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Australia’s largest ever manufacturing trade exhibition

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Est. 1961

April 2011

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Australia’s largest ever manufacturing trade exhibition

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INSIDE Industry News >> Latest Products >> Industry Opinion >> Coming Events >> Welding Technologies >> Exporting & Logistics >> Metalworking & Machine Tools >> Enterprise Resource Planning >> Cranes & Lifting >> Products & Services Showcase

ENDEAVOUR AWARDS FINALISTS 2010 >> Official shortlist revealed! p.28

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Behind the cover NATIONAL Manufacturing Week (NMW) is Australia’s only fully-integrated annual manufacturing exhibition. It showcases all major aspects of the manufacturing sector across 10 specialist Product Zones, and features high-quality parallel events including seminars, information sessions and association forums. Held in Melbourne in May 2011, NMW will be again colocated with Austech, and – for the first

time – with Ausplas – Australia’s leading exhibitions for advanced precision manufacturing and the plastics processing industry respectively. Combined, the three events will form the largest ever manufacturing trade exhibition in Australia. The environment provides buyers with a unique opportunity to develop new and existing relationships. Register online at

Manufacturers’ Monthly APRIL 2011 3



Tough tax will kill car industry Gillard’s proposed carbon tax is a kick in the teeth for the automotive manufacturing industry, coming only days after the plug was pulled on the Green Car Fund.


USTRALIA’S manufacturing industry will not survive Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s proposed carbon tax, and companies will move offshore to countries where they don’t have to pay it. This is the mood in the automotive industry since Gillard announced she planned to instate a carbon tax by July 2012, in an effort to reduce the amount of harmful carbon being emitted into the earth’s atmosphere – or in an effort to make money for the government; noone’s really sure which. The manufacturing industry has been up in arms since the announcement – especially the automotive sector which is already fraught with worries. A carbon tax will no doubt affect business owners more than consumers, at least in the shortterm. After that, prices paid by manufacturers for their carbon will be handed back down the daisy chain via higher product pricing, as is the way with these things. Gillard is telling families they won’t have to pay more for everyday goods, and has even offered a rebate for part of their electricity bills since these utilities are also set to rise in the coming months. But doling this out to the poor automotive man-

Gillard’s plan to introduce a carbon tax will cripple our already disabled automotive industry.

ufacturers just seems so much more unfair than consumers being forced to pay more for their milk. The automotive industry has experienced some hard knocks over the past year, which the Government recognises – that’s why they started giving grants for greener, smaller cars last year. But then – surprise! – they took it away. Yes, money was needed for flood-ravaged Queensland, but taking $429 from the Green Car Fund just seems like stealing from a child. There are only three automotive manufacturers left in Australia: Holden, Toyota and

Ford. There is not enough competition between them – or demand for materials – to allow these guys to compete on an international level. Julia, that’s why the government created the Green Car Fund – because our car-makers can’t do it on their own. There is no doubt about it: a carbon tax has come at just the wrong time and threatens to cripple our already disabled automotive market. Gillard made a right spectacle of herself at last month’s launch of the new Holden Cruze – Australia’s only locally-made small car which was manufactured off, yes, a government

grant of $180 million. Four days later, she is announcing a carbon tax and un-doing all the good grace she created in support of the industry. If the tax is passed, this could be the last straw on the automotive-camel’s back. They will be forced to relocate to cheaperlabour countries whose Governments don’t force them to pay a price simply for taking-up a lot of air. There has already been talk of Australia’s automotive manufacturers thinking seriously about joining their production lines to save costs. If this is the case, then the situation’s clearly pretty dire already. Gillard, if you’re listening, all I am asking for is consistency: if you give a grant one month, don’t take it back the next. The automotive industry is clearly important enough to Australia’s economy (not least because of the jobs) to warrant a little help. Don’t take that help away and then slug them with a new backbreaking tax. And all this after you promised at last year’s election that ‘there will be no carbon tax’. Australian business is pretty resilient, but sometime soon it will reach breaking point. According to Gillard, the tax is planned to kick-off in June 2012, for up to five years, after which an Emissions Trading Scheme will be introduced. Let’s hope the government gets it right before then and puts all this talk of innovation into action. But until then: God will giveth the grant, and God will taketh the grant away. You’ve been warned.

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4 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly


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HEATHER RIDOUT – CEO Australian Industry Group

Energy shock a challenge for business Rising energy costs are a given, so industry should plan now so they don’t get stung with excessive production costs. Heather Ridout writes for Manufacturers’ Monthly.


HE era of relatively cheap energy is at risk of ending for Australia, with all signs pointing to strong price rises. While Australian energy remains plentiful, the cost of providing it is escalating and business, households and governments need to learn to thrive despite higher prices. Ai Group’s recent report, ‘Energy shock: Confronting higher prices’, has shown that a range of factors has already pushed energy prices up and that there is no end in sight. By 2015, retail prices will double from 2008 levels, and any carbon price will be on top of that. Industry is concerned about the impact of carbon pricing, but the energy price story is much broader than that. The factors

6 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

driving electricity price rises include the immense investments in transmission and distribution networks, climate policy uncertainty and escalating labour and materials costs for new-generation capacity. Our gas prices will eventually get more expensive too, as Queensland’s LNG exports take off. A badly-designed carbon price would boost costs while failing to lift the pall of investment uncertainty. It is absolutely crucial that any carbon price policy does not erode our trade competitiveness or risk the continuity of energy supply. A well-designed price could reduce some of the other price pressures, even as it adds a new cost. That might soften the blow of climate policy, but it would

remain a significant additional hit. Other green policies have a cost, too, from renewable energy subsidies to efficiency programs. Some offer reasonable value; others don’t. Yet such green policies play only a small role in the current price rises, and in those to come. And though we need to ensure that policy is as costeffective as possible, the fact remains that we will have to adapt to higher prices. That means much greater efforts on energy efficiency than we have seen so far. Large energy-intensive firms already focus on efficiency as core business, but in our recent survey – a sample dominated by small and medium-sized companies – nearly two thirds had not improved

their energy efficiency over the past five years, and almost as many did not anticipate improvements in the next two years. As higher prices bite, smaller and less-energy intensive firms will feel the efficiency imperative too. Useful measures to support energy savings in the near term could include a boost for focused CSIRO research in industrial energy efficiency and collaboration between industry and government to roll-out much more detailed and specific information on optimising efficiency, and make it available to industry. In light of the price rises to come and the efficiency challenge, business associations and governments need to cooperate to ensure that industry is on the front foot. Heather Ridout is the chief executive of the Australian Industry Group. Visit

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AnalysisNEWS The productivity challenge “The mining boom has ‘masked’ the seriousness of the problem. The real concern is how the economy will prosper beyond the mining boom – and booms are cyclical. Historically, they don't end well; we should be thriving off green industry. The demand for mining workers is affecting manufacturing – it is inflating the Australian dollar.” – Matthew Rait.



FTER tackling water and energy sustainability in 2010, Siemens turns the spotlight on Australia's productivity in its ‘Picture the Future Series’ – one of the largest industry-based meta-research studies in the nation's history. There aren't many surprises and the picture isn't pretty: Australia's rate of productivity has been in decline by approximately 1.2% per year since 2003–04. Ageing, infrastructure and congestion are the main suspects, with Siemens head of productivity research, Picture the Future Australia, Matthew Rait, expecting a dire future if we don’t lift our productivity. “Only 42% of Australian businesses measure productivity, have a target for it, or know what it is,” he said at the official research launch in Sydney. “Australia’s productivity is in decline. Mining, utilities and manufacturing are the worst, with large investment in labour for little output.” For Rait, the mining boom has “masked” the seriousness of the problem. Rait says mining is an area of concern, with productivity declining 4.6% since 2003–04.

Matthew Rait is head of productivity research, Picture the Future Australia at Siemens.

“The real concern is how the economy will prosper beyond the mining boom – and booms are cyclical. Historically, they don't end well,” says Rait, who would like to see our economy thrive off green industry. “The demand for mining workers is affecting manufacturing – it is inflating the Australian dollar.” He believes manufacturers ought to be looking at what they can do to improve their productivity from a green perspective because once the carbon tax is imposed, that's going to cost.

“We need to improve our productivity to absorb these costs," he said. “We believe productivity is everything.” According to Siemens research, digitalisation and automation will enable flexibility within the manufacturing environment, and are steps towards a fix. "We will then be able to adapt quickly to market changes and also handle the high level of customisation demanded by customers. It also hits one of our other solution areas, which is environmental sustainability," said Rait. Things like Smart Grid Smart Management Systems are expected to place less pressure on the environment and on raw

materials, and enable sustainability. Following on from its successful PLM solutions, Siemens is now promoting Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), which has a common level protocol for communications between systems enabling continuous manufacturing optimisation. "Both PLM and TIA are enablers for improving productivity," says Rait. To action and implement the Picture the Future proposals, Siemens has expressed a willingness to work with other companies in “collaborative innovation,” thereby allowing a spread of risk, a spread of cost and a spread of IP. Siemens chairman and managing director, Albert Goller, says this collaboration is crucial to the research’s positive outcome. “We want to get as many people as we can to share a vision for the future. We want to influence the legislation in Australia,” he told Manufacturers’ Monthly. Siemens hopes enough people will commit to the research to see shifts in production and productivity performance over time. [Kevin Gomez is editor of PACE – MM’s sister publication.] Siemens 03 9721 2000,

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Lab calls for logistics trials BY ANNIE DANG


N an industry that is worth more than A$150 billion and accounts for more than 14% of Australia’s GDP, transport inefficiency and rising costs still remain major challenges. However, for the 165,000 Australian businesses in the transport and logistics sector, the launch of Australia’s first high technology ‘living lab’ could signal a new era of innovation and commercial opportunities for one of Australia’s most lucrative sectors. Launched in February this year by German enterprise software company, SAP, in collaboration with Australia’s ICT research centre, NICTA, and Europe’s largest application-oriented research organisation, Fraunhofer, the Future Logistics Living Lab is an exhibition space to test and develop new technology. Till Dengel, the head of SAP's Industry, Business Unit Transport and Logistics, said the Living Lab was both a testing space for solutions and allowed researchers to work with industry to drive innovations forward for the logistics sector. The Lab consists of three areas – an exhibition, event and work space – and was designed to improve the efficiency of Australia’s logistics networks by fast-tracking adoption of emerging technology. According to NICTA CEO Hugh Durrant-Whyte, the living lab focuses on solving challenges in an area critical to Australia's commercial future. “The Living Lab is a real opportunity for bringing together research, experience in optimisation, traffic management and networking, and focuses on a business area which is critical to Australia’s future: infrastructure, transport and logistics,” Durrant-Whyte said. “This lab ultimately will change 10 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

The lab aims to fast-track new technology to the industry.

the way we do things not just in Australia but globally. We will be able to do things more efficiently and will be able to use some of the research to address challenging problems that ultimately will deliver national benefits in this area.” The lab will achieve this by providing a means for participants to create, test and demonstrate prototype technologies prior to commitment to real products. Technology demonstrations in the lab will also allow stakeholders and visitors to explore, interact and understand how the latest technology will work in practice. Results from the Living Lab will be commercialised by participants and will lead to the development of new products, process and services in logistics that will help improve the industry’s efficiency and address chal-

lenges including rising fuel costs, road congestion, carbon emissions and safety. Michael Byrne, chief executive officer of Linfox, Australia’s largest supply chain company, said sophisticated IT innovation is the key to running an efficient global supply firm. "You can't manage moving $51 billion of inventory for customers with a bit of paper,” said Byrne. "You can't track 16,000 employees moving 600 million kilometers per year without sophisticated IT and at Linfox we can track every piece of equipment through SAP and Trimble where we can download information every 15 seconds.” Byrne said Linfox has trebled in size since 2003, and will really benefit from research at the Living Lab. Future Logistics Living Lab

Top Tweets in March What you missed in March… *Honda recalls 70,000 faulty cars *Ford halts local Falcon assembly as demand plunges *Mother mourns 18-year-old after preventable death *Company fined $100k over death by hydraulic lifter *Services are killing manufacturing: RBA chief Never miss out again! Follow us @manmonthly for all the latest news, product information and comment pieces from the industry.

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Austech 2011 Australia’s Premier Advanced Manufacturing & Machine Tool Exhibition 24th – 27th May 2011 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre South Wharf, Melbourne RN8930






Waste not, want not New costs associated with energy have forced manufacturers to consider the carbon reduction capabilities of their equipment.


APRIL 5-6: Planning4Reliability National Forum Presented by SIRF Roundtables, the Forum will bring together leading practitioners to discuss best practices and proven methods in the areas of maintenance planning and scheduling, and improving reliability. Visit

MAY 25: Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards Help celebrate Australia’s premier manufacturing awards evening, rewarding local manufacturers for their achievements across 10 different industries. Buy tickets at 24–27: National Manufacturing Week (NMW) 2011 In Melbourne, this event will showcase all major aspects of the manufacturing industry across ten specialist zones – from welding, engineering and IT to automation and robotics. Visit 24–27: Ausplas 2011 The longest-running trade show for the plastics processing industry in the Southern Hemisphere. It will run concurrently with NMW 2011. Go to 24–27: Austech 2011 Brings together precision manufacturing and machine tool exhibitors, and runs concurrently with NMW in Melbourne. Visit

12 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly


ITH the carbon tax and rising electricity prices set to rob our hip pockets in the coming months, reducing the cost of waste in the plant is a real opportunity for many manufacturing facilities. One key area of spend for most companies is compressed air systems. Critical in driving production, compressors are notoriously known for guzzling energy. There are a few reasons compressors use so much power, including air leakages, and not being suited to the job at hand. Compressors that over- or undercompensate on the production line are likely to cost manufacturers a heck of a lot more than those matched to their needs. According to Atlas Copco Compressors Australia business development manager for oilfree air division, low pressure, Dennis Benson, getting a consultation on-site to assess the overall efficiency of an existing system could save manufacturers a significant amount of money. “Managing air wastage in compressors is one way manufacturers can reduce their energy costs by half,” Benson told Manufacturers’ Monthly. “Air leakage is a common problem in the industrial space and can result in plants consuming a large amount of electricity to run compressors and operate the plant overall.” There are various compressors available that are designed to

counter the issue of air-leakage. One from Atlas Copco, called the ZS Rotary Screw Blower, is said to offer 30% reduction in consumed power and 75% turn-down capability, allowing users to control how much energy their compressor is using. Its internal compression design is different than that of other compressors, with its discharge volume remaining smaller than the suction volume, which means less energy is needed. “The range of ZS units has been designed to assist the manufacturing and wastewater industry in lowering its energy consumption and achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,” said Benson. “What sets the ZS series apart is that the system can be tailored to suit any low-pressure application. The units have a good control system which is adaptable to any form of in-plant system.

