this note: “Dear Mom and Dad, I don’t believe in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny or the Tooth Fairy, but if you give me five dollars I won’t tell Paige or Ruth Ann.” Ah, the wonder of children!

A fellow Airstreamer is my neighbor here in the campground on MacDill Air Force Base. I asked him if he had any ideas for this article, and he replied: the breakaway switch and cable. It seems some folks have the switch securely bolted to the “A” frame at some angle other than straight ahead. We’ve talked about this in the past and we’ve discussed it at seminars. The switch should be able to swivel so no matter what angle the trailer is to the tow vehicle the pin can pull straight out and not break off if the trailer gets loose. And remember – the cable must be connected to the bumper or frame of the tow vehicle – not to any part of the hitch platform. Some of you may remember – if your license plate is in the middle put an eyebolt in one of the bolt holes used to fasten the plate to the bumper or body, then clip the cable to that. Thank you Joe Conrad WBCCI #7296 for that idea. To speak further about breakaway switches, I noticed one of our vintage friends had no cable on his switch. When I mentioned this to him he said “Well the switch doesn’t work anyway!” Wait till the highway patrol stops him! My first trailer was a 45 foot long Spartan that I pulled out of Tulsa. I made my own breakaway set up using a hot shot battery and a dome light switch I bought at Western Auto. And to tie both of these subjects together – you must have a good battery in that trailer for the breakaway system to work. We’ll see you down the road – and buckle up! Herb Quade WBCCI #3575, Ph. 757583-1405, Cell 757-535-1084.

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Inspiration 101 Dr. Harold Kingdon, WBCCI #14383 International Chaplain

“Titanic!” The very sight or sound of the word conjures up tragedy, fear, and disaster. But, expect current news media to be talking about the Titanic, because April 15, 2012, marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The last word in naval design, the luxury liner left Southampton, England on her maiden voyage. Warnings of danger from ice were not only ignored, the transmitting station was told to get off the air. How dare anyone interrupt the “unsinkable!” “Even the Lord God Almighty could not sink her.” Then she struck the iceberg. It happened at 11:40 PM about 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland. By 2:20 am on Monday, April 15, the “unsinkable” had disappeared, settling about two and a half miles below the surface of the frigid North Atlantic. More than 1,500 of the 2,228 passengers and crew perished. In 2003, Mary and I signed up for an Airstream Caravan to the Mari-

time Provinces in eastern Canada. Scheduled to leave immediately after the International Convention/Rally in Burlington, Vermont, our caravan got merged with a Woodall’s Caravan. We met some wonderful people. One of my most memorable stops was Halifax, Nova Scotia. On the one hand, this was a very personal experience for me, because we walked down the long line of docks to Pier 21 and I tried to picture my father, in his late teens, all by himself, arriving from Cardiff Wales, disembarking along with other émigrés coming to Canada, about a dozen years after the Titanic disaster. Then we visited Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax. Here, 121 victims of the RMS Titanic are interred; more than any other cemetery in the world. That, in itself, is notable. However, what makes the scene so much more memorable is the unusual layout of the graves. Rather than typical straight rows, three long lines of graves in gentle curved lines

follow the contours of the sloping ground, resulting in a formation that resembles the outline of the bow of a ship. A striking sight! It has been said that those who choose to ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. Have we learned from the arrogant, callous, carefree attitude of those who built, launched, and sailed on the “unsinkable” ship? It has also been noted that professionals built the Titanic, amateurs built Noah’s ark. Never underestimate the accomplishments and worth of ordinary folks. “Professionals” are not always right. In my library I have a book with a self-explanatory title, If I Had Only One Sermon to Preach. One of the sermons in that volume is titled simply, “Unsinkable.” Referring, obviously, to the Titanic, Ronald A. Ward lays out his premise plainly: “Such is the folly of men. For there is nothing unsinkable in this vast universe except the living God and the man who puts his trust in Him.”


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Blue Beret/April 2012


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nasmuch as numerous Iowa Unit members, like other WBCCI caravanners, head south to warmer climes for the winter, several important holidays pass

without an opportunity to get together as a Unit. In light of this scattering of members over the winter months, Scott and Kathy Allen (#3534), hosting their first Unit rally (see their article in the November issue of the Blue Beret) decided to celebrate four of the holidays on the four days of their rally and named their rally “Home For The Holidays.” Seventeen Airstreams with 36 members and two guests joined in the gala at Griff’s Valley View Campground at Bondurant, IA on October 13-16. Arrival day on Thursday, October 13th was HALLOWEEN. Following a soup supper, members in attendance were

given pumpkins to carve and masks to decorate. By planning a year in advance, the hosts were able to purchase the masks at a 2010 closeout sale for 1 cent each. The pumpkins came from plants in their own backyard. The result was many crazy jack o’ lanterns, including one decorated on opposite sides showing Wally Byam Pumpkin and Stella Byam Pumpkin. It made for a crazy, but fun, evening. Following a pancake and sausage breakfast on Friday morning, the group caravanned into downtown Des Moines to tour the “not yet open to the public” World Food Prize building. The building, previously a 110 year old public library, had undergone a complete restoration and will be the headquarters for the World Food organization. This body promotes


Blue Beret/April 2012

increased food production around the world, as well as awards monetary prizes to those individuals who accomplish outstanding records in food production and the alleviating of hunger throughout the world. The building interior gives one the impression of a grand palace. In addition, the restoration incorporated numerous “green” items, such as solar panels on the roof (out of sight, naturally), an 8,000-gallon underground tank to catch roof rainwater runoff for use in watering the garden area as well as the flushing of toilets, coated windows to reduce the summer heat load and 150-foot deep wells and piping for geothermal heating and cooling of the building. After a free afternoon, where everyone could “do their own” thing, it was back to the campground for “what else”? A turkey and stuffing dinner. It was our second holiday --THANKSGIVING. Mashed potatoes, various salads and several pumpkin pies and desserts brought by attendees really made it seem like the typical Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone then played bingo, just for fun (no prizes) before heading off to bed in their Airstreams. CHRISTMAS arrived on Saturday, with holiday decorations on all the tables. Red and white stocking caps, purchased at a 2010 afterseason sale for a nickel each, were presented to each attendee to be worn in honor of the day. A new member couple, Mike and Dana Johnson, who wouldn’t even be initiated until Saturday evening, really got into the swing of things. Early in the morn-

ing, before even the hosts got to the lodge building, Mike set up and inflated his air-supported, Christmas-decorated Airstream trailer. As rally attendees arrived at the lodge for a scrambled egg breakfast, they were greeted by an everlouder “Merry Christmas” (from those already inside) Christmas carols played by Dana Johnson on her portable keyboard and the unusual trailer. After breakfast, it was off to look for Santa’s reindeer at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, about 20 miles away. This 8,000-acre refuge was originally cultivated farmland, until 1990, when Congress authorized the purchase of the land to re-establish a tall-grass prairie. This prairie originally had covered all or parts of 13 Midwestern states, with some grasses growing to heights of 11-12 feet. Now, only one-tenth of one percent of the 36 million acres that once covered Iowa remain. Neal Smith NWR is an attempt to bring back some of that lost heritage. They even brought back bison and elk (that was our substitute for Santa’s reindeer). On the auto tour through the refuge, the group got to see the bison herd, numbering 93 animals, quite close-up,

but, unfortunately didn’t get to see any of the 19 elk. The visitor center had very interesting displays and explanations of

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what the tall-grass prairie was all about. After lunch at Goldies in Prairie City (a state prize winner for its pork tenderloin sandwiches), it was back to the campground for a program about peregrine falcons and the efforts to bring the species back from the edge of extinction. After the program, it was time for the Unit business meeting, followed by the Christmas dinner of turkey and noodles plus “planned overs” from Thursday’s dinner. The program for Saturday evening was the installation of the 2012 officers, conducted by Region 8 President Fred Steurer and his First Lady, Dottie. It was also at this time that Mike and Dana were also initiated into the Unit. Fred had a visual presentation promoting the Region 8 Rally, “Get Your Kicks on Route 66” to be held in Springfield, MO on April 25-29, 2012. Following the installation ceremonies, a reception for the new officers, complete with numerous types of cookies (brought by members), nuts, mints and punch were enjoyed by all. On Sunday morning, as members entered the lodge for a breakfast of warm, homemade cinnamon rolls, they were greeted with an ever-louder “Happy New Year” as NEW YEAR’S DAY was the theme for this, our last day, of the rally. Following breakfast and a short devotional period, it was time to clean up the lodge building and be on the road to various destinations. Everyone who attended agreed that the rally was exceptional, particularly since it was the host’s first time hosting. Several members thought the rally should have been a week long, so we could have celebrated, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Easter, but Scott and Kathy were glad the rally lasted only four days. All in all, it was a great weekend and now it is “on to winter.” Blue Beret/April 2012



Marion Pember, Chairman WBCCI Caravan Promotions photos by Rich and Dottie Walbridge, #3371      CARAVANS ARE ONLY LIMITED BY YOUR IMAGINATION!  Get an idea and go for it. That is certainly what Rich and Dottie Walbridge did on their Quietly to Quebec Caravan.  Granted they may be closer to Canada than you are, but I’m sure there are many attractions that are close to you that would make great destinations. Don’t be concerned that everything has to be spectacular. Set up your caravan to provide an opportunity for FUN, FELLOWSHIP and ADVENTURE. How often have you heard people say they have lived in an area most of their life but haven’t visited some significant historic or tourist attraction? When you live close to something you think you can visit it anytime but never make the time to do it.  Look for that type of attraction close to your area.  Set up the caravan and go. Enough of that. Following is the account of the Quietly to Quebec Caravan in the words of the caravan leaders, Rich & Dottie Walbridge.

Happy Hour at Thornbush Acres


Blue Beret/April 2012

We wanted our Quietly to Quebec caravanners to enjoy a short trip (about 400 +/- miles) to the 1st Nation Region One Rally in Riviere Rouge, Quebec, in a relaxing way, without rushing to and from the rally which, itself is usually busy with tours and daily activities. Since we have never toured in Eastern New York and Ontario, we knew we could depend upon other caravan leaders, Rich & Kathy Griffin for some direction and they came through with excellent suggestions for stopovers and activities along the way. Due to logistics and extremely hot & humid weather, we changed our minds about an overnight rendezvous at the Danbury, CT I-84 rest area campground and instead, rendezvoused at a rest area in Glens Falls, NY off I-87. This made our

Cruise on Raquette Lake

first drive just 55 miles into our 4-night stopover smack-dab in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains in Indian Lake, NY at a small family-run campground named Thornbush Acres. We all enjoyed the pull-thru wooded sites and the friendliness of the owners who set up a large shelter canopy over a dozen picnic tables. This is one of those very few campgrounds where the pricing does not include the cost of electricity and your payment for your stay is collected on the way out. While at Thornbush, we attended an all day-tour of the wonderful Adirondack Museum, which depicts early life in the Adirondack area. This is one of those museums where the locals donate items of interest and are restored by craftsmen to their original condition; the boats of various shapes and sizes with their steam engines and vintage outboard motors gave us a feeling that we’ve come a long way in the last 100 years or so. We also toured Raquette Lake on board a familyowned and built, steel-hulled boat with plenty of seating inside and on deck. We all enjoyed a wonderful luncheon that would hold us over until our first potluck supper and surprise birthday party for one of our caravanners. We had a day to ourselves for those looking to bike or tour the area more on their own.


Funiculaire in Quebec City

Our next stop was just less than 100 miles up the road to Lake Placid, NY. This 3-day stop allowed us to tour the factory at Colin Hyde Airstream Restoration in nearby Plattsburgh, White Face Mountain where one can drive to the scenic top or take a ski-lift there or just shop till you drop on the main street in downtown Lake Placid. The Whiteface Mountain/Lake Placid KOA is an excellent place to stay. It is in the woods with all big pull-thru sites with top notch services and free Wi-Fi. The owners of the campground allowed us to use their commercial cookout station in an undercover picnic area overlooking the swimming pool. Here, we had a BBQ put on by the Leaders and Assistant Leaders and again celebrated a birthday of the Cape Cod MA Unit President. By far, this family-run resort is the best KOA we have ever stayed in. We will be back here to do some fly fishing someday. We crossed the border into Canada at Cornwall without much delay and arrived in a suburb of Ottawa called Gloucester at Camp Hither Hills. Again, it is a 3-day stopover so we can properly tour Canada’s capital city on a “Red Bus” tour and a buffet luncheon at the Rideau-Carleton Raceway. Our fullservice campsites with Wi-Fi were back-in and put us close together so we could enjoy our happy hours and Caravanners Tour Meetings easily. Our free day allowed some of us to shop, tour some more and ride bikes along the in-town river walk. The 130-mile drive to Ste. Veronique, (one of the towns that make up the community of Riviere Rouge), was fun and adventuresome along some very country roads and through some very neat little villages. Our arrival to the Region One Rally site was welcomed by the Quebec Canada Unit parking committee and we were all parked within just a few minutes of our arrival time. We were all parked together and set up within just a few minutes. The location was an area just outside of a Municipal-run campground nearby a very picturesque lake. The rally was fun and included lots of food, tours of the Indian 1st Nation nearby and the local tourism industry in that area. Sunday morning brought an outdoor Catholic Mass celebrated by a priest from South America and joined in a celebration by the 1st Nations Indian Tribe, where many of us smoked a peace pipe with the tribe members. After rallying for 5 days, we traveled to the hustle and

bustle of Montreal; although, New York City is rated as busy, this city isn’t far behind with wall to wall traffic moving along at 55 mph or better. We had a super campsite outside the city to the south Camping Allouette. It was a good stopover with excellent services, but with a construction detour that made for some difficult directions. We all made it, though some of us took an unplanned tour nearby the campground. Some of us took an all day bus tour while others chose to take the walking tour of Old Montreal nearby and including the Basilica of Notre Dame. Our final stopover was across the Ste. Lawrence River from Quebec City at Camping Transit. These folks run a good campground with top notch facilities. Our group had a private mini-bus tour of Quebec City with a very knowledgeable tour guide who loved his job. Pierre was excellent! We enjoyed plenty of downtime too, but some of us could not get enough of Quebec City’s little shops while others drove to other tourism sites themselves. Our farewell banquet was a BBQ put on by the Leaders and Assistant Leaders at the campground hall nearby their pool. All the campgrounds were excellent with plenty of power, good water and sewer connections and for the most part were easy in and out sites. We did not pre-drive or scout this caravan which kept the cost down; we depended upon the knowledge of others before us and we used all highly rated campgrounds found in the Trailer Life Campground Directory and investigated more thoroughly on the Internet. Google Earth, Google Maps and a Garmin Nuvi 760 were used for directions. We found that seeing the actual campground access road via Google is a fail-safe way of knowing where your caravan members are heading. Now, it is time to begin planning more trips to Gatineau, Quebec and Sugarcreek, OH.

SHORT CARAVANS ARE THE HEART OF WBCCI  Marion Pember, Chairman WBCCI Caravan Promotions

We already know short caravans are able to cater to the needs of more people.  Those happen regularly at the Region and Unit level, but we don’t hear a lot about them.  We would like to change that.  The new demo website is a big help.  If you are leading a Unit or Region caravan we would like for you to consider opening up your short caravan to others. This would be after members of the respective Region or Unit had first chance to sign up.  Once posted, we would encourage others to consider  signing up for one being hosted by someone else.  I don’t want to give all the details here, as I would like for you to visit the site and see the information there.  Doing is the best teacher and the website is where it will happen anyway.  Go to the website listed above and click on “Short Caravans.”  We constantly hear about the need for short caravans.  We want to help make that happen and you are the key!  If you have questions or need more information contact Marion Pember at   Blue Beret/April 2012 29

International Convention/Rally

Sedalia Floy Winter #5576


would imagine those of you who live east of St. Louis have wondered if I would address what to see and do in the second most populous city in Missouri. But… of course. How could I leave out such an important piece of United States History. In 1672 when Quebec’s Governor commissioned Louis Joliet and Father Jacques Marquette to paddle down the Mississippi River in search of the Pacific Ocean, they enthusiastically took on the challenge. They encountered many difficult and dangerous situations on their canoeing and camping expedition. Their voyage was considered a bust when they arrived in St. Louis. I also understand that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark spent two years on the Missouri River for 28 months covering St. Louis, MO - photo by Donald Bates, #8314 8,000 miles, arriving in St. Louis. Unlike these guys, you will be comfortably camping in your wonderful Airstream, settled into a nearby RV park, to plan your itinerary and see the city’s best venues… most being free. We do love that news. It’s impossible to miss the nation’s tallest national monument, at 630 feet and visible from miles away, standing proudly on the Mississippi Riverfront at Laclede’s Landing. The Gateway Arch and Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, signifies Thomas Jefferson’s vision of the spread of freedom and democracy “from sea to shining sea.” It commemorates the gateway to the west for thousands of 19th century pioneers. The grounds and most exhibits at the base of the monument are free. The ride to the top is not. You can check the current prices at www. It is worth the price of admission to get a bird’s eye view of the city of St. Louis and its environs and to see the barges traveling up and down the Mississippi River from the top of the monument. I might mention that you shouldn’t be concerned if you feel a slight sway of the monument on a windy day. It’s supposed to do that. Really. Across from the Gateway Arch is the Old Courthouse where the trials of Dred Scott (freedom from slavery) and Virginia Louisa Minor (right to vote for women) were held. You can


Blue Beret/April 2012

wander through the restored courtrooms and historic galleries. Situated next to the Gateway Arch, is the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Here you will learn about the rich history of the colorful Busch family. On April 7, 1933, August A. Busch, Jr. surprised his father, August A. Busch, Sr., with a Clydesdale hitch to commemorate the repeal of Prohibition. Later that month, the Clydesdales delivered one of the first cases of post-prohibition Budweiser to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. A free tour is available (wear your walking shoes), as well as free samples of their products if you’re over 21 (and who isn’t?). You’ll get to see the Budweiser Clydesdale Stable, Beechwood Lager Cellars, the Brew House, and the Bevo Packaging Facility. Check www.budweis for dates and times. From atop the Gateway Arch, you can see the Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, 2011 World Series Champions. Tours are available year round for a fee unless there is a special event or afternoon game in progress. See ballpark/index.jsp for more information. It’s a retro-style stadium, new in 2006, a refreshing change to the newer more contemporary versions. You may even want to catch a game. Unfortunately, they traded Pujols, so you won’t get to see the 240 million dollar man unless the Angels are in town. Just west a few blocks to Citygarden is a beautiful sculpture and water garden with computer-controlled spray jets and custom lighting. The video wall spreads across two blocks. There is a fee for the audio tour, featuring St. Louis luminaries. See for more information. At the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, also known as the New Cathedral, you will view one of the largest collections of mosaics in the world, 84,000 square feet in 8,000 shades of color…a truly magnificent example of Romanesque architecture. The Basilica is a prominent sight on the St. Louis skyline. It was called by Pope Paul VI “the outstanding cathedral of the Americas.” One of the show places of St. Louis, it is located on Lindell Boulevard at Newstead Avenue in the Central West End.

