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What’s Happening in Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve (RLBR)? L O O K I N G F O RWA R D VOLUME 19 SPRING 2012 I want to thank our Board of Directors for their confidence in my abilities to lead Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve into it's next phase of activities and challenges. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the community and to work with all of the organizations and municipalities that we are able to partner with within the Region of Redberry. I wish all of our producers a productive growing and grazing season along with financial success to all in our region. I look forward to continuing a dialogue with our residents in upcoming issues sharing some of the challenges coming our way. Andrew Hawrysh, Chair of RLBR R E D B E R RY L A K E B I O S P H E R E R E S E RV E N E E D S Y O U R H E L P Mid April we were given notice that Environment Canada is going to terminate its funding commitment. 14 of the 16 Canadian Biosphere Reserves will be affected—including Redberry Lake. Despite the challenges to come, we are not intending to give up projects we have been working on already or programs we are planning to implement. But we will need your support now more than ever to continue preserving nature, fostering sustainable development and educating kids and students in Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve. This budget cut urges us to be more creative and innovative then ever. And you can help us! 1. Send us your ideas for a fundraising activity 2. Contact us if you want to participate in a project 3. Make a donation to us Go to our website and click on the donate button, it will guide you through. You can also donate by cheque and send it to Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve Inc., Box 221, Hafford SK, S0J 1A0. Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve is an incorporated not-for-profit organization. We thank you for your support—it is much appreciated! Pelicans and Prairie Crocuses in the Biosphere Reserve—spring is definitely on its way! © Thomas Abe

Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve Newsletter - April 2012

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