[They] can work in parallel with any other technology blower and are certified Class Zero.” Benson said manufacturers should look at the energy efficiency rating of the compressor, its carbon reduction capabilities, and its control features. “Manufacturers should talk to a reputable compressor company, ask them to do a plant evaluation and come up with an economical and viable solution, which can save money and improve the overall productivity of the plant,” he said. Benson suggests manufacturers invest in energy-saving compressors now, in preparation for the possible carbon tax in 2012. Carbon tax or not, electricity prices will continue to rise, so energy-saving technology is a smart option for companies wanting to stay ahead. Atlas Copco Compressors Australia 1800 023 469,

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TechnologyIT@MM CAD takes back seat: Part 1 A new direction for 3D CAD powerhouse company SolidWorks could have users excited and competitors concerned. Alan Johnson reports from San Antonio, Texas.


VERY year, attendees at SolidWorks World are treated to sneak previews of the upcoming release of SolidWorks plus an indication of the company’s general direction. This year’s event, held in San Antonio, Texas, late January, was no exception. But more on SolidWorks 2012 later [see part 2 of this article in MM’s May edition], because it was the company’s move into new areas that got the 4,500-or-so engineers at the event talking. First there was the news of SolidWorks n!Fuze, a new online collaboration tool for designers and engineers who do not want to invest in IT infrastructure for data management.

NMW 2011 to address industry hot topics Alongside the showcase of manufacturing products and services, this year’s National Manufacturing Week - NMW 2011 - will be a forum for discussing some of the top challenges in manufacturing today. The NMW Conference, running over two days during NMW (26-27 May), will bring together industry leaders and analysts with practical insights into the conference theme, “Embracing Innovation for a competitive, efficient and sustainable future.” While the program is still taking shape, broad topics will include sustainable manufacturing, lean manufacturing, overseas vs domestic production and real-world case studies. In one panel discussion, for instance, three Australian companies will share their lessons learned from the decision to manufacture locally or move offshore. On the green front, the CSIRO will outline technologies for water, power and waste management; and Toyota’s Jon Ward will provide a real-life case study on how the company has successfully adapted its value chain around carbon footprinting. There will also be considerable analysis of economic trends and emerging market drivers - and above all, participants will have ample opportunity to talk with and ask questions of the speakers and panellists. Details of the conference program will be available at nationalmanufacturingweek. as they are confirmed. The website is well worth a visit, also, for details of allied industry events, discounted travel and accommodation. NMW is on track to be a full house, with some 85% of available floor space already booked. I encourage those who have not yet book a stand to contact the NMW team - via the website or as soon as possible. See you at the show!

Paul Baker Exhibition Director National Manufacturing Week

14 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

Bertrand Sicot, SolidWorks’ newly appointed CEO, trying out some of the innovative products designed in 3D CAD. (1)

This application is web-based and lets the user share and collaborate files and ideas. According to Max Piper, CEO of local SolidWorks reseller Intercad, it’s a step-up from the usual approach of sharing files using emails and FTP sites. “It’s quick, easy to start with, simple to use and accessible from anywhere. This will be a big hit with our smaller Australian customers (less than five seats) as this type of customer makes up the majority of our customer base. They can now enjoy this application similar to the ePDM software enjoyed by the larger companies,” he told Manufacturers’ Monthly. “Due to it being web-based, it also reduces the complexities of network administration time and cost.” n!Fuze will be available from the second quarter of 2011. Shane Preston, CEO of Solidtec Solutions (SolidWorks reseller in Australia), agrees, saying the forthcoming products will help CAD users save time. “n!Fuse dramatically simplifies collaboration for design

teams located in geographicallydispersed locations,” Preston told Manufacturers’ Monthly. For Austin O’Malley, executive VP R&D and strategy with SolidWorks, connectivity is a major focus for the company. “If you look at what people are spending their money on when it comes to design, they spend a lot more paying designers who generate content for them than what they spend on the software. “You get great designs out of that, which is their IP, but it’s how they use and share that data, making sure that data is not locked up in some vault, that is the issue,” O’Malley told Manufacturers’ Monthly. “We are really working on connectivity; the ability to access that data from anywhere, to share that data with suppliers and/or customers. It’s the ability to extract data from designs and leverage that in other processes. “The first step for us is n!Fuze which is about sharing designs. It is CAD-smart, it understands the file structure, users can view it with a reasonable level of granularity, and best of all there is no IT involved. It is something that we will provide additional to SolidWorks. It will be totally integrated with SolidWorks, but it is also an online service so customers will pay to subscribe.” O’Malley says he expects to see strong growth in online services this year. “To me its one of those things that is pretty early, but people are used to online subscriptions, and it appears to be trending that way, but it is obviously not inevitable,” he said. “n!Fuze is just the first step for us, but you can expect to see more ‘n’ products coming from us in due course. “The bigger picture is a solid Enovia platform as the online technology, with n!Fuze built on that operating through 3D Swim, the social networking framework, a Dassault product. “Any person using Dassault products, or not, from any brand or from any competitor, will be able to buy a subscription to 3D Swim, they will be able to create >>



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Just like when driving a car, the ERP dashboard can display, using pie charts and line graphs etc, information such as Job Status, Accounts Watch and Debtors/Creditors watch.

Recognising the new breed of ERP BY PAUL BERGER


OST manufacturers will have some kind of ERP software already managing their operations, and the concept of ERP is nothing new to manufacturing. You’re either using it right now or you know you need to adopt some kind of

16 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

ERP package as the business grows. ERP used to just group together basic functions like your accounts, your manufacturing processes, bill of materials and the like. These days, there are some new developments in ERP software that are offering huge advantages to manufacturers.

The big deal with ERP has always been that it was one integrated system that performed many functions within the business. However there were a few key operational processes that were being completely ignored. Job and Resource scheduling for example, usually sits outside the ERP package in the form of spreadsheets, or a project management type of software package. It seems plainly obvious that scheduling your jobs, your staff and your resources should be completely integrated in your business package. Again, we’re talking integration, which is at the heart of ERP. One system, no double entry and complete transparency through the business – everybody can see what everyone else is doing. For example: which jobs are in progress, what stage the jobs are at and which parts/machines are being used and for how long. Another new development in the area of ERP is the business “Dashboard”. Quite literally these dashboards are just like what you see in your car – speed,

fuel gauge, revs, time and distance. In business and manufacturing terms, the dashboard would display, using graphs like pie charts and line graphs, information such as Job Status (lists all the jobs in the system and what stage they are at), Accounts Watch (how many sales did we make this week/month/year, COGS, assets) and Debtors /Creditors watch (quickly and easily see debtor balances – 30/60/90 days). These dashboards also have the ability to be “drilled-down” into, so you can see the actual jobs that are being represented graphically. So not only are you getting a ‘macro’ view of your operation, you also have the flexibility to drill down on individual jobs, accounts or debtors/creditors. First thing in the morning, every morning, owners and general managers are able to see how the business is performing, and what they have lined up for today – all in one neat package. You may have heard the term ‘ebusiness’ bandied around a lot over the past few years but how

many of you are actually using it? Again, it’s not something that should sit isolated outside of your normal business processes, and it if it does, it can be a pain in the neck. ERP packages now have the ability to offer secure web pages, linked back to your business package (database) through which your customers can request a service, an order or check the status of an order. By offering web access into your business, you are streamlining the communication process. Instead of fielding multiple phone calls for the one order, this whole process can be automated on the web, with the most up to data from your system available to your customers and suppliers. This offers massive savings in administration and a reduction in errors. Part of this ‘ebusiness’ evolution of ERP packages is also the ability to push out pricelists to your customers, as well as being able to receive orders from your customers electronically. Transparency and ease-of-access to vital information is what we’re

talking about here – what parts are in stock, in what quantity, and the ability to order them straight them away – without leaving your ERP package. This was unheard of a few years ago – you were forced to use a combination of phone, fax and Excel spreadsheet pricelists, then re-enter the orders and stock into your business system. Forget about real time quantity was impossible, and also remembering that none of these methods of communication were integrated in your business system. The latest innovation to hit the ERP software market is ‘email integration’ or ‘email ticketing’. Email is now at the heart of business communication; however it has always sat by itself, usually a standalone application like Microsoft Outlook. Most businesses will have setup their email addresses such as service@yourcompany or support@yourcompany and maybe a few others. Wouldn’t it be nice if an email was sent to sales@yourcompany, and a job was automatically-created, and all back and

forth correspondence on that order was captured on the job permanently? Well, it’s here – that’s email ticketing. Add web access to that you have created real efficiency. All correspondence, both internal and external, can now be captured against the job and this extends to all functions such as quoting and purchasing. The benefit of this is all your information in one place. It’s easy-to-find, easy-to-access and nothing goes missing, and you have full control over what information your customers can access. It’s an exciting time for manufacturers in terms of ERP. Owners and managers are always looking for an edge over their competition, be it lowering their costs, increasing their efficiency or offering better service. The tools are available now to achieve these goals. How does your ERP software stack up against the new breed? [Paul Berger is MD of Happen Business and creator of Jim 2 Business Engine.] Happen Business

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a community. If they have a tenperson company, and they want to create a community for a particular customer, they might want to create a community for design, they might want to set up a community for social networking within the company. Users can do all that. “Right now it’s n!Fuze, but later on we want to have an ePDM-type product online. We also want to provide access to a full Enovia PLM online working with SolidWorks.” Something the company is working on for the future is a client in SolidWorks that will work with Enovia. “It’s like ePDM client, but will work on top of Enovia PLM. That will make it a much more integrated user experience for SolidWorks user,” said O’Malley. “We haven’t announced it yet, because we are still working on it, but it should be available later this year.” ‘CAD takes a back seat: Part 2’, will be published in the May edition of MM. Intercad 1300 CAD CAM, Solidtech 1800 824 883,

Our isolators are so flexible they’ll bend to meet your needs. Mackay has the largest range of rubber vibration isolator and equipment mounts in Australia. We are the first choice for both original equipment and replacement parts. More importantly, our design and manufacturing facility is capable of producing mounts for delicate electronic equipment to very large engine mounts.

We are certain that Mackay can provide a solution to your rubber requirements – it’s amazing just how flexible we are. T (03) 9555 6500 F (03) 9276 8882 E w






Manufacturers’ Monthly APRIL 2011 17

AnalysisMANAGEMENT Bonds for OS customers assisting exporters Providing bonds for overseas customers, without exhausting a company’s working capital, is paying dividends for Australian manufacturers looking to expand abroad, despite the high Australian dollar. Alan Johnson writes.


ESPITE the soaring Australian dollar, local manufacturers are increasingly looking overseas to expand their businesses, especially for those operating in highly-specialised areas where finding customers beyond Australia’s relatively small domestic market can be important to their growth. Andrea Govaert, executive director, SME at Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC), says that though the exchange rate is one consideration, it is often innovation and service that enables Australian small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to win or retain contracts overseas. "Australian SMEs are incredibly innovative, developing smart new business ideas or finding fresh takes on established ways of doing things. This means they often aren't competing solely on price, but more on the basis of technology, service or quality," Govaert told Manufacturers’ Monthly. But as well as the high dollar, she says another challenge of exporting for SMEs can be meeting international customers’ requirements for bonds. “Bonds are common requirements of international contracts, and in order to remain competitive, SMEs need to be able to provide them to overseas customers,” she said. A bond is an assurance to your customer from a third party, such as a bank, which you will carry out your contractual obligations – if you default, the customer can make a call on the bond. Advance payment bonds, performance or warranty bonds are common in international contracts and, to remain competitive, you need to be able to provide them to customers. However, Govaert warns a bond can be a significant percentage of the contract value. 18 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

Despite the high Australian dollar, local manufacturers operating in highly-specialised areas are finding customers beyond our relatively small domestic market.