International Convention/Rally Missouri Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical garden in continuous operation in the country and is a National Historic Landmark. It is an international center for botanical research, education, and horticultural display. A guided tram tour winds through the 79 acres of flora through a variety of diverse climates. St. Louis Union Station, also a National Historic Landmark, was once known as the busiest and largest passenger rail terminal in the world, sometimes referred to as ‘The Grandest Station in the Nation.’ After it’s renovation in the 1980s, it morphed into a wonderful museum, shopping, restaurant, and entertainment venue. It is a good place to catch the metro link for quick and easy transportation to other interesting side trips in the city. You can pick up a schedule inside at the information desk or visit for additional information. Forest Park was the site of the 1904 World’s Fair. It is five hundred acres larger than New York City’s Central Park, contains 1,300 acres of lakes, walking and biking paths, and an ice-skating rink that you won’t be using in June. The city’s zoo, science center, art and history museums, the Muny, (the largest outdoor theater in the country), and the Jewel Box floral greenhouse are also located here. More information is available at Wear good walking shoes. The St. Louis Zoo is considered one of the country’s best. It is home to more than 5,000 animals on 90 acres of land. Highlights are an insectarium and the Penguin and Puffin Coast. The zoo is free, but you will have to pay a small fee if you want to ride the Zooline Railroad or touch the Stingrays at Caribbean Cove. Visit to learn more. The St. Louis Science Center is not just for kids. There are over 700 hands-on exhibits, ranging from the animated Tyrannosaurus Rex to the science of engineering in Structures. Live science demonstrations are performed at CenterStage. See for more info. The St. Louis Art Museum has several galleries filled with over 30,000 paintings, drawings, and sculptures. It is free unless you choose to view a special exhibition. You can visit to check out the special exhibit line-up. Anything historic in Missouri will be found at the Missouri History Museum. You can follow key events that shaped the city of St. Louis and the state of Missouri through the centuries. History unfolds in the displays and interactives, representing more than 200 years of dreams, ideas, and efforts. The 1904 World’s Fair exhibit and the Lindbergh exhibit are continuing

About the cover background: Katy Depot is an historic landmark originally constructed in 1896 at a cost of $40,000. The Sedalia Katy Depot served as a train passenger depot until 1958 when the Katy ceased passenger service in the state of Missouri. Window panels describe the Katy Railroad Complex and its location at the center of Sedalia. Each panel include photographs and Sandborn maps of a specific structure. They describe the Katy Roundhouse, Shops, Employee Hospital, Passenger Depot, Freight Depots and the relevance of the multiple tracks running on both sides of the Depot. The Depot Gift Store is voted the best place on the Katy Trail to find that perfect gift or souvenirs. Shipping is available.

exhibitions. See for a listing of special exhibitions. There is a Holocaust Museum & Learning Center in St. Louis tracing a chronological history of the Holocaust augmented with personal testimonies by Holocaust survivors and witnesses who immigrated to St. Louis. More information can be found at You don’t have to go to Hollywood to take a stroll on brass stars embedded in the sidewalk. You can ride the Metrolink to the Delmar Loop Station and walk west, or jump off I-70 onto Forest Park Parkway. You’re better off trusting your GPS on this one. The St. Louis Loop district from 6,000 to 6,600 Delmar Boulevard is a restaurant, shopping, arts, and entertainment district that honors 116 folks associated with St. Louis with their own Walk of Fame. Among them are Ulysses S. Grant, T. S. Eliot, Josephine Baker, Scott Joplin, Stan Musial, Chuck Berry, Tennessee Williams, Betty Grable, John Goodman, Bob Costas, Tina Turner, Charles Lindbergh, Cedric the Entertainer (who?), Ozzie Smith, Yogi Berra, Miles Davis, Kevin Kline, and Maya Angelou, just to name a few. What a diverse group of famous St. Louisans! There is live music at Blueberry Hill. President Ulysses S. Grant farmed a patch of land that is now being operated by Anheuser-Busch. General Grant’s log cabin, and its unique fence made from authentic Civil War rifles are a sight to behold. You can also view the Busch family’s world-renowned collection of antique carriages in the beautifully maintained Bauernhof, a 19th Century farmstead. The tram will transport you through 281 acres of land with hundreds of animals representing six continents, roaming freely through nature. You will also visit the Clydesdale Stables. Before you go, you may want to check out to avoid wasting time waiting around for something to happen. Most of the above are no- or low-fee attractions in the St. Louis vicinity. St. Louis has more free attractions than any city outside of Washington D.C. However, if you feel compelled to fork out a few bucks, you can explore the Mississippi on a paddle-wheeler or tour high above the arch in a helicopter. You can visit Six Flags St. Louis, cheer on the MLB’s Champion Cardinals, or enjoy fine dining and shopping throughout the city. The area’s theaters offer all types of Broadway shows and concerts. There are also five casinos with those easyon-the-budget, but hard on the waistline, buffets. Judy Garland sang “Meet Me in St. Louis.” Maybe you should take her advice on your way to Sedalia. Until next time…

MAIL IN SEDALIA All mail for members attending the International Convention/Rally should be addressed as follows: Standard mail WBCCI Name, WBCCI # P. O. Box 81651 Sedalia, MO 65301

FedEx or UPS Packages WBCCI Property Room Name, WBCCI # Missouri State Fairgrounds 2503 West 16th Street Sedalia, MO 65301 Blue Beret/April 2012


International Convention/Rally

Art Show

Golf Carts Available

Dottie Steurer #4025, Chairman It is time to start thinking about the artwork you would like to bring to the Art Show at the International Convention/Rally. We had wonderful diverse participation last year, and you can help to make this year’s show even better. We have incorporated your suggestions and are looking forward to another nice display. Last year a lot of people came to view the artwork in the afternoon, and we received good comments. We will designate categories according to what you bring. Here are some suggestions: oil, acrylic, drawing, graphic, digital, watercolor, mixed media, collage, and sculpture. Encourage your youngsters to participate. We will divide the youth into age groups. We will award ribbons and a “Best of Show” trophy. If you have any questions contact Dottie Steurer #4025 at dsteurer@

Would you like to have the use of a golf cart during your stay at the International Convention/Rally? Cost: $250.00/week OR $500.00/month Interested members please contact: Gary Rush, Vehicle Procurement Chairman 573-280-0021

“Want to Have Fun?” GET INVOLVED

Join Traffic Control, we need a few good volunteers for the International Convention/Rally. Contact: Bill Crowson 355 Beech Hollow Rd. Killen, AL 35645 Ph. 256-757-5883 Email:

Community Service in Sedalia Janet Kendig #23640 Community Service Chairman There are several nursing homes in Sedalia that have been contacted. They can use lap robes and some adult hats. The hospitals can use the “preemie” hats. There is also a “Community Santa” needing hats for kids. The food pantry will welcome any & all food to supplement their supply. (Please check that it is not outdated.) The blood drive is tentatively set for the 29th of June, from 12:30 to 6 PM. More details on this next month. Please help where you can. Thanks.

Volunteers Needed Photography Committee You must have your own digital camera and experience/ interest in photography. Please contact by May 1, 2012: Jane Elgin Bartlett #4544 P.O. Box 859 Rolla, MO 65402 Cell Ph. 573-578-0435 Email:

The Quilting Experience Carol White #3855, Chairman Please join us in Sedalia for another great Quilting Experience! This year there will be four days to quilt together during the International Convention/Rally plus a few days before the rally begins. The Quilting Experience offers you the opportunity to work on your own projects with others who love to quilt. And, also, to learn a few new techniques. The quilting space will be in a locked room. It will be in the Family Center building. You can leave your sewing materials if you need to go to other events. The space will be set up as the room was in Gillette, with plenty of tables and electric hookups. If you plan to be in Sedalia and wish to join us, pre-register by email to: or call me at 618-319-0524. Pack up your projects and join us! I look forward to seeing you in Sedalia. Blue Beret/April 2012 32


Fashion Show in Sedalia Annette Hooker #259, Chairman It is that time when I am looking for models for the Fashion Show. This year we have only a short distance to the shop where we will select our outfits. Since it takes very little time and is a lot of fun to participate, I hope to hear from those interested soon. Let’s have a really big show. To contact me send me an email:

International Convention/Rally

JEAN FAUST TOURS, LLC Phone: (660) 827-4016 Email: Cell: (660) 287-2756 Fax: (660) 829-2374 Cell: (660) 287-3812 Tuesday, June 26 (this can be moved to Tuesday, July 3). JEFFERSON CITY, MO: Note that the governor’s mansion is only open for tours on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and is always subject to being closed to the public due to special events taking place in the mansion. This far out I do not have that specific information. If it would happen to close I can substitute something else. We’ll tour the 1836 Missouri State Penitentiary, decommissioned in 2004. You’ll see the Upper Yard, Cell Blocks, the Dungeon Cells and the Gas Chamber (optional). Our former prison guard guide will share many fascinating stories. We’ll tour the beautiful Governor’s Mansion, the Missouri State Capitol and museum (elevators are available), the Missouri State Highway Patrol Museum and enjoy a delicious, included luncheon. (All guests to the prison will be asked to sign a waiver and release of liability.) Leave Sedalia at 8 a.m. $83 per person includes everything. Wednesday, June 27: YACHT LUNCHEON CRUISE ON THE LAKE OF THE OZARKS, MO Your delicious, “picnic style” luncheon cruise on a beautifully exquisite private yacht will be a highlight of the day! Your narrated cruise on the famous Lake of the Ozarks will be delightful and fun with its very hospitable owners. We will also tour Wilmore Lodge to learn the history of the Lake and Bagnell Dam and more. Leave Sedalia at 8 a.m. $84 per person includes everything. Thursday, June 28: THE NEW CLYDESDALE RANCH & ARROW ROCK, MO Enjoy a private tour of the new, beautiful ranch and breeding farm for the Budweiser Clydesdales where over 100 magnificent horses live. Included lunch will follow in the historic Huston Tavern and Museum, located along the old Santa Fe Trail. The outstanding Visitor’s Center, a narrated tram tour of historic Arrow Rock and more will follow. Leave Sedalia at 8 a.m. $89 per person includes everything. Friday, June 29: HERMANN, MO Hermann was settled by Germans in the mid-1800s and this is still very evident. Today we’ll enjoy an included, private luncheon at the nationally acclaimed Stone Hill Winery followed by wine tasting. Delightful musical entertainment on your driving tour of Hermann and a stop at two 1840s German homes will complete the day. Leave Sedalia at 7:30 a.m. $91 per person includes everything. Saturday, June 30: LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS Included is a narrated, driving tour of 1827 Ft. Leavenworth (bring a govt. photo ID along such as your driver’s license), tour the chapel, the largest museum in the world of horse-drawn military equipment, the famous Buffalo Soldier’s Monument plus meet some real Buffalo Soldiers and much more with our Ft. Leavenworth retired army guide! Also included is a stop at the Parker Carousel Museum, lunch at the 1888 Union Depot and served by “Harvey Girls” in costume, your souvenir picture taken behind bars, and much more! Leave Sedalia at 7:30 a.m. $93 per person includes everything. Sunday, July 1: FULTON, MO Included will be a tour of the internationally famous Winston Churchill Memorial and circa 1100 church plus a brief, private organ concert on the British Mander organ. A narrated tour of the beautiful St. Mary’s Aldermanbury church sanctuary, your included lunch and a delightful driving tour of Fulton with our excellent local historian completes your day. We will also stop at the large Firemen’s Memorial. Leave Sedalia at 8 a.m. $85 per person includes everything. Monday, July 2: INDEPENDENCE, MO We’ll begin with a visit to the outstanding Harry S. Truman Library and Museum. An included lunch will follow after which we’ll tour the new National Frontier Trails Museum which preserves the history of the Santa Fe, Oregon and California Trails which all passed through Independence. Our last stop will be at the 26 room Bingham-Waggoner mansion, built during the Civil War. Leave Sedalia at 8 a.m. $94 per person includes everything.

Blue Beret/April 2012


International Convention/Rally

First Time to International??? Beth McCall #5382, Chairman Well, it’s that time of the year again. We all have our calendars out and are planning our summer vacations. For many of us, that summer vacation includes the International Convention/Rally at Sedalia, Missouri. This year, it’s right in my backyard or at least in the “south 40” right here in the heartland of America. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking... just what is there to do in Missouri? Well, our own Unit’s Floy Winter has been writing amazing articles for the Blue Beret about what there is to see and do in this area. I hope you will make the decision to come see not only what this area has to offer, but also to see what the International Convention/ Rally can offer you. I am sure by now that your Unit officers have discussed a possible caravan to the rally, and if so, I encourage you to participate in that. My husband and I enjoy caravanning a great deal. It’s exciting to have an Airstream in front and one in back as you go down the road. And, of course, you get all those looks from the “regular folk” as you head down the highways and byways. Unless you are a volunteer who has to arrive earlier, general parking starts on the 25th. There is no parking on Sunday, 24th. When you get to the Sedalia fairgrounds, many volunteers will be there to help direct you to your parking space. You will be advised of utility hookups at that time. If a Unit caravan comes in, they are normally all parked together. It’s great to have your friends parked around you at any rally, but especially at International. The Units have impromptu happy hours and potlucks and there’s always a time for going somewhere for ice cream or just shopping with your friends. If you own a vintage trailer, you have the option of parking in the vintage area. Vintage owners have a great time talking about the repairs and improvements they have made to their rigs; and you can almost always find a couple guys lying on the ground under an Airstream comparing notes. The Vintage Airstream Club always puts on great seminars about repairs and I encourage you to attend. After you have parked and hooked up to utilities, you will need to register at the Exhibition Center, so that you can get your schedule and register for special activities throughout the week. (Much of this information is in the information sheet that was sent with your receipt of payment.) If you have any questions after you have registered, there will be several volunteers to assist you; and I, myself, will be at a table in the Friendship Center during registration hours to answer any and all questions that you may have. The rest of the week will be full of seminars, entertainment, food, fun, fellowship and adventure. One of the first seminars that you will want to attend is my “First Timers Seminar” that will be scheduled sometime on Wednesday. That will get into the nitty gritty of International. On Wednesday evening, the official opening of the rally is always a special time and then there will be entertainment every evening after that. The week’s festivities ends with a BBQ and fireworks. Sometime during the week, you will also have the opportunity to shop at


Blue Beret/April 2012

a variety of vendors who will have set up shop on the property, to judge photos, celebrate Canada Day by wearing red and white, watch a fashion show, walk in the 4th of July parade, and shop at the members’ flea market one day. But most of all, you will want to just enjoy being around people who love the Airstream lifestyle, just like you. See you in Sedalia.

Introduction to Caravanning Marion Pember, Chairman WBCCI Caravan Promotions CARAVANS ARE SENT DOWN FROM HEAVEN READY MADE BY WALLY BYAM! Assuming that’s where he is, and I’ve heard nothing to the contrary, is that true or false? Not the part about where Wally is, but the part about where we get caravans. Of course, we all know caravans don’t come down from heaven. That does raise the question of where do we get caravans. “I know, you just look in the Blue Beret and there is a list,” you say I wish it was that simple! I also need to add that very few of the caravans that run each year are in the Blue Beret. Only the National and Region caravans are publicized. I still haven’t answered the question of where they originate. They originate through the dedication, much time and much effort of caravan leaders, be it a Unit, Region, or a National caravan. And where do these leaders learn their skills? Some of it is learned by doing. A jump start on leading a caravan can be gained by attending the Introduction to Caravanning Seminar at International. Don’t stop reading here! The seminar is also for anyone who wants to find out more about going on a caravan and what it is all about. I assure you of one thing – you will find out they don’t come down from heaven! Following is information provided by R. B. Bernd, Seminar Leader. Read it and plan to attend!

WHAT EVERY WBCCI MEMBER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CARAVANNING R. B. Bernd, Seminar Leader WALLY BYAM WAS A CARAVANNER! More than that he was a great caravan leader! People caravanning with Wally Byam wanted others to experience the FUN, FELLOWSHIP and ADVENTURE that comes with caravanning. This led to the founding of WBCCI!

International Convention/Rally CARAVANS DON’T HAPPEN WITHOUT LEADERS and leaders use all the tips they can get to help provide the best caravan experience possible. Potential caravanners also can use the information in knowing what to expect. To meet the needs of both leaders and caravanners a 12-hour Caravan Training Seminar will be conducted at our International Convention/Rally in Sedalia on Friday and Saturday, June 29 & 30 with the last session probably on Tuesday July 3. This seminar will accomplish two things: It begins by providing general information, not only for potential leaders, but to anyone interested in going on a caravan. It will answer your questions about the types of caravans available. More important it will provide tips on how you can get the most out of a caravan and contribute to a caravan’s success. Then, as the seminar progresses, it will concentrate on topics more leader oriented, such as developing a Kitty Fee, preparing a Driver’s Manual, various parking schemes, etc. A lot of information is provided, and you don’t have to be a leader to participate in this also. The amount of information to be covered is spread over three days in a four hour block each day. The advantage of attending all three sessions is you will receive a Certificate upon completion. Although not a prerequisite, completion of this training is taken into consideration when approving leaders for National Caravans - - and don’t forget, it is definitely a plus for anyone who is considering joining or leading any type of caravan. ATTEND THIS SEMINAR AND YOU WILL KNOW MORE ABOUT CARAVANNING – THE VERY HEART OF WBCCI – THAN MOST MEMBERS!

from a group of four to the entire Unit in Rally attendance. All floats or materials used in entries must be properly disposed of by the Unit submitting the entry. No items of any nature may be handed out or thrown to spectators from participants in the parade. This is to eliminate the chance of accidents happening. Identify your entry with an easy to read banner, carried so it faces the parade judges. Exposure time before the judges will be about 1 minute as each entry approaches, stops briefly in front of the grandstand to perform, and departs from the judging area. Remember to include the word UNIT on your banner, because the judges will only be judging units. No entry may receive more than one award. In the event that an entry qualifies for more than one award, they will receive the highest award. American and Canadian flags or other National flags may be tastefully displayed and will be no larger than 3 x 5 feet, the size of the Color Guard flags that lead the parade. Audience members will be expected to uncover and stand only for the Color Guard flags as they pass in review. At the International Convention/Rally site, Unit Parade Chairmen are to contact the International Parade Chairman at the Committee Chairmen’s office for an Entry Form. He will show each entry where to assemble and its place in line for the parade. Each representative will plan to attend a meeting of Parade Chairmen as scheduled in the Daily Activities program at the International Convention/Rally.

4th of July Parade Contest

Linda Agre #5628 & Jan Girard #7513, Co-Chairs

Cecil Grisham #6295, Chairman RALLY THEME:

“Where Friends Meet!” Colors: Red, White & Blue

Come join the fun at the WBCCI parade at the International Convention/Rally for all members and guests. The following guidelines will help you in preparing your entry. Entries in the parade will be judged in two categories: Theme and Originality. Local residents will judge the entries as they pass in review in front of them. Groups, such as First Timers or members-at-large, are encouraged to join the parade. However, only Unit entries will be judged. Entries can be designed, built and financed by a single Unit or by two small Units who may join to form one entry. No professional help is allowed. Appoint a Parade Chairman within the group or Unit to work with the International Parade Chairman. Entries may be entered either as a Float or a Walking entry. If entry has wheels, it will be judged as a float. Float size should not exceed 4 x 8 feet. Size of walking entries may be

Pet Show Your participation and support makes the Pet Show a winner every year. This year we are adding something new. Two members of the Sedalia Kennel Club, and a member of the Poodle Club of America will act as judges. They will also be giving demonstrations in ‘What to look for in a good used dog,’ obedience training, rescue, and will also take questions from the audience. Your pet can “strut its stuff” at this fun event on Sunday, July 1, 2012, 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. There will be several categories, including Best dog, cat, and any other pet, as well as Obedience, Tricks, and Costume, so start preparing for the big day now. All types of pets are welcome. The audience will have a great time watching and will be able to vote for “People’s Choice” during the Pet Parade. We will also have a microchip clinic available for dogs only. This is the first year this service is being offered and it will be on a trial basis. Cost will be $20.00 per dog and you will need to contact Linda Agre to pre-register. The Pet Show entries will be invited to be part of the 4th of July parade. Come help us make this a day to remember. All information and sign up will be during Registration. Questions - Contact Linda Agre by phone or email. Phone 320-295-1117, Email address, Blue Beret/April 2012


International Convention/Rally

Reading on the Road Unit Publication Contest John Bergen #321, Chairman (But not while you’re driving) WALLY BYAM CARAVAN CLUB Email: Hedda Smithson #3719 INTERNATIONAL, INC. There will be a Unit Publications Contest at the International TH After a long day of traveling, how do Convention/Rally in Sedalia. In the Unit Newsletter contest 55 INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION/RALLY you “wind down” in the evening? Do you

there are two categories, a color category and a black & white turn to the stack of books you carry in category. June 27 – July 4, 2012 --- Sedalia, Missouri your Airstream? When you come to the (1) Newsletters containing one or more items printed in International Rally in Sedalia MO, concolor must be entered in the Color Category. REGISTRATION sider joining those of us who would like (2) Newsletters that do not use color and the entire newsto have a discussion about as well received prior to January Convention/Rally Fees books for registrations 2012 will be $475.00 for couples, $375.00 singles, letter is1,printed in black and white are in the Blackfor & White as how we read them. and $120.00 for each additional adult. Rally fees include 3 pointCategory. hook-up,Contestants 30 amp electric, shall water submitand anysewer. three consecutive isConsider theseelectric questions: What good books have you sues of their newsletter that were published since the previous (Note: NO 3 amp. or generator section available). read lately? Do you prefer fiction to non-fiction? Who are for Rally Fees received after January 1, 2012 will be $500.00 couples, $400.00 for singles and $130.00 for each additional International Convention/Rally. your favorite authors? How do you choose what books you adult. Through the courtesy of Airstream, Inc, all members pre-registering on or before January 1, 2012 will be eligible to will read? in Where do you your books? Do youinuse an These For awards Unit Directories there areatalso categories, boundor participate a drawing for get up to a total of $2000.00 awards, may be redeemed anytwo Airstream Dealership electronic reader? What is the difference between a Nook, at the Jackson Center Service Center for parts and service. a and loose leaf. Kindle, an iPad? (1) Directories have theparking cover date and only. all pages perFree and parking in the Bull Pen, with no services, is permitted for one night beforewhich your assigned For arrival Consider these book titles: Travels with Charlie by John manently bound together into a single unit are in the Bound before your parking date and parking with services, the parking fee is $20.00 per day. Steinbeck (a classic), Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen Category. FEE REFUND POLICY: All convention/rally fee refund requests must be postmarked by May 15, 2012 and must include (adapted to film), Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (non-fiction (2)cancellations Directories which consist of aaseries of administrative individual sheets the complete pass receipt, and FREE picnic tickets if applicable. All will be assessed $30.00 fee about World War II), or The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern bound together in a loose leaf or single style binder are in the and price of FREE picnic tickets if not returned. There will be NO refunds if postmarked after May 15, 2012 except as (one of Amazon’s best selling books for 2011). Loose Leaf Category. approved by the International Rally Committee. We could discuss one or more of these books as we adFor registrars only dress some of the questions posed above. There will be a sign-up table in the Registration area for Convention/Rally Parking Pass Receipts will be mailed beginning January 20, 2012 To flesh out this idea and set the agenda for a “class” at those wanting to enter Amt: ___________Check#__________________ these contests. Make Checks payable to: WBCCI Sedalia, feel free to send ideas to Hedda Smithson, email Mail to: WBCCI, P.O. Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334 Date: ____________Recd. By: _______________ address:Checks Canadian must be stamped “US Funds” This will be fun! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

55th International Convention/Rally Sedalia, Missouri June 27 - July 4, 2012

LAST NAME ____________________________________________ FIRST_________________________________________WBCCI # ______________ SPOUSE____________________________________ E-mail __________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY__________________________________________________________ST/PROV ________________________________ZIP__________________



Airstream w/2 adults Airstream w/1 adult Additional adult in Airstream _____ Youth (Ages 4 - 19) Youth after two full youth payments:

@ $500.00 @ $400.00 @ $130.00 @ $ 60.00

_________ _________ _________ _________

@ FREE DEDUCT $200.00 DEDUCT $5.00

_________ _________

_____Youth (Ages 4 - 19)

Not bringing Airstream WBCCI Life Members TOTAL FEES INCLUDED


$ _________

Mark boxes that apply:


Vintage Parking First International Staying off Site Prefer to park in Dog Section Handicapped Parking Applications on file at Headquaters For registrars only:

Amt: __________ Check#____________ FEE REFUND POLICY All rally fee refund requests must be postmarked by May 15, 2012, and must include the complete pass receipt. All cancellations will be assessed Date:___________Recd. By: __________ a $30.00 administrative fee & price of free picnic tickets if not returned. There will be No refunds if postmarked after May 15 except as approved by the International Rally Committee. Make checks payable to: WBCCI Canadian checks must be stamped US FUNDS Mail to: WBCCI, P.O. Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334


Blue Beret/April 2012

International Convention/Rally VOLUNTEER COUPON 55th WBCCI INTERNATIONAL RALLY The International Rally Committees need volunteers. Early parking is available for most persons who are accepted for service. Please mark your preference (1,2,3) in the first column. Enter “M” for man and “W” for woman in the second column. The Committee Chairman will contact you later if selected. Choice ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

Man/Woman Name of Committee ______ Bands, Concert & Stage Instrument____________________________ ______ Building Security ______ Bulletin Boards ______ Cargo ______ Carpenter ______ Community Service ______ Electric Installation ______ Grounds after Rally ______ Information/Lost & Found ______ Medical Information ______ Message Center/Scooters ______ Parade ______ Parking ______ Registration ______ Sanitation ______ Tables and Chairs ______ Traffic Control ______ Transportation, Buses ______ Wally Byam Control ______ Water

Name___________________________ Spouse__________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_______________________ State/Prov______Zip_____________

APPLICATION FOR HANDICAPPED PARKING 55th WBCCI INTERNATIONAL RALLY Last Name_______________________ WBCCI No._______________ First_____________________________ Age_____________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_______________________ State/Prov______Zip_____________ .............................................................................................................. TO BE COMPLETED BY PHYSICIAN: Diagnosis:________________________________________________ Degree of Disability:_______________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________ Check if applicable: Permanent Disability?  Wheelchair?  Mechanical Assists Utilized:________________________________ It is my opinion that the above named should be provided special parking privileges. __________________________________________________M.D. Address_________________________________________________ City_______________________ State/Prov______Zip_____________ Mail to: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334

WBCCI #___________________ Phone_________________________ E-mail___________________________________________________ Mail to: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334

Club Store Help Wanted Contact: John Green #4432 Ph. 309-657-3102 or Email: Address: 1466 Church Rd. Eureka, IL 61530-9440

Jam Session Joe Long, President THCU

Looking for musicians and singers to take part in an old fashion musical jam session during the International Convention/Rally in Sedalia. It is open for all levels of musical ability. You do not have to read music. This is for fun and fellowship. I am in need of a rhythm section such as bass and guitar to back the vocalist. No rehearsals required. If interested please contact me at gaylejoe@ or call me at 210-860-6006. Blue Beret/April 2012


International Convention/Rally

Wally Byam Control Calling Rally First-Timers Jerry Hissong #8898, CB Club President In case Sedalia, MO will be your first WBCCI International Convention/Rally, you may not know that nearly every attendee has an on-site job. It takes hundreds of volunteers to create a successful rally, so now is the time to commit to being a helper. There are numerous committees from which to choose; many rewards await committee workers as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

You will learn lots of things about making a rally successful. You will develop new and lasting friendships. Some members have worked on the same committee for decades. You will take pride in being part of the rally action and making a contribution. You will be apprised of interesting and exciting activities (rally & community) that may not be published elsewhere. The work is typically not difficult, but you WILL get some exercise. If you serve as an early worker, there are special tours and free pancake breakfasts.

