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2008 1930 Bessie B. Stringfield 1916 First AfricanAmerican woman to travel cross-country by herself. Leslie Porterfield 1992 Multi-record holder for land speed racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Jutta Kleinschmidt First woman ever to finish the grueling Dakar rally. Augusta & Adeline van Buren Made a transcontinental journey on a pair of 1000cc Indians. Women of the world WOmEN ON mOTORCyCLES WERE ONCE THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE, BUT THAT’S BEEN CHANGING fOR A LONG TImE. THE NUmBER Of fEmALE RIDERS AROUND THE WORLD INCREASES EVERy yEAR, AND WOmEN WHO DARE RIDE mOTORCyCLES HAVE A PEDIGREE GOING BACK ALmOST AS LONG AS THE mOTORCyCLE ITSELf. 34 1916 | Augusta & Adeline van Buren Since the early 1900s, women motorcyclists have been breaking down gender, stereotype and cultural barriers by being inspirational role models and enabling women worldwide to muster the courage to ride. In a time before women even had a right to vote, sisters Augusta and Adeline van Buren set out to make a transcontinental journey on a pair of 1000cc Indians. In 1916 they rode from coast to coast in order to convince the US military that woman were as capable as men to become dispatch riders—motorcycle borne messengers with the dangerous task of delivering messages across hostile territory between military outposts.

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