“The difficulty for SME exporters is often that in order to issue the bond, their bank requires a level of cash security the exporter can’t provide,” she said. “Often a bank demands 100% of the bond’s value, which an SME may not have available in cash or would tie-up working capital that they need to use elsewhere in the business.” Govaert says in cases where an SME’s bank can't help with a bond, or requires an amount of security that the SME can't provide, EFIC may be able to assist. “EFIC has a different approach from financial institutions when it comes to supporting exporters,” Govaert said. “We don’t just look at the SME’s balance sheet. Of course we perform financial due diligence, but a key focus is on whether the SME has the skill and capacity to perform the contract. Does it have the technical ability to undertake the contract

work? Does it have a track record of successfully completing similar contracts, either in Australia or overseas? “So the outcome of our technical due diligence is also extremely important. If we’re satisfied that the company can perform the contract, the value of the security we require may be less than the amount of the bond. “This can mean that the SME can meet their international customer’s bond requirements – without tying up all their working capital.” Australian exporter Aircraft Support Industries (ASI) faced this challenge when undertaking a new contract in the United Arab Emirates. The company won a US$68.2m contract for the design and construction of an aircraft maintenance hangar to accommodate the A380 aircraft at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The contract required ASI to provide a performance bond of US$6.8m to its customer,

Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT), but ASI lacked the cash to obtain the bond from its bank. EFIC assisted with the provision of a performance bond to ADAT. The export credit agency issued a guarantee to ASI’s bank, National Australia Bank (NAB), to enable the bank to issue a standby letter of credit to the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, which in turn issued the performance bond to ADAT. EFIC’s security requirements for a bond are based on an individual assessment of an SME’s ability to perform the export contract. As in ASI’s case, the value of the security EFIC requires may be less than the bond amount. This can allow an SME exporter to meet their international customer’s bond requirements without tying up all their working capital. Exporting to Egypt? Read the full story here: EFIC 1800 093 724,

Devoted R&D aids $170m of composites projects A STRONG commitment to research and development (R&D) has helped Matrix Composites and Engineering crack the export market, delivering subsea buoyancy systems and products to the world’s offshore oil and gas industry. The company’s team of industrial chemists, materials scientists and aerospace engineers has developed innovative composite materials – from materials such as syntactic foam – that are used in the company’s ultra-light marine buoyancy systems. These are stronger and lighter than the industry standard, making them less likely to crack or split. The company also engineers downhole and completion systems for offshore oil and gas wells that are lighter and stronger than the steel products they have replaced. They are designed to reduce drilling and completion times, as well as

Matrix’s ‘Sea of Buoyancy’ in a dockside assembly yard in Asia.

improve safety and increase oil and gas well recovery rates. CEO Aaron Begley says the company is committed to R&D, and invests heavily in advanced tooling, research and testing. “We are product manufacturers. And as such we need to look at making opportunities to develop products. We anticipate prod-

ucts, and once they are developed, take them to commercialisation,” Begley said. The company will soon open Perth’s largest advanced manufacturing complex at Henderson. “Our new research facility includes a deepwater laboratory which can simulate depths of 5,000 metres. This is half the

depth of the world’s deepest oceans,” Aaron said. Ninety per cent of Matrix’s products are exported, and AusIndustry’s Tradex scheme is providing significant cash flow advantages – it provides an upfront exemption from customs duty and GST on eligible imported goods intended for export. “[Tradex] puts us on a level playing field with the rest of the world,” Aaron said. “Without a scheme like Tradex we would not be manufacturing in Australia. It is a great product – it is fair and easy to use.” Matrix also claims the government’s R&D Tax Concession, which allows it to deduct up to 125% of qualifying expenditure incurred on R&D activities. The company is currently working on 17 projects, worth an average of $10 million each, totalling $170 million. AusIndustry 13 28 46,

What keeps our clients happy is our ability to bond. Mackay has a proven record in bonding their rubber with a wide variety of other materials.

We are certain that Mackay can provide a solution to your rubber requirements – it’s amazing just how flexible we are.

We regularly mould products with non-metallic substrates, heat resistant textiles, epoxy/glass-fibre composites and ceramics.

T (03) 9555 6500 F (03) 9276 8882 E w

Often these materials require specialised surface pre-treatment to ensure a high quality bond to the rubber substrate.






Manufacturers’ Monthly APRIL 2011 19

What’sNew See more new products at


Automated surface-mount testing HUNTRON has released the Access DH (dual head) Automatic Probing Station which provides accurate automation of a two-point measurement in a system. The system opens the measurement spectrum to fixtureless diagnostic robotic probing, and allows users to reduce the manual dexterity limits when an event needs to be captured. The access prober was designed to accurately access test points on printed circuit assemblies (PCAs) when manufacturing a product. Its 20-micron accuracy is reportedly achieved by micro-stepping. According to distributor Metromatics, linear

encoding allows probing of the smallest surface-mounted components. The high resolution colour camera is designed to ensure correct probe placement and provides a clear view of the PCA under test. Each probing test head is equipped with USB, ethernet, and firewire interface connections. The unit comes with a number of supply voltages (3.3V to 12V) wired in for powering test cards that may be mounted to the heads. Five and 24volt drive lines can be used for switching relays or control of external needs. Metromatics 07 3868 4255,

A colour camera ensures correct probe placement.

Programmable controllers

Powerful, flexible AC drives

THE new CJ2M range of programmable controllers provides a versatile and cost-effective choice for applications of low-to-medium complexity. The unit reportedly enables users to meet demands for increasing intelligence and flexibility in control systems. CPUs in the CJ2M range are available to suit any task, starting at 5K steps program capacity plus 64K words memory. The CJ2M models offer up to 60K steps and 160K words. All versions have a USB port to provide convenient access for programming, maintenance and troubleshooting. The controllers are offered with a choice of

ROCKWELL Automation has expanded the ‘power range’ of its AllenBradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives to 450 kW, providing users with more flexibility for varying manufacturing applications and speeds. Featuring advanced diagnostics and a convenient roll-out design, the new Rockwell Automation drive is reportedly well-suited for motor control applications in a variety of heavy industries, including tyre and rubber, material handling, and metal manufacturing areas. According to Rockwell, a key feature of the PowerFlex 755 range is that the drive is easily-accessible for fast installation and maintenance. As the drive’s chassis is modular, it helps simplify replacement of the drive’s components should something break, such as cooling fans, circuit boards and major subassemblies. This modularity also allows the drive’s converter and control pod to remain in the unit while the inverter is rolled-out, so control wiring can remain

The units feature port plug-in module options.

either an integrated ethernet port with an ethernet/IP data link function or an RS-232C serial interface. OMRON Industrial Automation 1300 766 766,

Industrial suppression sensors TWO new mid-range adjustable-field sensors from Banner Engineering's World-beam QS30 family offer advanced linear image technology for part-in-place detection, feeder bowl control and package detection on conveyors.

20 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

The sensors each use a 128-pixel camera (linear imager), making the units resistant to mechanical shock and vibration. The units are said to have excellent crosstalk immunity. Micromax Sensors and Automation 02 4223 7600,

The drives are suitable for motor control.

connected, keeping the production line flowing. An additional advantage of the drive is the ability for the control pod to be mounted remotely from the process for easy access to low voltage control and diagnostics. Rockwell Automation 03 9896 0300,




In Our Case, Size Really Does Matter! NASA Physical Performance at Various Effective Temperatures* Physical Performance %



160 60 120 40




0 60 15

70 20

80 25

90 30

100 35

110 40


Total Work Done ft lbs x 1000



0 120 ˚F 50 ˚C

*Effective temperature is the temperature you feel. It is a combination of temperature, humidity, and air speed.

Think one of those little fans can do the same job as a Big Ass Fan? Think again. ®

Just one 7.3-m Powerfoil X Plus provides more air flow than 45 noisy pedestal fans combined at only 14% of the operating cost. The result: a more comfortable, productive workforce. Big Ass Fans can lower standard effective temperatures 5.6–11.1 degrees, reducing heatrelated accidents while improving the morale and output of your workforce. †

Create a comforting breeze this summer with Powerfoil X Plus. Call (07) 5500 0690 or visit to find out how 3.1- to 7.3-m Big Ass Fans can improve the conditions in your facility. † ASHRAE Transactions – OR94 An ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 6,244,821; 6,589,016; 6,817,835; 6,939,108; 7,252,478; 7,284,960; 7,654,798; D587,799; D607,988 and other patents pending. © 2010 Delta T Corporation dba The Big Ass Fan Company. All rights reserved.

What’sNEW - AUTOMATION & ROBOTICS The actuator is compact and incorporates a drive controller.

Programmable drive actuator HAYDON Kerk’s new Spline Rail Actuator is designed to provide a compact, programmable mechanical drive with guidance on a single compact component. Spline Rail Actuators use a single- or double-stack size 17 stepper motor with integrated IDEA drive controller, powering the Kerk precision lead screw, which are available from the company separately. The lead screw is held inside the

extruded aluminium spline, driving an integral composite self-lubrication nut for long life and zero maintenance, according to the manufacturer. Screw leads from 0.05 to 1.2 inches movement per motor revolution are said to offer a wide range of performance, include self-locking designs that can support load without power or holding brake. Motion Technologies 02 9524 4782,

Profibus DP automation connectors BELDEN is now distributing Lumber Automation’s Profibus DP connectors, each offering a D-Sub and M12 interface, with the choice of 35°, 90° or 180° cable outlets, depending on the application requirements. All versions support data rates of up to 12 Mbit/s and feature compact, diecast zinc housings with test sockets and activatable terminating resistors. According to Belden, the Profibus DP connectors feature quick-connection technology that enables them to be connected seamlessly to M12 Profibus cord sets simply and securely without the use of tools. This offers a number of advantages, including reduced downtimes of machinery and equipment when faults occur, which leads to increased production efficiency, uptime and manufacturing business. The connectors meet the require-

ments for the IP30 degree of protection. They are designed for use in temperatures ranging from -20° to +70°C, meaning they are suitable in various harsher manufacturing operations including chemicals, automotive, and food and beverage. A special shielding geometry and die-cast zinc housing are said to ensure error- and loss-free data transmission between the connectors and the components. The 9-pole D-Sub interfaces of the male and female connectors can be used to connect, for instance, highlevel control systems, decentralised I/O stations, programming units or diagnostic devices. The B-coded M12 interfaces serve as a Profibus input or output. Further, the signals can be daisy-chained via the output. Belden 02 9416 0693,

Automated vision inspection tool DALSA’S new BOA is a highly-automated inspection tool that offers scalable vision solutions for a wide range of factory applications, from positioning robotic handlers to complete assembly verifications. BOA has been specifically designed for rugged and harsh environments and factory floor deployment. It comprises all the elements of an industrial

machine vision system in a tiny, smart, camera-style package, including a sensor, light control and processor. The VGA (640 x 480) Monochrome or Color CCD Sensor takes up to 60 images per second, while the high resolution M1280: 1280 x 960 model takes up to 24 images per second. Adept Electronic Solutions 08 9242 5411,

Pick-and-place industrial robots DENSO Robotics’ VS-050 (maximum reach 505mm) and VS-060 (maximum reach 605mm) five- and six-axis robots are suited to assembly, dispensing and materials handling applications. With a pick-and-place time of 0.37 sec/kg and maximum composite speed of 9000mm/sec, both models are compact and slim in design, with a

maximum arm width of 193mm and wrist width of 95mm. The robots offer high-density embedded wiring which makes a varity of installation methods possible. Cameras, servo grippers and sensors can be installed at arm ends. Denso Robotics 03 8761 1400,



polyurethane timing belts, timing pulleys & accessories Contact us for a free catalogue



Conveying Accumulating Conveyors

Supply Conveyors

PIES Australia Pty Ltd - Phone: (03) 9303 2060 - E-mail: - 22 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

Servicing the Manufacturing Industry for 30 years Hydraulic and Industrial hose and fittings 90 Service and Supply Centres Australia wide National fleet of 320+ fully stocked mobile service workshops Rapid response time, 24 hours 7 days All Service and Supply Centres ISO9001:2008 accredited NATA certified hose testing facility Registered training organisation Nationally accredited and certified technicians National pricing policy

Mongrel SP Range Because what you do makes a difference to the boots you wear Our Mongrels SP Series was designed to incorporate the most significant technological, comfort and safety features into one premium range. Now Mongrels have expanded the SP designation to meet the requirements of different work conditions. For example the mining industry and light manufacturing industries have very different needs. Now, along with SP>P Originals we offer SP>R, SP>S, SP>Z, SP>T and SP>N ranges. Take a look on our website or call for a Mongrel salesman for more information.

Features many of the original and popular styles of our SP Premium Range launched in 2006.

The high tech rubber-soled work boot that’s built to take the heat no matter how rugged the conditions – heat resistant soles up to 300˚C

The lightweight, work boot with aluminium toe-cap and advance Sport technology soling.

The revolutionary ZipSider style allows for great ankle support with easy on and off features required by many trades.

Our Trade range featuring high spec features matched with a comfort innersole and value for money rugged leather uppers.

Many workers don’t require a steel toe cap. So Mongrels has provided a number of non-safety styles from riding boots to classic elastic sided boots and a security range.

SP RANGE The Aussie born and bred work boot designed to work best for you

Victor Footwear 15 George Young St. Auburn NSW 2144 p: 02 8667 2555 f: 02 8667 2500 e: w:

What’sNEW Rugged, mobile computers INTERMEC’S 70 Series is a new portfolio of ultra-rugged mobile computers offering four models: CN70 (field service, transportation and logistics), CN70e (direct store delivery/route accounting), CK70 (parcel delivery in courier, express and postal operations) and CK71 (manufacturing and warehousing). Each product is built to help businesses optimise resources to improve operational efficiency, support future growth, and deliver high customer satisfaction.

Heavy-duty pressure transducers

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (MDCS). The capability also extends existing parallel computing support in other MathWorks tools to improve the overall efficiency of working with large-scale applications, including computationally intensive design tasks such as updating models and running simulations.

FEATURING advanced diffused semiconductor and sputtered thin film technology to provide maximum stability, the new NOSHOK 640 series precision heavy duty pressure transducers were designed for industrial and laboratory applications requiring high accuracy and repeatability. Applicable areas include research and testing, aeronautical, precision controls, marine, power generation, and medical. The units offer a temperature compensation system that is said to eliminate temperature-induced errors from 50°F to 104°F. Standard output is digital with an RS232, 8N1/9600 Baud serial interface (other outputs & electrical connections available). The units also offer: vacuum ranges through 15,000 psi (absolute ranges from 15 psia to 300 psia); high over range protection; standard 1/2 inch NPT process connection; and final calibration tests prior to shipment.