One of the best places to work at the International Convention/Rally is Wally Byam Control, which is under the auspices of the CB Club. Our job is to manage the rally CB station, make scheduled announcements, broadcast program changes, inform members of the latest weather conditions and forecasts, provide directions, and answer questions when attendees call us on the radio. THIS TELLS YOU THAT IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE AN OPERATIONAL CB RADIO IN YOUR RIG AT ALL TIMES—even if it’s a portable. Basically, you don’t need a lot of talent or knowledge to work in the station. We will teach you everything you need to know. However, commitment to excellence and willingness to learn are required. Our offices are air-conditioned, our experienced team is friendly, and you will set your own work schedule. Here are four key jobs that may be of interest to you: 1. Operator/Broadcaster: Demonstrate a positive attitude, have a clear, pleasant speaking voice, and be a good reader. 2. Resource Person: Back up the operator with information easily found in our “Smart Book,” and answer the telephone. 3. Assistant Secretary: Possess above-average computer skills with a working knowledge of MS Word 7 and MS Excel. 4. Assistant Technician: Have the ability to set the SWR on a CB radio/antenna and have a basic understanding of how a base station functions. If you would like to work with us this year and “be in the know” at the rally we would love to have you. Please email me ASAP. Early parking dates to help us get up and running MAY be available. We need some personnel to be parked early as June 16-20. Email:

Verification Committee Workers needed-If you are going to be at International in June and you are interested in helping and visiting with individuals as they arrive, give me a call-Gayle Ketchum 210-865-8136 or


Blue Beret/April 2012

International Convention/Rally

2012 International Convention/Rally Missouri State Fairgrounds Sedalia, Missouri

Blue Beret/April 2012


International Convention/Rally

Severe Weather and Emergency Procedures for Sedalia, MO (Pettis County) 2012


1. Severe weather in Sedalia can consist of Severe Thunderstorm Watch/Warning, which could involve large hail, rain and winds in excess of 58 MPH. 2. Tornado Watch which means conditions are right for a tornado. 3. Tornado Warning which means a tornado has been spotted or has been indicated by radar. Tornado warning sirens on the East and Northwest of the fairgrounds will sound and you should take cover immediately in the ground level of the Exhibition Center. The East side doors will be open for your use. 4. Sources for Severe Weather Information: NOAA WEATHER RADIO Channel 5 SAME 029159, LOCAL RADIO STATIONS ON 1050 and 1490 AM, TV Stations 4,5,9 and 41. NIXLE: enter zip code 65301 and you will receive emergency alerts through text to your cell phone and email, or text 65301 to 888777, to activate text messaging only.  This is a free service provided by the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office but text messaging charges may apply depending on your phone service. Wally Byam Control will also announce severe weather on Channel 14. 5. It is recommended that you secure awnings, flags, and all loose items AROUND your RV anytime there is a chance of bad weather and before you leave your RV. 6. If the warning occurs after hours, then you should proceed to beneath the Exhibition Center. If the warning has not occurred and you feel unsafe, then proceed to the Exhibition Center. 7. Pets may be taken to the building but you must be prepared to accommodate their needs. 8. You will be given an all clear by Traffic Control Personnel and Wally Byam Control on Channel 14 when the severe weather has passed.  

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: 1. In case of an emergency, please call 911 and Wally Byam Control on Channel 14 and do the following:      a.  Give your name, location (fairgrounds, lot number, e.g.,  West R-52) and your WBCCI Number.      b.  Turn on your vehicle lights, emergency flashers and have a neighbor stand by to direct the emergency personnel to your location. 2. The Emergency Personnel will have a fairgrounds camping map and a Locator Map which will show them your location. 3. YOUR RV NUMBER MUST BE PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED ON THE FRONT AND REAR OF YOUR RV SO EMERGENCY PERSONNEL CAN LOCATE YOUR RV AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.  


Blue Beret/April 2012

SECURITY  1. The local Police provides officers to patrol the fairgrounds to assure compliance with all laws of the State. 2. It is still recommended that you keep all your RV compartments and vehicles locked when not in use. 3. Additionally, keep all bicycles, scooters, and other items of value locked when not in use. 4. Compliance with the above guidance will be most critical during the 4th of July fireworks display as thousands of persons will be on the grounds to observe the fireworks.  

EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS: 1. FAIRGROUNDS OFFICE during business hours:  660827-8150.   FAIRGROUNDS SECURITY after hours: 660-2816336/660-620-1719.     FAIRGROUNDS MAINTENANCE: 660-281-6335. 2. POLICE 660-826-8100 3. EMA 660-827-4800 4. BOTHWELL REGIONAL HEALTH CENTER 660-8268833

Craft Seminars

These seminars will be held on the 27th and 29th of June lasting 1 1/2 hours each day. The first day will consist of the whole Tee shirt and on the second day we will be making Tee shirt scarves. ITEMS YOU NEED TO BRING TO THE SEMINAR 2 or 3 Tee shirts, no side seams (1 shirt is needed for the 1st session; 1 or 2 shirts needed for the 2nd seminar) Tee shirts may be obtained from Michaels or Hobby Lobby (2 for $5.00 on sale) Also check dollar stores or thrift shops Needle and thread Sharp scissors Chalk or marking pen Straight pins Sew on items for embellishments. (Buttons, old jewelry, ribbon and beads). Jan Pruter 719-475-8899

National Rallies

Special Event Rallies

Galax Fiddlers’ Convention Special Event Rally Galax,Virginia August 6 - 12, 2012 Betty Patton, Chairman

The Spirit of Cleveland National Rally Cleveland, Ohio June 6 - 10, 2012 Thomas Christopher Come join us for the Cleveland Ohio Unit’s 2nd National Urban Rally to be held at the beautiful Burke Lakefront Airport located on the shores of Lake Erie, June 6th through June 10th, 2012. This year’s fun filled event will be held immediately following Alumapalooza (only 168 miles away) likely enroute to your next destination! The rally fee will only be $195.00 for two in an Airstream trailer/motorhome ($125.00 for singles). Rally fee includes, 3 full catered breakfasts, 3 full catered dinners (one of which is a $100 dinner cruise on the Goodtime II), parking for 4 nights, daily & evening entertainment, and a rally goodie bag! Due to donations and sponsorships we are able to provide this incredible event at such a low price! There will be planned, private tours/excursions of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Browns Stadium, West Side Market, Science Center, Burke Lakefront Airport, Mather Ore Freighter, “Cod” WWII Battle Submarine, Lolly the Trolley City of Cleveland Tour, and many other exciting places in and around downtown Cleveland. There will be other activities for folks to do on their own during the day (e.g., fishing charters, helicopter rides, fixed wing tours, boating, and many others). There will be 24/7 security in a gated parking area. There will be no electric service available. Bring your generator if desired. There will be free water refill service and a dump service available. Arrivals will start after 12:00 noon on June 6th. We will limit the rally to the first 100 RVs, so make reservations by contacting “Sammy” at 440-953-9559 or send your check made payable to Cleveland Ohio Unit WBCCI, Attn: Paula Christopher, 4230 State Route 306, Willoughby, OH 44094. ***WE SUGGEST BOOKING QUICKLY AS BASED ON LAST YEAR’S OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE FEEDBACK WE A N T I C I PAT E SELLING OUT QUICKLY***. (see www.cleveland.

The Region 3 Virginia and NORVA Units of WBCCI welcomes everyone to follow The Crooked Road (VA Music Heritage Trail) to their 11th Special Event Rally in Galax, Virginia. The Rally features the oldest, largest, and best in Old Time and Blue Grass Music. This is the 77th year the Galax Moose Lodge #733 has sponsored this event. A popular feature is the youth competition on Monday night. Anyone can be a contestant by registering with the Moose Lodge or anyone can join the many jam sessions on the grounds. You will enjoy six days and six nights of entertainment in Galax, which is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Galax divides the counties of Grayson and Carroll, which have many historic and scenic sites. The Blue Ridge Parkway, Grayson Highlands State Park, New River Trail State Park, and I-77 have parks and vistas that are unforgettable. These natural areas provide biking, hiking, golfing, and canoeing. You can rent or bring your own recreational equipment. The nearby towns of Independence, Hillsville, Wytheville, and Mt. Airy (Andy Griffith’s Mayberry) offer great day tours with festivals, antiques, shops, and markets. The famous Barter Theater is only two hours away. A week of family fun for all ages. The Rally Opening Ceremony is at the Blue Ridge Music Center and Museum followed by special music of the area. Parking is at the Fairview Ruritan Building with water and limited electricity. The Rally fee includes one dinner, one country breakfast, watermelon feast-get acquainted social, special entertainment and Sunday A.M. continental. Early parking is August 5. Cut-off registration is July 30. Cancellation fee is $5.00. No refunds after August 1 (or discretion of Chairman). Rally Fee is $50.00 per person, $30.00 for children 6 - 14, (pay in advance). Parking is $15.00 per night (pay on arrival). Coupon in April, May, and June Blue Beret. Checks to Joe Kolb, Registrar, 1789 Peacock Drive, Hillsville, VA 24343, email: W4VL@arrl. net, telephone 276766-3121. For info - Betty Patton, Ch. 276-233-1109, email: bj_patton@comcast. net. The Rally is limited to 50 RVs, early registration is advised.

Blue Beret/April 2012


Region News

Region 1

J. Rick Cipot, Contributing Editor April has arrived and I know many of our fellow Airstreamers are itching to get on the road. With the weather up here as it has been, Sandi and I have already started our camping season. With that said we have some very special events I would like to mention. This year, 2012, is a very special year as it marks the 50th anniversary of our Quebec Canada Unit. They will celebrate by hosting a Méchoui and hope to have as many active and past members, officers and friends as possible attend and participate in reminisces. You will be greeted at Chalet du Ruisseau in St. Benoit, Quebec on Saturday, July 21st. A light punch will be served from 4:30 PM followed by a dinner at 5:30 – 6:00. Price for punch & dinner is $35.00 per person. Please respond to Paul Fuller at Their $50 for the 50th Rally is a special celebration. Please note that this special weekend is a “Buddy Rally” with all rally parking on the grounds of the Chalet. Arrive Friday, July 20, 2012. Depart Sunday, July 22. Your payment includes: three days and two nights of camping; a Friday evening Welcome Social; a Sunday Brunch for two; water and RV Dump Station. (Electric is not available. Generators allowed 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM). Bring your family and friends with you or in their own equipment to help us celebrate. St. Benoit is located approximately 25 miles NW of Montreal in a rural area with a variety of attractions within a short distance of the Chalet: wineries, horse farms, ostrich farm, exotic animals, honey production, sugar houses and more. A little further south plans are being finalized for the 2012 Region One Rally this year hosted by the New England Unit. They have a fantastic schedule with activities on site for everyone and plenty to do in the beautiful surrounding countryside. Please note that you MUST have your paid registration in by May 11th, 2012, to guarantee your site. Full three point hookups first, then water & power with free honey wagon service for all. This is a rally not to miss; there will be a large section of Vintage trailers with an open house, demonstrations by national and local venders along with many seminars not to mention Happy Hours, great friendship, a Saturday night Costume Pink Flamingo Ball. More information being posted on the WBCCI Region One webpage. So if the current activity is any indication of the coming months, Region One Units and friends will have a very busy season for sure. Whether you are planning on joining up with the smaller rallies or even hosting one, please be sure to let everyone in our Region know your Unit’s plans. There is always room for “one more.”


Blue Beret/April 2012

 Une occasion très spéciale 50 ans ça se fête Cette année notre unité fête  son 50ème anniversaire de fondation au sein du club WBCCI. Une occasion très spéciale que nous soulignons en réunissant le plus grand nombre possible de membres actifs et anciens dans une atmosphère de camaraderie et de souvenir.  Ainsi, nous vous recevrons pour un Méchoui au Chalet Du Ruisseau à St  Benoit le 21 Juillet 2012. Un Punch sera servi vers 16 h 30 PM suivi du  souper vers 17.30 ou 18.00 heures. Les frais pour le souper et le punch sont de 35.00 $ par personne. (Voir les indications pour le « buddy Ralli »). Nous vous prions de bien vouloir contacter tous les anciens membres que vous côtoyez ou connaissez et leur faire part de cette invitation. Vous et vos amis êtes tous bienvenus. SVP  confirmer votre présence le plus tôt possible.

«Buddy Rallie » 50.00 $ pour le 50 Les 20, 21, et  22 Juillet  2012 ème


Dans le cadre de cet anniversaire nous aurons  le rallye 50.00$  pour le 50ème. Les frais seront de 50.00 $ pour: * La fin de semaine de camping soit deux nuits et trois jours * Un café bonsoir le vendredi (Deux Personnes) * Un Brunch le dimanche avant midi (Deux personnes) * L’eau et la vidange pour la fin de semaine * L’Électricité n’est pas disponible!  * Les génératrices seront tolérées entre 08.00 Am et 19.00 Pm * Nous vous invitons à vous faire accompagner de votre famille et vos amis * Avec vous ou dans leurs équipements   St. Benoit est situe dans un milieu rural au Nord Ouest de Montréal (35 Km)  et notre lieu de camping est au beau milieu d’un endroit touristique fantastique où il y a: * Des vignobles * Des fermes de Chevaux * Une ferme d’Autruches * Des animaux exotiques * De l’apiculture * Des cabanes à sucre


Nous vous invitons  à vous joindre à nous pour ce magnifique weekend et de nous le laisser savoir le plutôt possible. Souvenez-vous que c’est un « Buddy Rally »


Paul Fuller Et le Comité du 50ème Novembre à mai 941-575-2120 ou mai à novembre 450537-3762            

Region News

Region 2

Steve Nehlig, Contributing Editor Welcome to the first full month of Spring. The first week of April this year brings us two religious celebrations, Easter and Passover.  It is also the month that Region 2 members are rolling out their Airstreams and getting them in shape for this year’s fun and adventure. President Kathy and Gene have been home since March having wintered a bit in Florida after the IBT. They are looking forward to the first big rally of the year, the Region 2 Rally at Herkimer, NY. The coupon for this rally can be found in the May Blue Beret and your Unit Newsletters. Please send your coupon in as soon as possible. It has been quite awhile since an Airstream Rally has been at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds, and they are really looking forward to our visit with fond memories of our previous rallies. Please consider volunteering for one of the duties at Herkimer, like parking, breakfasts, games, entertainment, etc.  Also, Region 2 is still in need of of a 2nd VP. Please give this rewarding position on the ladder to Region 2 President, your full consideration. On their travel to Florida this winter, Kathy, Gene and other Region 2 members,  were pleasantly surprised by what appeared to be “a best kept little secret.” And that little  secret was Mystic Springs Airstream Park, just 25 miles north of Pensacola, FL, a most enjoyable stay, with the extra added attraction of a Mystic Springs Mardi Gras celebration by the Pensacola Florida Unit. Put it on your bucket list for a future visit with some very welcoming Airstreamers. The Florida State Rally at Sarasota was enhanced by Region 2 members having Happy Hours together and looking for Seafood and Sunshine. We hope that your plans for the future include the International Convention/Rally at Sedalia this year. Several of our Units are planning a caravan to the rally. This is an especially fun way to travel to the event with the added benefit of parking with your fellow club members. If your Unit is not having a caravan, you can join any Unit’s caravan by just giving them a call.  All for now, more Region 2 news next month.   

Region 3

Carol Bell, Contributing Editor April showers bring May flowers but I hope the showers hold off while we are in Myrtle Beach, SC for the Region Rally April 24-29. Plans are in place and registration has been great so we are ready to begin. If you have not registered for the rally, it is not too late. Please do so as you do not want to miss what we hope will be one of the best Region 3 rallies ever. I have asked many times in the past for our members to send me interesting articles that I could use for publication

in the Blue Beret. I am going to include the following piece as it should make us sit up and take notice. Many times in our lives we just sit by and let those with the loudest voices overwhelm our sense of what is right. After that occurs we become part of the “silent majority” who find ourselves in situations that are troublesome and often times wrong. As you continue to read this, does it hit home?

An Obituary printed in the London Times - Interesting and true Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: Knowing when to come in out of the rain; Why the early birdgets the worm; Life isn’t always fair; and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault. Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement. Common Sense was preceeded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust; by his wife, Discretion; by his daughter, Responsibility; and by his son, Reason. He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers: I Know My Rights I Want It Now Someone Else Is To Blame I’m A Victim Have a nice and hopefully warm spring. Happy Easter, a hope-it-doesn’t-hurt-too-much-tax day, and we would love to see you in Myrtle Beach.

Blue Beret/April 2012


Region News

Region 4

Nancy Brett, Contributing Editor Greetings from Region 4! “IT’S ABOUT TIME” is the theme of the Cincinnati Soup Rally being held April 26-29 in Xenia, Ohio. This joint rally with Columbus OH Unit and Miami Valley Unit of Ohio showcases delicious homemade soup in a large outdoor kettle. In keeping with the time theme - please bring your clocks, they will be used for table decorations and will be judged in different categories. For more information contact – Al & JoAnn Fluegeman 513-948-1992 or jcaffluegeman@ Be sure to attend the Region 4 Computer Rally in Van Wert May 14-18. This rally has lots to offer and this year you will learn how to use the computer to download and run movies and music directly from the Internet. Contact grgreenway@ for reservations. Please support your Region by attending the 36th Region 4 Rally, May 21-27, 2012, in Coldwater, MI. Plan to arrive on Monday. There will be lots of good food, entertainment and plenty of good fellowship. One of the scheduled tours will be in Lansing, MI celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts. We hope to see you there. For more information contact Each year the Cincinnati Ohio Unit hosts a Youth Rally that is truly all about the kids. The “Summer Fun” Rally, May 31June 3 will include bikes and changes of clothing – you just might get wet! For more information, please contact John & Karen Turner at 586-567-6634 or It is not too late to sign up for the Spirit of Cleveland National Rally, June 6-10 at the Burke Lakefront Airport. It is a real bargain – see the Blue Beret for details. For reservations, please email or call “Sammy” at 440-953-9559. The Michigan All State Rally, Frankenmuth, MI will be held Aug 8-12. There will be local tours, a golf tournament, catered dinner, breakfasts, craft show/flea market. Contact Rhonda Asselin 734-854-4750 or email Please mark you calendars: 55th International Convention/Rally – June 27– July 4, Sedalia, MO, “Where Friends Meet” 50th Swiss Festival National Rally – September 22-30, Sugarcreek, (Filled) Safe travels

Region 5

Nancy Green, Contributing Editor Did you or will you use the opportunity to fool someone this month on “April Fools Day?” Try to catch at least one of your Airstream friends off-guard. We all enjoy a little fun.


