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imes TAdvertiser SALUTE HOLMES COUNTY TO HEROES Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 11, 2013 For the latest breaking news, visit BONIFAYNOW.COM IN BRIEF Sept. 11 is a day to remember those who protect and serve. We thank you! Volume 123, Number 22 FUNDING DEVELOPMENT Flea Across Florida this weekend BONIFAY — Flea Across Florida, the longest yard sale in the state, will be coming through Washington and Holmes County this weekend, Sept. 13 – Sept. 15. The yard sale stretches from Live Oak for 272 miles along Highway 90, all the way to Pensacola. This year in Chipley the sales will be along Highway 90, and in the past the sales have also been along the highway in Holmes County. The public is invited to come out and shop along the highway in Washington and Holmes counties. FUMC plans peanut boil Bonifay First United Methodist Church will hold a peanut boil from 3 to 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 15. There will be some Gospel and bluegrass music, popcorn, Italian ice, children’s activities, some sweet treats, drinks and of course good boiled peanuts. This is a free event and the only thing you need to bring is you, your family and good comfortable chair to sit and enjoy the afternoon. INDEX Arrests ................................. A5 Opinion ................................ A4 Outdoors .............................. A6 Sports ............................... A7-8 Extra.................................... B1 Faith .................................... B4 Obituaries ............................ B5 Classifieds ......................... B6-8 Phone: 850-547-9414 Web site: Fax: 850-547-9418 50¢ Former resident subject of 20/20 investigation By RANDAL SEYLER 638-0212 | @WCN_HCT CECILIA SPEARS | Times-Advertiser Esto Town Council listens closely as Town Grant Writer Dennis Dingman recommended that the Council approve of moving forward with the 2013 Community Development Block Grant applications during their Sept. 3 meeting. Esto to pursue all available CDBG grants By CECILIA SPEARS BONIFAY — The B1 547-9414 | @WCN_HCT ESTO — Esto Town Council held their first public hearing and approved moving forward with the steps necessary to pursue any available Community Development Block Grants that might be available to the town. The council members decided to pursue the grants during their Sept. 3 meeting, as recommended by Town Grant Writer Dennis Dingman. “These grants are for communities who want to attract businesses but there’s no infrastructure,” said Dingman. “If the community doesn’t provide the infrastructure, such as water and sewer connections, then the business would have to. In this case we got lucky because Dollar General was willing to do just that to be able to bring their business here.” Dingman said that they would pursue housing, commercial and economic development grants. See FUNDING A2 CHIPLEY — A chiropractor who was arrested for burning down his Chipley office in 1995 was the subject of a 20/20 investigation which aired Friday on the DR. MICHAEL A. ABC network. WOHLSCHLAEGER Michael Allan Wohlschlaeger is being accused of killing his fifth wife, Shirley Seitz, by the woman’s relatives. There were no charges against Wohlschlaeger in Seitz’s death, nor was he ever arrested in connection with the death. Wohlschlaeger was, however, arrested in October 1995 by the Chipley Police Department in connection with the arson of his chiropractic office. He was convicted of arson in June 1997 and sentenced to 15 years’ probation, which ended in June 2012. Seitz’s relatives aired their See INVESTIGATION A3 ON THE WEB “Sneaking Suspicions” Visit to read more about the case and watch the 20/20 episode. Bonifay City Council, Kiwanis come to terms By CECILIA SPEARS 547-9414 | @WCN_HCT BONIFAY — The Bonifay City Council agreed to the contract terms between the city and the Bonifay Kiwanis Club for the use of Memorial Field on Monday. “We’ve negotiated a contract setting the amount given to the city per year at $6,000,” said City Attorney Lucas Taylor. “This is a five-year contract and at the end of the fiveyear contract it will be renegotiated at that time.” The terms and conditions of the contract were discussed and set during a workshop held on Aug. 29 after Assistant State Attorney Brandon Young came before the Bonifay City Council on behalf of the Kiwanis Club to renegotiate a 50-year contract between the city and the club during the city’s Aug. 12 meeting. “There is a 50-year agreement between the Bonifay Kiwanis Club and the City of Bonifay for the use of Memorial Field that was renewed in 1995,” said Young. “Before the Kiwanis Club would receive numerous bills to pay various people for jobs and this contract was arranged between the club and the city so that the club would pay one lump sum to the city to cover all the expenses as- HOLMES COUNTY sociated with using Memorial Field for two events.” The original contract was for $5,000, but Young attested that this was for the cost of two events, now that someone else was managing the All Night Sing, the Kiwanis Club only had one yearly event. Young said he had factored in cost of living increases and costs for increased law enforcement and negotiations lead to the amount of $6,000 per year. The council also approved of the Capital Improvement Plan presented by Grant Writer Bob Jones. “We needed it for the new park project as well as just the required periodical update,” said Jones. “Right now it contains six future projects, which are the water and sewer expansion and replacement, the recreation Banifill Memorial Site for 2014-15, Middlebrooks Park improvements, water system upgrade, waste water treatment improvements and water system renovations phase three.” Real Estate Agent Andy Gonsalves came before the Bonifay City Council to announce his intention of marketing his property to large companies and businesses. “We’ve had Wal-Mart interested in building here and there seemed to be something between the city and the project that it never went through,” said Gonsalves. “I’m here because I think the best thing to do is come before the council and talk about it, that way if there’s any questions or concerns we can all be on the same page.” Mayor Lawrence Cloud said that he was interested in seeing growth come to Bonifay. “We’re all about growth and that would be considered a great asset,” said Cloud. Gonsalves said that he was interested in looking into marketing to Cracker Barrel and a large RV Dealership. He also said that the company building the subdivision on Griffith Circle was approved but because of the economy was unable to finish, so their companies are now collaborating to continue but that it would become a gated community. “We’ll have all of the access codes given to city and county workers, since it is still a county maintained road,” said Gonsalves. He said that he would be back as soon as he had an interested buyer. “Beach Boy Reality has been serving the panhandle for over 31 years,” said Gonsalves. “Bonifay has over 18,000 vehicles traveling through a day and growing, it’s about time we grew to accommodate.” Resident Jerry Cooley came before the council with an issue that he was having with his neighbor, Council Member Richard Woodham. “Five years ago I talked with my neighbor, Mr. Woodham, about splitting surplus land,” said Cooley. “I thought that you had to notify adjoining landowners and give them a chance to have the land split. Woodham decided to keep the whole thing to himself.” Taylor explained to him that it was presented to the council on Jan. 25, 2010, however the land was considered city property. “Counties are bound by different policies on how they deal with land, however, as this is city property they have different rules and they don’t have to advertise and they don’t have to notify the public when dealing with their land,” said Taylor. Cooley said that he understood but he felt betrayed. “I wouldn’t have taken this so serious if I hadn’t talked with Woodham before hand about dividing that land,” said Cooley. “I believe in justice and I believe this was underhanded and dishonest.” Woodham spoke up and said that he had given Cooley two years to make his decision and that Cooley See KIWANIS A2 Connect with us 24/7 Get breaking news, videos, expanded stories, photo galleries, opinions and more... We bring it home! @WCN_HCT 5017601 BONIFAYNOW.COm

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