MathWorks 02 8669 4730 www.

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration 03 9017 8225,

The computers are suitable for warehousing.

They feature Windows Embedded Handheld software. Intermec 1800 333 120,

Parallel computing support for design work MATHWORKS has announced a new capability in its MATLAB softwre that accelerates code generation build times for engineers working on designs that are componentised with model reference. This speed enhancement is available through Real-Time Workshop, a code generation tool that now leverages the performance scaling capabilities of Parallel Computing Toolbox and

The system is said to increase picking accuracy.

Order fulfilment DEMATIC’S order fulfilment system based on paperless picking technologies, the PickDIRECTOR technology, is designed as a cost-effective hardware and software solution to provide substantial improvements in productivity and picking accuracy. PickDIRECTOR takes order information directly from your company's computer system and delivers it right to where it's needed – to the picker. The PickDIRECTOR is said to increase productivity by 50%, and in some cases by up to 200%. Picking errors are typically reduced by 70 to 90%, Dematic claims. Dematic 02 9486 5463,

A solid difference means maximum performance Tsubaki’s Next Generation RS Roller Chain - GT4 WINNER


Chain Features 1


Lube Grooves (LG) 9:)e9:)


Precision Solid (Seamless) Bush


Centre Sink Rivet


Ring Coin Connecting Link




Manufacturers’ Monthly APRIL 2011 25

What’sNEW Roller chains TSUBAKI Australia’s GT4 Winner BS/DIN series roller chains are fourthgeneration models designed for reduced wear and elongation for extended service life in products. The GT4 Winner chain incorporates new production techniques that are said to result in a seamless bush with grooves on the inner surface which act as a lubricant reservoir, holding oil between the bush and pin where it is needed most. The unit also offers an extruded bush with precise cylindrical profile and surface finish which is said to result in optimal surface contact between the pin and bush. The GT4 Winner features a centresink rivet head that allows for easy disassembly of chain, and a Ring Coined connecting link – unlike standard slip-

Features a centre-sink rivet head for easy disassembly.

fit links – which allows the chain to be specified up to full kW ratings. Tsubaki GT4 Winner is available in sizes 06B to 48B as standard, with larger sizes on request. Available in simplex, duplex and triplex variants. Tsubaki Australia 02 9704 2500,

Fashionable hand protection

The monitor senses vibration in military aircraft.

Vibration monitor DYTRAN Instruments’s new model 3302A is a biaxial IEPE accelerometer designed to provide dynamic vibration monitoring found on commercial and military aircraft. Utilising a biaxial design, the Dytran model 3302A incorporates the mounting bracket and sensing elements in a single package, reportedly facilitating improved sensor performance while eliminating the costs associated with employing separate accelerometers and mounting brackets. As an IEPE sensor, the model 3302A features built-in electronics, eliminating the need for an external charge amplifier and converter. With its durability, unique bracketstyle mount and performance characteristics, the Dytran model 3302A is ideal for high-reliability aircraft/airframe vibration measurements, according to the distributor. Metromatics 07 3868 4255, 26 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

The gloves can be used for materials handling jobs.

ANSELL says its engineered Projex Series glove range blends the latest fashion design with high protection levels for specific trades and for people undertaking domestic improvement and maintenance. The range includes Projex ‘Landscaper’ gloves for outdoor work, offering users a heavy duty glove tailored for a range of outdoor tasks. Projex ‘Light Duty’ gloves incorporate improved comfort for general purpose, outdoor, automotive and material handling applications, according to Ansell. For using hand or power tools, automotive repair or operators of equipment, Ansell says its Projex ‘Medium Duty’ gloves are an ideal solution. Ansell 1800 337 041,


Read more online at

Endeavour Awards finalists join manufacturing history For eight years the Endeavour Awards have been rewarding manufacturing milestones. We reveal the 99 finalists shorlisted for 2011. By Sarah Falson.


HIS is a very special time in Australia’s manufacturing calendar, because we reveal the innovations that will shape manufacturing for the year ahead and, indeed, the future. Ninetey-nine projects, products and individuals have been shortlisted this year proving that, despite an extremely tough few years, our manufacturers remain strong. No-one can deny local manufacturers have it tough. We don’t have the luxury of proximity to powerhouses like Europe and America, so we aren’t able to cash-in on their supply chains and buying power. Nor do we benefit from being able to buy bulk materials on the cheap, because demand is too low. This year alone, we have had to deal with: the ramifications of the global financial crisis; the Australian dollar continuing to rise; the possibility of a carbon tax; rapidly-rising electricity and coal prices; the Queensland, Victorian and North-West New South Wales floods; and Cyclone Yasi. Add to this Japan’s recent earthquake which has devastated a country from which we source many of our electronics and automotive components, and Australian manufacturers just don’t seem to have a lot of luck on their side. Economists say it’s virtually impossible to get new businesses off the ground right now, and the media is full of hard-luck stories covering Australian icons going out of business. And yet, here we are, celebrating 99 local manufacturing success stories, proving Australia is in it for the long-haul. This year’s Endeavour Awards finalist list includes some of the 28 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

Senator Kim Carr – pictured here supporting industry innovation – will be delivering a special message about manufacturing at the Awards ceremony on 25 May.

most well-researched, reliablymanufactured products available. It also shows local companies are doing something about safety, and thinking seriously about their business’ impact on the environment. The 2011 Endeavour Awards is shaping-up to be the biggest in our history, and the following pages prove that Australian businesses are at the forefront of productivity and innovation. The Endeavour Awards, proudly sponsored by BlueScope Steel, has been recognising and rewarding manufacturing excellence for eight years. Our Awards program is the only one that recognises manufacturers Australia-wide, and is judged by respected industry members. The following pages showcase the best cases from the last 12 months, in terms of research and development, materials, techniques, management, innovation and market opportunity. It’s clear from this list of endeavours that Australian companies are on par with the best in the world. We developed the Awards because we believed these world-class achievements needed to be recognised and applauded.

We also knew that a program like this would help industry leaders, aspiring professionals and design engineers to network with like-minded people, see what their competition is doing, gets ideas, share stories, and experience the rising level of opportunity here in Australia. The Endeavour Awards are designed to breed innovation and success, and we believe the program achieves this. This year’s dinner ceremony will see Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr, paying us a special visit. We are also raising the bar with a professional MC and an even more special DVD which we will showcase in honour of Manufacturers’ Monthly turning 50. We hope you’ll contribute to this special issue (see story, top-right), and install yourself in manufacturing history. Thank you to all our fantastic Awards sponsors: BlueScope Steel, Atlas Copco, SICK, Phalanx Consulting Group, Advance Metal Products, Industry Capability Network, EFIC, Enterprise Connect, Skilled Group and ifm efector. Thank you also to all the companies who entered – the standard

50 years young and still going strong! HELP Manufacturers’ Monthly celebrate its 50th birthday by seeing your manufacturing history in print! We are looking for videos and photos that document the last 50 years of Australian manufacturing, for publication in a special May 2011 anniversary issue. We are looking for old footage, images of factories, old advertising, promotional videos, or any other information about Australian manufacturing from 1961 to the present to include as part of our coverage. Chosen entries will also be used as part of a video which we will broadcast at our 50th Anniversary Endeavour Awards in May; the May edition will also feature the finalists in the ‘Technology Application’ and ‘50 Years of Manufacturing’ Endeavour Awards categories. Please contact the editor, Sarah Falson, by emailing or phoning 02 9422 2480. Contact us now to have your company become a part of publishing history!

was truly world-class. On 25 May 2011 at the RACV Club in Melbourne, let’s band together, showcase our ideas and our achievements, and show the world what we’re made of. Tickets are still available to the event, so if you’re a sponsor or a finalist wanting extra seats, or you just want to come along to see what all the fuss is about, contact our friendly staff. We have held two important categories – ‘Technology Application’, and ‘Most Innovative Company 1961–2011’ – over to the May edition. The winners from all categories will be published in the July issue, and will also be announced on our website (address below) the day after the event. I hope you’ll join us in inducting into history the inspiring companies and individuals that keep our industry alive. To buy tickets to the Endeavour Awards, contact Alex Evans on 02 9422 2890. For Endeavour Awards news and updates, go to


The Endeavour Awards, hosted by Australia’s leading manufacturing magazine Manufacturers’ Monthly, is the pinnacle event for Australia’s manufacturing industry where innovation and achievement is celebrated.

Manufacturers’ Monthly turns 50 this year and will be presenting a special award at this year’s event: The Most Innovative Manufacturing Company formed in the last 50 years. Come and celebrate the magazine’s anniversary and the outstanding achievements made by the industry at the 2011 Endeavour Awards. Date: Wednesday 25 May Time: 6.30pm Venue: RACV Club, Melbourne Tickets: $150 per person or $1,200 for a table of 10 exc GST Book tickets at or contact Alex Evans on 02 9422 2890.

Proudly brought to you by Manufacturers’ Monthly and the following sponsors:




EndeavourAWARDS Environmental Solution of The Year Award – 2011 Finalists

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Manufacturing a greener planet Shepson Printing Shepson Printing An environmental overhall of the business saw new management source a more profitable paper and plastics recycler, cut waste by at least 50% and the cost of pick-up by 75%. All the ‘old’ machinery was replaced with modern state-of-the-art technology. The new printing presses are solventfree and only soy-based inks are used. Fast ‘n’ Fun (in association with Mini Driveway Grader & Earthworks) TA–37 A new utility loader that functions as an all-in-one grader, mower, loader and dozer, is made up of 80% roll-formed steel, meaning little waste was used during manufacture and the production time was shorter. Only 17 metres of steel was used to develop one loader, allowing 235 machines to be manufactured in a single day. An example of ‘lean’ principles. Focus Press Focus Environmental Management Sustainable manufacturing processes adopted by this printer have since become industry standards used by government bodies. The company was one of the first printers to achieve ISO9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation and is one of only two businesses to have received DECCW Sustainability Advantage Gold Partnership. It is currently implementing lean principals across the business. Heaneys Performers in Print Sustainable Management An environmental management system (EMS) reduced the company’s carbon footprint across all business aspects by focussing on solid waste, wastewater and electricity waste. The EMS enabled Heaneys to reduce water, raw materials and landfill waste, and reduce energy costs by $35, 000/yr. Hoshizaki Lancer Superchiller Range & Ecco Heat The frozen beverage dispenser manufacturer achieved a ‘triple crown’ by simultaneously being awarded ISO 9001 accreditation for quality management, ISO 14001 for sound environmental performance, and AS 4801 for safety management. 30 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

Limiting manufacturing’s effect on the environment is now more important than ever.

During the past year, the company has reduced total energy at its drink production facility by 30%, saving of up to 6.8 tonnes per annum in CO2 emissions per unit. Industrial Conveying Australia Challenge Recycling – Material Recovery Facility The ‘Trommel’ – a two-stage self-contained customisable system used for automated primary sortation of co-mingled product – has helped Challenge Recycling raise its ouput from 1tp/h to 5tp/h of sorted paper, bottles and cans, or two semitrailers a day to output to Amcor, Visy and Impact Recycling. Fresh Bins Robotic Bin Cleaning Truck The world’s first mobile bin cleaning and sterilisation system, compromising of a robot with 3D sensing technology from Machinery Automation & Robotics (MAR), replaces traditional gurneybased, domestic wheelie bin cleaning. FreshBins uses Ozone (03) compound to clean the bins, which has no harmful effect on the environment. Longwarry Food Park Milk Powder export Shut-down in 1997 due to obsolete tehnology and high costs, the dairy plant has been converted into an energy efficient premises. Since transformation it has increased production by 300%, reduced greenhouse gases by 25% and water usage by 40% on unit consumption. The company has improved plant efficiency by controlling viscosity and glass transition, increasing plant efficiency by optimising the temperature, in addition to improving product wettability and particle size distribution.

Auzion AUZiMAX Energy Maximiser Auzion’s passion for reducing carbon emissions lead to its creation of AUZiMAX – an energy management system which enables users to monitor energy in the home or business to reduce consumption by 20%. When used in conjunction with solar power, the system analyses the levels of renewable and conventional power being used, enabling smart switching of loads to maximise the amount of solar power fed back into the grid. LyondellBasell New cooling tower using recycled makeup water LyondellBasell were experiencing ongoing problems with quality and reliability of the cooling water supply that had resulted in increased fouling of its heat exchanges. They constructed a four-cell cooling tower and implemented a program to use recycled water as makeup water to the tower. It now uses recycled water from Sydney Water to replace consumption of up to 800t/day of drinking water. Stikki Australian Carbon Neutral Paper Sticky Notes An environmental solution to switch from standard paper to using carbon neutral paper has allowed Stikki to reduce carbon emissions. The switch, which was carried-out in response to consumer purchasing trends, allows Stikki to emit less carbon into the atmosphere during production, providing a low-cost solution for customers who are environmentally-conscious. SULO SULO Australia Water Savings Initiative With support of the Department of Environment and Climate Change, the company aimed to reduce its annual water consumption by 70%. The facility now uses a water-cooling system during the manufacture of its MGB garbage bins to cool-down and set the plastic parts before they are removed from the mould. The new hybrid cooling system was designed to save seven million litres of water per year and has helped reduces annual water consumption by the targeted 70%. [Compiled by Margaret Tra.]

