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W The Local Publication You Actually Read hen Robin Tyler spoke as a keynote speaker at the 1993 March on Washington, someone handed her something to sign and she wrote the word, “Dyke” after her name as a joke. She had no idea that that is how they would run her signature. “I was just kidding,” Tyler chuckled. “My mother called me and [asked], ‘What does d-y-k-e mean?’ So I said, ‘don’t worry mom, it means, ‘Doctor of Young Karate Experts.’” Ask Tyler the meaning behind the usually derogatory term, “Dyke,” and she’ll say it means, “Lesbian warrior, it’s a name for strong women.” Tyler’s use of the word, “dyke,” as a political term was intended to be used in the same political sense as the word, “bitch.” Particularly in situations d n a n where women, who exhibit stereotypically-considered r e ial Int r r o t i d powerful male traits are castigated for those attributes. r, E dito Hooke anaging E y r But perhaps what is more important about this word, is o By C s, M k c i r r e J that it helps distinguish the particular civil rights issues Terelle of women, whether they are gay, bisexual or straight. “When you see thousands of women coming together and supporting each other, it’s powerful. It’s to empower ourselves. To not only stand for what power we do have, but for what power we should have. Power is never given, it has to be taken.” Say It Loud, I’m a Dyke and I’m Proud/ to p. 6 May 17 - 30, 2013 Harbor Commission Kills PCAC p. 3 The Whale & Ale’s Andrew Silber Talks Service, Culinary Adventures p. 14 City Approves BNSF Off-Railway Dock Before Election of New Mayor p. 24 1

RLn 05-16-13 Edition

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