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QUEEN’S INTERNATIONAL OBSERVER — Issue on Politics and Literature VOLUME 7.1 JANUARY 2011 — THIS EDITION Propaganda Will Eat Itself: The Contradictions and Paradoxes of George Orwell and Edward L. Bernays JORDAN RENDALL SMITH Is there a Western Media Bias Against China? MICHAEL ZHANG The Polarity of Language: Political Discourse and Artistic Dialect MICHELLE HUNNIFORD No Man’s Land LIZZ McFADDEN The Ironic Curtain SEAN McBRIEN Politics, Steinbeck, and the Power of Sympathy DEVON MOK Somewhere Inside and The World is Bigger Now: Two Literary Depictions of One Infamous Political and Humanitarian Debacle ERIN MORAWETZ AN AFFILIATE OF THE QUEEN’S INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS ASSOCIATION

Issue on Politics and Literature

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