The environment is in safe hands with Atlas Copco Compressors

For the sixth consecutive year, Atlas Copco has been named one of the world’s most sustainable companies. In addition to social indicators, companies were measured against an objective ‘sustainable path’ standard for energy, carbon, water and waste ratios. We are proud to be the major sponsor for the Environmental Solution of the Year award and wish all the finalists the best of luck! Atlas Copco Compressors Australia 1800 023 469

EndeavourAWARDS Safety Scheme of The Year Award – 2011 Finalists

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Production in safe hands Allied Mills Electronic Induction, training and assessment program Allied Mills is a joint-venture uniting the global milling expertise of Cargill and the grain growing, storage and handling experience in Grain Corp. Allied Mills manufactures and distributes a wide range of food ingredients, with some tailor-made for the company’s customers to meet specialised production requirements. Others are developed specifically for customers in small business across retail bakers, foodservice and other food manufacturing. Allied Mills implemented an electronic induction, safety training and assessment program designed to reduce the amount of resources required to complete an induction. Since the company implemented the system it has completed 6,954 inductions with only 73 failures. This new safety system will not only prevent accidents in the long-run, but has actually helped the business save $294,730 from printing costs. Australian Paper Maryvale Refresher Training Toolbox 24/7 Australian Paper Maryvale implemented a Refresher Training Toolbox 24/7 to train, inform and reinforce basic knowledge from previous and new safety training sessions, 24-hours-a-day. The system caters to a workforce of approximately 1,000 personnel, made up of 24-hour shift workers, day workers and administration. The toolbox training system records employees’ names, time and date of completion of the toolbox, and automatically places a record of training in the employees’ training database. It has the ability to print-out the material contained within the program with provision to make notes. Managers and supervisor can carry-out their Safety Day Training or Safety Toolbox sessions on area-related OH&S concerns specific to their business. If employees can not attend a safety training day, they can complete the toolbox online. 32 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

employee of the month’ program that recognises and rewards good safety behaviour. There are five designated areas covering all employees depending on their work location or functional area. Site crew members track their employees’ performance, based on a checklist of behaviours which must be demonstrated during the month. Each behaviour is worth one point and at the end of the month each Ensuring staff safety in industrial areas site nominates the employshould be top-of-mind for managers. ee/s which have demonstrated the highest commitment to safety during the relevant month. Starr Structures Up to six employees can be nominated Starr Structures for each of the five designated areas and Custom fabrication company, Starr then photographs of each of the nomiStructures’ OHS and Quality managenees are displayed on the Radar ON ment plans have been implemented by Excellence in Safety Noticeboard locatsessions from the general manager. ed at each site. The OHS workshop has risk assessSince commencing the program, the ments and material safety data sheets company has noticed a continual which have been produced for all workimprovement in the attitude to safety by shop processes and hazardous subour employees. Lafarge has conducted stances respectively. Part of the workshop entails an ‘OHS pack’ with complet- annual safety surveys over the last few years and the results have indicated a ed Method Statements. The introduction of Quality control has perceived improvement by employees to led to improved efficiencies, less re-work the company’s safety performance, communication, training, attitude, processes and subsequently better profitability on and systems. The safety incident numprojects. Quality checks are being done bers are declining and workers compenon suppliers’ materials to ensure correct sation premiums have also been further quantities, specifications and standards reduced, following reductions in before a project is started. This previous years. has reduced frustrations on the shop-floor and had a positive effect Stikki Products on production times. Anti-fatigue floor mats According to Starr Structures, the Stikki implemented a safety scheme to Quality plan is starting to have a posiprevent workers from gaining back pain tive impact on the company’s suppliers and strains, which then leads to loss of as the plan reflects its commitment to productivity. The company’s factory has a use local suppliers and products from concrete floor, with machines that sustainable sources. require manual handling and a lot of The company plans to ensure regular standing up while working. The introducreviews of its facility, equipment and tion of cardboard-covered anti-fatigue procedures in order to strive for best floor mats around machines has reduced practice and the safest environment. incidents in the workplace. By securing cardboard with heavy duty Lafarge Plasterboard tape (around the machines), it has Radar ON Excellence in Safety Club reduced back pain and strains. As a Lafarge Plasterboard introduced a result, staff members have reported feelRadar ON Excellence in Safety Club, a ing more comfortable and productive as safety scheme to reward employees’ attithey are less fatigued. tude towards safety. The Radar ON Excellence in Safety Club is a ‘safety [Compiled by Margaret Tra.]


Australian Consumer/Trade Product of The Year Award – 2011 Finalists

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Sustainability key to consumers Consumers are buying products that were manufactured with sustainability in mind.

Auzion AUZiMAX Energy Maximiser The AUZiMAX Energy Maximiser is an energy management system that enables the user to monitor energy in the home or business potentially reducing energy consumption by as much as 20%. AUZiMAX works through a secure web portal; the user can track their energy consumption with a detailed breakdown of where and when the energy is being used, set an energy budget and receive automatic SMS and email alerts to notify them at times of excessive consumption to help keep the set targets. Benedict Industries Benedict GlassSand Benedict GlassSand is a joint-venture producing recycled sand from glass waste. The waste is used in place of natural sand by progressive construction companies, landscapers, councils and state government contractors in major construction projects around New South Wales. The company recycles up to 50% of Sydney’s glass waste. The GlassSand is produced by processing the raw feed glass through a pre-screening process that utilises hand picking, screening, wind and density separation. Ecoya Ecoya Products Ecoya’s hypoallergenic bath and body products are made from all natural resources and free from parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, silicone and artificial colours. The range includes body exfoliates, body nourishers and hand creams available in all six signature Ecoya fragrances. According to Ecoya, it was difficult to achieve the right consistency with the 34 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

mix of natural ingredients; it took 87 attempts and another 14 tweaks to start seeing results. Seeley International Climate Wizard The Climate Wizard is an indirect evaporative air conditioner which works by drawing in hot outside air and passing it through a series of wet and dry channels. Allowing natural evaporation to cool the air, warm moist air is expelled while cool air is delivered into the building. Climate Wizard’s ground technology is looking set to open-up new markets for the company. Since the commercial launch in 2010, Seeley International has sold 63 units with sales revenue of over $580,000. SmartRider SmartRider ‘Escape’ Breakaway Stirrups The SmartRider ‘Escape’ Breakaway horseriding stirrup incorporates UV protection and can be produced in a vast array of colours. It has provision, that when tilted to a 180-degree angle the system doubles as a ladder. The main advantage of the product is its unique mechanisms with the ability to open either way (as well as the footplate dropping out), which eliminates the risk of being installed wrongly by novices or careless riders. Stikki Products Carbon Neutral Paper Sticky Notes Stikki Products manufactures a range of carbon-neutral paper sticky notes and sticky note products in Cheltenham, Victoria. The Carbon Neutral Paper Sticky Notes can be branded with corporate logos or sold unbranded. They support the Australian economy, using paper manufactured in Australia. They also support the environment and help reduce individual and businesses’ carbon footprints. The Australian-made sticky notes are available in a stock range of eight sizes, as well as nearly an unlimited range of customisable, branded sizes and shapes. SULO MGB Australia 240 Litre KSB The Australian market utilises MGBs for the kerbside collection of household waste, with the most common MGBs being 80, 120, 140 and 240 litres; 70% of

all MGBs supplied to the waste industry are 240 litres. An MGB is made up of a bin body, axle, two wheels, a lid and two hinge pins to secure the lid. The 240 Litre KSB is SULO’s newest 240 litre container. The new patented shape was specifically created to suit the local market and its unique column structure disperses stress placed on the bin during lifting. The ergonomic design incorporates large easy-grip handles, patented hand grips and a rear foot step for easy handling along with a textured surface finish on the lifting columns to improve grip during lifting. Tri Nature Tri Nature Phosphate Free Powders Tri Nature’s product range consists of three, phosphate-free powders that find general and extensive use in the home. Phosphates are the most cost-effective alkaline builder in the world – they are mostly used in powder products and supply detergency, chelating of hard water salts (water softening), soil suspension, free rinsing and alkalinity reserves to the formulation. The range includes Alpha Plus Laundry Powder, Alpha Plus Prewash Soaker and Citrus Dishwashing Powder. It was developed to provide high-performance products for household laundry and dishwashing that also achieves safety and environmental advantages. Arrow Alpha Industries ‘Aquafil’ water refill station Arrow Alpha specialises in design, manufacture, supply and installation of infrastructure for the harsh public environment. The Aquafil is a rugged, aesthetic water bottle re-fill station suitable for public spaces, schools and colleges, train/tram stops and also commercial and industrial workplaces. Aquafil water fountain’s bottle refill points have anti-bacterial nozzles and wheelchair accessibility is a standard. Bottle refill points are nominally positioned on the sides of these units, which is made of silver impregnated plastic and stainless steel to eliminate any threat of bacteria. The product also allows people to remain well-hydrated for better overall health and safety whether at work or in general public spaces. [Compiled by Margaret Tra.]



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EndeavourAWARDS Australian Industrial Product of The Year Award – 2011 Finalists

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Industrial quality to rely on inspired by a noticeable gap in the mine haulage equipment market. The key advantages of the vehicle are a high payload of 400t, narrow build, fast average hauling speed and a long-distance haulage capability. It is suitable for mining.

CKAS Mechatronics CKAS MotionSim Series – Full Flight Motion Trainers The CKAS MotionSim Series devices are ‘airline quality’ simulation devices for the commercial training categories of aviation. The MotionSim units sold have had a 20% positive effect on company turnover, even before the official release, the company claims. CKAS Mechatronics CKAS DSS-100 Diving Supervisor Simulator The first product to assist dive supervisors, the CKAS DSS-100 Diving supervisor simulator is the world’s first diving simulator. Governing bodies have moved to embrace the DSS100 with full support, by re-writing the legislation which governs training. Hawk Measurement Systems Gladiator Self Cleaning Acoustic Level Switch The Gladiator Acoustic Switch uses Acoustic Wave technology in a new sender/receiver form for blocked chute detection and anti-collision for heavy machinery. It is designed for continuous operation in dusty, wet environments. Auzion AUZiMAX Energy Maximiser The AUZiMAX Energy Maximiser was developed is an energy management system that enables the user to monitor energy in the home or business and potentially reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%. Baldor Australia Cooling Tower Motor Drive Baldor Australia’s motor drive is a power dense, energy efficient RPM AC motor with permanent magnet (PM) rotor technology that provides direct cooling for tower applications. The drive replaces conventional mechanical gear or belt drive speed reduction designs. Byron Group Stretchers – 305 / ALS / PLS B The Byron Group’s range of emergency stretcher offerings provide enhanced maneuverability with reduced physical demand on the operator, along with increased stability. They are said to eliminate the OH&S issues associated with 36 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

Our industry is run on world-class products and solutions.

the manual handling of patients. The line-up has lead to new markets and sales revenue. Furphs Foundry Sales BETA-SITE TOILETS The Furphy Foundry BETA-SITE toilet was designed and engineered with three key elements in mind: durability, functionality and simplicity. The unisex toilets meet the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), designed for public settings such as parks, gardens or community facilities such as town halls. Facilities include hand dryer autobeam, surfacemounted horizontal soap dispenser and tissue dispenser. Hoshizaki Lancer Ecco Heat Designed in 2010 the Lancer Ecco Heat System is a de-super heater which captures the waste heat from refrigeration systems and converts it to free hot water through a tube in the tube heat exchanger. Up to 20% of the energy input to the condensing unit can be reclaimed into hot water generation. The product is suitable for various business sizes. Hoshizaki Lancer S4 & S8 Superchiller Hoshizaki’s S4 and S8 Superchillers are remote post mix chiller and carbonator systems enabling high volumes of cold soft drink to be dispensed in high ambient temperature and humidity conditions. They are the industry standard for on-premise and quick serve applications. J. Smith & Sons Smith Mk4 Hydrapede Dolly The Smith Hydrapede project was

Ryan Aerospace Helimod Helicopter Simulator The world's first low-cost, reconfigurable helicopter simulator is used by military organisations, emergency services and commercial helicopter training organisations. Ryan Aerospace has already entered agreements with Boeing.

Seeley International Climate Wizard An indirect evaporative air conditioner, the Climate Wizard draws in hot outside air and passes it through a series of wet and dry channels, allowing natural evaporation to cool the air. Warm, moist air is expelled, and cool air is delivered. Torque Engineering 10-tonne Hook Load Fast Deployment Winch & Over-boarding Frame Two fast deployment, 10-tonne winches being used by SapuraAcergy in Malaysia for oil exploration, are remote-controlled, offer real-time displays, and have hot galvanised frames. Torque Engineering 10 kN Pneumatic Diving Man Rider Winch Torque Engineering’s 10 kN Pneumatic Diving Man Rider Winch is a pneumatically-driven man riding winch which has two independent springs and hydraulic release brakes. The winch satisfies the International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) requirements for winches used in offshore. Traffic Innovations iStud Range of Detectors and Warning Devices Traffic Innovations designs and manufactures Innovative Technology Solutions for the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market worldwide. The iStud range of Vehicle Detectors and Warning Devices are suited to road traffic control applications and can be used in conjunction with traffic light controllers. [Compiled by Margaret Tra.]