Blue Beret/April 2012

Speaking of fun, WBCCI has lots of things planned. In the fall, you will have the opportunity to improve your skills at the 29th annual Computerfest Rally prior to the Region Rally. One-on-one help is available; it’s always fun to solve your problems with help from someone who can find the solutions for your questions. Lots of topics will be offered, including genealogy and where to start. This rally offers something for the beginner as well as more advanced, so don’t hesitate to plan to attend. It’s at Tipton, Indiana, on Sept. 9-11, with the Region Rally to follow on the 12-16. Watch the Blue Beret for the coupon. At the IBT meeting it was reported that membership is down 4.9%, better than the previous year (7%.) Everyone is encouraged to work on renewals as well as attaining new members. Membership chairman Don McKelvay has approval from the executive committee to allow prospective members to join a Unit online and pay their first year’s dues online via credit card/Pay Pal. It will be implemented as soon as the Electronic Communications Committee can incorporate this in the new Club website. There was $9500 added to the budget for membership promotions via the marketing committee. The Region Award of Excellence was earned by five of the twelve regions one of which was Region 5. Congratulations go to Region 5 President Louise Humble for this accomplishment. There was also approval to sign contracts for International Convention/Rallies in 2013 in Huron, South Dakota and 2014 in Gillette, Wyoming. Speaking of International Convention/ Rally, does your Unit have someone to do your bulletin board? April is a good time to get started. So as the snowbirds return to Region 5 area, enjoy your Easter festivities and be prepared for those April showers.

Region 6

Lonnie Carver, Contributing Editor Greetings Everyone! Spring is in the air! Now it’s time to start spring rallies. Region 6 has several rallies planned for April. The Tennessee State Hillbilly Rally is scheduled for April 19-22, 2012, in Crossville, TN. What a beautiful time to be in Tennessee! Also scheduled that same weekend is the Alabama State Rally in Gulf Shores, AL…and not to leave anyone out, the annual Vintage/Buddy Rally that the Pensacola FL Unit hosts @ Mystic Springs, also April 19-22, 2012. Many of Region 6 members traveled to the Florida State Rally in Sarasota, FL. Kathleen Hedgepeth, Region 6 President represented our Region at the rally. Everyone had a great time that attended Florida State Rally. The National Mardi Gras Rally was held Feb 13-22, 2012, in New Orleans, LA. Attendance was down this year, mainly because of the date conflict with the Florida State Rally, but even with a smaller number of RVs, we had a great time! The weather was wonderful. Our annual Krewe of Tin Cans was presented and we are happy to announce that the 2012 King and Queen of the Tin Cans was Nick and Emily Fisher, from the Washington Unit. Congratulations Nick and Emily! Plans are now underway for the 2013 National Mardi Gras

Region News Rally, the dates are Feb 6-13, 2013. It will be a great time to be in New Orleans…keep in mind the 2013 Super Bowl will be held in New Orleans on Sunday, Feb 3, 2013...just 3 days before the start of the 2013 Mardi Gras Rally. The Region 6 Officers are looking forward to our annual Region 6 Luncheon to be held during the International Convention/Rally in Sedalia this summer. More info will follow about the luncheon. We hope that many of our Region 6 folks will travel to the International Convention/Rally this summer. If you haven’t been to International before, this year it’s an easy drive for all of us in Region 6, so come and join us for a great time in Sedalia!

Tennessee State Rally Tennessee Cumberland Plateau CG Crossville,Tennessee April 19 - 22, 2012 Bobbie Wilkins

Get out your overalls and straw hats and join us for a “Tennessee Hillbilly” weekend. The rally will be held at the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground (Airstream Park) in Crossville, Tennessee, on April 19-22, 2012. The cost of the rally is $50 per person plus parking and includes meals and entertainment. Rally reservations should be sent to Ken Ritenour, 3080 Lake Drive NW, Cleveland, TN 37312, Ph. 423-479-8414, or Email:  Parking reservations should be made with Jill Willoughby, Ph. 423-332-6913 or 931-788-2211, or Email: hryjill39@aol. com Great entertainment and activities including a golf tournament are lined up for this event, so come and join us. A coupon is enclosed in the back of this Blue Beret. 

Region 7

Joan Lahr, Region President As the winter season ends in the Midwest and spring, hopefully, is finally on the way, it’s time to get our Airstreams out of storage and get them ready to travel for an exciting rally season. Sign up now to attend the International Convention/ Rally in Sedalia, Missouri, and also check out and attend the entertaining rallies Unit and Region officers have planned for 2012. All the events offer great opportunities to meet others with similar interests. More details from First Vice President Linda Agre on the Region rally below. Make your reservations with the coupon in this issue of the Blue Beret or look on the Region website.

Region 7 Rally Linda Agre, 1st Vice President Are you making summer travel plans for after the Interna-

tional Convention/Rally at Sedalia, Missouri? Are you heading north? Maybe Minnesota aka God’s country? (They say it’s God’s country because it’s so cold there that the Devil wouldn’t have it, or maybe because of our state bird, the mosquito. Now that’s an insect only God could love.) If you are planning to travel north, join us for our Region 7 Rally in the inviting lake country of Kandiyohi County, Minnesota. You will join us for the celebration of the 26th year of the New London to New Brighton Antique Car Run. The “Car Run” began in 1987 during New Brighton’s Centennial Celebration to reinforce the City’s namesake ties to Brighton, England. It is patterned after the prestigious London to Brighton Veteran Car Run held annually in England. The English Run Celebrates the repeal of the “Red Flag” law in 1896. The law banned the first motorized vehicles from using the road unless a man carrying a red flag walked in front of the car. The Minnesota Run is a 120 mile American version designed to feature the beauty and endurance of very early automobiles. With the costumed drivers and gleaming vintage cars, the unique event promises “turn of the century” charm. We will be joined by the Airstream Vintage Club with an afternoon Open House of the restored Airstream trailers. The Antique Car Club will also be making a trip through the campground and you will have a chance to see the automobiles up close and get to chat with the owners. So come join me in “God’s Country” on beautiful Green Lake at Spicer, Minnesota, August 8 through August 12, 2012, and let me show you where I grew up. I promise you a good time!

Region 8

Dave & Pat Shaw, Contributing Editors It’s here! It’s here! April has arrived and we are packing to head south to Springfield, MO. We are so anxious to begin our Region 8 Rally---GET YOUR KICKS ON ROUTE 66! One of the first things everyone will be doing is sharing hugs and handshakes with all Airstream friends we have not seen for awhile. Stories will be exchanged about our travels and adventures. In last month’s Blue Beret we discussed all the great programs that President Fred and First Lady Dottie have scheduled for us. This month let’s take a look at what else will be available for us during our stay in Springfield. After registration, we will study the rally program so that we can sign up for some of the unique tours that will be available. Did you know that the tour through Fantastic Caverns is in a vehicle? It is a 55-minute guided tour that follows an ancient underground riverbed filled with massive formations. The cave stays a comfortable 60 degrees year round. It will also be a must to go to Wilson’s Creek and learn about the pivotal battle of the Civil War. Information concerning this battle will be further explained on Friday with a presentation by Professor William Piston. With a 300,000 square-foot showroom, Bass Pro Shop is the granddaddy of all outdoor stores. Enjoy exploring all of the unique features including an art gallery, firing range, boat showroom, waterfalls, aquariums, Hemingway’s Restaurant Blue Beret/April 2012


Region News and Starbucks. More enjoyment will be shared while visiting shops and restaurants at the Battlefield Mall, and next door to the fairgrounds is the Dickerson Park Zoo. Enjoy an up-close natural adventure with hundreds of animals from around the world. Saturday, April 28th is the opening day of the 2012 season for the C-Street Market. It is nestled in a pavilion where shoppers will find vendors ready to share a friendly market experience. There is so much to see and do, not only in Springfield, but also in the surrounding area. As for us, we definitely need to make a trip to the famous Lambert’s “throwed rolls” Restaurant located nearby in Ozark, MO. Wow! Five days of getting our kicks on Route 66! Don’t miss out. Ladies, please bring you favorite doll for the Doll Tea Party at the Region Rally. Looking forward to seeing you down the road…

Region 9

Jim Schwerdfeger, 1st Vice President Seems like everyone is talking about “security” it home security, Homeland security, identity security. Social Security... personal security...all kinds of security. According to my dictionary, the word comes from the Latin “securus”... basically meaning “safe...not in danger.” So, since everyone is talking about security, let us talk about security in this article. Once I had a little dog...a little Yorkshire Terrier. His name was Bubba Duke O’York. He was mine and I was his. We bonded from the moment our eyes met.  Wherever I went...Bubba went. Whatever I did...Bubba did. Over the years, we had a lot of fun together. One of the things we liked to do, some days,  was to drag out his favorite blanket...actually a piece of old cloth... spread it out on the floor, or on the sofa, if Raisin (the good wife) wasn’t home...and we would play rough and tumble until we got tired. Then it was nap time. Before long, the gentle rhythm of his soft snoring would put my mind and body at peace...and I would drift off with him to a safe, restful place. We called that old piece of cloth our “security blanket”...for eighteen years. Bubba’s gone now...but the memories of him and our “security blanket” linger on. You and I also share a couple of “security blankets.”  One is our club...the W.B.C.C.I. We know that we have great friends who share our joys and our sorrows....who care about us.... and because of this sharing and caring, the world we live in today, wrapped in our WBCCI  “blanket”... is a little more safe and secure. The most important “security blanket” we all share is made from a piece of cloth wrapped around Him at birth, a piece of cloth wrapped around Him in death...and the wondrous fact that He rose from the dead to give us eternal  “security blanket”  to keep us safe and in no danger.  He is ours...and we are His. HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE!   


Blue Beret/April 2012

Region 10

Kathy Ciokiewicz, Contributing Editor Looking at the April rally schedule around Region 10, it is evident that spring is either here or just around the corner. The Washington Unit will be enjoying the Tulip Rally, April 12-15th at Mt. Vernon, Washington, the same weekend as the Oregon Unit holds it’s Spring Fling Rally at Seven Feathers RV Park in Canyonville, OR. Our Idaho Unit will be at the Mountain Home RV Resort April 20–23rd with a Spring Thaw Rally. The British Columbia Unit is planning a Spring Break Out Rally April 27-29th. It is time to get our Airstreams out of storage and out on the road to experience the beauty of spring in our Region 10. Keep in mind while planning your summer travel schedule, that this is the year for the Region 10 Rally. Called The Rally in the Rockies, it will be held at Hill Spring, AB, July 16–20th, just a hop, skip and a jump from Glacier National Park. For those of us coming from the U.S., the rally site is less than 70 miles north of the Canadian border so it is not as far from home as you may think. If you are returning from the 55th International Convention/Rally at Sedalia, MO, it is not far out of the way. Registration forms can be found in the Blue Beret and in the Region 10 newsletter at Speaking of the Region 10 newsletter, Marilyn Van Iderstine, along with our President Adolph Knopp and First Lady Hazel, and other contributors, must be congratulated on the wonderful newsletter they provide us. This is the best way to keep in tune with the latest Region news. Make a point to read each issue. We hope to run into a few of you at a spring rally somewhere in Region 10.

Region 11

Barbara Vaughn, Contributing Editor It is the time of year to start thinking about your travel plans for the summer. Your Airstream should be ready for its “road ready” maintenance inspection and a good polishing to start your travels off on the right foot. April in Region 11 gives the traveler a variety of events and activities. If you are enjoying the last of the winter weather in Colorado, you will want to check out Brent Christensen’s Ice Castles at Silverthorne. Brent has created a 30’ high and over 10,000 tons of castles, arch and pathways through the world’s only man made ice castle. Perhaps you are trying to get one more trip to the ski slopes and are headed to Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain or Vail if so you are right in the neighborhood so make Silverthorne one of your stops. Now for those who find themselves little farther south and you are looking for something unusual to do in New Mexico. Look no farther than Corrales where you are invited to share the experience of mudding! Yes, Mudding Day at the Old

Region News

Intra Clubs

San Ysidro Church on the 28th should be a challenge for those wanting to learn something “new” from long ago. San Ysidro Church is one of the most beloved historic buildings in Corrales and perhaps New Mexico and here you can learn the technique of mudding and help restore this wonderful historic site. They will serve you lunch and give you lessons all for no charge! If this is just a little too down and dirty for your taste or perhaps you need to relax after mudding, you might enjoy the LaVina’s Spring Wine Festival in La Union the same weekend. Did you know that 2012 is Arizona’s centennial year? The Heard Museum in Phoenix has chosen a uniquely Arizona show in keeping with 100 year celebration. The Bolo Tie is the official Arizona Tie and you can see both vintage and new bolo ties at the Bolo Tie Exhibit this month at the museum in downtown Phoenix. Have you ever wondered about all those fields of roses you see west of Luke Air Force Base? Those are root stock roses grown for commercial use; however, Arizona grows some of the most beautiful roses and this month there are four rose shows including the Rose Society of Glendale’s free Rose Show at Sahuaro Ranch Park on the 2nd. These are just a sample of what is happening this month in Region 11. The fun and opportunities to see and enjoy Region 11 are just beginning to start for 2012 so get your Airstream ready to roll on down the road. Just a reminder, make sure to pack your WBCCI Directory, so you can look up your fellow Airstreamers that you pass along the way and to check out the courtesy parking.


Connie Squires, Contributing Editor “Round up your silver bullets and hit the trail for a rootin’ tootin’ good time at the Bakersfield RV Resort, October 17-22, 2012.” The WBCCI Region 12 Rally, TAMING THE SILVER BULLET, promises fun, fellowship and adventure. Bakersfield, California, the southern gateway to the Central Valley is one of the fastest growing regions in the nation. It is the seat of Kern County, which generates 76 percent of the state’s oil supply and ranks third among all counties in the United States in agriculture-related production. Visitors to Bakersfield have the good fortune to experience a little bit of everything: historic music venues, fantastic food, exceptional museums, outdoor recreation and much more. Speaking of fantastic food, did you know that Bakersfield boasts an impressive collection of Basque restaurants; more than any other city in the nation. One of the largest Basque populations outside the Pyrenees Mountains is located in Bakersfield. The incredible cuisine developed by the friendly Basque families draws visitors from across California. If you’ve never been to a Basque restaurant, you’re in for a treat. Customarily Basque meals are multi-course feasts, served family style at long trestle tables, requiring both a big

Vintage Airstream Club Bob Herman, Contributing Editor 55TH WBCCI INTERNATIONAL RALLY, June 27-July 4, 2012, Sedalia, Missouri. VAC caravan into rally, VAC gathering night before going in with caravan. See Blue Beret for WBCCI rally info. VAC website for VAC events. WBCCI VAC RALLIES Rocky Mountain Vintage Rally, Gunnison, Colorado, July 26-30, 2012. registration after March 2012. Vintage Restoration Rally, Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 7-11, 2012, contact Kenneth, email: johnsen@frontier. net for details. For info on last year’s event, go to: http:// WBCCI RALLIES WITH VINTAGE PARKING: Region 3 Rally, April 22-29, 2012, Ocean Lakes Campground, Myrtle Beach, SC. This rally is open to WBCCI members and all Airstream owners that are not a WBCCI member. Vintage parking and Open House of Vintage and younger rigs. If you wish to park with Vintage, please note so on your coupon or sign up sheet when you mail it. For more information, check the article in this issue about the activities at the rally or Email Rick at: for information. 50th Anniversary Swiss Festival National Rally, September 22-30, 2012, Sugarcreek, Ohio. 2012 will be the 50th Anniversary of this National Rally and they would like to highlight Airstream trailers 50 years or older in 2012 at the festival. There will be group vintage parking. Also, there is a Swiss Festival Parade and they would like to have 4 or 5 - 50 years or older trailers to enter into the parade. Contact Jim Moss at: 304-281-2736. (Filled) Bob Herman, Email: or 407-810-5579.

appetite and a collection of friends. In many Basque restaurants you can still hear the ancient language of Eskuara being spoken among the staff. Seek out a new experience and savor a Basque meal while attending the WBCCI Region 12 Rally at Bakersfield, California, October 17-22, 2012.

Blue Beret/April 2012


Airstream • 937-596-6111

Airstream News

Greetings from your extended family here in Jackson Center, OH! It is that time of year where the weather begins to warm up and getting the Airstream ready to hit the road is one more task added on the to do list. I hope everyone has big plans this year for traveling in your Airstream, I know we are here up at the factory!


Blue Beret/April 2012

Airstream has been very busy in recent months. Now that show season is winding down, we are looking forward to a busy spring season. Appointments for factory service are filling up fast and phone calls to our technical support team are increasing as more and more people are getting their Airstreams out of storage and ready for travel. In February I was able to attend the Sarasota Rally in Florida. Our local dealer Bates RV had several units on display and our service team was on site with parts for sale. I enjoyed getting to meet many of the Club members and enjoyed providing an update on the market to the Club as well. I want to thank every one in Region 3 for welcoming me to their event. It was a great time! As spring approaches, we have many things planned in the coming months. In April, I am heading to Brazil to review the market potential for Airstream as we have had many calls from interested customers in this emerging market. In May, we are holding our National Dealer Meeting at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville where we will enjoy a couple of days with our dealers. Then at the end of the May and early June, the Alumapalooza Rally will

be coming to Jackson Center. It is going to be a busy Spring! The RV industry continues to improve as a whole, which is a great sign for our economy. Sales are showing steady growth and we feel very good about the coming year. We have added some key dealers in the past six months for both trailers and vans, which will add more service and sales points for our customers. We have a few more open markets we need to fill throughout the year and are encouraged at the interest we are receiving from dealers to handle Airstream. It is another good sign the market is improving as dealers are more open to bringing in new product lines. I hope to visit a few rallies in the coming months and certainly won’t miss the International Convention/Rally in Sedalia! We hope to see many of you on the road enjoying your Airstreams! On behalf of 300 hard working families in Jackson Center, Ohio, we appreciate your business! Safe travelsJustin Humphreys VP of Sales- Airstream

Airstream • 937-596-6111

Schu’s News

Dave Schumann, General Manager

Customer Relations Group

Hello again.

Another month has passed and time for another exciting article (according to Cindy Reed at WBCCI headquarters). Well first, I would like to thank everyone that stopped by to see us at the recent Florida State Rally; it was a great time and a chance to visit with our Airstream friends. One topic that continues to be a talking point at rallies and in our Service Center is trailer tires. Everyone has a view about tires, what ones are the best, and opinions continue to vary widely. My contention is that if one tire was markedly better than any other there would only be the one tire (or Brand) being purchased. While the search continues for the “best” ST trailer tire; I thought I would share some things that I have been researching about trailer tires and what can affect their longevity.

ST Trailer Tire Features (Special Trailer (“ST”) Tires) First, what is an ST trailer tire? ST stands for Special Trailer Service. ST tires have been specifically made for trailers. Special trailer service tires feature heavy-duty construction and accommodate higher inflation pressures to provide the load capacity necessary to match many trailer applications and payloads. They have larger polyester cords than other trailer tire models, greater strength and greater resistance to the elements. Their stiffer sidewalls help control sway for enhanced towing stability and they offer more bruise resistance than typical passenger tires. ST trailer tires have a maximum speed rating of 65 miles per hour and on the average can be used for three to five years.

Bias Ply vs. Radial Tires trailer tires When it is time for new tires for the trailer, it is better to invest in radial tires. While bias ply tires are safe and well made, they do not provide as smooth a ride as radial tires. Bias ply tires also tend to wear out quicker and use more fuel than radial tires. By contrast, radial tires are fuel efficient, create less friction and can be used in any type of weather.

Air Pressure in Tires Did you know? Low air pressure will decrease the life of the tire by approximately 25% (low air pressure creates heat due

to increased flexing of side walls) and decrease gas mileage by 5%. Low air pressure can also increase tire wear by 10%. Tires can lose one pound per square inch (psi) per month under normal conditions. Additionally, tires can lose 1 psi for every 10º F temperature drop. Check air pressure monthly and routinely (including your spare). Never release air from a hot tire in order to reach the recommended cold tire pressure. Normal driving causes tires to run hotter and air pressure to increase. If you release air when your tires are hot, you may dangerously under inflate your tires. Tires should sit at least 3hrs.after driving before checking for cold tire pressures. If you must add air when your tires are hot, add four pounds psi above the recommended cold air pressure. Recheck the inflation pressure when the tire is cold. According to guidelines put out by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), any tire that has been run at less than 80% of recommended air pressure for the load it is carrying should be inspected for possible damage. For proper tire inflation know your tire’s load carrying capacity. Under-inflated tires can cause “excessive wear on the outer edge of the tire and heat build-up.” When inflated too low, the tire has more room to flex over bumps, rocks, rails, and road, with each flex adding an opportunity for your tire to become damaged Over-inflated tires on the other hand can cause excessive wear on the center of the tire, leaving the tire more vulnerable to damage from sharp corners, objects, or to a break in the tire itself. This can lead to a tire blowout. Filling a tire too full also causes the rubber to be taut and increasing the likelihood of the rubber breaking rather than bending over the road.

Heat affects tire performance The amount of flex or heat generated in a tire will increase the risk of damage to a tire. Heat damage is not necessarily instantaneous. Excess heat will cause the compounds in the tire to work out of the tire prematurely leading to what is referred to as “dry rot.” Tires suffering heat damage previously may appear to fail for no apparent reason later in their life. Blue Beret/April 2012


Airstream • 937-596-6111 The factors directly contributing to the amount of heat generated through tire flexing are: Size of Load being carried, Speed you are driving, Distance traveled, Inflation Pressure of tire, Tire Construction/Rubber Compound and the ambient temperature it is being operated in or on (such as hot asphalt). The hotter a tire runs the less efficient it becomes and the more susceptible it is to damage. When a tire runs hot: Tire wear rate increases, Tires are more prone to cutting, Heat increases the rate of casing fatigue (dries out tire compounds), it increases the chance of heat separation, and it increases the chance of tire burst, the greater rate of repair failure. When researching for information on tire failures the two main topics that keep coming up are, damage from the heat that can be generated in tires and inflation pressures, both under and over inflation. A tire can look perfectly normal but may have suffered internal damage. Summary: The above information is some of what is available from various tire manufacturers concerning tires and their enemies. So far I have not found any information on the “perfect tire”. I do believe if we understand more of the things that affect tire life we have a better chance of traveling safely while Airstreaming.

