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Gardeners, Crafters Forge Connections and Eclectic Gifts p. 2 Local Guitar Heros Pave Their Road to Success p. 9 Chef Christine Issues Readers the 4-and-4 Challenge p. 10 Connecting the Disconnected, Mending the Broken By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Editor’s Note: In the spirit of the holiday season, Random Lengths News will be highlighting unsung individuals that serve their communities behind the scenes often unnoticed, working to make miracles happen. Sustained by faith or their determination to give back, these change agents aim to improve the lives of others. R Compton Makes a Green Noise/ to p. 5 Make a Green Noise Development Director Rushelli Luna (left) and Program Director Rhonda Ford Webb (right), launched an initiative to secure vacant lots of land for clean-up and use them as green spaces or community gardens. Photo: Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor. The Strike Ended But Is That the End? Clerical Unit of the ILWU went on strike Nov. 26 after talks broke down with the major shippers at the port. File photo. ith negotiations going nowhere after working without a contract since June 30, 2010, the Office Clerical Unit of ILWU Local 63 went out on strike Nov. 27, idling most of the Los Angeles and Long Beach port complex. Eight days later, December 5, the strike was over, terminals were bustling, and the workers and the union seemingly couldn’t be happier with the outcome—an outcome that still needs to be formally adopted by the membership. “This was a community effort that will benefit working families for many years to come,” said OCU President John Fageaux. “This victory was accomplished because of support from the entire ILWU family of 10,000 members in the harbor community,” added ILWU International President Robert McEllrath. The key issue was the outsourcing of jobs, in violation of one of the core principles of the Modernization and Mechanization agreements reached in the 1960s. The agreement established the basic foundation for labor peace on the waterfront in the technological era, which was ushered in by the advent of containerization. Employers were “freed of restrictions on the introduction of labor-saving devices,” while workers were promised that the new December 7 - 13, 2012 W By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor Special Holiday Edition ushelli Luna and Rhonda Webb, the driving force of Make a Green Noise, make things come alive like the vegetables and flowers they planted in the vacant lot on Compton Boulevard at Central Ave. Before we began the interview, resident Larry, “the Apple Tree man,” walked up to greet and chat up the two women for a bit about planting an apple tree. Then he was on his way after offering a word of encouragement. “Larry, who just passed by, always has a kind word to say,” Webb noted. “ If it wasn’t for the garden, I don’t think we would have Office Clerks Back to Work/ to p. 1 7

RLn 12-06-12 Edition

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