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B Guide Just say, "I saw it Advertised in the Buyers Guide" July 3, 2011 - Page 1 uyers V o l . 58 I s s u e 39 J u ly 3, 2011 Celebrate our Freedom Just say “I saw it advertised in the Buyers Guide!” W By Casey Cheney e are moving through a period of extreme danger and of splendid hope, when every virtue of our race will be tested,” Churchill said in his speech. “This is no time for doubt or weakness... It is the supreme hour to which we have been called.” On July 4, 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill faced the overwhelming evil of a Nazi Germany, coupled with a reluctant ally in the United States. Churchill challenged the American people to stand by their side or face destruction at the hands of Hitler. Two months later, President Roosevelt responded to the call and the Nazi empire was defeated a halfdecade later. The United States no longer battles a Nazi Germany. Nor, more foundational to this holiday weekend, do we fight a tyrannical England. Even our conflict abroad against the shadowy ideals of terrorism does not compare to the domestic threats of overregulation, fiscal frivolity and endemic apathy. Enjoy the fireworks; enjoy the food, the friends and family. Enjoy the freedom, and reflect on how to ensure that future generations enjoy everytyhing we love about Independence Day. Benjamin Franklin called this great nation: “A democracy, if you can keep it.” Our ancestors passed it down to us. It’s up to us to do the same. 3295 Snow Ave. Lowell, MI 897-0057 HOURS: Monday - Friday 9-7 Saturday 9-6 Closed Sunday All our flowers are at least 50% Off 50% OFF BIG HANGING BASKETS AND PATIO & DECK PLANTERS, 50% OFF 4 to 6" to 3 GALLON POTS Still a good selection of flowers for those hard to fill shady area. July Hours: 9-6 Monday - Saturday; Closed Sundays E L SA Hurry in while supplies last! We will be closed on the 4th so our employees can celebrate the holiday with their families.

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