That Hurts! When we asked a man, what was the best way to remember his wedding anniversary, he replied: “Forget it just once!” Have a great month and we will see you on down the road!

Airstream Dealer Update 937-596-6111 New


Airstream Los Angeles 1212 E. Las Tunas Drive San Gabriel, CA 91776 Ph. 626-285-2222

Camping Time RV Centers, LLC 4696 Smithson Boulevard Oakwood, GA 30566 Ph. 770-533-9081

If you have a topic for this column, please send your suggestions to: Dave Schumann, Airstream, Inc., 419 W. Pike Street, Jackson Center, OH 45334

If your topic is published, you will receive a “Schu’s News” t-shirt!


Blue Beret/April 2012

Airstream • 937-596-6111

Alumafandango 2012 Held at Lakeside Amusement Park from August 21-26, 2012 Sign up for 3, 4, or 5 days of fun in Denver, Colorado! Complete the registration form below and return it with payment to: R&B Events LLC

3959 Van Dyke Road #295

at Register on line www.alumafanda

Lutz, FL 33558 Trailer space (3 nights)

$130.00 _____________ Arriving August 23, 2012

Adult admission (all week)


_____________ First attendee name _____________________________

Adult admission (all week)


_____________ Second attendee name ___________________________

Kids under 15 years old

$10.00 X # of Kids_____

Kids Names _____________________________________

ADDITIONAL NIGHTS (see the whole event!) 4 Nights (arrival on August 22)

$33.00 ______________

5 Nights (arrival on August 21)

$66.00 ______________

Pick one of these optional items for extra nights!

EXTRAS Alumafandango T-Shirt

S M L XL XXL $19.95 ______________ Want more than one? Just note it here and do the




You can pay by check payable to ALUMAFANDANGO, or Credit Card

Cardholder Name ______________________________________ Card Number ___________________________________ Expiration Date


Security Code __________

If Billing address is different that below, please note it here: Address______________________________________________

City/State/ZIP __________________________________

Home Phone _________________________________________

Cell Phone _____________________________________

Email Address________________________________________

Trailer or Motorhome Model _______________________

Vegetarian meal? YES


Generator Section? YES


Alumafandango is a production of R&B Events LLC. There are restrictions on refunds and our liability. Please go to for details.

Blue Beret/April 2012


Event Schedule


2012 International Convention/Rally, Sedalia, MO

NATIONAL RALLIES Apr May Jun 6-10 Aug 8-12 Sep 10-16 Sep 22-30 Sep 23-27

None in 2012 will return in 2013 St. Augustine Easter Rally, Elkton, FL None in 2012 will return in 2013 TX Vintage Rally, Glen Rose, TX Spirit of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH Potlatch & Salmon, Lacey, WA Pendleton Roundup, Pendleton, OR Swiss Festival, Sugarcreek, OH Antelope, Medicine Bow, WY

SPECIAL EVENT RALLIES Apr 22-29 Aug 6-12 Aug Sep 6-9 Oct 4-8 Oct Oct 4-8 Oct 5-8 Oct Oct 9-14 Dec 28, 2012 Jan 1, 2013

San Antonio Fiesta Rally, San Antonio, TX Galax Fiddlers Convention, Galax, VA None in 2012 will return in 2013 Santa Fe Experience, Santa Fe, NM Old Threshers, Yuma, CO Storytelling Festival Rally, Gray, TN No Tall Stacks & Turkey till 2013 Cincinnati, OH & Brookville, IN Canadian Thanksgiving & Columbus Day Rally Provincetown, MA Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM None in 2012 will return 2013 Victorian Days Rally, Cape May, NJ Sun Valley Jazz Festival, Ketchum, ID Rose Parade Rally, Pasadena, CA


Apr 28-May 20 N-41-N Jun 4-23 N-41-I Jul 5-Aug 24 N-41-A Jul 12-Sep 12 N-41-K Aug 31-Oct 17 N-41-G Sep 12-Oct 12 N-41-B Sep 17-Oct 20 N-41-M Oct 2-Nov 10 N-41-H

Springtime in Kentucky - Leader: Wilson Ph. 270-782-6554 FILLED Taste of the Blue Ridge - Leaders: King Ph. 252-514-7497 / Bennett 919-467- 3681 Landmarks West Following the Lewis & Clark Trail - Leader: Glassey 206-605-2986 / Bernd 360-459-4342 FILLED Alyeska, The Great Land - Leader: Johnjulio Ph. 216-533-1752 FILLED SW Adventure Caravan - Leaders: Thompson Ph. 850-766-0036 / Montague Ph. 850-212-3726 The Great River Road - Leader: Andrzejewski Ph. 603-770-1609 Gone to Texas - Leader: Snow Ph. 281-251- 7566 / Kindle 713-907-4624 Southeast Coast Spectacular - Leader: Carnein Ph. 623-974-4762


The Civil War - Part 3 - Leader: Jones Ph. 703-780-6597 The Viking Trail - Leader: Carnein Ph. 623- 974-4762 The Northern Experience - Leader: Andrzejewski Ph. 603-770-1609


N-42-A Jul 11-Sep 6 N-42-B Jul 10-Aug 10 N-42-C


Blue Beret/April 2012

Aug 27-Oct 16 N-42-E1 TBA N-42-E2 Jul 8-Aug 23 N-42-F Jul 7-Aug 27 N-42-H Oct 20-Nov 15 N-42-I Jun 3-22 N-42-J Aug TBA N-42-K


N-43-A N-43-B N-43-C N-43-D N-43-G N-43-I N-43-J

Southwest Adventure - Leaders: Thompson Ph. 850-766-0036 / Montague Ph. 850-212- 3726 Southwest Adventure - Leader: Glassey Ph. 206-605-2986 The Maple Leaf Trail Caravan - Leader: Leach Ph. 281-536-6185 Nor’ x Nor’ East - Leaders: Levinson Ph. 845- 562-0091 Where Da Heck is Chockoloskee? Leader: Courtney Ph. 513-325-0219 Taste of the Blue Ridge - Leaders: King Ph. 252-514-7497/ Bennett 919-467-3681 Fly, Drive Alaska - Leader: Matkovich Ph. 708- 456-4686

Springtime in Kentucky - Leader: Wilson Ph. 270-782-6554 The Great River Road - Leader: Andrzejewski Ph. 603-7701609 Landmarks West - Leader: Glassey 206-605-2986 Southeast Coast Spectacular - Leader: Carnien Ph. 623974-4762 Alyeska, the Great Land - Leader: Johnjulio Ph. 216-5331752 Watch it Made in the USA - Leader: Hilton Ph. 352-2059928 or 352-430-5834 Southwest Adventure - Leader: Glassey Ph. 206-605-2986

UNIT CARAVANS May 27-Jun 9 U-400 Sept 8-18 U-402

In the Footsteps of Robert E. Lee - Leader: Brodsky, Northern VA Unit Door County Wisconsin - Leader:Knernschield, Greater St. Louis MO Unit

Event Schedule

Region 1 Activities Region 1 Website: Aug 9-12

(Arrive on 8th) Region 1 “Streamin’ the Region” Rally, Goose Hollow CG, 35 Burbank Hill Rd., Thornton, NH, Rick Cipot 203-241-4801, website for registration form pdf

Canadian Atlantic Unit - Cape Cod Massachusetts Unit - Charter Oak Connecticut Unit - New England Unit - Apr TBA

Joint Pet Rally w/Cape Cod MA Unit, Rick Cipot 203-7437664, email: Mott 716-866-2503, email: May 4-6 Rally/Business Meeting, Salisbury Beach State Park, MA, Per Hamnqvist 603-866-6440, email: hamnqvist@ May 30-Jun 3 Joint Rally w/Charter Oak CT Unit, Liberty Park Marina & CG, Jersey City, NJ, Per Hamnqvist 603-866-6440, email:, Rich Kushman, email: Rich.

Quebec Canada Unit - Apr 21

May 26

Sugar Off Party Noon, Cabane Lalande, 862 Montée Laurin, Ste-Eustache, QC J7R 4K3, Francois Martel & Louise Bédard 450-623-2738, email: frmartel@videotron. ca Luncheon Noon, La Casa Grecque, 1565 Daniel-Johnson, Laval, QC, intersection boul. St-Martin (BYOB) (Apportez votre vin), Claude Boucher & Jocelyn Morand 450-6696601, email:

White Mountains New Hampshire Unit - May 12

Business Meeting Noon, home of Franklin & Jane Sanders, 540 N. Hollow Rd., Rochester, VT, Franklin Sanders 802-767-3611, email: franklinsanders@earthlink. net

Region 2 Activities Region 2 Website: May 30-Jun 3 Region 2 Rally, Herkimer Cty FG, Frankfort, NY, Kathy Forsythe 570-759-0127/570-594-3871 Sep 12-16 PA State Rally, Grange FG, Centre Hall, PA, Mary Ann McMurtrie 724-832-8338 Sep 20-23 NJ State Rally Sep None in 2012 NY State Rally Oct None in 2012, will resume in 2013 Victorian Days Rally, Cape May, NJ

Al-Mon-O Pennsylvania Unit – Apr 26-29

Rally, Mountaintop CG, Tarentum, PA, Jim Turner 724-3966247, email: May 30-Jun 3 Region 2 Rally, Herkimer FG, Frankfort, NY (SE of Utica), Kathy Forsythe, email:

Berkshire New York Unit Apr TBA

Luncheon TBA, Rich Roeser 845-471-5778, email: May 30-Jun 3 Region 2 Rally, Herkimer FG, Frankfort, NY, Kathy Forsythe 570-759-0127/570-594-3871

Central Maryland Unit Apr TBA May 18-20

Rally, Lee Baltzell 410-848-2466 Rally TBA, Tom Potter 301-997-0423

Central Pennsylvania Unit Apr 27-29

Rally, Bonjourno Conference Center, Carlisle, PA, Charlie Sanders 717-243-4328, Email: May 30-Jun 3 Region 2 Rally, Herkimer Cty FG, Frankfort, NY

Delaware Valley New Jersey Unit – Apr 27-29

Service Project Rally, Parvin State Park, Bota Rasanda 856-392-1881 May 30-Jun 3 Region 2 Rally, Herkimer Cty FG, Frankfort, NY

Delmarva Unit - Apr 26-29

Maintenance Rally, 4H Park, Dulin Clark Rd., Centreville, MD, Clyde Warden & Claire Connelly 410-708-0558, email: May 30-Jun 3 Region 2 Rally, Herkimer FG, Frankfort, NY, Caravan to Region Rally TBA, Susan Comstock 302-359-2309, email:

Hudson-Mohawk New York Unit - Apr 22

Luncheon 12:30 PM, Adirondack Grill, Rt. 29 & 30 Roundabout, Mayfield, NY, Gerry Schulitz 518-863-2335 May TBA TBA May 31-Jun 3 Whittle Rally, Lake George Trailer Park, Geoff Whittle 518783-1606

Keystone Pennsylvania Unit - Apr 26-29

Joint Maintenance Rally w/Delmarva Unit, 4-H Park, Centreville, MD, from Rt. 95, Exit 1-A Rt. 896 S Delaware, follow to 301 S, follow past Centreville to R on Perlee Rd., L on Main St., L on Dulin Clark Rd., Clyde Warden and Claire Connally 410-708-3450 May 30-Jun 3 Region 2 Rally, Herkimer FG, Frankfort, NY, Kathy Forsythe, email:

Metropolitan New York Unit - Apr 26-29

Spring Rally/Halloween in April, Indian Island Cty Park, Riverhead, NY, Ken & Pam, email:

Mid Atlantic Unit - Apr 20-22

Maintenance/Buddy Rally, Centreville, MD, Howard Lefkowitz 301-649-3373 May 30-Jun 3 Region 2 Rally, Herkimer Cty FG, Frankfort, NY, Kathy Forsythe 570-759-0127/570-594-3871

New Jersey Unit Apr 21

Luncheon Noon, Wharfside Rest., 101 Channel Dr., Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, 732-892-9100, website: www., Don Kirkpatrick 215-368-6487, email: May 18-20 “Open Up Your Rig” Rally, Jersey Shore Haven, 728 Dennisville Rd., South Seaville, NJ, Ph. 609-861-2293, Fred Yochum 908-309-0982, email: May 30-Jun 3 Region 2 Rally, Herkimer FG, Frankfort, NY, Kathy Forsythe, email:

New York Finger Lakes Unit - May 4-6

Rally, Sugar Creek Glen CG, Dansville, NY, Ray Hoxie 315727-3900, email:

Ontario Canada Unit - May 18-20

Rally, Ancaster, ON, John Flokstra 905-679-4719

Penn Lehigh Unit – Apr TBA TBA May 30-Jun 3 Region 2 Rally, Herkimer Cty FG, Frankfort, NY

Pennsylvania Unit - May 4-6

Rally, Penn Wood CG, 4 mi. S on SR 66 from exit 64 I-80, Jan Senka 724-776-2815, email: laurelmeadows@hotmail. com

Blue Beret/April 2012


Event Schedule Washington DC Unit -

Florida Treasure Coast Unit -

Apr 26-29

Apr 19-21

Capitol Kickoff/Buddy Rally, Capitol KOA, Millersville, MD, RJ Marquette, email:

Watchung New Jersey Unit - Apr 20-22 Rally, Pine Hill CG, Kutztown, PA, Joe Fodor 732-287-1179 May 30-Jun 3 Region 2 Rally, Herkimer Cty FG, Frankfort, NY

Region 3 Activities Region 3 Website: Apr 22-29 Aug 6-11

Region 3 Rally, Myrtle Beach, SC, Rick Bell 757-377-3727 Galax Fiddlers Convention, Galax, VA

Big Bend Florida Unit - Apr 13-15 Apr 16-23 Apr 22-29 May 18-20

Rally, Reed Bingham State Park, Adel, GA, John Duncan 850-638-4908, email: Caravan, Reed Bingham to Region 3 Rally in Myrtle Beach, SC, Jay Thompson 850-766-0036, email: Region 3 Rally, Ocean Lakes Family CG, Myrtle Beach, SC, Jay Thompson 850-766-0036, email: elnaandjay@ Rally, Rocky Bayou State Park, Niceville, FL, Jim Hentz 850-385-3538, email:

Carolinas Unit of North Carolina

Apr 22-29

Georgia Unit - Apr 11-15 May 23-28

Rally, Mayberry CG, 114 Bunker Rd., Mt. Airy, NC, Ph. 336-789-6199, Charles Fishel 336-922-6862, email:

Coastal Georgia - Eastern North Carolina Unit - Mar 30-Apr 1 Storytelling Festival, Joint Rally w/Piedmont NC Unit, Sleepy Bear CG, Lumberton, NC, Jamie King 252-2491549 Apr 22-29 Region 3 Rally, Ocean Lakes CG, Myrtle Beach, SC, D. Winterhalter 910-253-4110, email: May 18-20 Rally, Tranters Creek Resort, Washington, NC, Eric Nelson 910-754-7527, Email:

Everglades Florida Unit - Apr 23-27

Rally, Oscar Scherer State Park, U.S. 41, 2 mi. S of Osprey, FL, Chuck Bergman 239-772-7130, email:

Apr 22-29

Region 3 Rally, Ocean Lakes, Myrtle Beach, SC, Tom Carmichael 804-245-1710 May 27-Jun 9 “In the Footsteps of Robert E. Lee” Caravan, Lew Brodsky 703-451-0122, email:

Palmetto State South Carolina Unit Apr 22-29

May 4-6

Apr 1-6 Apr 24-28 May 10-14 May 12

Rally, Florida Keys, Frank Carson, email: fc23343@aol. com Caravan, Region 3 Rally, Myrtle Beach, SC, Phil Drugge, email: Rally, Cedar Key, FL, Larry Scovotto, email: wbcci3451@ Unit Meeting, Cedar Key, FL, Phil Drugge, email:

Florida Springs Unit - Apr 19-22 May 10-13

Rally, Stowes Ranch, 10840 NE 104th St., Archer, FL, Al Scott 352-489-6315, email: Rally TBA, Al Scott 352-489-6315, email: alfran1780@att. net

Florida Suncoast Unit - Apr 19-22

Rally, Franklin Lock, Corp of Eng RV Park, reservations at, 14 mi. from Ft. Myers, FL, 5 miles E of Rt. 31 on N River Rd., Bill Kowalski 941-488-8010, email:


Blue Beret/April 2012

Region 3 Rally, Ocean Lakes Family CG, 6001 S King’s Hwy., Myrtle Beach, SC, located at the intersection of S King’s Hwy (US Hwy 17) and US Hwy 544 at Surfside Beach, Sarah Brandt 864-346-9115, email: Astreamer3@ Buddy Rally, Palmetto Cove RV Park, 521 Table Rock Rd., Cleveland, SC, Sarah Brandt 864-346-9115, email:

Piedmont North Carolina Unit - Mar 29-Apr 1 NC Storytelling Festival, Sleepy Bear’s RV Park, Lumberton, NC, camping is in Lumberton, off I-95, festival is in Laurinburg, Jamie King 252-670-8440, email: kj4jk@ Apr 22-29 Region 3 Rally, Ocean Lakes CG, Myrtle Beach, SC Historic Eastern NC Rally, Rocky Hock CG, near Edenton, May 10-13 NC, Bob Bennett 919-467-3681, email: reb701@attglobal. net

Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Unit Apr 21 Apr 22-29 May TBA

Caravan to Region 3 at Myrtle Beach, SC Region 3 Rally, Ocean Lakes CG, Myrtle Beach, SC Rally TBA, Chinquapin Bluff, Chinquapin, VA, Jean Harmon

South Carolina Coastal Unit - Apr 13-15

Florida Unit

Rally, Top of Georgia Airstream Park, 14255 Hwy. 75N, Helen, GA, Al Holcomb 706-348-6060, email: Holcomb1@ Memorial/Buddy Rally, Top of Georgia Airstream Park, 14255 Hwy. 75N, Helen, GA, Al Holcomb 706-348-6060, email:

Northern Virginia Unit - May 17-20

Spring Rally, Blueberry Hill RV Resort, Bushnell, FL, N or S exit 314 off I-75, go E one block, turn R to entrance, Ed Curran 954-979-8878, email: Region 3 Rally, Ocean Lakes CG, Myrtle Beach, SC, check Blue Beret

May 4-6

The Flea Market, Barnyard CG, 201 Oak Dr. off U.S. 1, Lexington, SC, 800-633-6351, for information, reservations & directions, Tommy Peeples 843-476-1521, email: Rally, Colleton State Park (canoe down Edisto River), Hwy. 15, Canadys, SC, 800-538-8206 or reserve 1-866345-7275 or, Tommy Peeples 843-476-1521, email:

South Florida Unit Apr 16-20

Rally, Treasure Coast RV Park, 2550 Crossroads Pkwy., Fort Pierce, FL, from I-95 S take exit 129 to Okeechobee Rd. W, turn R on Crossroads Pkwy., http://www., Tony Laurie 954732-9555, email:

Tidewater Virginia Unit - Virginia Unit - Mar 29-Apr 1 Spruce Up Unit Rally, Clover Hill Village, Appomattox, VA, From U.S. 460 Appomattox Bypass, take Rt. 24 E to Appomattox NHP. Just pass the NHP entrance on L, turn R to Clover Hill Village, Richard Bartelt 434-352-8936, email: Apr 22-29 Region 3 Rally, Ocean Lakes Family CG, www.oceanlakes. com, 6001 S. King’s Hwy., Myrtle Beach, SC, Martha Kerns 704-892-8396, email:

Event Schedule Western North Carolina Unit - Apr 22-29 May TBA

Region 3 Rally, Ocean Lakes CG, Myrtle Beach, SC Rally, Creekwood Farm CG, Waynesville, NC, Dan McIntyre 828-298-3298, email:

Region 4 Activities Region 4 Website: May 14-18 May 21-27 Jun 6-10 Aug 8-12 Sep 22-30

Region 4 Computer Rally, Van Wert, OH, Email: Region 4 Rally, Coldwater, MI Spirit of Cleveland National Rally, Burke Lakefront, Email: All MI State Rally, Frankenmuth, MI, Email: raa3846@aol. com FILLED - 50th Swiss Festival National Rally, Sugarcreek, OH, Email:

Akron Ohio Unit - Apr 24

May 21-27

Luncheon 11:30 AM, EDDY’s, 4581 Kent Rd. (on OH Rt. 59 just E of Fishcreek) Please RSVP NO LATER THAN Apr 17, call Mike Pastva 330-352-0344, email: mustang6147@ Region 4 Rally, Coldwater, MI, Karin Kurkowski 586-2141777, email:

Appalachian Unit of West Virginia Apr 13-15 May 2-6 May 21-27

Rally, Lakeside RV Park, Bristol, TN, Ruth Milhorn 423538-5282 Rally, Millennium Theatre, Stratsburg, PA, Wayne Barth Region 4 Rally, FG, Coldwater, MI, Karin Kurkowski 586214-1777, email:

Auglaize Valley Ohio Unit Apr 26-29 Apr 28

May 21-27

Tune-Up Rally, Ottawa Metro Park, 2632 Ada Rd (S.R. 81), Lima, OH, from I-75, NE of Lima on S.R. 81, 2 mi. on R, Sid Kelly 419-422-6436, email: Luncheon/Meeting Noon, Casa Lual Rest., 2323 N. West St., Lima, OH, from I-75 take Bluelick Rd. N of Lima to C.R. 65 (West St.) S to rest. on R side, Sid Kelly 419-422-6436, email: Region 4 Rally, Coldwater, MI, Karin Kurkowski 586-2141777, email:

Cincinnati Ohio Unit Apr 26-29

Soup Rally Joint w/Miami Valley Unit of OH & Columbus OH Units, Greene Cty. FG, Xenia, OH, W on W. Ankeney Mill Rd., off U.S. 68, N of U.S. 35 to FG, Al Fluegeman 513-948-1992, email: May 21-27 Luncheon TBA at Region 4 Rally, Coldwater, MI, William Grawe 513-641-8930, email: May 31-Jun 3 Youth/Buddy Rally, Franklin Cty 4-H FG, Brookville, IN, on S side of Brookville, from US 52 turn W on Blue Creek Rd. to Franklin Cty Park & FG on R, John Turner 586-7390225, email:

Cleveland Ohio Unit - May 11-13 May 25-28

Shakeout/Buddy Rally, Mohican State Park, Loudonville, OH, RSVP: or 440-953-9559 Memorial Day Kickoff Rally, East Harbor State Park, Marblehead, OH, RSVP: or 440-9539559

Columbus Ohio Unit - email: Apr 26-29

Mahoning Valley Ohio Unit - Apr 29

Luncheon 2 PM, Anderson’s, Ashtabula, OH for Hors d’oeuvres & meeting, El Puente II Mexican Grill & Cantina 4PM, 2911 N. Ridge Rd. E, Ashtabula, OH, from intersection of Rt. 11 & 20 in Ashtabula, turn E onto Rt. 20, rest. is about .2 of a mi. on L, Midge Anderson 440-9977062, email: May 14-18 Region 4 Computer Rally, Van Wert FG, Van Wert, OH, 1055 S Washington St., I-76 W to I-71 S, exit 176, travel US 30 W for 121.3 mi., then turn L onto US 27 (US 224) for 2.2 mi. arrive at FG May 21-27 Region 4 Rally, Branch Cty FG, 262 S Sprague St., Colwater, MI, take I-80 W (Ohio) to I-69 N (Indiana) exit 144, toward Lansing, MI, at exit 13 follow Bus. I-69 (US12) to S Sprague St., Dave Brett 330-757-8751, nmbrett@ May 29-Jun 3 Alumapalooza 2012 (Airstream Factory), 419 W Pike St., Jackson Center, OH, I-76 to I-71 S, travel I-71 S to Exit 131, Sunbury (US 36/OH 37), turn R follow US 36 W, merge onto US 33 W/US 36W follow US 33 W (32 mi.), turn L on OH 274, travel about 11.8 mi.

