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imes TAdvertiser HOLMES COUNTY Wednesday, OCTOBER 30, 2013 For the latest breaking news, visit BONIFAYNOW.COM IN BRIEF By CECILIA SPEARS CHIPLEY — The Washington-Holmes Technical Center will be holding Candy and Careers from 5 to 7 p.m. on Thursday. There will be games, prizes and candy. The event is free and open to the public. The school is located at 757 Hoyt Street in Chipley. Volume 123, Number 29 50¢ City of Bonifay cancels Nov. 11 meeting 547-9414 | @WCN_HCT Candy and Careers Don’t forget to roll back your clocks! BONIFAY — Due to Nov. 11 being Veterans’ Day, the Bonifay City Council approved canceling the meeting set for that date during their meeting on Monday. Police Chief Chris Wells in- formed the council that he had been receiving numerous complaints about parking along the west side of Oklahoma Street between Iowa Street and Nebraska Street. “You can’t see traffic coming in that area and it’s an accident waiting to happen,” said Wells. “The bank has informed us that they are graciously allowing parking in their parking lot without any restrictions but until we get a ‘no parking’ sign put up we can’t enforce that there should be no parking in that area.” The council approved of allowing Wells to do whatever is needed to put up signs and enforce the restriction of parking in that area. Public Works Supervisor Jack Marell informed the council that FUNDS FOR RESEARCH Bonifay Trick-or-Treat BONIFAY — Trick-orTreat for the City of Bonifay to be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday. Federal Emergency Management Agency was going to allow Marell to add replacing a damaged sidewalk at Middlebrooks Park to the park revitalization project. “Basically they’ll be moving that ditch out a few feet, reinforce it and then replace the sidewalk,” See COUNCIL A2 Career in a year with WHTC By CECILIA SPEARS 547-9414 | @WCN_HCT ‘Light the Night’ Celebration BONIFAY —Bonifay First United Methodist Church will hold their annual “Light the Night” Celebration from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday. “Light the Night” will be using the parking lot for truck or treat and games. Hot dogs and lemonade will be served on Virginia Avenue. CECILIA SPEARS | Times-Advertiser Bull Run 2013 was held recently by the Bethlehem Cheerleaders to help raise money for Rett Syndrome in honor of Taylor Elmore, center, a student at Bethlehem School who has Rett Syndrome. Taylor was presented a certificate by teachers Nikki Ellenburg, at left, and Carol Gillespie, who put on the presentation. School raises $800 in honor of student Caryville’s Haunted Forest By CECILIA SPEARS CARYVILLE — Caryville’s Haunted Forest is open for the public from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. until Thursday at 750 Wrights Creek Road in Caryville. The 547-9414 | @WCN_HCT BETHLEHEM — In honor of Taylor Elmore, a student at Bethlehem School who has Rett Syndrome, all of the school came together, both students and staff, to raise awareness and money towards the research of Rett Syndrome. The Bethlehem Cheerleaders held a presentation on Oct. 24 for the students on what Rett Syndrome is and presented Elmore with a certificate of the amount of money they raised at the Bull Run they held on Oct. 5. The Bull Run raised $400 and the school raised $400 more for a total of $800 being sent to Rett Syndrome research. “On the weekend of the Northwest Florida Championship Rodeo we had runners come out and run three miles for Rett Syndrome Awareness,” said Carol Gillespie, teacher at Bethlehem See RESEARCH A2 See BRIEFS A2 INDEX Arrests .................................A3 Opinion ................................A4 Sports ...............................A7-8 Extra....................................B1 Faith ....................................B4 Obituaries ............................B5 Classifieds .......................B7-10 Phone: 850-547-9414 Web site: Fax: 850-547-9418 BONIFAY — Sherri Skipper with Washington-Holmes Technical Center’s Information Technology program said the technical center is proud to say it provides a career in a year and informed the Bonifay Kiwanis Club at its Oct. 23 meeting it offers two new courses, Applied Information Technology and Applied Cybersecurity. “We are trying to get the word out as to what we provide at the Washington -Holmes Technical Center, and we are also trying to change stigma of ‘The Votech,’” Skipper said. “We don’t want to be ‘The Votech’ anymore. We want to be The Technical Center, and we’re trying really hard to hopefully, within the next year or so, become the Technical College.” She said when it does become a college there might be a name change involved. “That’s just the kind of changes we’re taking with See CAREER A2 Bonifay Nursing and Rehab cleaning up for Culture Change By CECILIA SPEARS 547-9414 | @WCN_HCT BONIFAY — Patients and employees gathered to celebrate the newly renovated bathroom at the Bonifay Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Bonifay on Oct. 22, which marked the first of many changes going nationwide. “The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave an initiative for nursing homes and it’s called Culture Change,” said Administrator Debbie Montenaro. “This is an initiative to make facilities more home like. I’m on the HOLMES COUNTY Culture Change Committee and received some very good ideas to improve our facilities.” She said it was while she was on the committee that she was given the idea to change the bathrooms from the stoic and cold feel of facility bathroom to a more spa-like atmosphere with earth-tone tiles and paint schemes, LED candles, mirrors with softer lighting and few decorative features for touch. “This is our first effort to make this facility feel more like home instead and we hope to improve on it,” said Montenaro. “We’ll be using mirrors with softer lighting so that it will be more like home instead of the industrial lighting. The colors used are actually company standard.” She said that the improvements to the bathroom were a culmination of four years worth of effort by Director of Nursing Becki Galloway and Council President Tan Sellers. “We’re also looking into other areas of improvement, like in our commons area, we’re planning on creating a pub area for those that are more lively and a calming area for those who are wanting a peaceful place,” said Montenaro. “It will take time. It is a process.” CECILIA SPEARS | Times-Advertiser Employees and residents alike celebrated the completion and opening of their newly renovated bathroom at the Bonifay Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Oct. 22. Connect with us 24/7 Get breaking news, videos, expanded stories, photo galleries, opinions and more... We bring it home! @WCN_HCT 5017601 BONIFAYNOW.COm

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