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Listing of Harbor Area Chiropractors, Acupuncture and Pain Clinics p. 4 By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor T January 24 - February 6, 2014 CIGNA and Fraud to Blame for Rough Transition/ to p. 4 The Local Publication You Actually Read he ILWU-Pacific Maritime Association Health Benefits plan aimed to seamlessly transition from one third party administrator to another in 2008. But the transition has been anything but seamless. Healthcare providers on all levels have been affected, particularly small contractors such as chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists, who have either seen their hours cut back or were laid off. Random Lengths has been following the ongoing debacle of the ILWU health benefits plan for much of 2013. Details of how it happened have been lacking until the release of arbitration documents from the April 2013 inquest into the situation. Random Lengths reported on the hearings that resulted in these arbitration documents in July 2013. ILWU representatives from throughout the coast attended the hearings to grill Zenith executives about their progress in resolving claims. At the time, they were barred from speaking about the proceedings. Even now, they are circumspect on what they reveal. This arbitration hearing came a week after a dramatic demonstration in front of the Pacific Maritime Association in downtown Long Beach. Hundreds of picketers carried signs that read, “PMA is robbing pensioners of their healthcare” and “PMA is robbing widows and children of negotiated benefits.” By this time, Random Lengths was hearing from local providers like acupuncturist, James Ko, who said 60 percent of his clients have an ILWU health plan. “I’m in trouble,” acupuncturist James Ko said at the time. “We have not gotten any payments from October to January. By January, a lot of our claims were rejected.” Ko explained that 60 percent of his clients have ILWU insurance benefits. “I leave messages,” Ko said. “I got two return phone calls for two claims, but I didn’t get much help on them (the two claims). Business has gone downward sharply.” The trouble began after the 2008 contract negotiations, when the ILWU-PMA Coastwise Benefit Committee decided to replace CIGNA as their health plan’s third party administrator. In 2010, the ILWU-PMA board of trustees issued a request for proposals. The board, with representatives evenly split between those representing the union and the Pacific Maritime Association, deadlocked on whether to give the contract to Zenith American Systems or Benesys as the new third party administrator. When Zenith was selected, they said they would staff its Coastwise claims office with experienced Zenith personnel, a key 1

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