Metro Detroit Michigan Unit Apr 27-29

Miami Valley Unit of Ohio 1st Wed ea mo Apr 14 Apr 26-29

Nov-Apr 1st Thur ea mo Jan-Dec May 21-27

Homecoming Luncheon 12:30 PM, Golden Corral, 2490 Commons Blvd. (close to Fairfield Mall), Beavercreek, OH Soup Rally, Greene County FG, Xenia, OH

Luncheon 1:15 PM, Old Country Buffet, 5220 W. Main St., Kalamazoo, MI, Alice Taylor 269-344-4888 Luncheon Noon, Call for location, Geraldine Craig 517321-3468 Region 4 Rally, FG, Coldwater, MI, Karin Kurkowski 586214-1777, email:

Mid East Michigan Unit May 17-20 May 21-27

Rally, McCurdy’s Orchard, Metamora, MI, Mary Lou Earl 989-673-4572 Region 4 Rally, FG, Coldwater, MI

Mohican Valley Ohio Unit Apr 19 May 10 May 21-27

Luncheon & Meeting 11:30 AM, Oak Park Tavern, 2919 Park Ave. E (S.R. 430 E), Mansfield, OH, Ron Ault 419468-6537, email: Luncheon 11:30 AM, Warehouse Rest., 320 W Center St., Marion, OH, Norma Gantt 740-389-1810, email: rdgnmg@ Region 4 Rally, Coldwater, MI

Northern Ohio Virtual Airstream Unit - May 29-Jun 3 NOVA visits Alumapalooza, Jackson Center, OH, Terrance Baughman 614-889-7911/614-499-2107, email:

West Virginia Unit Apr 14

Soup Rally Joint w/Miami Valley Unit of OH & Cincinnati OH Units, Greene Cty. FG, Paul Thompson 937-470-2711, email:

TBA Region 4 Rally, Coldwater, MI

Breakfast 9 AM, Roush’s Rest., 405 W Main St., Fairborn, OH, Ann Reboulet 937-433-0632

Michigan Unit

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Hardings Rest., I-79 Exit 1, Charleston, WV, Ralph Nuckles 304-532-2523/304-3724671

Region 5 Activities

Land-O-Lakes of Ohio Unit Apr TBA May 21-27

Rally, Quality Camping, 5775 U.S. Hwy. 27 S, Marshall, MI,, 517-767-4161, Bill English, 517-523-2042, email:

Region 5 Website: Jun 29

Region 5 Luncheon Noon, MO State FG, Sedalia, MO

Blue Beret/April 2012


Event Schedule Sep 9-11 Sep 12-16

Region 5 Computer Rally, Tipton Cty FG, Tipton, IN Region 5 Rally “Harvest Time,” Tipton Cty FG, Tipton, IN

Central Indiana Unit - Apr 28

Social 11:30 AM, Luncheon Noon, MCL Cafe., 5520 Castleton Corner Lane, Indianapolis, IN, Mike Brown 317877-1745, email:

Illinois Lincolnland Unit - Apr 27-30

Rally, Galesburg East Holiday Trav-L-Park, 1081 U.S. Hwy. 150 E, Knoxville, IL, Monte Barksdale 815-458-3895, email:

Indiana Unit - 1st Mon ea mo 1st Thur ea mo Apr 21 May 10-12

Dinner 5 PM, Ryan’s Rest., Anderson, IN, Exit 26 from I-69, ¼ mile S on the R, Bob Zufall 317-213-7288, email: Luncheon 11:30 AM, Golden Corral, Lima Rd., Ft. Wayne, IN, Fred Bennett 260-244-4507 Luncheon 12:30 PM, Back 40 Rest., Decatur, IN, Bob Zufall 317-213-7288, email: Election Rally, Walnut Ridge CG, 408 N Cty 300 W, New Castle, IN, Ph. 765-533-6611 for reservations, Bob Zufall 317-213-7288, email:

Kentucky Unit - 1st Tues ea mo May 3-6

Dinner, 6 PM, Louisville Diners, TBA, Jane Miller 502-9356440, email: KY Derby Reunion Rally, Elkhorn CG, Frankfort, KY, just off US 460 at 165 N. Scruggs Lane, Ph. 502-695-9154, Clarence Jones 502-267-6604, email: jones7107@

2nd Mon ea mo

Arkansas Razorback Unit bi-mo

May 18-20

Shakedown Rally, Lowden State Park, 1411 N. River Rd., Oregon, IL, Brian McFarland 773-248-3735, email: Rally, Lee Cty 4-H FG, 1196 Franklin Rd., Amboy, IL, Brian McFarland 773-248-3735, email: brianmcfarland@msn. com

Southern Illinois Unit - Apr 20-22

May 18-20

Rally, Monroe Cty. FG, Waterloo, IL, from intersection of IL 3 and IL 156, travel W on IL 156 1/2 mi., http://www., Gordon White 618-319-0523, email: Buddy Rally, Double J CG & RV Park, 9683 Palm Rd., Chatham, IL, from I-55 take exit 88 & drive SW 2 mi. on frontage rd., Danny Nugteren 618-531-6698, email:

East Tennessee Unit Apr 19-22 May 11-13

May 8-11

Luncheon 12:30 PM, Moonlite BBQ, 2840 Parrish Ave., Owensboro, KY, Gary Hostetter 812-834-6506 Rally, John & Carrie Hays, 2023 Deckard School Rd., Radcliff, KY, Gary Hostetter 812-834-6506

Apr 14 May 17-20

TN State Rally, TCPC, Crossville, TN Storytelling Festival, Gray, TN, Harold & Sandy Hughes Region 6 Rally, North Little Rock, AR

Alabama Unit 1st Sat ea mo 2nd Sat ea mo


Luncheon Noon, Des Families Rest., Crown Point, LA, Charles Bourgeois 225-664-6460, email: helbourg@cox. net Rally, Buccaneer State Park, Bay St. Louis, MS, Lonnie Carver 504-957-9362, email:

Louisiana Unit ea mo

Luncheon TBA, call for date, time and place, Dale Spillman 225-753-9546, email:

May 10-12

Election Rally, Abita Springs Resort & RV Park, at traffic circle in downtown Abita Springs, go E on Level St. .06 mi. to Talisheek Hwy. (Hwy. 435). turn L & go 2.7 mi. to resort on R, Judy Erb 225-921-4032, email: ronnierecycle@aol. com, Ph. Abita RV Park 985-590-3926 for reservations

Louisiana Acadiana Unit Apr 12-15

May 24-27

Crawfish/Buddy Rally, A & M CG, Lyons Point, LA, take I-10 Exit 82, S on Hwy. 1111, then S on Hwy. 90, into Crowley, take LA 13 S towards Kaplan, traveling to 1st blacktop road (Henry Rd.) past LA 1115, R on Henry Rd., then L on gravel road to CG, John Landry 337-643-8078, email: Rally, Lagneaux’s CG, Lafayette, LA from I-10 exit 97 at KOA, go S on LA 93 (doglegs to R 3/4 mi.) at caution light, L (S) on LA 724 (Feildspan Rd.) 4 mi. to sign on L, Ralph Bernard 318-346-4692, email:

Memphis Tennessee Unit - Apr 19-22

May 18-20

Region 6 Activities Apr 19-22 Oct 4-8 Oct 17-21

Tennessee State Rally, Crossville, TN Rally, Grandview Ranch RV Park, 5050 Horseshoe Dr., Unicoi, TN, Bruce Darby 423-926-7175, email:

Greater New Orleans Louisiana Unit

Southern Indiana Unit - Apr 12

Starting Feb-Luncheon 11:30 AM, David Gulley 501-8681859, email:

May 31-Jun 2 Rally, Holiday Mountain Resort, Mountain View, AR, 473 Swinging Bridge Rd., Mt. View, AR (make own reservation 1-880-395-7108 - mention Airstream Rally, Carole Barton 479-890-6116, email:

Northern Illinois Unit - Apr 13-15

Dinner 6 PM, TBA, Montgomery, AL, call for directions, Paul Aehnlich 334-277-9647, email:

Tennessee All State Rally, Tennessee Cumberland Plateau CG, Crossville, TN, TN I-40 to Exit 322, Peavine Rd. (Hwy. 392), follow Peavine Rd. (392 S) 3.3 mi. to U.S. 127 S, turn L on U.S. 127 S and go 9.7 mi. to Vandever Rd. (look for small green Airstream CG sign), turn R onto Vandever Rd. and drive 4.5 mi. to a Blue-White Airstream sign at Blaylock Rd., turn L and go S for 2 mi. to the TCPS archway, go thru TCPC archway and follow road to 4-way stop, http://www., Jill Willoughby 423-332-6913 or 931-788-2211, email: General Business Meeting Rally, Pickwick Dam Tailwater CG, Pickwick, TN, from Memphis take Hwy. 64 E to Hwy. 45 S (Selmer), take Hwy. 57 E (Eastview), take Hwy. 128 N at 1.5 mi., cross the dam, then first road to L leads to CG, from Memphis take Poplar Ave./Hwy. 57 to Counce, just before the bridge in Counce, take Hwy. 128 N at 1.5 mi. cross the dam, then first road to L leads to CG, Jessie Vest 662-667-5683, email:

Mississippi Unit 1st Tue of ea mo (some exceptions) Luncheon 11:30 AM, Sal and Phil’s, 6600 Old Canton Rd., Jackson, MS, Evelyn Hitt 601-214-8824, email:

Luncheon 1 PM, TBA, Birmingham, AL, call for directions, Maxine Fikes 205-798-1735

May 1-6

Luncheon 11:30 AM, TBA, Tuscaloosa, AL, call for directions, Ruth Hollingsworth 205-345-6077, email:

Nashville Music City Tennessee Unit

Blue Beret/April 2012

Apr 19-22

Seafood Rally, TLC Wolf River Resort, Pass Christian, MS, off I-10, Burnell Hitt 601-214-8824, email: hittman1955@

Tennessee State Rally, TCPC, Crossville, TN

Event Schedule May 18-20

Tour Beechcraft Aircraft Museum, Jack Daniels & Miss Boboes, Tims Ford State Park, Winchester, TN, Jim Johnson / Fred Lieb 615-876-5927, email: candflieb@

Pensacola Florida Unit Apr 19-22

May 17-20

Vintage/Buddy Rally, 591 Mystic Springs Rd., McDavid, FL, GPS coordinates: 30 degrees 51.14N, 87 degrees 18.784W, located approx. 27 mi. N of Pensacola off Hwy. 29, Wayne Donaldson 850-449-2715, email: Hawaiian Luau Rally, 591 Mystic Springs Rd., McDavid, FL, GPS coordinates: 30 degrees 51.14N, 87 degrees 18.784W, located approx. 27 mi. N of Pensacola off Hwy. 29, Wayne Donaldson 850-449-2715, email:

Region 7 Activities Region 7 Website: Jun 29 Aug 8-12

Region 7 Luncheon 11:30 AM, Ivory Grille, 317 S. Ohio Ave., Sedalia, MO, Joan Lahr 262-327-4336, Email: lahr@ Region 7 Rally, “Antique Car Run,� Spicer, MN, Linda Agre 320-295-1117, Email:

Minnesota Unit - North Dakota Peace Garden Unit - May 19

Luncheon 12:30 PM, Jamestown, ND, Bev Zink 701-2553169, email:

Wisconsin Unit - Apr 6-8 Apr 27-29 Apr 28

May 10-13 May 26-29

Easter Camp Out, Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, WI, Ed Emerick 920-475-7893, Camp Out, Wisconsin Dells KOA. S 235A Stand Rock Rd., Wisconsin Dells, WI, 608-254-4177, Bob Manak 262-5248711, email: Luncheon & Business Meeting 11:30 AM, Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co., 110 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy. S, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 608-254-1122, Bob Manak 262-5248711, email: Rally, Walworth Cty FG, Elkhorn, WI, Arlene Redell 262248-6108, email: Caravan to Alumapalooza, Caralumavan II, Brussels, WI to Jackson Center, OH, Ed Emerick 920-475-7893, email:

Region 8 Activities Region 8 Website: Apr 25-29 Jun 27

Region 8 Rally, Springfield, MO, Fred Steurer, email: Region 8 Breakfast 7:30 AM, MEC Bldg. on FG, Fred Steurer, email:, contact: Len or Betty Sullivan, email: for breakfast tickets - $10 ea.

Apr 29-May 3 Post Region 8 Rally, Branson, MO, Ed Knernshield 573480-5441, email: May 17-20 Buddy Rally, Mark Twain Cave CG, Hannibal, MO, Julie Hunt 636-230-5810, email:, JoAnn Kolley 314-576-4185, email:

Iowa Unit - Nov-Apr 1st Thur ea mo

Apr 14 May 17-20

Luncheon 11:45 AM, Golden Corral Rest., Mesa, AZ, 1868 N. Power Rd., Mesa, AZ, Doris Jean Cabalka 480-2168096 Luncheon 11:30 AM, Pizza Ranch, 219 W. 4th St., Vinton (2 blocks W of courthouse), Chuck Helle 319-270-1189/319472-4520 Rally, Decorah, IA, check Iowa Newsletter for more details, Ben Woolley 319-334-2104 or 319-230-8368

Kansas City Missouri Unit - Apr 12-15

First Campout/Luncheon, Cedar Ridge CG, Clinton Lake, Lawrence, KS, Martin Hughey Apr 25-29 Regional Rally at Springfield Apr 29-May 3 R & R Rally, Bennett Springs, MO, Beth McCall 913-7276624, email: May 3-6 Rally, Cozy Corners RV Park, Clinton, MO, Beth McCall 913-727-6624, email: May 17-20 Campout/Luncheon, Wallace State Park, Cameron, MO, Neil Crain 816-761-6290, email:

Missouri Delta Unit - Apr 7 Apr 25-29 May 18-20

Luncheon, Dexter BBQ, Dexter, MO Region 8 Rally, Ozark Empire FG, Springfield, MO Buddy Rally, Clearwater Lake, Piedmont, MO

Missouri Greater Ozark Unit Apr 12-15 May 17-20

Rally, Petit Jean State Park, 1285 Petit Jean Mountain Rd., Morrillton, AR, Ann Barclay 660-679-4484, email: Fishing Rally, Paradise Valley Resort, 6 mi. S of Cassville, MO, on Hwy. 112, next door to Roaring River State Park, Lloyd Bruce 417-833-9412, email:

Nebraska Unit - 2nd Mon ea mo Nov-Apr 1st Thur ea. mo.

Apr 19-22 Apr 22-24

Luncheon Noon, Old Country Buffet, 144th & West Center Rd., Omaha, NE, Dan Hoyt 712-642-2927, email: Psf3dh@ Luncheon 11:45 AM, Golden Corral, 1868 N Power Rd., Mesa, AZ, Bert Sherwin 402-639-3337, Email: Rally & Business Meeting, Lancaster County Event Center, Lincoln, NE, Roscoe Shields 402-432-1827, email: Caravan to Region 8 Rally, Lincoln, NE to Springfield, MO, Roscoe Shields 402-432-1827, email: jdbasutton@gmail. com

North Iowa Unit - Apr 25-29

Region 8 Rally, Springfield, MO

Greater Kansas Unit - Apr 20-24

May 18-20

Rolling to Springfield, Arrowhead Point RV Park, 755 SW Hwy. 54, Osceola, MO, RV Park is located just E of El Dorado Springs, MO, Leonard Sullivan 316-655-4702, email: Big Bluestem Rally, Council Grove Reservoir, Frank Solomon 316-788-0167, email:

Greater St. Louis Missouri Unit - Apr 25-29

Region 8 Rte. 66 Rally, Ozark Empire FG, Springfield, MO, Fred Steurer 314-842-4528, email:

Region 9 Activities Region 9 Website: Apr 22-29

San Antonio Fiesta Rally, Admiralty RV Resort, San Antonio, TX, Gayle Ketchum, email:

Heart of Texas Camping Unit TBA

Monthly Activities TBA, please visit our website

Blue Beret/April 2012


Event Schedule North Texas Unit - 2nd Sat ea mo

Apr 22-29 May 17-20

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Spring Creek BBQ, 13125 South I-35 W, Burleson, TX, Larry Schultze 254-266-2857, email: Rally, San Antonio Fiesta Rally, San Antonio, TX, Larry Schultze 254-266-2857, email: May Fest Rally, Ray Roberts Lake State Park, Pilot Point, TX, FM 455, 10 mi. E of I-35, Joe Gravley 817-793-0943, email:

ea Thur

except Thanksgiving & Christmas ea Thur Dinner 5 PM, Home Plate Diner, 5600 S. Bell, Amarillo, TX, Don Goforth 806-356-0077, email: Apr 22-29 May 16-20

Oklahoma Unit Apr 25-30

May 11-13

Rally, Choctaw Casino KOA, 3650 Enterprise Dr., Durant, OK, coming from the N, take I-35 S to exit U.S. 70 E to Ardmore/Madill to U.S. 75/69 S to Choctaw Rd. turn L, from the S take I-35 N to 70 E, Bill Garner 405-527-7834 TBA, Tom Caton 405-640-6967, email:

Texas Alamo Unit - 1st Sat ea mo

Apr 7

Apr 19-25 May 17-20

Apr 19-22

May 24-28

Region 10 Website: Jul 16-20 Aug 8-12

Annual Business Meeting/Election, Las Carretas Rest., 3975 Perrin Central, San Antonio, TX, call for directions, Steve Huebinger 830-980-5202, email: 38bowtie@gmail. com West TX Desert Caravan, Holiday Trav-L-Park, 11490 Hwy. 90 W, Del Rio, TX, call for directions, Steve Huebinger 830980-5202, email: Rio Frio/Buddy Rally, Parkview Riverside RV Park, Rio Frio, TX, call for directions, Steve Huebinger 830-9805202, email:


Rally, Brazos Bend State Park, 21901 FM 762, Needville, TX (LAT: 29.37245, LONG: -95.63898), from Jct of U.S. 59 and FM 2759, S 1.9 mi. on FM 2759 to FM 762, S 14.5 mi., Ronn Gilbert 281-259-6729, email: Memorial Day Rally, Serendipty RV Resort, 1001 Main St. Palacios, TX (LAT: 28.70081, LONG: -96.22452, from Jct. Hwy. 35 & Bus. 35 (N of town), SW 1.7 mi. on Bus. 35, Ronn Gilbert 281-259-6729, email:

Sep 10-16

May 17-20

Rally, Texas Airstream Harbor, located 5 mi. NE of Zavalla, TX on Hwy 147, Gordon Babbitt 409-960-6669, email: Joint Rally w/TX Hill Country Unit, TX Airstream Harbor, 5 mi. N of Zavalla, TX on Hwy. 147, Gordon Babbitt 409-9606669, email:

Texas Highland Lakes Unit - Apr 3 Apr 20-22

May 1 May 11-14

Luncheon, Harvest Buffet, 1507 Corsicana Hwy., Hillsboro, TX, Jim Haddaway 254-582-3201, email: jdhaddaway@ Peach Cobbler Informal/No-Host Camp-Out, McKinney State Park, 5808 McKinney Falls Parkway, Austin, TX, Marque Mooney 254-592-5245, email: marquemooney@ Luncheon, Luby’s, 13817 US Hwy. 183 N., Austin, TX, Marque Mooney 254-592-5245, email: marquemooney@ Ice Cream Cone Rally, Lake Falling Star RV Resort, 655 FM 713, McMahan, TX, Marque Mooney 254-592-5245, email:

