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Eric Hernandez performs a traditional Native American hoop dance at Cirque du Soleil’s advance press event for Totem. Photo by Michael Justice. By Melina Paris, Music Columnist C The Local Publication You Actually Read irque du Soleil raised the big top on San Pedro’s waterfront on Oct. 2 in preparation for their Oct. 11 through Nov. 10 run of Totem. Produced by cofounder and current CEO of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, Totem is a story about human evolution. Cirque du Soleil publicist Francis Jalbert explained at a recent media presentation that each act of the show depicts a stage in human evolution, from amphibian to the ape, to modern man. Moreover, it also explores humanity’s quest to push beyond their limits such as space travel, a direct send up to Laliberté’s passion for environmental causes and space tourism. Cirque du Soleil/to p. 15 Great Grandson of Sitting Bull to Speak at Film Festival p. 11 October 4 - 17, 2013 New LAUSD President Vladovic Speaks on New Mayor, iPads and Education p. 6 1

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