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►The Bimonthly Newsletter of the Dorchester County Democratic Party◄ June/July 2011 Volume 3, Issue 3 With your support, here is THE PLAN TO WIN IN 2012 good paying jobs for the people.  Like fundraising and having parties? Our County Plan is clear, and I need you Then volunteer to help Debbie Morpersonally to find a place where you can tellaro, our Second Vice Chair, with help contribute to our goal of getting Defundraising activities, and help Nancy mocratic voters to the polls in November Seufert with our upcoming Alice Cice2012 and electing Democratic candidates! nia dinner.  If have a knack for writing, graphics  Help us have successful Voter Regisor Public Relations, contact Rob tration drives at churches and barber Groce and join his efforts. The Dorchester County Executive Comshops/salons where we have a major-  Finally, at all events, we have a chalmittee has unanimously agreed on its ity of potential Democratic voters. lenge from Town Councilman Aaron Strategic Plan for 2012, and we are off  We need people who can work comBrown - bring a guest to our funcand running with our sights set squarely puters and telephones to help update tions! At all Democratic activities, if on the November 2012 elections. Votebuilder with good emails and you bring a friend and get them intertelephone numbers so we can contact ested, we can grow our party and get Issues are our key; unlike the Republicans, our County Democratic voters. more down to meet our goals. we believe in a moral budget that does  Learn how to be a good precinct not put balancing the budget on the poor leader – Clayton Seufert can help you The next 18 months are going to be excitand middle class. Unlike the Republicans, prepare to address Democratic voters ing, so find a place to participate and let’s we believe strongly in Public Education – in your precinct door-to-door. go! no vouchers for the rich and their private  You can help David Rison find good schools. And we believe in a State and Richard Hayes, Chair candidates to run in ALL County County Government that concentrates on elected offices. We have had an exciting spring in the South Carolina Democratic Party and at its convention on April 30th! The SCDP has new leadership led by our new State Party Chair Dick Harpootlian, First Vice Chair Jaime Harrison, Second Vice Chair Melissa Watson (from Berkeley County!), and Will Maxey as Third Vice Chair. In this issue, read about the latest scummy tricks by the Republicans in South Carolina on pages 5, 8 and 9 INCLUDED IN THIS ISSUE          New officers elected at state convention— page 2 Voter Registration Committee—page 3 Looking for candidates—page 4 What does it mean to be a “Democrat”? — page 5 Update on Annual Dinner—page 6 New Voter ID requirement challenges Democratic voters—page 8 SCGOP’s war on public education—page 9 Dear Editor—page 10 Calendar of Events—page 12

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