Texas Hill Country Unit - Apr 22-29 May 27-20

Fiesta Rally, The Admiralty RV Resort, San Antonio, TX, Gayle Ketchum 210-865-8136 Joint Rally w/TAHI Airstream Park, Zavalla, TX, Joe Long 210-860-6006

Texas Plains Unit - 1st Sat ea mo Luncheon 11:30 AM, Furr’s Family Dining, 6001 Slide Rd., Lubbock, TX, Myrna Coffman 806-799-4887, email:


Blue Beret/April 2012

Region 10 Rally, Hill Spring, Alberta, Adolf Knopp 403-2427469 National Potlatch & Salmon, Lacey, WA, Joel Ware 206783-4784 Special Event Pendleton Roundup, Pendleton, OR, Teresa Taylor 503-440-1121 Sun Valley Jazz Festival, Ketchum, ID

Alberta-Saskatchewan Unit May 17-21

Buddy Rally, Mossleigh Alberta, Hwy. 24, SE of Calgary, Tony Culshaw 780-384-3570, email:

British Columbia Unit - Apr 27-29

Rally, Palmer Lake WA, USA, Loomis, WA, N to Palmer Lake at Chopaka Lodge, Ralph Vanderheide 250-8518520, email: May 31-Jun 8 Fishing Rally, Loon Bay Resort, Sheridan Lake, BC, Hwy. 24, Bob Halliwell 250-870-4850, email: halliwell4840@

Idaho Unit - 2nd Sat ea mo

Texas Gulf Coast Unit - Apr 12-15

Fiesta San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, Myrna Coffman 806799-4887, email: Rally, Palo Duro Canyon State Park, 11450 Park Rd. 5, Canyon, TX, David Thompson 806-355-4914, email:

Region 10 Activities

Dinner 5 PM, Las Carretas Rest., 3975 Perrin Central, San Antonio, TX, call for directions, Steve Huebinger 830-9805202, email:

Texas Coastal Plains Unit -

Balloon Volleyball 1 PM, (meal follows at various locations) 2001 19th St., Lubbock, TX, Sam Spence 806-785-7785

Apr 20-23 May 18-21

Breakfast 8:30 AM, Golden Corral, 8460 W. Emerald St., Boise, ID, Peggy Campbell 208-853-6243 or Judy Canada 208-921-2860, email: Rally, Mountain Home RV Park & Air Base, Charles Burke 208-631-1687 TBA, Judy Canada 208-921-2860, email: decanada@

Montana Unit - Apr 20-22

Camp out or Luncheon (weather determines), Big Timber, MT, Avis Stapleton 406-671-1643, email: atstape@ May 30-Jun 4 Caravan to White Sulphur-Alberta Bair Museum, fishing, visit the castle & more, begin in Harlotwon, MT, Ron Green 406-586-0892, email:

North Cascade Washington Unit Apr 19-22

Rally, North Whidbey RV Park, 565 Cornet Bay Rd., Oak Harbor, WA, 360-675-9597/888-462-2674, Jim Kolhoff 360297-2013, email:

Oregon Unit - 1st Sat ea mo Breakfast 9 AM, Banning’s Rest. and Pie House, SW Pacific Hwy. (99W), Tigard, OR, Bill Leppo 503-647-5710, email: 2nd Sat ea mo Breakfast 9 AM, Black Bear Diner, Bend, OR, Kimberly Eberhard 541-312-2525, email: gotmilk@bendbroadband. com Apr 13-14 May 17-20

Rally, 7 Feathers RV Park, Canyonville, OR, Susan Taylor 503-871-8309, email: Rally, Maupin, OR, Bill Ferry 541-661-2525, email: bill@

Event Schedule Washington Unit

El Camino Real California Unit

Apr 12-15 May 3-6 May 6-18

Tulip Rally, Mount Vernon, WA, Lin Hines 360-455-9637 Crab Feed Rally, Harmony Hall, Land Yacht Harbor, Lacey, WA, Bob Legg 360-705-4374 Fishing Caravan, Eastern WA, Judy Medford 360-491-4229 / Darlene Leslie 360-459-8749


Golden West California Unit - Apr 12-16

Region 11 Activities Region 11 Website: Sep 23-27 Oct 5-8 Oct 10-14

Antelope Rally, Medicine Bow, WY Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM, Andy Richers 505-3505489 Region 11 Rally, Cortez, CO

May 4-7

Rally, La Paz Cty Park, Parker, AZ Rally, Point of Rocks CG, Prescott, AZ

Denver Colorado Unit - Apr 21

May 3-6

Luncheon 11:30 AM, Pinocchio’s, Brighton, CO, 177 E. Bridge St., Ph. 303-655-7777, www.Pinocchiosbrighton. com, Randy Leitner 303-659-1257, email: rleitner1299@ Maintenance Rally/Business Meeting, Walker Ranch, 12544 Cty Rd. 89, Fleming, CO, take exit 125, Sterling, off of I-76, turn R on Hwy. 6 & go E 23.5 mi. to Cty Rd. 89 (5 mi. beyond Fleming & just after milemarker 430), turn R (S), on Cty Rd. 89 for 2 1/2 mi. to ranch on L, check for $22 & other info needed by Apr 20, Dee Walker 970-774-5250

Four Corners Unit of New Mexico Jun 7-11

5th Annual Vintage Restoration Rally, Enchanted Trails RV Resort, Albuquerque, NM, Ken Johansen, email: Four

New Mexico Unit - Apr 19-22

Cowboy/Cowgirl Up Rally, Triangle T RV & Guest Ranch, Dragoon, AZ, Jack Palmer 575-434-5337 or 575-4201428, email:, advise by March 14 if attending, you must make your own RV space reservations May 31-Jun 3 Rally, Palo Duro, Canyon, TX, S of Amarillo, TX, Bob Werth 505-331-7226,

Utah Unit - Wyoming Unit -

Region 12 Activities

Apr 26-30 May 17-21

1st Sat ea mo Breakfast 9 AM, Omelet House, 2160 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV, on Charleston Blvd. at Rancho Dr, NE corner, Carrol Noonan 702-499-9567

Northern California Unit - Apr 11-15 May 2-6

Apr 13-15 May 18-20

Rally, Anza Borrego Springs, CA, Michael Gross 805-5311042, email: Rally, Santa Margarita Lake, CA, Michael Gross 805-5311042, email:

Buddy Rally, Wine Country RV Park, Paso Robles, CA, Mike Malone 510-207-4970, email: Rally, Pomo RV Park, Ft. Bragg, CA, Lee Klare 707-3374434, email:

San Diego California Unit - Apr 20-22 May 18-20

Rally, Auga Caliente Regional Park, Hwy S2 18 mi. S of Hwy. 78,, Dan Nixon 760-789-6452, email: Rally, Sweetwater Summit CG, Bonita, CA, directions:, Dan Smith 858-699-7803, email:

San Fernando Valley California Unit Apr 26-30 May TBA

Rally, Tucalota Springs RV Resort, 41601 E. Benton Rd., Hemet, CA, 951-767-0604, Bobbi Kingsland 949-689-4378, email: Luncheon, Freeman’s home, Jackie Freeman 818-3482425, email:

San Joaquin California Unit - Apr 12-16 May 3-7

Buddy Rally w/Santa Clara CA & Golden West CA Units, Bass Lake, CA, John Skadden 559-255-8622, email: Joint Rally w/Santa Clara CA & Golden West CA Units, Calistoga FG, Calistoga, CA

Santa Clara California Unit - Apr 12-16

Buddy Rally w/Golden West CA & San Joaquin CA Units, Bass Lake RV Park, John Skadden 559-255-8622, email:

Sierra Nevada Unit - Apr 26-29

Central Coast California Unit

Rally, Tucalota Springs RV Park, 41601 E. Benton Rd., Sage, CA, Ray Crowe 909-783-2327, email: raybilliered@ Rally, Vista Elks Lodge #1968, 1947 E. Vista Way, Vista, CA, Ray Crowe 909-783-2327, email: raybilliered@hotmail. com

Nevada Unit -

Region 12 Website: Oct 17-22 Region 12 Rally, Bakersfield, CA Dec 28, 2012Jan 1, 2013 Annual Rose Parade Special Event Rally, Pasadena, CA

Rally, Bass Lake, 39744 Rd. 274, Bass Lake, CA, John Skadden, email: Buddy Rally, Calistoga FG, 1435 N. Oak St., Calistoga, CA, Dale Harrington, email:

Long Beach California Unit -

Arizona Unit - Apr 13-15 May 11-14

Rally, TBA, Alpine, CA, M. Behan, email: mibmjb@yahoo. com Rally, Bishop, CA, P. Drag, email:

May 17-21

Rally, Pyramid Lake, Pelican Point, Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation, about 30 mi. N of Reno off Hwy. 445, Diane Leipper, 775-972-5011, email: hq@ Rally, Eagle Lake, Rocky Point, BLM dispersed area off Hwy. 139 N of Susanville, CA, Diane Leipper, 775-9725011, email:

South Coast California Unit - May 4-6

Rally, Emerald Desert

Blue Beret/April 2012



Wanted 25' AIRSTREAM TRAILER 2007 TO 2009, must have microwave and TV built in. Be in very good condition, give price, send current pictures. #9576, Ph. 830-377-6781, email:

Miscellaneous FLAG POLE HOLDER All aluminum with 2 beautifully made brackets for easy, no fuss two minute installation. Fits standard 2 1/4” jack post and comes with 4 adapters for 2” posts. Designed so the holder nor your poles will interfere with jack head, light, or coupler latch. 3 pole holder $150, 5 pole holder $175. Includes shipping in U.S. Contact: John@ or call 803-684-5651 for more information. WBCCI #3892

Airstream Parks RETIRED? FULL TIMER? SNOW BIRD? RALLY PLANNER? CARAVAN LEADER? The North Texas Airstream Community can meet all your needs. We are located on I-35 exit 368A, in the heart of the Dallas/Ft. Worth/ Waco triangle in historic Hillsboro, Texas. Stay “For a Night or a Lifetime.” Our clubhouse seats 200 for dinner, new laundry facilities, free WiFi, mail forwarding service. 100% Airstream community. Call 254-582-5566 or visit SHOOTING STAR DRIVE-IN - What a destination! Located in Southern Utah Canyon Country, we’re just a day trip away from four National Parks and right next to Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument and the Escalante River. The Shooting Star Drive-In is an Airstream-only resort with 18 sites, a big pavilion, resort store and a classic 1960s drive-in movie theater. Visit www. to learn more and see the stunning vistas. Ph. 435-826-4440. TAHI, TEXAS AIRSTREAM HARBOR, INC. Is located in NE Texas on beautiful Lake Sam Rayburn is known for Bass fishing. A haven for bird watchers. Daily $15. Come visit or stay with us. 5 miles NE Zavalla on Hwy. 147. Contact: TAHI, 714 Angelina,


Blue Beret/April 2012

Zavalla, TX 75980, Ph. 936-897-3686. www. PENN WOOD AIRSTREAM PARK - Traveling I-80 thru western Pennsylvania or looking for a quiet, all Airstream, summer home for a few weeks or all season? We’re the perfect stop! Full hookups with cable TV & WI-FI. Reasonable rates, area attractions and site of Autumn Leaf National Rally. Near Clarion, PA - four miles south of I-80, Exit 64 on SR 66; Ph. 814-764-8963; Open 5/1 to 10/15. MYSTIC SPRINGS COVE is an Airstream only park located 25 mi. N of Pensacola, FL, on US 29, between I-10 and I-65 on the banks of the Escambia River. Just 30 minutes to white sand beaches, shopping, museums and a casino. Owned and operated by Unit 29. Open all year with full hookups at $11per day 30 amp/$13 per day 50 amp. Pets welcome and washer/dryer are available. Host opportunities. Ph. 850-256-3280. LAND YACHT HARBOR: Florida’s Best Kept Secret!!! Located off I-95 between Exits 183 & 180, miles to Disney 65, beach 10, Cape 30, leases available to Airstreams, overnight rentals available. Visit us at www. or phone 321-254-6398. NO PETS. TOP OF GEORGIA, 7 miles north of Helen, GA on State Road 75 in beautiful North Georgia mountains. Full hookups, cable TV. Free Limited Wi-Fi. $7.00/night, $180.00 monthly. During Rally weeks Rally fees will be an additional charge. Open year around. No reservations. WBCCI members only. No dry camping. Ph. 706-878-3590. www. STAY IN THE BEAUTIFUL PACIFIC NORTHWEST AT WASHINGTON LAND YACHT HARBOR. Home of Washington Unit. Open year round. All WBCCI members and guests welcome. Ideal for rallies/ caravans. 163 FHU sites. Large meeting hall with kitchen. Free WiFi. Reservations accepted. Visit Seattle, Pacific Ocean, 4 National Parks, Canada, Alaska. Residential mobile homes for sale to WBCCI members. 9101 Steilacoom Rd. SE, Olympia (Lacey), Washington 98513; phone 360-491-3750. website: www.washingtonlandyachtharbor. com TIRED OF THE HUSTLE AND BUSTLE OF THE DAILY ROUTINE? Come relax at JERSEY SHORE HAVEN an Airstream park located near the beautiful southern New Jersey beaches. Wooded sites with 4-point hookups allow you to relax in an unhurried atmosphere. Located near the Victorian charm of Cape May or gardens at Leaming’s Run. JSH is only a short distance from the excitement of casinos or the boardwalk-you choose. Jersey Shore Haven, 728 Dennisville Rd., P.O. Box 99, S. Seaville, NJ

08246. Ph. 609-861-2293, website: http://

For Sale Trailers/ Motorhomes 1976 - 25’ AIRSTREAM TRADEWIND, many new and restored items: tires, brakes, furnace, catalytic heater, AC, Zip-A-Dee awnings all around, Fantastic Fan, wired for cable and phone, mid twins and front double, well maintained. 14K or OBO, Ph. 248-618-3352. 1989 - AIRSTREAM EXCELLA, excellent condition. Queen bed, center bath, recently purchased new refrigerator, sunguard on front, awnings, microwave, rock guards. Ph. 352-475-3415, (Hawthorne, Florida 32640). 1993 - 30' AIRSTREAM EXCELLA 1000, carpet never uncovered, plumbing never used-never out of air conditioned and heated garage except for three trips-showroom new. $25,000. Ph. 320-995-6335, (115 Main St., Blomkest, Minnesota 56216). 1994 - 36' CLASSIC MOTORHOME, Oneof-kind 300HP Diesel Pusher, Excellent Condition, serviced/travel ready, many upgrades: new captains & side chair, new upholstered couch & dinette, 25-year laminate floor in living/kitchen/bathroom, new style Radiator Grill. Clean Consumer Report, 167K mi., $68K. Also available: 2003 - HONDA EX/V-6 SILVER ACCORD 84K mi., Blue Ox Aventa LX Hitch, and 5-Star Hart Ranch Resort Membership. Health requires sale. Email:, for more info/photos. 2004 - 30' AIRSTREAM LAND YACHT MOTORHOME, GMC Vortec 8.12 litre gas engine, Mint condition, 33,355 mi., meets Canadian and USA specks. Many extras including: power awning, laminate flooring in galley area, beige interior, dual skylights, dual air, 5.5KW Onan gas generator, non-smoking. Asking $60,000. Also, 2003 SATURN STATION WAGON WITH FULL TOWING PACKAGE. Selling because of poor health. Ph. 519-825-9308 or 313-703-7437, email: 2004 - 25’ AIRSTREAM SAFARI TRAILER, rear corner bed, with dinette in Southwest motive, excellent condition, rarely used, garaged, asking $36,000. Also, 1984 - VOLKSWAGEN VANAGON/CAMPER, in excellent running condition, 146,000 original mi., great condition, asking price is $9,500. Ph. 505-8834395, (Albuquerque, New Mexico).

REGION 4 RALLY Branch County 4-H Fairgrounds Coldwater, Michigan May 21 - 27, 2012 WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________ Name____________________________ Spouse__________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ Phone_________________ E-mail____________________________ Motorhome___________Trailer_________Vintage_______________ Handicapped Pkg___________ Total # in Party________________ Rally Fee: Airstream w/2 $185.00 Airstream w/1 $140.00 Extra Adult no RV $ 65.00 Children 6-12 $ 35.00 Children 6 & under FREE TOTAL

$__________ $__________ $__________ $__________ $ FREE____ $__________

Come enjoy tours, food, officer training and entertainment. Early Parking will begin May 21st. The fairground address is: 262 Sprague St., Coldwater, Michigan. For more information call Karin & Larry Kurkowski 586-2101777, Email: Make checks payable to: Region 4 WBCCI Mail to: Maury Runyan, Treasurer Region 4 1469 Trackwood Dr. Lapeer, MI 48446

THE SPIRIT OF CLEVELAND NATIONAL RALLY Burke Lakefront Airport Cleveland, Ohio June 6 - 10, 2012 (Limited to 100 RVs)

WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________ Name____________________________ Spouse__________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ Phone_________________ E-mail____________________________ Rally Fee: Airstream w/2 adults $195.00 Airstream w/1 adult $125.00 Children under 10 FREE TOTAL

$__________ $__________ $__________ $__________

The rally will include 3 breakfasts, 3 catered dinners (one will be a dinner cruise on the Goodtime II) and parking for 4 nights. There are many tours planned. Plan on arriving 6 PM - 9 PM on Wednesday, June 6th. Make check payable to: WBCCI - Cleveland Ohio Unit Mail to: Paula Christopher, Treasurer 4230 State Rt. 306 - Suite 200 Willoughby, OH 44094 Ph. 440-953-9559

REGION 4 COMPUTER RALLY Van Wert County Fairgrounds 1005 S. Washington St. Van Wert, Ohio 45891 May 14 - 19, 2012 WBCCI # _____________ Unit_______________________________ Name____________________________ Spouse__________________

2006 - 31’ CLASSIC W/DIN, excellent condition, no pets/smoking, loaded with options. Email: for PDF of original window sticker and pictures, $36,000. OBO, (located Arizona (winter/spring); New Hampshire (summer/fall). AIRSTREAM TRAILER/FORD EXCURSION PACKAGE, 2007 - 25’ SAFARI FB SS with SE upgrade, Panoramic window upgrade, audio/ video upgrade, awnings upgrade, security system, convection M/W w/3 burner top, 2005 FORD EXCURSION 4 WD DIESEL LIMITED, Satellite DTV Package, 95,000 mi., new tires, excellent shape, Contact:

Address_________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ Phone_________________ E-mail____________________________ Rally Fee: Airstream w/2 adults $100.00 Airstream w/1 adult $ 90.00 Add’l. Adult (16 & older) 25.00 Children (16 & under) FREE TOTAL

$__________ $__________ $__________ $ FREE_____ $__________

The rally is hosted by George & Rosa Lee Greenway. Come join us and learn what your computer can do. For more information contact: George “Dick” Greenway 419-358-8211 or Email: Make checks payable to: Region 4 Mail to: Dick Greenway, 5625 Rockport Rd. Columbus Grove, OH 45830

Blue Beret/April 2012


PERMANENT ADDRESS CHANGE PLEASE NOTE: Address on file 12/1 will be printed in Directory.

WBCCI NUMBERS & DECALS $9.50 per set, includes front and back; $10.25 for Ohio residents. Make check payable to: WBCCI

Address change as of______________ (date) WBCCI#____________ Name____________________________________________________






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State/Prov.__________________________________Zip___________ Mail to: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334 E-Mail: Deb Sailor, Member Services,

City_____________________________________________________ State/Prov._______________________ Zip_____________________

FIRST CLASS MAIL WBCCI#_________________________


Name____________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_____________________________________________________

I Need a: five year additional set  or complete replacement set


I Joined in _______(year). Life Member?_____ Enclosed is an addressed envelope for stars only.

State/Prov.__________________________________Zip___________ Enclose $20.00 for one year. Make check payable to: WBCCI Mail to: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334

MAIL TO: WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334 E-MAIL: Deb Sailor, Member Services,

IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN THE BLUE BERET ! “Two for the Price of One” Payment for a classified ad in the “Blue Beret” includes an ad on the WBCCI website FOR INFORMATION, CALL 937/596-5211 or email Rates for Classified Advertising are $50 up to 35 words, $60 for 36-65 words. Payment in full must be received with the ad copy. BLUE BERET reserves the right to reject advertising not suitable for inclusion. The publisher reserves the right of approval of all advertising. BLUE BERET is not responsible for advertiser’s representations or performance. For more information on display ad costs, contact WBCCI. For your convenience, you may use the coupon below. Please type ad. Count words and determine cost as indicated above. Make check payable to “WBCCI” and mail with completed coupon to: WBCCI, P.O. Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334. Name___________________________________________________Address ______________________________________________________ City_____________________________________________________St/Prov.____________________________________Zip________________ Classified Ad: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Location of trailer/motorhome:___________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadline: Classified Ads for June must be received with payment no later than May 1. NOTICE: Advertisement should be typewritten. The Blue Beret is not responsible for the accuracy of handwritten submissions. Refund Policy: No refund after the 7th of month prior to publication.


