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Greenpeace flagship Esperanza conducts reef check at Apo. A Silliman marine scientist maps out the rehabilitation of sea corals damaged by 2 typhoons at Apo island reef. VOL. 40 No. 5 Dumaguete City, Philippines Sunday, JULY 14, 2013 P12.00 City to acquire P18-M anti-crime forensics, CCTVs C ity Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria has pledged to get Sanggunian support to fund major anti-crime gadgets and equipment worth P18-Million within CONTRIBUTED BY GREENPEACE TEAM ; SILLIMAN U MARINE LAB; AND MC145 this year. APO ISLAND DAUIN, Negros Oriental —- T he Apo Island Philippines’ fish sanctuary, once known to be teeming with marine life is left devastated and now resembles a coral graveyard. But there is still Hope or Ezperanza (in Spanish) amid devastation in one of the world’s best marine sanctuaries. Everything appeared to be normal on the surface off the waters of world famous dive site Apo island but underneath its blue waters, ninety nine (99%) percent of the world reknown reefs of Apo Island’s Marine Sanctuary in its southeastern portion have been virtually wiped out by strong storm surges of two super typhoons Sendong in 2011 and Pablo in January 2012. Only 50% is left of the coral reef fish popula- tion in the affected areas. This was revealed by research-divers of the Sillman University marine laboratory, the International Greenpeace Ocean Defenders and the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation who conducted an underwater reef check, survey and evaluation at the Marine protected areas of Apo Island on its impacts To page 2 Victim buried; police picks wife, kids killer BY CHOY GALLARDE T he Philippine National Police has invited another individual, the fifth since the tragic death of an 8-year old pupil of the Babajuba Elementary School in Dumaguete more than a week ago. But he was released because of the lack of probable cause until results of the forensic examination arrives from Cebu, said chief of police P/Supt James Goforth. Thousands of people , students, teachers, civic citizens and plain residents , joined the mammoth funeral march of the girl victim who was buried in Bagacay last Wednesday. A mass was celebrated at the unfinished church house in lower Talay at the Junob boundary. The 5th suspect whom the police invited for questioning was identified as a certain Reynaldo also known as “Lando” and “Abay,” 54 years old who has been on parole from the national penitentiary since May this year for a homicide case in April of 2001. He hails from Bateriya, Guihulngan City; his wife was a resident of Talay whom he also killed in 2001 , the same way the 8-year old was killed by cutting her throat, To page 19 Suspect released for lack of enough evidence yet, to merit probable cause. These priorities are: a P15million CCTV (closed circuit TV) cameras to be installed in strategic nooks and corners of the city where crime may be prone to happen; and a P3-million equipment for forensic sceneof-the-crime equipment. This is city hall’s respond to the growing criminality in the city which is acknowledged as a To page 19 Virtucio is OIC-PD; Gov eyes Baldebrin I t looks like the Governor will soon get to see his personal choice, Sr. Supt Petroneli Baldebrin, appointed as the next police director of the Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office after Sr. Supt. Noli Romana was ordered relieved of his position by Central Visayas Regional Director Chief Supt. Marcelo Garbo, for purportedly failing to minimize the incidence of illegal gambling. Supt. Alet Virtucio, NOPPO’s deputy To page 19 SUPT. VIRTUCIO Youngest barrio dad to handle SK role? Police withholds facial identity of suspect , an ex convict who also killed his wife in 2001 by slashing her throat; he is on parole ; and lives a walking distance away from the crime scene. His blood samples are now under forensic scrutiny. At right are recovered garden tools believed to be his. T he abolition of the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) will not totally deny the youth representation in the LGU policy making if the youngest barangay councilman elected will be mandated to represent the cause and interest of the youth in the community. There is a mounting call both inside and out of Congress for the abolition of the Sangguniang Kabataan for allegedly being a breeding ground for nepotism if not corruption.. The Sangguniang Kaba- taan’s abolition will save the province of Negros Oriental some P 53.4 million if each Chairman of the 557 barangays receives an average honorarium of P 8,000 per month excluding To page 14 “THE LAMB WHO DIED TO SAVE US IS THE SHEPHERD WHO LIVES TO LEAD US.” NC July 14 issue.pmd 1 7/15/2013, 5:36 PM

NC July 14, 2013 issue

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