CNC Bending Robot Welding Powder Coating CNC Laser Cutting CNC Turret Punching Digital Part Inspection 3D Modelling & Design Component Levelling Linishing & Deburring Project Management Turnkey Assembly

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EndeavourAWARDS Australian Steel Innovation Award – 2011 Finalists

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Design tough as steel Fast ‘n’ Fun (in association with Mini Driveway Grader & Earthworks) TA–37 The TA-37 was designed to fill a hole in the market for a combination of utilities specifically for the property maintenance market. The machine is a vehicle that functions as an all-in-one grader, mower, loader and dozer, that was developed to service Fast ‘n’ Fun and Mini Driveway Grader and Earthworks. The steel used to manufacture the TA-37 was bought from JH Stephenson & Son (approximately 70%), which sources from Blue Scope Steel, along with Surdex Steel and Breakwater Meataland. The TA-37 was manufactured using approximately 70 to 80% of roll-form steel, resulting in no fixed lengths so there is little wastage. With short production time, the machine uses 17 metres of rollform steel. It can take approximately two minutes to roll form this length and one working day to produce 4,000 metres, which can create 235 machines. J. Smith & Sons Smith B-Double FLATPACK Car Carrier J. Smith & Sons’ Smith FLATPACK B-Double Car Carrier is manufactured from 100%Australian steel, and represents the future of the car carrying industry globally. The B-Double Trailer has a number of hydraulically-operated tracks and decks that enable operators to lift, transfer and store up to 11 vehicles for transit via remote control, at ground level. The operator lowers the decks to approximately one-and-a-half meters above ground level; they then drive vehicles onto the necessary trailer deck via loading ramps at the rear of the trailer, one at a time. After securing the vehicle, they proceed to move the vehicle into its final travel position from the ground using remote control. According to the manufacturer, this significantly improves operator safety, eliminating the need for them to work at height while also keeping them a safe distance away from potential falling loads. 38 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

In addition to the safety benefits, the FLATPACK has improved payload flexibility by having an Open Deck design, meaning decks can be packed closer together. Company profits have increased significantly, allowing for re-investment back into the research and development of both smaller and larger Car Carrying units.

The high payload capacity increases operational efficiencies and the narrow build decreases the required road width, thus decreasing infrastructure costs. The faster average hauling speed further improves operational efficiencies and the long distance haulage capability makes what was previously not possible, according to the company.

COLIT T/A Integra Unlimited Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Pump stand and enclosure Integra was engaged to manufacture prototypes from an existing design for a new High Pressure Water Jet cutting pump stand and steel enclosure. Upon closer review of the design, the engineering team at Integra advised its customer that there were much more cost-effective ways of manufacturing the stand, through a combination of more suitable and sustainable uses of Australian steel, design and manufacturing innovations. Integra was then engaged to re-engineer the design by applying their design for manufacture knowledge and experience. Throughout this process, Integra also applied new and innovative manufacturing methodologies and techniques that drove down the cost of production markedly. The strengths and thickness Australian-made steel is among the best of material was taken into in the world for rock-hard designs. consideration, which also contributed to significant added value and It was noted that few alternatives to cost savings for the customer. standard rear-dump mining trucks existThe original stand was designed with ed. Therefore, the mining industry was a large amount of welding of tubing and limited to using vehicles with wide bodies which demand larger, more expensive connection of a high number of components, and in the end through re-engiroad infrastructure and maintenance regimes, that provide only short distance neering and application of design for manufacture the production of the stand haulage capabilities due to large tyres. was reduced down to two steel sections The Smith Hydrapede has been punched and folded that were connected designed with these limitations in mind, with fasteners and minimal welding and additionally, to provide increased required. payload and faster average haulage Integra now manufactures and assemspeeds. The Hydrapede is made from bles water jet pump enclosures for this 100%-Australian steel which is supplied customer, who doesn’t use any other supby OneSteel Steel and Tube. The Smith Mk4 Hydrapede has four key advantages pliers. The innovative re-design of the stand compliments the overall revoluover other alternatives including: high tionary pump positioning, according payload of 400t; narrow build; fast to the company. average hauling speed; and long distance haulage capability. [Compiled by Margaret Tra.] J. Smith & Sons Smith Mk4 Hydrapede Dolly The Smith Hydrapede project was inspired by a noticeable gap in the mine haulage equipment market. The increasing incidence of satellite mines across Australia meant there was a need for vehicles that are capable of hauling large amounts of resource over long distances.

EXCELLENCE... At the core of Australia’s manufacturing future

At BlueScope Steel we believe in excellence. It’s at the core of our business and vital for Australia’s manufacturing future. That’s why we proudly support the Endeavour Awards; because through recognising and supporting excellence in Australian business we’re helping exceptional people achieve their very best. That’s good for Australia and the future of our manufacturing industry. © 2011 BlueScope Steel Limited (ABN 16 000 011 058). BlueScope is a trade mark of BlueScope Steel Limited. BIM0690 02/11

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EndeavourAWARDS Global Integration Award – 2011 Finalists

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The best the world can offer

Being part of global supply chains can turn a successful local business into a world-leader.

ANCA MX7 ANCA is a global company with 17 offices scattered throughout the world. ANCA’s biggest markets are China, USA, and Germany with significant machine sales in other countries around the world. Over the last 36 years of operation, ANCA has sold over 3,500 machines worldwide. Since its introduction of the MX7 into the global marketplace, ANCA has seen increased sales profit, turnover and employment levels. With increase global sales, ANCA has planned and invested within the Bayswater plant to increase production to meet the high export demand. The company expects even further doubling growth in sales with at least 200 machines sold in the next financial year. This prediction comes from an already strong order book and large order of 50 MX7’s to China to be delivered to China at the end of the year. The growth of the MX7 has seen a revenue contribution of just $10 million in financial year 2009, an expected $35 million this year and a predicted $70 million next year. Aunew Group Holdings One Stop Manufacturing and Export To China with Distribution Channels/Franchised Program Aunew has successfully implemented a ‘one-stop-shop manufacturing and export to China’ system, with distribution channels and a franchised program in the area. The company has taken the One Stop Export to China set-up even further, by officially launching its franchis40 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

ing program at CISMEF (China Int’l SME Fair) last September in Guangzhou, China. At present there are over 20 stores being built in major cities in China. Aunew has built-up a unique and workable system which is able to provide full service to its clients, starting from design and contract manufacturing the products for the customers, all the way to warehousing the finished products. The company provides export regulation and registration, export marketing and promotion, shipment arrangements to overseas destinations, import customs clearance, bonded warehouse storage, repackaging and reprocessing, sales in its franchised stores and established distribution channels at the destinations. Heat Treatment Australia Aerospace and Defence Special Processing Heat Treatment Australia has applied its expertise and knowledge to the aerospace, defence and medical industries by providing solutions to supply chain gaps within the Australian industry for international markets. The company has invested in human resources, intensive technological upgrades in capital equipment and continuous quality improvement programs which have laid foundations for the future whilst propelling Heat Treatment Australia to the forefront of the Australian thermal processing industry. Engagement with Australian engineering companies, government departments, industry bodies and international prime OEM’s propelled Heat Treatment Australia to develop internationallyrecognised standards in excellence, culminating in the prestigious Nadcap Accreditation for special thermal processes being awarded in 2009. In 2010 the scope of the Nadcap accreditation was increased to incorporate several other processes enabling Australian industry to broaden the types of component manufacture able to be processed in the country. HTA also meets other international standards. Ronston International Global Integration Since 1960, Ronson International has positioned itself as a key player in the international sailboat hardware market, with offices in six countries, customers

in 40 countries and major suppliers in ten countries. Ronston has 55 employees overseas and has further ten employees in Melbourne who visit overseas markets on a regular basis. Opportunities have been identified, distributors has been established and changed, offices have been set up and the brand and products have been marketed through a program of direct market visits and trade show participation over a period of forty years. Ronstan currently has 55 employees overseas and has a further 10 employees in Melbourne who visit overseas markets on a regular basis. In developing Ronstan’s supply chain arrangements, the company has made direct investment in two manufacturing operations in Denmark, a manufactured product line in the USA and company owned distribution offices in the USA, UK and Denmark. Quickstep Holdings F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Manufacturing Program Quickstep Holdings is an Australian-listed company which is at the forefront of advanced materials manufacturing and technology transfer for the global aerospace and defence industries. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is the largest military aerospace program in the world, currently valued at in excess of US$300 billion worldwide. As a partner country in the JSF program, Australia has a requirement that a proportion of JSF manufacturing be completed locally. Quickstep commenced targeting JSF manufacturing contracts in June 2009, and in November 2009 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with lead JSF contractors, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, for the supply of up to $700 million of components over 22 years. Quickstep then immediately embarked on a program to prepare its manufacturing facility for JSF manufacturing, with Northrop Grumman stipulating that Quickstep must be fully enabled to manufacture demonstration and qualification panels for JSF by October 2010. Quickstep has since met every interim deadline set by Northrop Grumman, and in February 2010 signed a Long Term Agreement providing a formal framework for the supply of JSF components. [Compiled by Margaret Tra.]

All the right connections for the manufacturing industry. When it comes to finding new business opportunities, one of the biggest challenges can be breaking into new or expanding supply chains. Industry Capability Network (ICN) is an organisation that introduces local companies to the supply chains of major projects. Even if you’ve never imagined your business supplying goods and services to a major state or national project, ICN could uncover an opportunity that’s just right for your business. With more than 25-years experience helping Australian and New Zealand manufacturers find opportunities in major projects, ICN is a great place to start when looking to expand your business. ICN consultants have a thorough knowledge of existing and planned projects. So, if you’re looking to expand your business opportunities go to or call your local ICN office on 1300 961 139

EndeavourAWARDS Exporter of the Year – 2011 Finalists

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Looking outside the box Aluminum Boats Australia ABA PNG Crew Transfer Catamaran ABA’s vessel, the ‘Carrie’, is a crew-transfer catamaran for the Papa New Guinea mine operations of the China Metallurgical Group Corporation. It is ABA's first foray into Asia, and the company hopes to build a long and fruitful working relationship with China. ANCA Mx7 ANCA manufactures and sells precision CNC tool and cutter grinders. The MX7 was developed to fill a gap in the ANCA product portfolio, as well as provide competion in the global market. The MX7 has seen ANCA increase its sales, profit, turnover and employment levels. Byron Group Emergency Response and A380 Project The Byron Group makes emergency rescue products. It has established an international customer-base and has seen exponential growth within Australia. Its export strategy was to look at countries in Asia and develop markets for its products. As Byron’s products are of higherquality than others in the area, they demonstrated their platforms, which resulted in a win in Malaysia. Major Furnace Australia Timminco Solar Grade Silicon Refining Furnaces Major has completed a project valued at $19.1 million to supply twelve 11.7m3 capacity Tilting Rotary Furnaces for processing of Solar Grade Silicon in Canada. The company’s turnover more than doubled during 2007–2010, resulting in a peak workforce of 80 employees, and an additional increase in April 2007. Mett Mett Mett is an automotive components manufacturer whose operations are supported by sister company Hilton Tooling, which is internationally-renowned for its technology. Through this relationship, Mett has been awarded several significant contracts in the past two years, resulting in increased export. Longwarry Food Park Milk Powder export Longwarry Food Park exports a variety of diary-based products to customers in 42 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

30 countries. Its exporting success is due to product quality, reliability of supply and logistics, ability to meet demands, exhibiting in trade fairs and inviting customers to visit the site.

Australian manufacturers are reaping the rewards of exporting their goods.

Smart Rider SmartRider SmartRider’s Breakaway Stirrups ensure horse riders can still enjoy the freedom of horse riding with maximum security. SmartRider has exported to Canada, USA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Korea and New Zealand. Export will now be the mainstay of Smart Rider’s business. Aunew Group Holdings One Stop Manufacturing and Export To China with Distribution Channels/Franchised Program AUNEW’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) licensed pharmaceutical products are in demand in Australia and Asia. The company offers ‘One Stop OEM services’ to many Asia migrants, and has been concentrating on contract manufacturing. Hoshizaki Lancer Australian Beer System exports to the US Hozhizaki Lancer has tapped into bars and clubs throughout the United States of America, Canada and Latin America using its latest beer pouring technology. The specialised draught beer dispensing equipment includes a glycol chiller plate technology and multi-tapped iced founts. Hozhizaki exports equipment to the New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, Dubai, South Africa, and soon the United States. Its annual revenue is around $40 million and employs 100 people, including 39 in its Beverly factory. Marand F35 Joint Strike Fighter Program Marand has been involved in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F-35 Lightning II project, the world’s largest single defence program in history, since May 2002. Marand developed a new long-term business strategy to adequately support the expected 10- to 30-year project requirements instead of the previous two- to three-year project the company was accustomed to. Maranz is the first company in Australia to be awarded a JSF F-35 contract to design and manufacture airframe tooling.

Redflex Traffic Systems Redflex Saudi Arabia ATVAM Project Redflex Traffic Systems is part of the Redflex Holdings group of companies, which is a leader in providing digital imaging solutions for public safety enforcement and traffic management. Redflex exports to Saudi Arabia, USA, Europe, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. In October 2009, the Saudi Arabian project that was ten years in the making was successfully completed with the signing of a number of major contracts for the Saudi Arabian Automated Traffic Violations and Monitoring Project (ATVAM). Ronstan International Ronston International Ronston International specialises in the manufacture and distribution of highquality fittings for yachts, powerboats, architectural and industrial applications. Ronstan’s fittings are made of high-quality materials which include various stainless steels and specially-formulated engineering polymers with additives such ad long-strand fibres, carbon, Kevlar and PTFE. Over the years Ronstan has developed a strong and comprehensive distribution network both in Australia and overseas. International customers are invited to visit Australia on a regular basis to attend information sessions and annually one distributor is flown to Australia under a ‘Downunder Award’ scheme. [Compiled by Margaret Tra.]


