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FR.MARAPR13.PG001.pdf Page 1 21/02/13, 2:22 PM PROS & CONS BUDGET-PRICED FRANCHISES Franchising OF SUB-LEASING Mar/Apr 2013 VOL.26/No.2 FRANCHISING Your essential guide to buying a franchise PROFIT VS TURNOVER MAR/APR 2013 WWW.FRANCHISE.NET.AU SumoSalad Why you need to 10 years on PROFIT-CHECK your franchise Print Post Approved PP255003/01132 Fitness focus Exercising your options FRANCHISING AWARDS Join the search for Australia’s Best Franchise AUS $6.95 NZ $7.95 PLUS: RAMS, BEN & JERRY’S, HOTONDO HOMES

Franchising Magazine March / April 2013 Issue

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