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Urban cool Stuff “Beautiful gadgets that will complement your lifestyle” The Ride Velodyne vtrue® The Ride explores motorcycle riding as it is meant to be: as a means of getting around with attitude, an extension of one’s own body, an expression of personal freedom, but also a significant challenge to technical expertise, craftsmanship, physics, discipline, and driving skill. vTrue® raises the bar for studio headphones, combining velodyne’s legendary audio technology and unrivaled design to bring a true sound experience to the most discerning of music lovers. New Custom Motorcycles and Their Builders Info True sound. True style. Info Makr x deus tool Roll Individually hand-crafted Built to accommodate all the tools you’ll need to strip down an engine by the side of the road: 8 spanner pockets, 7 socket pockets, 2 utility pouches for drivers and the stash. Info Espresso Veloce V12 The ultimate in functional automotive art These iconic half-scale, 3-litre grand Prix “motors” come in v10 and v12 configurations and are limited to just 500 numbered units worldwide. Not only does the “motor” produce a rich Italian-style coffee, thanks to an oil-filler that doubles as a grappa reservoir, the Espresso veloce also creates the ultimate caffe corretto ! Info REVZINE | #10 spring / summer 2014 59

REVzine #10

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