Blue Beret/April 2012

2012 WBCCI National Caravans N-41-A Landmarks West Following - filled 7/5-8/24/2012 the Lewis & Clark Trail Start: St. Louis, MO Stop: Warrenton, OR

This is a new caravan that combines the first half of the Landmarks West Caravan with the Lewis & Clark Trail. This 50-day caravan will rendezvous at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers (where Lewis & Clark did). We will follow their route up the Missouri River, across mountain passes to the Snake and Columbia Rivers and on to Warrenton, OR (Fort Clatsop), the western terminus of their journey. The Corps of Discovery spent the very wet winter of 1805-1806 here. We, however, will enjoy seafood and great weather on the Pacific Ocean. Our route will take us from St. Louis across Missouri, up through Iowa, the Dakotas, across Montana (including Glacier National Park), then drop down into Yellowstone National Park for a few days; cross into Idaho and over Lolo Pass to the Snake and Columbia Rivers down to the Pacific Ocean. Besides Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, you will have the opportunity to explore and visit many, many interesting, informative and beautiful locations. Our focus will be on the adventures of Lewis & Clark, but we will also take in several other landmarks as we experience the West. Entertainment, excursions, cookouts, picnics, meals and, of course, campgrounds are included in the Co-leaders: R.B. & Zelma Bernd #306, Ph. 360-459-4342 and Phil & Margie Glassey #5328, Ph. 206-605-2986 Email: Send your registration and deposit of $250 to Phil Glassey, 9101-69 Steilacoom Road SE, Olympia, WA 98513-6127. Kitty Fee Estimated: Kitty Fee w/2: $3,900; w/1: $3,200; Guest: $700; Deposit: $250 Refund in full, less $50, prior to January 1, 2012, at leaders discretion thereafter. Limit: 25 RVs

N-41-B The Great River Road 9/12-10/12/2012 Start: Bemidji, MN Stop: W. Memphis, AR

The longest National Scenic Byway in the United States is the Great River Road, which starts in Minnesota and begins at the headwaters of the great Mississippi River in Itasca State Park. Come with us for an opportunity to explore the many scenic, historic and recreational attractions along the mighty Mississippi as it winds 2552 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. The Great River Road is the backbone for our journey from Bemidji, MN to West Memphis, AR. Enjoy the sights and sounds as North America’s largest river turns from a babbling brook in the tall pines to a mighty highway of commerce. We will crisscross the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee as we enjoy the old river towns and the modern cities that have played such an important part in the history of our great country. There will be boat trips, bus & trolley tours, dinners and entertainment including an evening with Mark Twain Himself. Join us for this great 30 day trek as we meander through countryside that provided Tom Sawyer and his friends their boyhood adventures. Leaders: Dave & Linda Andrzejewski WBCCI #811, Ph: 603-770-1609, E-Mail: mrsa811@, Address: 196 Rainbow Drive # 9616, Livingston, TX 773991096, Limit: 25 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $2,400; Kitty Fee w/1: $1,850; Guest: $600; Deposit: $250, Cancellation: $100 plus non-refundable deposits before 4/1/12, Leaders discretion after.

N-41-E The WILDER WEST Start: Rio Vista, CA

9/3-10/2/2012 Stop: Las Vegas, NV

Fall is an ideal time to travel the back roads of eastern California and western Nevada. The caravan will begin by exploring historic California delta towns dating back to the gold rush, Old Town Sacramento and a tour of the California Railroad Museum. We will follow the gold rush into the heart of the Mother Lode, a series of towns that extends along the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We will cross the Sierras over a scenic mountain pass. Then, on to a South Lake Tahoe where we will experience the 21st century “gold rush” and enjoy a boat tour on the lake. Later, we will take a steam train ride on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad; explore the old ghost town of Bodie and the geologically rich area of Mammoth Lakes. We will see the living ghost towns of Tonopah and tour Goldfield. We’ll venture into Death Valley and tour

Scotty’s Castle. Then, we will wind up our adventure in Las Vegas with a motorized “smooth water” rafting trip through the scenic Black Canyon on the Colorado River, below Hoover Dam. Join us for a rip roaring good time. Leaders: Bruce & Enid Paulk WBCCI #2175, Ph. 925-864-1683, Email:, Address: 108 Rainbow Dr. #843, Livingston, TX 77399-1008. Limit: 20 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $2,525, Kitty Fee w/1: $1,950, Guest: TBD, Deposit: $200, Cancellation: $100 before 4-0112. Leader’s discretion after.

N-41-G SW Adventure Caravan - FILLED 8/31-10/17/2012 Start: Durango, CO Stop: Santa Fe, NM The 2012 Southwest Adventure Caravan will be in September and October capturing the awesome beauty of the fall landscapes. Beginning in Durango, you will visit the higher vistas first, before traveling on to lower altitudes hoping to escape early snow. You will discover regions of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado that the casual tourist doesn’t see. Taking the roads less traveled you will visit Indian pueblos, festivals, cultural centers and museums. Native American guides will help you to understand their language, customs, and ancient rituals. You will enjoy touring Albuquerque and Santa Fe by trolley or Segway finding wonderful shopping and dining in both. A half-day boat trip on Lake Powell takes you to Rainbow Bridge while a narrow gauge railway delivers you to Silverton from Durango. In Arizona, splash through Canyon de Chelly, then stroll through Antelope Canyon. Keep that camera handy for around every bend there is a new picture opportunity. Raft down the Colorado River and tour Monument Valley, then proceed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Come prepared for all kinds of weather as you travel at high and lower altitudes – cold to warmer temperatures. America the Beautiful passes – formerly called Golden Age Pass will save you money for entrances into the many parks we explore including Zion, Bryce, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef. Plans are to attend the Balloon Festival near Albuquerque. We conclude with a final banquet in Santa Fe. Come prepared to have fun with your fellow caravanners and leaders. NOTE: Only standby status is available - the caravan is filled. Co-Leaders: Jay & Elna Thompson WBCCI #7293, Ph. 850-766-0036, Email:, Address: 9163 McDougal Ct., Tallahassee, FL 32312; Co-Leaders: Winston & Carol Montague WBCCI #5274, Ph. 850- 212-3726, Email:, Address: 2062 Hill N Dale North, Tallahassee, FL 32317, Kitty Fee w/2 $3850, Kitty Fee w/1 $2600; Guests: $1200; Deposit: $200; Payments due: 2/1/12 (50%), 4/1/12 (50%), Cancellation fee: At the discretion of the leaders

N-41-H SOUTHEAST COAST SPECTACULAR 10/2-11/10/2012 Start: Rehoboth Beach, DE Stop: Jekyll Island, GA If you love seafood and want to explore the historic southeast coast of the United States, this is the caravan for you. We’ll visit a historic US Lifesaving Service Station (predecessor to the Coast Guard) in Delaware, eat seafood, spend a day at the Chincoteague Oyster Festival in Virginia, visit countless museums, lighthouses and beaches, eat seafood and see the sights in the historic southeast. Did we mention that we’re going to eat seafood? We’ll also attend Morning Colors and graduation ceremonies at the US Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island. The caravan will travel about six weeks starting at the Delaware Seashore State Park, (south of Rehoboth Beach) and traveling (eating) through coastal Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and ending at the Georgia Sea Islands. The kitty fee includes campgrounds with full hookups, many meals, boat, carriage and bus tours, museums admissions and much more! Leaders: Ron & Cyndi Carnein WBCCI #9424, Ph. 623-974-4762, Email:, Address: 3700 S Westport Ave. #1704, Sioux Falls, SD 57106-6360, Limit: 20 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $3,725.00; Kitty Fee w/1: $2,950.00; Guest: Contact leaders, Deposit: $250, Cancellation: $50 before 4-1-12, leader’s discretion after

Blue Beret/April 2012


2012 WBCCI National Caravans N-41-I TASTE OF THE BLUE RIDGE - FILLED 6/4-23/2012 Start: Cherokee, NC Stop: Staunton, VA Come with us as we travel the Blue Ridge Parkway from end to end. It will be a 500 mile adventure as we explore the history of the area enjoy the scenery, listen to the mountain music, and soak up the beauty of this unique roadway and the surrounding area. The driving route will cover the entire Parkway and our stops will allow us to experience things like train excursions, Early American history, the biggest private home in the USA, some Civil War history, a Winery or two, mountain crafts, and much, much more. A word of Caution: The Blue Ridge Parkway is a winding 2 lane scenic road with a speed limit of 45 mph (you should drive slower than that to take maximum advantage of the scenery). It extends for about 500 miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. The road goes up and down and around the mountains -often- and the elevation varies from 650 to 4900 ft. Our longest travel day will be about 140 miles. If this kind of travel bothers you, you should not consider this adventure. If you think this adventure is for you, your equipment should be in top shape. Registrar: Jamie King, P.O. Box 268, Oriental, NC 28571home telephone 252-249-1549- cell 252-514-7497 - email KJ4JK@ARRL. NET. Contact the Registrar for more information if you wish to register for this caravan. NOTE: Only standby status is available - the caravan is filled. Co-Leaders: Jamie & Susan King WBCCI #804 and Ph. Home 252249-1549, Cell 252-514-7497; Email: KJ4JK@ARRL.NET, Address: P. O. Box 268, Oriental, NC 28571; Co-Leaders: Bob & Marge Bennett WBCCI #701, Limit: 20 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: TBD; Kitty Fee w/1: TBD; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $250, Cancellation: $100 before January 4, 2012. Leader’s discretion after 1-4-12

N-41-K ALYESKA, THE GREAT LAND - FILLED 7/12-9/12/2012

Start: Dawson Creek, YT Stop: Prince George, B.C. “The Land of the Midnight Sun” - The Alaska Caravan will start in Dawson Creek, B.C., where the Alaska Highway begins at Mile Post 0 and travel for 1500 miles to Fairbanks, AK. We will be travelling through Yukon Territory, to Whitehorse where we will turn North and travel up to Dawson City, YT where we will ferry across the Yukon River and drive the famous “Top Of The World Highway,” to the town of Chicken, AK and then visit Eagle. (pop. 15) As we continue we will experience many activities such as “Klondike Kate’s,” Laird River Hot Springs, take the River Boat Discovery in Fairbanks, and experience a real Alaska Salmon Bake and Dinner Show. We will see many glaciers, visit Denali Park, Mount McKinley, Juneau, pan for gold, travel along the famous Alaska Pipeline, and visit the North Pole, (home of the real Santa Claus). On our return south we will drive the Cassiar Highway into British Columbia and end the caravan at Prince George. You will enjoy unprecedented wildlife viewing opportunities, world class fishing, and astonishing scenery on this “Once in a Lifetime Adventure!” Leaders: Bill (JJ) & Sandy Johnjulio WBCCI #242, Ph. 814-484-7221 Cell 216-533-1752, Email:, Address: 6193 Althom Road, Tidioute, PA 16351, Limit: 35 RVs, Kitty Fee: w/2 $6,000; Kitty Fee: w/1 $4,400; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $500, Cancellation: $50 before 1/1/2012, leader’s discretion after that date

N-41-L Ghosts on the East Coast 9/23-11/3/2012 Start: Salem, MA Stop: St. Augustine, FL

Ghosts on the East Coast will start in Salem, MA and end in St. Augustine, FL. It will be a typical WBCCI National Caravan with cookouts, campfires, dinners, and the fun, fellowship, and adventure of the Airstream Caravan. The overall theme of this caravan is “Halloween” and the stories, hitory, and festivities that make up this holiday.  Such as, “Halloween” is celebrated the entire month of October in Salem, MA and we will join some of those festivities. And, while in Salem, MA we will investigate the history surrounding the burning of the witches and visit the site and memorial to those individuals that were accused of witchcraft. As we make our way


Blue Beret/April 2012

south along the East Coast we will stop in Williamsburg, VA; Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC;  and more... where we will find pumpkin festivals, hear ghost stories with a Halloween theme and visit the grave site of Edgar Allen Poe.  You can expect trick or treat GAMS, pumpkin carvings, and the final banquet will be in your finest Halloween attire. Overall, we are trying to have fun. We think it will be a little spooky. And,... we don’t really want to actually find any ghosts. Please join us if this sounds fun and interesting. Leaders: George and Sharon Hilton WBCCI #7009, Ph. 352-2059928, Fax: 866-205-0599, Email:, Address: 214 Rainbow Dr. #11436, Livingston, TX 77399, Co-Leader: TBD, Limit: 25 Airstream RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $3,900.00; Kitty Fee w/1: TBD; Guest: TBD

N-41-M GONE TO TEXAS Start: NTAC, Hillsboro, Tx

9/17-10/20/2012 Stop: Kerrville, Tx

The letters GTT were familiar in the United States during the early 1800s. They meant GONE TO TEXAS. Come with us and see why it was the place to be as we travel from Hillsboro just south of Fort Worth, “Where The West Begins,” to the beautiful Texas Hill Country west of San Antonio. Along the way we will visit Buffalo country, Indian Country, Oil Patches, Carlsbad Caverns, Texas Salt Flats, Old Missions, Cavalry Forts, travel along the United States Mexico border, A PASSPORT WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ANY TRAVEL INTO MEXICO. A World Famous Observatory, Mystery Lights at Marfa, Big Bend National Park, The “Hanging Judge” The Alamo, an exotic game ranch, a dude ranch, and much more. Leave a message for your friends—GTT. Moderate hiking may be required on some events. Leaders: Lyle & Peggy Snow WBCCI #7358, Ph. 281-251-7566, Cell 832-217-4508, Email:, Address: 20935 Jessica Rose Ln., Spring, TX 77379, Co-Leader: Bill & Dorma Kindle WBCCI # 4126, Ph. 713-907-4624, Email: Airstream4126@gmail. com, Address: 319 Mariachi, Crosby, TX 77532, Kitty Fee w/2: $2000.00; Kitty Fee w/1: $1600.00; Guest: $400.00; Deposit: $250.00, Cancellation: $50.00 prior to 5/1/12, Leaders discretion after 5/1/12, Final Payment due: 5/1/12

N-41-N Springtime In Kentucky


Start: Bowling Green, KY Stop: Renfro Valley, KY Beautiful horses, lush green rolling hills, and home of the Corvette: these are just a few of the words to describe the beautiful state of Kentucky. Kentucky has something for everyone! For the first time, we will begin the 3 week caravan in Bowling Green, home of the Corvette, and from there we will travel to 7 different areas, each with its own history, geography and culture. You will have an opportunity to spend a day at the races at the famous Churchill Downs, learn about the bourbon industry, visit a horse farm, spend a morning at My Old Kentucky Home, and visit the childhood home of Loretta Lynn. We will end our journey at Renfro Valley, a mecca of bluegrass music that predates The Grand Ole Opry, and Berea, known as the Art Capital of the State. In every area we will sample the southern style “home cooking” without you having to do the cooking. And these are just a few of the many places of interest you will explore! We can’t wait to welcome you to Kentucky, where hospitality is the rule, not the exception! Leaders: Larry & Shala Wilson WBCCI #10298, Ph. 270-782-6554 Cell: 270-792-3814, Email:, Address: 809 Mooreland Dr., Bowling Green, KY 42103, Limit: 25 RVs, Kitty Fee w/2: $2100.00; Kitty Fee w/1: $1500.00; Guest: TBD; Deposit: $200.00, Cancellation: $50.00 before 11/1/11, Leaders discretion after 11/1/11.

REGION 3 RALLY Ocean Lakes Campground Myrtle Beach, South Carolina April 22 - 29, 2012

REGION 7 RALLY “Antique Car Run” Spicer, Minnesota August 8 - 12, 2012

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WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________

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Phone_________________ Email:____________________________

Handicapped?_________Region_________Unit________________ Phone_________________ E-mail____________________________ Rally Fee: Per Person $85.00 x _____ pp = $____________ Fri. & Sat. only $50 x _____ pp = $____________ Saturday only $35 x _____ pp = $____________ TOTAL Rally Fee $____________ The Rally theme is: Undersea Adventures and the colors are: Caribbean blue, lemon yellow and silver. Please include this coupon and a *SASE. (*Self Addressed, Stamped LARGE (4x9) Envelope) for your receipt and your site assignment. When you receive your receipt and site assignment, please call Ocean Lakes Campground at 1-800-722-1451 to make a deposit on your site. If you wish to park together as a group, please send your reservations to Martha together. The campground has not published their 2012 prices. It should be approximately $45 plus tax per night. There will be a $2 discount per night. Make checks payable to: Region 3 Rally Mail to: Martha Kerns 18133 Nantz Rd. Cornelius, NC 28031-8609

Rally Fee: Due before July 25, 2012 (Does not include camping) Airstream w/2 adults $180.00 $________ Airstream w/1 adult $ 90.00 $________ Children #______ x $ 50.00 $________ Total Enclosed $________ Camping Reservations: Not included in rally fee/make your own. WestRich RV Park, 720 Agnes St., Spicer, MN 56288, Ph. 320-796-0161. The RV Park DOES NOT accept credit cards. Send deposit check for $60 (two nights camping) before July 29, 2012. Come see the world of beautiful restored antique pre-1916 automobiles in Spicer, MN this August. Can you imagine that all these cars are still running and will be opening their restored units for an afternoon of fun as we take a stroll back in time. So drag out your vintage clothes (remember your poodle skirt) and join us for a walk back into the ‘Good Old Days’. Remember to make your camping reservation directly with WestRich Campground and send your deposit check ($60.00) directly to them. Questions: Linda Agre, Cell 320-295-1117, email: Make checks payable to: Region 7, WBCCI Mail to: Carolyn Grandstrand 1862 N. Budd Ave. Maple Plain, MN 55359

NATIONAL CARAVAN APPLICATION (please type or print clearly - every blank must be filled in) Caravan #__________________ Caravan Name__________________________________________________________________________ Last Name_______________________ First______________________Spouse_____________________WBCCI#____________________ Summer Address__________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ Phone # _______________________________EMail___________________________________________ Winter Address:

From:___________________________ To:________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone #________________________________EMail_____________________________________________________________________ # of Adults__________Children_________Pets_________Ham #___________________MH/T_________ft. Handicapped? Amount Enclosed: (US$)______________________Check #________________

Make checks payable to:

WBCCI National Caravan

Mail to: Caravan Leader Blue Beret/April 2012



REGION 10 RALLY Rally in the Rockies Hill Spring, Alberta, Canada July 16 - 20, 2012

WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________

WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________

Name____________________________ Spouse__________________

Name____________________________ Spouse__________________





Phone_________________ E-mail____________________________

Phone_________________ E-mail____________________________

Date of Arrival_____________Trailer_______ft. MH_________ft.

Handicap Parking (check) Yes______No_______

Early parking Aug. 5th; water & limited electricity-LIMITED to 50 RVs. Rally fee - pay in advance $_________

Rally Fee: Rally Fee Adult #______ x $195.00 $__________ Rally Fee Child #______ x $ 95.00 $__________ (12 & under) TOTAL $__________

$__________Conven. Fee Extra $__________ $__________ $__________ $__________

Parking is $23.00 + tax per night - power & water with dump on site. Parking to be paid on arrival - we will make reservation on receipt of registration. Rally Fee includes: 3 breakfasts, welcome picnic, dinner in Waterton Lake Park, dinner and barn dance, dinner and show, entertainment and tours.To assist with planning, please register by June 1, 2012. Questions to: Adolf Knopp 403-242-7469, email:

Parking: _______nights x $15 per night (PAY ON ARRIVAL) Rally Fee: Airstream w/2 adults $100.00 Airstream w/1 adult $ 50.00 Guest $ 50.00 Children 6-14 $ 30.00 TOTAL

Rally includes: 1 dinner, country breakfast, watermelon feast get acquainted social, morning coffee and Sunday continental breakfast. The convention begins with youth talent on Monday night and ends Saturday night. Continuous entertainment and downtown activities all week. SASE #10 envelope for receipt and brochures. Cut off for registration is July 30th. Cancellation fee $5.00. No refunds after August 1st (or discretion of chairman). For more information call Betty Patton 276-233-1109, Email: Hosted by the Virginia and NORVA Units. Make checks payable to: Joe Kolb, Galax Fiddlers Convention Mail to: Joe Kolb, 1789 Peacock Dr., Hillsville, VA 24343 Email: Ph. 276-766-3121

Make checks payable to: Region 10 WBCCI (US Funds) Mail to: Joe & Sandy Perryman 9101-155 Steilacoom Rd. SE, Olympia, WA USA 98513-6144

TENNESSEE STATE RALLY Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground Crossville, Tennessee April 19 - 22, 2012 WBCCI # __________________ Unit___________________________ Name____________________________ Spouse__________________ Address_________________________________________________ City_________________State/Prov_________Code______________ Phone___________________Email__________________________ Rally Fee: Number of persons ___ X $50.00 ea. TOTAL

$__________ $__________

The rally fee includes meals and entertainment. Parking reservations should be made with Jill Willoughby, Ph. 423-332-6913 or 931-788-2211 or Email: Make checks payable to: East Tennessee Unit-WBCCI Mail to: Ken Ritenour 3080 Lake Dr. NW Cleveland, TN 37312


Blue Beret/April 2012

If you have pictures depicting WBCCI caravans and rallies, please share them with us. These pictures may be used for promotional material, the Membership Directory, “Blue Beret” cover, or published in “Club Scenes”. Pictures should be of rally/caravan activities. When choosing a photo, consider the potential member and what would entice him/her to join the club. Please include a description of the picture, member names, specific rally/caravan, dates, etc. and send to or WBCCI, PO Box 612, Jackson Center, OH 45334. NOTE: Original photos or .jpg file formats are preferred.

North Iowa Unit tour of the Humboldt, IA, jail during their installation rally. “But we did pay our WBCCI dues!” -submitted by David and Pat Shaw, #6318

The Akron Ohio Unit at the Action Coupling Equipment Co owned by one of their members. Picture taken during their installation rally. -submitted by Shyrl Olinger, #2959

Northern California members enjoy a tour of Mono Lake State Park in front of a natural formation known as tufa. -submitted by Bob Vasser, #26071

The June 2011 Picnic of the Mahoning Valley Ohio Unit –submitted by Nancy Brett, #1315

Doug and Mona Heath hosted a Rally at Paulina Lake, just outside of Bend in Central Oregon. -photo by Bill Ferry - submitted by Mona Heath, #3339

Kansas City MO Unit members on tour during their installation rally -submitted by Glenn Waters, #26499

Blue Beret/April 2012


WBCCI Headquarters 803 E. Pike Street Jackson Center, OH 45334 937.596.5211 To join, contact Deb Mann, Membership Director, or go to and join online!

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2012 International Dues - $65.00 plus unit dues


Blue Beret/April 2012

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