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Change Agent Lorraine Shea Brings Labor, Community to Fight Cancer p. 3 ILWU Pensioners Rededicate Monument to First Blood Spilt on the LA Waterfront p. 4 Dwight Trible: Delivers Due Respect to Cosmic Oscar Brown, Jr. p. 11 Recipes to Show Mom She’s Special p. 13 By Cory Hooker, Editorial Intern City Attorney Carmen Trutanich speaks at a San Pedro Chamber of Commerce breakfast on April 18. Photo: Betty Guevara. Roller Derby: Bouts On/ to p. 19 The Incumbent Underdog Trutanich Needs His Pit-Bull Tenacity in Uphill Re-election Bid personal narrative sound like the film adaptation of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger’s life, Rudy or maybe Matt Damon’s character in Goodwill Hunting, though without the gift of being a polymath. If nothing else, Nuch has shown he’s a genius when it comes to his determination and pit bull-like tenacity in achieving his ambitions. Nuch reflected these qualities during a Saturday evening interview with Random Lengths, after a long day of hop scotching the City of Los Angeles, campaigning with his wife and unofficial campaign manager, Noreen. During the course of the interview, Trutanich: Incumbent Underdog/ to p. 6 May 3 - 16, 2013 By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor From his first day on the job as Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich has operated like an outsider. He picked fights with politically connected developers and threatens to put city council members in jail. And, he does it all unapologetically. He has always positioned himself as a different breed of politician—different than the others who voters tend to hold their noses for when they elect them into office. He is second generation immigrant of Croatian and Italian heritage, nicknamed “Nuch,” which is Croatian for Junior. He was given the name to distinguish him from the other Carmens in the family. In casual conversation, Nuch sometimes makes his The Local Publication You Actually Read On April 20, Beach Cities Roller Derby had a match at Wilson Park in Torrance. Photo: Jerrick Romero The first whistle blew. The skaters quickly jockeyed for position, closely resembling a scene on one of Los Angeles’ many freeways during rush hour. The Hermosa Hitgirls and the Redondo Riot were the two female teams battling in the inaugural league game at Wilson Park. Both these teams belong to the newly-formed roller derby league, accurately named, the Beach Cities Roller Derby. As they rounded the first corner, the women clashed. The blockers, who are much like linebackers in American football, except they play both offense and defense, knocked one of the jammers down. The impact reverberated a loud smack on the skating rink floor. A jammer is much like a running back, except instead of running to the end zone their sole purpose is to lap the other team on the track to score vital points. These, in turn, decide who wins the bout or in layman’s terms, the game. These bouts are incredibly physical and very fast-paced. Being seated around the rink gives it a very “in-your-face” feel, as skaters fly by or slam down on the floor next to you. The atmosphere only adds to the intensity as the crowd jeers and cheers for these hip-swinging skaters. “Just thinking about (roller) derby I can feel an adrenaline rush,” said derby girl Quinstigator. “I feel nervous, but it’s an exciting nervous. I feel young again, like a little kid.” Surprisingly, roller derby is not limited to young athletic women. Many of these skaters are mothers and 1

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