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u Local Doctor’s License Suspended for patient negligence, drug abuse and theft p. 2 “M” is for Mayor-—Carson Residents to Decide Whether to Return to Rotating Mayorship p. 7 Baramee’s Mr. Seeprab Takes Fans on a Culinary Journey p. 13 Clearing the Air Air Quality District Adopts “Backstop Rule” to Ensure Further Port Pollution Cuts By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor Candidate Who Could Be Mayor/ to p. 6 Backstop Rule/ to p. 5 February 22 - March 7, 2013 Los Angeles mayoral candidate Councilman Eric Garcetti. File photo. t’s difficult to imagine what a mayoral candidate can say about how they would operate at a moment such as this one—a moment that was featured in the hunt for a former cop determined to force the LAPD to atone for its alleged sins of racisms and cronyism. Los Angeles Mayoral candidate, Councilman Eric Garcetti was in San Pedro for the Unite to Fight Blood Cancers concert at the Warner Grand when Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa appeared on television announcing a $1 million reward for information that led to the capture of ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dornan. “The Mayor is a communicator in chief for a city in crisis moments [like] during a manhunt like this,” Garcetti said. Given the region-wide impact of the hunt for Christopher Dorner, Garcetti noted the importance of cooperation between law enforcement and the public in regards to sharing information. Garcetti expressed his concern for public safety. “People, two or three days later and he’s still not caught, they’ll go back to life as usual, but that’s when he’ll strike,” Garcetti said. “So we have to be on the lookout and share the intelligence.” The Local Publication You Actually Read I By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor On Feb. 1, the South Coast Air Quality Management District voted to adopt a “backstop rule” that would ensure that the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach meet their stated air quality goals. Those goals are necessary, in turn, as part of the District’s Air Quality Management Plan, in order for the Air Quality Management District to meet its legal obligations under the Clean Air Act. Most immediately, the District is obligated to meet federal fine particulate standards by 2015. Bizarrely, both ports strenuously opposed the measure, even though it would have no impact whatsoever if the ports simply do what they proudly say they are going to. There are also clear limits on what more the ports can be asked to do. “The backstop rule would not require any strategy that lacks legal authority, is not cost-effective, or is not feasible to be implemented,” staff explained in material prepared for the meeting. “This port backstop measure is not in reaction to anything the ports have or have not done,” said AQMD spokesperson Sam Atwood. “For one thing, it was in our prior 2007 Air Quality Management Plan. So it’s being carried forward. This 2012 plan happens to have an attainment date that is literally around the corner, 2015, so I think that tends to focus people’s attention.” The rest of the 2012 Air Quality Management Plan was adopted at the District’s December meeting, with the backstop rule held back for further public hearing due to the ports’ objections. During the interim, “There was a lot of intense discussion with members of the ports,” Atwood said. The ports proposed an alternative approach, a “memo of agreement” which AQMD staff was willing to consider instead, according to Atwood. However, the AQMD insisted that the agreement had to be rewritten to ensure that specific air quality targets would be met, which 1

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