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Helping companies lift their performance Focus Press Since completing the Enterprise Connect Business Review in September 2009, Focus Press’s revenue has grown by 32% and profit by 25% through a clearly-defined strategy of organic growth, planned acquisitions and process improvement. Focus developed a three-year marketing plan, with a strong ambition on making the company a recognised leader in the industry, in addition to implementing sustainability. Since implementing the sustainability printing, Focus’s positive attitude is a core differentiator in the market. Staff engagement has also been a top priority, and over the last 12 months interactions between staff have increased with their values being heard, reviewed and in some cases implemented. BMT Welding & Fabrication t/a Colla Brothers Colla Bros specialises in the fabrication manufacture of structural steel and for the construction industry. In 2009, the company turned to Enterprise Connect to begin improvement on its business culture. The decision was to develop and implement a strategic plan for the whole business, including management structure, departmental procedures, internal communications, policies and operational plans incorporating lean manufacturing. The aim was to conduct a lean audit and create a plan for the implementation of lean manufacturing across all departments, beginning in the workshop. As a result of the review Colla has reduced a significant amount of rework and administrative mistakes; it has learnt the importance of written procedures and adequate documentation relating to various tasks and projects. Colit Pty Ltd t/a Integra Unlimited Integra Unlimited is an engineering and manufacturing solutions provider that supports customers with product development and manufacturing services, primarily focused on products that are steel-based. One of Enterprise Connect’s recommendations was to re-locate to larger premises, which allowed the company to optimise workflow in the factory to ensure clear implementation of lean 44 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

principals, quality, reduced lead times and innovative use of manufacturing technologies. Within nine months, Integra had relocated and more than doubled its capacity. The company also undertook a Skills for Growth program, which ensures all staff are now undertaking Certificate 4 in Competitive Manufacturing. In 18 months there has been a dramatic improvement in business performance; it has innovative new products, quality, reliability, flexibility and continuous improvement.

existing clients. With following input and support from Enterprise Connect, Antec expanded its product range and now manufactures and supplies stainless steel and alloy refractory products and components including refractory anchors, hexagonal mesh, ceramic fibre fixings, arc studs, and stud welding machines. With the help of Enterprise Connect Antec is now achieving compound growth of 20% pa, has sales of +$14million, is profitable, has a strong balance sheet and supportive shareholders.

TR Martin & Co t/a Wunderbar Aluminium Products Wunderbar, a manufacturer of window and door fabrication business, has experienced a culture shift, reduced production time and improved employee participation following an Enterprise Connect Business Review. The company successfully implemented lean management – a lean leadership workshop for the site was conducted on employee communication processes to all staff which resulted in a proactive collaboraEnterprise Connect assists Australian companies tion. The company is now enjoying adopt better business practices. improved employee participation Blundstone is a boot company based in and engagement in the quest for greater production gains; it has also experienced Tasmania since 1870, selling boots in the added benefit of a reduction in overmore than 25 countries around the time worked. world. Following the business review in 2009, the company’s sustainability grew Park Engineers volume and market share in Australia and New Zealand last year in addition to Park Engineers produces structural fabricated steel, welded beams, and continuing growth in overseas sales. columns. The company has experienced The company has just expanded its a rapid change in growth and has implegumboot manufacturing workforce by mented lean management following an another five heads and its warehouse Enterprise Connect Business Review. staff by another head. The marketplace involving Park’s prodEnterprise Connect’s strategic plan uct has changed to that of five years ago; consisted of three key points: invest in the market share being captured by brand repositioning and marketing; overseas competition is growing, and to improve product development process survive Park needed to be at the foreto enhance innovation; and improve front of business sector. sales channels. After implementing lean management it has empowered Park’s workforce to Antec Engineering assist in the quest of lowering producAntec Engineering, a leading manufaction costs and increase the ability to turer and distributor of refractory maintain a competitive edge. anchors, concrete pumps, fireproofing Park added augmented skills that materials and stud welding supplies, has would bring its capabilities into line developed a marketing plan to define with current customer expectations. and communicate the firm’s product range and service offering to new and [Compiled by Margaret Tra.] Blundstone Australia Increased competition, new entrants and competitive innovative products, coupled with cheaper imports put pressure on Blundstone’s established segments.

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Young Manufacturer of the Year - 2011 Finalists


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Young-guns take over

Aaron Cassidy from Universal Fencing was the lucky winner of last year’s Young Manufacturer Award.

Jason Ko Automation Control Systems Jason Ko is the CEO of Automation Control Systems. He was employed in early 2005 as ACS’s first engineer responsible for early ACS products sold in the domestic Australian market. According to ACS, Ko established engineering teams to develop new ACS technology products and quickly became the head of R&D and a key decision-maker in the strategic direction of the products. Ko is instrumental in establishing business-to-business relationships with customers, suppliers and distributors. While trying to establish export business overseas in 2009, Ko was installed as CEO by the board to reduce company operating costs, and set-up the business to be completely focused on professional engineering, IT and manufacturing. Ko dissolved the then management structure, slashing the company’s expenses by half. He established overseas distributorship agreements allowing ACS to focus on what it does best, innovation, and remove its need to market and sell the products overseas. Within the first year, Ko has turned ACS’ bottom line from a loss position to a month-by-month profit position, with healthy projections in the coming years. With a clear strategic direction, hitting financial targets, Jason focused on the company culture of a professional engineering firm, with a strong focus on autonomous, personal success, tapping into the young enthusiastic engineering culture, while ensuring a successful professional environment that cultivates learning, new ideas and therefore commercial success. Darren Taylor Thermal Electric Elements Darren Taylor has worked for Thermal Electric Elements for nine years. He started off as junior designer with the 46 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

Award recognises new

company’s design department and has worked his way up the department to become a design manager. Taylor’s role is to manage six design staff across two states, which involves coordinating, training, developing, coaching and mentoring. According to the company, he is at the forefront of the company’s research and development and is responsible for engineering new products for international certification and in accordance with strict international standards. He oversees all design projects and provides verification and approval for designs to enter production. Innovations in product design by Taylor have enabled Thermal Electric Elements to branch into completely new markets within products that have high profit margins, ensuring the future of the company as a market-leader and securing employment for all Thermal staff long into the future. Matt Tiller O-I Pacific Matt Tiller was employed by ACI Glass Packaging as an electrician apprentice in 2007. His role is to install, maintain and service all lighting and power circuits at the O-I Sydney plant. Having won ‘apprentice of the year’ in the O-I Sydney plant three years running, Tiller takes on all challenges that have been given to him. He often comes up with new concepts and ideas that can be used in the workplace. Tiller’s latest project required him to visit the company’s Adelaide plant and investigate all electrical and process requirements needed to produce a bottle on the Sydney plant that has not been done previously. The task required him to present his findings to the plant manager and his senior engineering team. Feedback from the manager has reflected Tiller’s capabilities and the next part of the project is to work with the plant engineering manager to implement the changes necessary for production of the bottle. He has exceeded his skills within the workforce and is wellrespected by the tradespeople in each unit he is posted to. Tiller is currently participating in a Certificate IV in Industrial Electronics and Control at Mt Druitt TAFE.

manufacturing generation AS general manager for one of the largest fencing manufacturers in Victoria – Universal Fencing (UF) – Aaron Cassidy’s (pictured left) main focus is to develop business relationships and secure long-term, regular income. As the winner of last year’s Endeavour Awards Young Manufacturer of the Year Award, Cassidy was successful in adding significant value to the company in his desire to make it an efficient, productive and profitable entity. The judges rewarded Cassidy for his use of technology and innovative ideas which improved the performance of the business ‘dramatically’. Cassidy conducted a business review with one clear aim, “to reinvent the business using the best practices available to improve profitability”. To achieve this he reviewed every facet of UF and conducted months of research to find the best way to move upwards. As a result of the review, Universal Fencing has been able to purchase new machinery including automatic cutting machines, computer cutting programs, automatic punching machines, robotic welders and automatic wash lines, all contributing to improved production efficiency and reduced waste. Cassidy also designed a transport system specifically for the fencing market, which allows more products to be transported faster, easier and safer, removing 95% of damage, reducing the cost of freight and reducing unloading time. In the past two years UF has transformed its manufacturing division, increasing productivity by 30%, reducing waste by 87%, improving turnaround times by 25%, increasing the distribution area by 200% and decreasing transport damage and costs by 75%. Cassidy, who is a chartered accountant by trade, took-up the general manger position ten years ago in a bid to help-out his father. “I saw the job as a bit of a challenge for myself and the role has opened my eyes up to the possibility of the industry and what can be achieved,” Cassidy told Manufacturers’ Monthly. [By Sarah Falson.]

[Compiled by Margaret Tra.]

Targeting Excellence has its Rewards. SKILLED is proud to continue a long tradition as a sponsor of the 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards, Australia’s premier national awards for manufacturing excellence. We understand the essential role manufacturing plays in Australia’s economy, and for more than 40 years have provided support, expertise and know-how to this important industry sector. Just like the award winners, targeting excellence is not just a goal, but an action we engage in actively and with over 20,000 people employed daily, we have the experience and capacity to get the job done. In these changeable economic conditions, it pays to be flexible. SKILLED can deliver strategic workforce solutions that will allow manufacturing companies to reduce fixed overhead costs and increase production levels fast. To the winners of the 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards, we congratulate you on hitting the bulls eye. NCASK644

Lifetime Achievement Award – 2011 Finalists


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Reaping te rewards of a lifetime Robert F Clifford from Incat Tasmania took away last year’s Award for excellence in shipbuilding.

Pat Boland ANCA ANCA was formed in 1974 and began trading in 1976 with an entire employee count of only two founders, both named Pat – Patrick Boland (chairman and joint managing director) and Patrick McCluskey. Over the years, Boland and McCluskey developed a professional management team to run ANCA from a day-to-day perspective, so Boland could focus on other areas of the business. His main role today is to provide technical leadership and inspiration to ANCA’s engineering group and support the sales team around the world. Boland is considered to have the best engineering brain within ANCA and is still a crucial resource within the company, both technically and practically, through his vast knowledge and experience of the machine tools industry. Russell Hughes Integra Unlimited Integra Unlimited is an engineering and manufacturing solutions provider that supports customers with product development and manufacturing services, primarily focused on steel-based products. Hughes began his engineering career in 1957 as an apprentice at the Maribyrnong Ordnance Factory. He is now the joint-director of the parent company, Integra Tooling Systems, which is a 100% owner of COLIT, trading as Integra Unlimited. Russell has 35 years of engineering, innovative product development and senior management experience – he joined his son Paul Hughes at Integra Tooling Systems in 1993 as joint-director to develop his dream of harnessing innovation to develop engineering solutions for Australian industry. As part of the fulfillment of Russell’s dream, his inventive pre-disposition led 48 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

him to develop the world’s first highspeed Coil Processing Line (Punch-IT Coil Processing), which together with son Paul, was Punch-IT Systems’ (COLIT) first production machine. Colin North Major Furnace Australia Colin North joined Major in 1970 as a project engineer, where his duties involved the design, installation and commissioning of specialised furnace equipment. He was involved in numerous projects over the next 10 years including inventing an energy-saving assembly and operating technique for a large industrial afterburner and heat recovery system. In 1981 North was appointed project manager for a multi-million-dollar contract with Bechtel to supply aluminium holding and melting furnaces to Boyne Smelters and New Zealand Aluminium. After these contracts were completed, North was appointed to the role of chief engineer at Major until June 1986. North decided to purchase the business from the shareholders and continues to employ the 22 remaining staff. Frank Seeley Seeley International Frank Seeley founded Seeley International in 1972 when he began manufacturing portable evaporative coolers. Seeley is still the chairman of the company, and has fostered a culture of innovation and creativity that has delivered market-leading products across all heating and cooling categories. He continues to be the driving force in the business, from design and engineering world-leading product developments such as Climate Wizard through to the commercialisation of new technology. Seeley has aggressively pursued a policy of vertical integration, manufacturing almost all products in-house. He has also focused on supply chain management, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to meet fluctuations in market demand. Stephen Genis Stikki Stephen Genis reports to the Stikki business owner (who has since retired) and has full responsibility for running the business. He knows how every machine operates, and can takeover as production manager if required. He authorises

expenditure and approves decisions. Working in a small business, Genis wears many hats; he has recruited a large number of the current employees, has been responsible for previous marketing activities including website development, and plays a pivotal role in holding relationships with key suppliers. Standing at the coalface, Genis exudes morale and knowledge. His creativity and innovation in product development has seen Stikki’s paper products diversify and new markets opened. Trevor Toivonen ICN Trevor Toivonen markets ICN services to major clients, convincing them of the credibility of ICN’s assistance, and the value of considering Australian-made options for their projects. Toivonen has developed strong relationships with key decision-makers at senior levels in the heavy engineering, construction, mining, and energy sectors. He has contributed considerable value to ICN from its inception as the Industrial Supplies Office (ISO) in 1985 through to his retirement in early 2011, and has left a legacy of productive business relationships, effective Australian industry promotion concepts, professional ICN training and procedures, and a substantial amount of business for Australian manufacturers. Toivonen has been responsible for the creation or retention of over 6,800 jobs for Australians. TRI Nature Robert Fernance O.A.M & Brian McLean Robert Fernance O.A.M, is the managing director, and the director in charge of financial operations for TRI Nature. Fernance manages the business’s finances and is very active in the sales and customer service areas. He was awarded the very honourable O.A.M medal for his service to business within the community. Brian McLean is the managing director, and the director in charge of technical services. He is directly-responsible for all research, development, product manufacture, and quality control. Like Fernance, McLean is still involved in the general operations of the company, including all factory functions right through to dispatch and delivery. [Compiled by Margaret Tra.]

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Laser weld technology provides minimal distortion to the parent material with lower heat-affected zones.

Setting a new trend Laser welding delivers un-matched results over traditional welding, Annie Dang writes.


