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VOL. 34 No. 5 Why Drug cases are DISMISSED N ot only is it because of a weak prosecution, there are also a variety of at least 15 other reasons why a drug Court Judge cannot help but dismiss cases of potential convicts including would-be life-termers in jail, simply because of either errors in procedures and or trial techniques of defense lawyers. The CHRONICLE secured from Drug Court presiding Judge Cresencio Tan Jr a list of established, major reasons for dismissals and acquittals in most salas, including his own 32 acquitted and dismissed Turn to page 19 Dumaguete City, Philippines, Sunday JULY 15, 2007 P8.00 Drugs: 22 convicted 32 acquitted 2007 Record: January to June T he Regional Trial Court, Branch 30, which has been designated by the Supreme Court as a special court to exclusively try and hear cases involving violation of R.A. 9165, has convicted 22 drug dealers in Dumaguete City, 9 of whom were given life imprisonment and ordered to pay a fine of P500,000, for the 1st semester of the year January to June 2007. The special court has Drugs Court Branch 30 also acquitted 19 accused under Presiding Judge of various drug-related of- Cresencio Tan Jr, has sent fenses based on reasonable 22 drug dealers to jail, 9 doubt and has further dis- got life sentences; while 32 missed 13 drug cases for others were acquitted. Judge Tan said, that insufficiency of evidence when the court granted the prosecution’s batting averdemurrer to evidence filed age for conviction has by the accused in these dropped from 50% down to 40% in his semestral recases. In sum, the local Special port to the Supreme Court covering January to June this year. Twelve (12) of the acumaguete City July 13, 2007 - - - It was cused convicted were senliterally an earth-shaking Friday the 13th tenced to suffer imprison for Negrenses. An earthquake of tectonic Turn to page 19 origin with a magnitude of 5.0 on the Richter Scale rocked Dumaguete City and nearby towns of Negros Oriental on Friday, July 13, 2007 recorded at 8:18 a.m. The Philippine Institute the quake was a “local of Volcanology and Seis- fault in southern Negros.” mology (Phivolcs) reported The epicenter of the the quake to be at intensity quake which jolted resi VI. Phivolcs also reported p2 that the possible source of Turn to page 19 5.0 E-quake jolts city D Sheriff shot DEAD! “POWER CORRUPTS, THE ELECTED IBP GOVERNORS hit controversial provisions. IBP confronts “terror” law For the REAL terrorists, it is a terror-law, but for innocent civilians, it is a good deterrent against terrorists, yet—the big but is — the law itself seems prone to abuse knowing the track record of many of our implementors especially those men in uniform. So how can plain citizens be safe under this new law? That is the issue. As the Anti-Terorist pressing their concern of personal surveillance, Law takes effect today, over the protection of civil wire tapping, warrantless July 15, the Integrated Bar liberties upon the effectiv- arrests, cellphone ban on of the Philippines particu- ity of Republic Act 9372 detainees, examination of larly the Western Visayas the Human Security Act of bank deposits, freezing of Region headed by Atty. 2007 otherwise known as properties, among others In a meeting held last Raymund J.A. Mercado of the anti-terrorism law. The legal sector worries Dumaguete City, as IBP regional governor has as there are controversial joined other groups in ex- provisions like allowance Turn to page 19 BEWARE: BE REMINDED YOU’RE ON BORROWED TIME.”

July 15 2007

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