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What’s Happening in Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve (RLBR)? VOLUME 21 MESSAGE FROM CHAIR FALL 2012 Greetings to all! The year 2012 was a very busy year with a number of important delegations visiting the RLBR over this summer. In July three representatives from a Japanese BR visited us for two days. The delegates came to Redberry to study how our Biosphere Reserve as an organization has been engaging the community and how aware the community is about living in a Biosphere Reserve. The format for the Japanese researchers was of interviewing the BRs Board of Directors, staff as well as local residents. In addition to the formal portion of their visit the delegates spent an afternoon and evening experiencing the Saskatchewan outdoors. The University of Western Australia is doing research on "Improving Integration of Agriculture and Conservation through Biosphere Reserves". They are interested how Redberry as a grass roots initiated BR engages the surrounding RMs, towns and the wider community. Over the summer Xi Zhao, a SENS student from China, conducted research as a masters project into the ‘Opportunities for Ecotourism in RLBR’. Xi’s completed project is an inventory of all the ecological as well as cultural items, in addition to all possible businesses/entities available that support or could potentially support tourism within the region. And former SENS student Oksana Zbyranyk successfully completed her masters in “Environment and Sustainability” with her thesis on “Collaboration between researchers and biosphere reserve practitioners: A case study of Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve, Canada”. In late September Manager and GIS Coordinator of the German Rhoen BR/Thuringia visited Redberry for an official unveiling and release of the joint brochure ‘Partners in the World Network’. This brochure is a result of the development of a partnership agreement signed in 2005 between the BRs Rhoen, Georgian Bay (Ont), Charlevoix (Que) and Redberry Lake. The basic premise of this agreement is ‘long-term cooperation in tourism, agriculture, landscape management and education for sustainable development’. While these and many other activities have been occurring the board and staff has been busy updating our strategic plan as well as establishing a line of communication with the provincial government to bring forth the validity and benefit to the province for the re-establishment of a ‘Funding Memorandum of Understanding’ between the Provincial Government and RLBR. Enjoy the Holiday Season! - Andrew Hawrysh RLBR Annual General Meeting Will be held in conjunction with the RLBR is offering a Family Winter Program December 1 and 8, 2012 11am—1pm Research and Education Center Get active! Put on the snow shoes (use the ones we have here or bring your own) & join us on a winter hike. Get interested! We will show what winter makes so special and answer your questions. Get thirsty and hungry! We will stop at a fireplace and have hot chocolate and a smokie on a bun. Get the prize! Answer the questions in our quiz & win. Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve Regional Planning Meeting November 28, 2012 Starting at 7.30 pm Ukrainian National Hall, Hafford For more information call John Kindrachuk 549-2360 Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve Board of Directors Admission: $2 per person Please RSVP to Susanne (, 5499311) or Rachel (, 549-4060) Supported by:

Newsletter Fall 2012

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