N AUSTRALIA, traditional methods of welding, including gas metal arc welding (GMA) and tungsten inert gas (TIG), remain the most common

50 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

welding processes used in manufacturing. However, one process that has attracted much attention in recent times is laser welding, a technique invented in the

latter half of the 20th century which can be used to join multiple pieces of metal through the use of a laser beam. According to Laserweld director, Sean Fenton, uptake is growing quickly in many sectors, including manufacturing. “The technology provides minimal distortion to the parent material with very little heataffected zones. This is important to manufacturers because products, repairs and modifications can be carried-out and the finished results are virtually invisible,” Fenton told Manufacturers’ Monthly. “Many welds done by laser do not have to have further processes carried-out on the welded area, saving time and money. “Many materials that cannot be welded by traditional methods can be welded with laser, such as titanium, beryllium copper and platinum.” The laser beam provides a concentrated heat source, allowing for narrow, deep welds and high welding rates. The process is frequently used in high-volume applications, such as in the automotive industry. “The benefits of laser welding in the right application can lead to weld areas as small as 0.05mm to many millimetres,” Fenton said. Though laser welding provides superior results on certain mate-

rials, the new technology is still quite expensive and is generally only viable for high-volume applications. However, according to BOC market manager for advanced gas applications, Deian Jones, the price of laser technology will soon fall, because it can be implemented in automated processes and used on more materials, meaning more companies are likely to invest. “The laser power source tends to be expensive as is the associated jigging and/or automation to achieve the accurate fit-out required for laser welding – the beam will pass straight through gaps,” Jones told Manufacturers’ Monthly. However, the technology’s benefit is expected to diminish any economic arguments about longand short-term costs. “Laser welding provides improved product quality, faster process speeds, ability to weld difficult product weld geometries and dissimilar materials,” says Jones. Applications most suited to laser welding include high-value or low-volume components, automotive and aerospace parts, and batteries and other small electronics devices. BOC 131 263, Laserweld 02 8197 0896,



OneSteel’s new C450PLUS™ structural tube offers the strength of 450 Grade with the elongation, formability, weldability and processing capabilities of 350 Grade. The benefits of C450PLUS™ structural tube are so substantial that engineers, fabricators, manufacturers and other end users will adopt C450PLUS™ structural tube as their standard grade. • Higher strength for the same weight – more efficient design in many applications • More efficient design – lower total cost • Recognised in the Green Star® Rating Tool as a material which improves sustainability – greater asset owner value • Same elongation as C350L0 – no loss of ductility and workability • Test certificate and in-line marking – guarantees compliance and quality • Complies with AS/NZS 1163 : 2009 C450L0 – reduce risks, increase structural integrity

To find find out more about C450PL C450PLUS™ contact OneSteel on 1800 178 335 or visit IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This publication has been prepared by OneSteel Australian Tube Mills Pty Ltd ABN 21 123 666 679. The information contained in this publication is subject to change without notice and to ensure accuracy, OneSteel recommends you seek your own professional advice in relation to the matters covered by this publication to satisfy yourself and not to rely on the information without first doing so. Unless required by law the company cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or consequence resulting from the use of this publication. Photographs shown are representative only of typical applications, current at November 2010. This publication is not an offer to trade and shall not form any part of the trading terms in any transaction. ©Copyright 2010. OneSteel Australian Tube Mills Pty Ltd ABN 21 123 666 679. Trademarks or registered trademarks: C450PLUS™, SupaGal®, Green Star®, DuraGal®. February 2011.

Metalworking& MACHINE TOOLS High voltage welding WELDING Industries of Australia (WIA) has released the Weldmatic 190 MIG welding machine which reportedly has the highest voltage in its class. According to WIA, The 190 offers 23.5 volts and 190 amps of welding power for welding of thicker materials and is capable of welding up to 8mm of steel, stainless steel or aluminium in a single pass. The Weldmatic 190 is reportedly suitable for both gas shielded wires and gasless (self-shielding) flux cored wires and has been

designed for light industry, trades and hire fleets. The machine features a welding current range of 30 to 190 amps and a welding voltage range of 18.5 to 34 volts. For easy set-up and adjustment, the machine features nine voltage settings for precise welding control and a weld setting chart. For built-in operator safety, the machine’s 240-volt power source features a built-in thermal protection device.

The 190 MIG welder has a shipping weight of 40kg.

WIA1300 300 884,

Compact, ergonomic profiling machine with built-in tool cooling system HEADLAND is now distributing the new Contour Breton NC 600 Profiling Machine, a compact, ergonomic system available in two sizes for differing workbench dimensions. The Profiling Machine features a mobile beam

52 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

structure offering more room to manoeuvre during operations. Equipped with sliding doors that can be manually-opened, along with an accident-prevention and sound-deadening function, the Contour Breton houses

a wide and easily-accessible workbench with slots for fixing mechanically the pieces to be machined, along with a carrousel tool-store with 32 cells. The unit was designed to ensure superior resistance, productivity and safe-

ty. It incorporates digitally-controlled motors, a tool cooling system and exclusive software for polishing horizontal and inclined tops. Headland Machinery 03 9244 3500,

Heat-resistant machining THE ELECT S drill range from Dormer was developed specifically for the machining of materials known as Heat Resistant Super Alloys (HRSA), including titanium, inconel and waspalloy, which can be difficult to machine. The drill range features a body back taper that promotes a free, continuous cutting action to produce high quality, accurate holes, according to Dormer. A self-centring, 140-degree point angle, cylindrical margin and positive cutting edge geometry all help to minimise frictional cutting forces. Dormer says this leads to consistent tool performance and minimal work hardening throughout the project. The Elect S drill is available in two lengths to support drilling to three times diameter (R507) and five times diameter (R503) sizes.

The drills are suited to high-degree precision, such as aerospace manufacturing.

The drills were designed for the production of high-value components or those requiring a high degree of precision, such as aerospace subcontracting, oil and gas and nuclear industries. Dormer Tools

Manufacturers’ Monthly APRIL 2011 53

Metalworking &MACHINETOOLS Steel standard improves structures WITH the introduction of the revised Australian Standard – AS/NZS 1163:2009 – for Structural Steel Hollow Sections, the local market is poised to see a raft of new higher-strength, lighter steels. OneSteel Australian Tube Mills has announced its C350 Grade product will be superseded by its stronger Grade C450PLUS in the typical structural RHS range, which meets the new standards.

Tubular development manager of OneSteel Australian Tube Mills, Arun Syam, said standards are important to ensure the continual improvement of marketed products. “There are many benefits to harnessing the attributes of higher-strength tubular steels for structural applications. These include lighter structures which have a flow-on effect to more effective ancillary systems such

The new standard will bring stronger, lighter structural steel to market.

as foundations and supports or the ready ability to take significantly more structural loads,” Syam said. The C450PLUS range extends from 65x65mm through to 400x400mm and equivalent rectangles. Sizes below this range are available as C450PLUS on request, ex rolling. C450PLUS has the higherstrength qualities of Grade C450L0 to AS/NZS 1163 and also possesses the elongation, formability and weldability benefits of the Grade C350. This will aid engineers, specifiers, fabricators, manufacturers, and asset owners in many industries such as building construction, manufacturing, resources, agricultural and transport, Syam said.

Two New Powermax Plasma Cutting Systems Now Available in Australia Powermax 65® and Powermax85® are the two new systems that come with more torch options, industry leading technological innovations and a more rugged torch design for greater durability in harsh cutting environments. A number of technological advances offer improved cut performance, reliability and ease of use. Smart Sense™ technology boosts efficiency by automatically adjusting gas pressure to the cutting mode and torch length, while Spring Smart™ technology in the electrode increases reliability by eliminating moving parts in the torch body. Despite these new features the new systems are 30% smaller and up to 20% lighter than the systems they will replace in the Powermax line up. New torch options including an ergonomic 75 degree hand torch and a 15 degree hand torch for gouging and cutting in tight locations. In addition the torches which are part of the Hypertherm new Duramax™ series are up to five times more rugged and durable than before. Westgate Hi-Tech Machinery stocks the full range of Hypertherm Powermax hand held plasma systems with consumables ready for your cutting applications.

ACN 087 591 044

Ph: 03 9391 1133 Fax: 03 9391 1244 5 Sutton St. South Kingsville Vic 3015

54 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

OneSteel Australian Tube Mills 1800 178 335,

Joint tracking makes welding easier ESAB’s GMH joint tracking system allows the operator to keep an eye on the entire welding process, without having to concentrate on the weld head. Supplied with a joint tracking controller, servo slides and sensor unit, the system can be used to perform a range of weld types, including J-weld, V-weld, double J-weld, X-weld, fillet and doubleflanged butt joint. The welding head is mounted on a motorised X and Y servo slide and can be moved up-down and left-right. ESAB Australasia 03 9383 7652,


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Manufacturers’ Monthly APRIL 2011 57

MaterialsHANDLING Up in the air Safety is a key concern for this local tubular steel manufacturer that relies on heavy overhead loads.


HEN Peter Wilson, director of Independent Tube Mills (ITM), started planning the company’s new purpose-built manufacturing facility in Melbourne’s western suburbs last year, he chose Konecranes because of their long history in heavy lifting. “I’ve been in the steel industry for around 30 years and I have used Konecranes and other cranes previously, but I’ve always found Konecranes to be a better crane. They are not the cheapest, but they are the best,” Wilson said. A privately-owned Australian company manufacturing highquality tubular steel products, ITM has invested in the very latest technology available in

rolled steel manufacturing. For ITM, safety – of personnel and equipment – is key. “We have four cranes operating at the moment, all utilising Konecranes’ high-performance CXT overhead cranes, all with advanced radio remote controls,” said Wilson. “Safety is a very important issue for us and our workers. That’s why we have installed Konecranes. They have a far superior quality than other cranes, and a great name for service and reliability.” ITM has the capacity to produce 55,000 tonnes of steel tube a year, meaning heavy loads are often needed to be moved around the facility. “The lifts can involve weights

ITM operates four Konecranes overhead lifts simultaneously.

up to 17 tonne, and it’s far safer if the operator can stand at a distance from the load, controlling the crane by radio remote control,” Wilson said. “We utilise a CXT 20-tonne hoist, on a double girder, to unload the coils when they come in on the trucks. At present, we are averaging three B-doubles a day. The coils weigh around 16 to 17 tonnes, and sit in a speciallydesigned cradle. The crane picks them up and puts them down in

Heavy-duty cranes for rough handling A NEW, heavy-duty crane from Tadano is designed for tough, heavy applications in demanding and harsh areas. The Tadano GR-700EX rough terrain crane weighs 48.4 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM) and has a lifting capacity of 70 metric tonnes. Fitted with a telescopic boom that extends to 44 metres, additional height can be achieved for varying applications with the standard bi-fold fly jib offering an extension of 9.9 or 17.7 metres when adjusted. Power to the crane is delivered via a single Mitsubishi 6-cylinder diesel engine, which is both turbo-charged and after-cooled, and offers a displacement of 7.545 litres. The Tadano GR-700EX is reportedly easy-to-operate, meaning crane drivers can focus on the task at hand. The crane is also said to be versatile for a number of differ58 APRIL 2011 Manufacturers’ Monthly

The cranes can lift 70 metric tonnes.

ent uses, and is exceptionallyreliable in rough terrain such as construction areas, mines and materials handling applications

for heavy loads. The crane is now part of Freo Cranes’ fleet of hire cranes. Tadano 07 3120 8750,

their respective place in the warehouse. “With these cranes we can unload a truck easily within 25 to 30 minutes and load a semi within 40 to 45 minutes.” The company also uses a CXT 16-tonne crane to service the mill. It loads the coil on and off the mill, and can be used to service the bundler when needed, to quickly remove any rejects. Konecranes 1300 937 637,

Pneumatic scissor lifts PNEUMATICALLY-actuated scissor lifts and tilt tables are designed to offer reliable and safe performance; if the power cuts out or the system falters, then the actuator will still compress gently with the air (or water) inside offering resistance. Scissor lifts and tilt-table actuated by Air Springs Airstroke are said to eliminate one of the weakest links in pneumatic actuation: the seals in traditional cylinders used to actuate the equipment involved. This advantage is especially critical in aggressive atmospheres where cylinders can clogup and wear prematurely, says the company. Airstrokes are available in a variety of styles, sporting differing components that control the shape and path of axial extension (including single, double and triple convoluted, as well as rolling sleeve). Air Springs Supply 02 9807 4077,


Konecranes sets the benchmark for improving the design of cranes and components, and enhancing the reliability and serviceability of each crane we deliver. Behind every crane delivered in Australia is a team of over 175 service technicians, on call 7 days per week, 24 hours a day, from 27 locations. With Konecranes you are set for tomorrow’s demands.

27 Service Locations across Australia and New Zealand. To contact your nearest branch, please phone 1300 937 637. Visit

A Member of The Linde Group

BOC can help you with the right combination

Safety? Equipment?

Shielding gas? Welding procedure?

At BOC, we understand the challenges the welder faces within the manufacturing industry. If we can help your business increase production and keep costs down, then we’re doing our job. We recognise that for welding, it’s important to use the right combination of BOC shielding gases, quality welding consumables, and state-of-the-art welding machines to help you achieve the results you need.


In addition to this, BOC has a wealth of technical expertise

BOC Limited Riverside Corporate Park, 10 Julius Avenue, North Ryde, NSW 2113 Australia   !  " # !  $! %&''


available to you through our Welding Process Specialists located in major regions across Australia and New Zealand. Just as we protect our own people , you can count on BOC’s commitment to help protect yours. We have a comprehensive range of personal protective equipment   

     or call 131 262.

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